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  • How Would You Guys Feel If

    The Rams had a season like the bengals/chiefs had last year. if you remember they were really competitive and were just silly mistakes away from winning games. of course it sounds absurd to say "oh yeah i hope we have one of those seasons". im a really optimistic person but i also stay realistic with my optimism. watching these past few games ive seen the rams play with A lot of intensity and enthusiasm playing thier butts out there. i know the rams making the playoffs is a long shot and i pray it happens just like every other rams fan and that is my optimism. the reality is that id be happy having a season like the Bengals/Chiefs had. i mean im not saying "oh i hope they lose every weekend". i know the rams continue to lose but these our different losses than the past few seasons where you would see no fight in these guys and at least now we have hope. we have a really competitive team and it kinda makes you think what if we did have more talent..ill leave you guys with that please dont leave any harsh comments as i am only sharing my opinion and i respect what you have to say so give me your best stuff

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    Re: How Would You Guys Feel If

    We all want the Rams to win, but if the team is destined for another losing season, then there can be silver linings. The Rams need to develop the young core (J.Brown, J.Smith, Greco, Avery, Robinson, Long, Laurinaitis, Atogwe, Bartell, Wade, etc.) with extensive playing time so that next year, when additional talent can be added to the mix, the Rams will be ready to make a jump.


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      Re: How Would You Guys Feel If

      Well I feel a lot better about the Washington game than the Seattle game, so yeah I'd much rather lose by 2 than by 28. One of the worst parts about last season is that most of the games were over by half time, so you just sat there and waited for the game to be over, hoping the Rams stopped embarrassing themselves at some point.

      So I wouldn't say I'd be happy necessarily with 4 wins and 12 competitive losses, but it'd sure be a lot better than last season.


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        Re: How Would You Guys Feel If

        Originally posted by AvengerRam View Post
        We all want the Rams to win, but if the team is destined for another losing season, then there can be silver linings. The Rams need to develop the young core (J.Brown, J.Smith, Greco, Avery, Robinson, Long, Laurinaitis, Atogwe, Bartell, Wade, etc.) with extensive playing time so that next year, when additional talent can be added to the mix, the Rams will be ready to make a jump.
        Exactly. They need to pick out the gems and remove the chaff. Robinson, Avery and Burton need to develop into our starters for 2010.

        They need to find out what Vobora, Grant and Chamberlain can bring long term. Do they still need to find a SLB for the future?

        Do they have the offensive line for the next 4 years?

        Null needs to be given opportunities late in the season to see what he has.

        Rams will lose another 2-3 high priced veterans in the next offseason and probably $25+ million in cap space (if they have a cap) will be available to add 5 young veterans like James Butler to fill in the gaps. With the draft, that's how you rebuild for 2010 and beyond. The key right now is finding out where they need signings and where they have enough talent to continue to build internally.


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          Re: How Would You Guys Feel If

          From the way they are playing I can really see this team will not be sorry for long. Meaning, hey they might not win more than 4 games. But you know that Spags is building a strong team, like Vermeil did. My only hope is if the team is sold he stays along, and we don't have to go thru this all over.


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            Re: How Would You Guys Feel If

            I'm not sold on Null being anything more than a journeyman.

            The reality is, if things go as I expect they will, next preseason we'll be arguing about whether to start Bulger while our rookie QB (McCoy, Bradford, ???) is groomed, or to just bite the bullet and go with the rookie from day 1.


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              Re: How Would You Guys Feel If

              But we need to be 100% sure on Null before we enter the offseason. We can't know that he isn't the next Drew Brees until we play him and the way Bulger was constantly banged up and hurting this week, he'll be lucky to survive until the bye week.

              If the team gets a Bradford or McCoy in the offseason, Bulger isn't coming back. If you aren't willing to let Pisa be a backup, no way you pay Bulger to be a backup.


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                Re: How Would You Guys Feel If

                We are in the rebuilding mode right now. We have a whole new coaching staff, and tons of new and young players starting for us. Both the staff and the team need time to gell before we can begin speaking of the playoffs. Of course I am sitting here hoping for a winning season and a playoff birth, but I like to be realistic. We have a lot of young talent and potential, we just need time for them to develop. Spags is an awesome coach, IMO, but the players have to meet him half way there. My honest prediction for us this year is 4-12 or maybe-5-11 at best.


