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Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

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  • Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

    These ridiculous comments:

    ESPN football analyst Mark “Stink” Schlereth is usually spot on with his NFL analysis, and he’s a good dude, but he got it wrong Thursday on ESPN’s ”Mike & Mike” radio show, heard locally on WXOS, 101.1-FM. Schlereth wasn’t off base when he said the Rams were the worst team in the NFL and weren’t getting it done on either side of the ball. But then he added ”they’re not competing.” And said that the Rams organization was in “shambles.”

    Led to this:

    Schlereth’s comments infuriated Rams GM Billy Devaney. “I’ll be honest, I’ve got to take a deep breath, because that really pisses me off,” Devaney told 101 ESPN hosts Bryan Burwell and Pat Parris. “When he says something like we’re not competing, how the hell does he know? I guarantee you he hasn’t watched one of our games. You can say we had a stinker in Seattle and we made a ton of mistakes. And that’s fine. But to say we’re not competing is totally asinine.”

    Later, Devaney added: “It frosts me. It just ticks me off a little bit. We’re fighting our guts out there. If you want to say we’re no good right now, I don’t have a problem with that. But don’t question our heart. Don’t question our competitivenes. I’ve been in places where after your team loses a game, and the players get on the plane to fly home, you can’t tell if they won or loss.” Devaney said that the Rams lost in Washington 9-7, Rams players were down in the locker room. He could see how much they hated losing. ”It was staggering,” Devaney said.

    “Don’t say we’re in shambles,” Devaney said. “We’ve gone to great lengths to improve the attitude and bring in the right kind of players in here. To our players’ credit, they do have heart.”

    “We’re 0-2,” Devaney added. “We’ve got to eat everything right now…all we can do is win some games and change people’s minds about us.”

    Devaney said he planned to call Schlereth.

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    Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

    I agree with Devaeny. We played our hearts out last week against WAS and lost due to a careless fumble by Avery in the red zone, IMO. This radio guy is insane if he thinks we're not out there competing. The score against seattle was inflated, we play a much better game than 28-0. The called back TD before half was a morale killer and the hawks took advantage of that with a TD. !st Q we outplayed them, they got lucky with a couple mistakes on our part. We are in rebuilding mode right now, we are not expected to be a winning team this year. Schlereth is just uneducated in my opinion.


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      Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

      That's awesome. It's about time they start taking some accountability for running off their mouths without any real facts to back it up. I also think that Marc hasn't watched a Rams game yet. Highlights don't count.


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        Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

        That's the problem with the talking heads...

        They either don't understand, or don't care about, the fact that they are talking about REAL people. If they did, they'd realize that they have a responsibility to actually do a little research before making broad, sweeping statements based upon superficial observations.

        As Devaney said, the only fix for this problem is WINS!


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          Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

          I never liked Mike and Mike or Mark Schlereth. 3 loud mouthed know-it-alls. Greenberg especially. He's never played the game, yet he talks like he's some big time ex athlete.

          AV, change your signature picture please. It makes me hungry every time I see it


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            Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

            Depends on how you define "in shambles" I think that to some extent 5-29 speaks for itself. To infer that we are not headed in the right direction may be unfair. However, are we really sure that the Rams have hit rock bottom? Isnt it a legitimate possibility that the situation gets worse (ie another 2-14 or 3-13 season) before it gets better? For that matter, if we cut bulger at the end of this year and go with a rookie qb, do people think we are all of a sudden going to improve, especially if its an uncapped year and other teams spend more than we do? I am not saying we are going to have a 2-14 year, but i am suggesting that its a distinct possibility, especially if we get a key injury or two (ie bulger and jackson). playing hard is great, i continue to contend that we lack the talent needed to win more than about 6 games at the most, and trust me, i would LOVE to be wrong on that point.

            I dont think its fair to say that we are not competing when we lose 9-7 on the road. However, the situation is indeed a mess, which includes uncertain ownership status.

            ramming speed to all

            general counsel


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              Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

              Anybody else see the Inside The NFL highlights from The Skins game? They cut from Zorn pumping up Campbell before the first snap to that admittedly fantastic grab Randle El made much later in the game as if it were the first play. Both teams got dissed; no clip of SJ's long run nor any of The Skins' good plays. I think stuff like that is where most of the media & NFL general fandom get their impression of The Rams and other teams that are struggling. No attempt at firsthand in-depth analysis.

              It neither begins nor ends with us. The Whiners are now a hot story because of their 2-0 start, never mind the fact that they allowed AZ's Hightower to run all over them for over 100yds+ and Gore got stuffed all day. They beat a seriously injury-depleted Hags squad; no Mebane, no LB Hill, Hasselbeck out by halftime, and gained 2/3 of their rush yards on 2 long TD runs. But Singletary's a genius & The Whiners are a smashmouth juggernaut now.