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                  Re: How Would You Guys Feel If

                  I'm expecting between 4-5 wins as well at this point, but I also expect us to be a in a lot more games than we were last year because the players have bought in and are willing to fight to the end for this coaching staff. They know that we're getting better, and they can see the results every day. We're on our way back up, we just need patience to get there.
                  I believe!:ram:


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                    Re: How Would You Guys Feel If

                    Any time we see improvement is definitely a good thing, but I know it truly feels like a punch in the gut to lose close games at the end. It's a trade-off for better results down the road.


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                      Re: How Would You Guys Feel If

                      I see the Rams continuing to play hard and fight every game, but playing hard might not mean more wins. I was hoping the rams would catch lighting in a bottle like 1999 but the reality is we have very little talent and not many play makers especially on the O side. I will be routing every Sunday for victory but aware we have a ways to go.


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                        Re: How Would You Guys Feel If

                        I actually wouldn't mind us having a season like 3-6 wins... as long as we go down fighting, and if we stay in the game all four quarters. That way, we know we are improving, and we also get a good position in the 2010 draft, where we can add more talent to our already young team. This will be the building block for our team.


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                        • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                          How Hungry Are the Rams Going Into This Year?
                          by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                          Around Saint Louis and listening and getting the feel from Rams players, I get the sense that we are quickly becoming one of the hardest working and hungry teams out there. Listening to Laurinaitis, Steven, Chris Long, and even new guys coming like Na'il Diggs. Diggs said the main reason he came here was because he wanted to be apart of something special. Helping to raise a football team from the utter depths of mediocrity into respectability and success. He said he felt that DeSpags was building something special here and he wanted to be apart of it. Ron Bartell said something similar when the Saints were making a run at him. I truly believe we are headed in the right direction and I have more faith and excitement for this Franchise than I have had since after the 1999 season. Everyone is focused and working extremely hard this offseason.

                          These guys are not acting like a team that just won a single game out of sixteen. I recall a team like the Lions or the Chiefs or Browns. They seemed lost and simply fell apart. We seem to have put all of that behind us and I haven't heard one peep of anyone saying anything about past failures and everyone in the organization is superbly confident moving forward. I don't think we will be as bad as everyone seems to think but I guess that's just me being overly optimistic. The players at any route certainly don't feel like they will be a bad team, hell they are acting like they're trying to make a run for the playoffs next year and I wouldn't have it any other way...

                          With the state of our division, we could certainly make a run at the playoffs. Stranger things have happened.
                          -04-08-2010, 07:19 PM
                        • rNemesis
                          HOW CLOSE IS THIS TEAM TO COMPETING?(VERY LONG)Please provide feedback
                          by rNemesis
                          First of all let me just say that these last few years have been VERY frustrating and embarassing for me as a RAM FAN and I'm sure you guys are just as disappointed. I have watched my team go from the greatest show on turf to, as a washington post columnist said after the redskins loss, " the most miserable mass on grass". MY main question here is , " How far are the rams from being a decent competitive rock solid team? Its a long way to go; it doesnt happen overnight but it shouldnt take FOREVER either.

                          But I am not gonna sit here and talk about that all night. We know what has happened. We know what we've become. 13 straight losses dating back to last season. 3-13 in 2007 and 2-14 in 2008. 5 wins in the last 30 or so games? ( not sure exactly the stats) That is horrible.

                          Let's go back year by year as to how we finished record wise.
                          In the 1990's we were bad. But so were other teams which are now good today. But if you look at our 90's record to others, you will see that we were bad most of those years. Other teams had bad years too during the 90's but it was only really the lions, bengals, cardinals and saints. That should show you how bad of a team the Rams are. We never finished over 7 wins from 1990 up until 1999, which was our superbowl year. Which now tells me that the Rams have been bad, are now bad, and I hope we dont continue to be bad. But lately one has to believe that that is the penalty for our actions.

                          2000- 10-6 DECENT
                          2001- 14-2 ( excellent; we beat the pats that season but lost in the SB to the same :|)
                          2002- 7-9 Not bad
                          2003- 12-4 excellent
                          2004- 8-8 not bad; competitive
                          2005- I think we were 7-9 or 6-10 cant remember
                          2006- 8-8
                          2007- 3-13 horrible
                          2008- 2-14 lousy

                          I am not surprised at how we have fallen so badly. What I cant seem to understand is how fast we have fallen as such. How come we havent been able to stop the bleeding and bounce back like other teams have seemed to?

                          So tell me guys. How far off is this team from competing? Well, I look at the league and I have noticed that most of the other teams have playmakers in a lot of key positions. Why is that? Because they do a great job of DRAFTING PLAYERS THAT FIT INTO THEIR SCHEME WELL. We on the other hand have not done that lately. We have drafted players that have done well IN THEIR SCHEME and so it didnt matter to the previous regime ( Jay ZYgmunt ) if they fit or not the point was they wanted them so much that they drafted them regardless of their college scheme and success. In the era since Martz left, we have drafted the likes of busts ( or so they appear to be) like Tye Hill, Adam Carriker, Claude Wroten, Fakhir Brown, etc. The list goes on and on.

                          THIS HAS REALLY HURT THIS ORGANIZATION SO MUCH THAT IT IS REARING ITS UGLY HEAD NOW. Bad drafting has put us in such a talentless hole that...
                          -09-29-2009, 06:43 PM
                        • sosa39rams
                          Anything can happen!
                          by sosa39rams
                          Last year, the rams went 1-15 as we all know. We lost a couple of close games that we shouldn't have lost.

                          If we won the games that we should have won, we would of been something like 4-12 or 5-11.

                          Also, I feel really good about this upcoming year. I feel like our Defense will have a very beast year, and our offense will improve a lot.

                          Anywhere from 3-9 wins this season I am expecting.

                          Chris Long looks like he is on the verge of breaking out. Same as Donnie Avery. Also with all the new additions, and talents added, I feel like this is the year we start turning things around in a hurry.
                          -05-26-2010, 12:22 PM
                        • AvengerRam_old
                          Don't Shy Away From Hope
                          by AvengerRam_old
                          I'm not going to predict that the Rams will win 10+ games.

                          I'm not going to try to convince you that Donnie Avery, Jason Smith, Chris Long, James Laurinaitis and Ron Bartell will all start for the NFC in the Pro Bowl this year.

                          I'm not going to criticize anyone who estimates that the Rams will go 4-12 or worse this year.

                          I'm not an unrealistic, Pollyanna, rose-colored glasses, self-deluding fanatic.

                          But I do have hope.

                          There's nothing wrong with hope.

                          Sure, if you speak with optimism, some may hit you with an "I told you so" in December. But you can withstand that, can't you?

                          Sure, if you get your hopes up, the disappointment might be even greater if the team fails. But its not like you're ever happy with any loss, right?

                          How would I characterize the word "hope" for a team like this one?

                          I have hope that some of the players on the roster will really surprise us this year and emerge as much better players than we now think they are.

                          I have hope that the team will win some games we think they won't.

                          But, more than anything, I have hope that, when the 2010 season is over, people will look at this team and say "they're moving in the right direction." Maybe they'll even say "with a few good offseason moves, they're a playoff contender in 2011."

                          I'm not going to shy away from having hope for this team. For me, its the hope that flies in the face of logic that makes the good years that follow all the more sweet.
                          -06-30-2010, 07:38 AM
                        • djones39
                          Help Me Out (Im hurting)!!!
                          by djones39
                          Like most of you, I can n o longer talk to my buddies, or coworkers, or girlfriend. My days have been ruined, and my heart has been battered.

                          What hurts the most is knowing this:

                          On Sept 8, if someone, punk, woman, man , animal, whoever, would have said,

                          "The Rams, suck, and I'll bet you that they'll be 0-5"

                          Not only would I have laughed histerrically, I would have bet my life, I mean literally, my life.

                          This is just killing me, how far we are, away fromwhat i expected/ believed. It sucks when you expect to win and dont, my life has been consumed with confusion.

                          Someone please chear me up,

                          Because If the above scenario would have actually happened, I would truly be a dead man. I just can't swallow this 0-5 start.

                          Everyday it feels like i'm living a nightmare.

                          -10-11-2007, 08:59 AM