              Ditto on the flipside for The Patsies. Brady gets pounded all day by The Jets-welcome to MY world, sez marc Bulger- but it's all about "OMG, what's happened to The Pats? Not The Jets were almost certainly a playoff caliber team last year but for the injuries to Favre and others & winning their first home game shouldn't have been unexpected.

              The preconceptions/bias blow with the winds of victory & defeat in both the local & national sports media & are not exactly rare on this board, either. As Spags and Devaney have repeatedly said, the only opinions that matter are in that locker room.
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                Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

                This might be the best thing that can happen for the Rams right now. A silly comment that is blown out of perspective that can be a rallying cry to bind them together.

                This comment would have been appropriate last year, not this year but I can partially understand his comment. They have cut good players that could be making a significant difference on this team. To say they aren't competing is wrong but they have intentionally lowered the talent on this squad to fix it's salary cap for 2010.


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                  Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

                  Point of this is simple - If Devaney, the freakin' GM, cares this much, I can assure you there is a locker room full of coaches and players that give a damn. I don't know if we could say this last year ...


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                    Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

                    [QUOTE=RebelYell;305692]This might be the best thing that can happen for the Rams right now. A silly comment that is blown out of perspective that can be a rallying cry to bind them together.

                    Rebel, I agree with you. This is the type of comment that can be a strong motivator for our team. I agree with Billy D, the team seems to be playing hard and doing their best. My feeling is that we're in the process of "gelling" as a team on offense and we'll be a more competitive team as the season winds on. Will me make the playoff's, unlikely, but at least we'll be in the conversation, which we're not right now. Our defense is playing real well and will improve as they learn to play together. When you stop the other team as we did on Sunday, that is something to build on. We'll get there. Hey, we're 12-3 vs. the Packers over the recent past, maybe we'll use that as a starting point.

                    Go Rams!


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                      Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

                      All I can say is, you'd never have seen Ziggy doing that. We absolutely found the right GM for the job in Devaney. I don't even know if it's the GM's position to fire back at a comment like that vs. the head coach, but you have to love the anger that Billy is showing over what was only a short, not even a minute coverage of us this morning. I saw it and was mad about it, but it wasn't even close to the crushing blow that Devaney has taken it. I like the guy even more now.

                      Rebel, you bring up a good point as well, and I hope that Spags plays the clip over and over again to the team until they dream about it. Hell, I hope the guys come out on Sunday having heard it so many time that they just want to tear a new one out the Pack.

                      Right now, might we be the worst team in football, sure, maybe. But I'd tell you that Clevland is certainly giving us a run for our money. They haven't even been close to winning this year. We held an ok Redskin team out of the endzone and were a stupid fumble away from very likely winning that game.

                      But yeah, we cut a bunch of players that are or would be starting this year in cap casualty situations, but they were players that no longer were playing up to their cap numbers. Could we use them, maybe. Out of the big three, Pace, Pisa, and Holt, Holt would be the only one I'd still want on the team. Pace and Pisa didn't have a spot on the team anymore. Pisa can't play the Sam and Pace needed to go because he was replaced by Smith. Holt we could use for his experience, but he's not the same player any more, and he's been aptly replaced by a "freebie" in Robinson.

                      Again, could we be the worst team, sure. But I'd put down a large sum of money that we'll make the playoffs before Spags leaves the team. You can see that we're getting better week to week. And more than that, you can see that our players are a better unit that last year's team and are a much more aggressive and determined group as well. They won't be denied! Just wait and see.
                      I believe!:ram:


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                        Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

                        Dana WHite from the UFC should put Devaney vs. Schlerath on his next fight card


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                          Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

                          Stupid remark by Schlereth. Watching the Redskins game they played with heart just barely got beat. But my guess was he was watching the Jets-Pats game since thats all ESPN wants to talk about anyway.


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                            Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

                            Originally posted by ScottD413 View Post
                            I never liked Mike and Mike or Mark Schlereth. 3 loud mouthed know-it-alls. Greenberg especially. He's never played the game, yet he talks like he's some big time ex athlete.

                            AV, change your signature picture please. It makes me hungry every time I see it

                            I haven't watched that Fng show in months. I can't stand Greenberg. I can't Schlereth. I like Golic but he's stuck with jag offs.


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                              Re: Billy Devaney is PIZZED OFF!

                              Let me tell you something- Devaney was a GREAT athlete in his day and as intense a person as you'll find anywhere. He's from Central New Jersey where I live and I've met him a couple of times. He is highly regarded around here as a nice guy, but he's also a fiery competitor who takes no crap from anybody. He is trying hard to assemble a team of a similarly competitive nature- guys who care deeply about winning and losing. Devaney is genuinely ticked off at this slight from Schlereth- as well he should be. I don't thing Schlereth set out to purposely insult the Rams, but his comment about their collective heart was careless and shows shoddy journalism.

                              Hopefully, the Rams will stick it up Schlereth's you-know-what on Sunday.


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                                Devaney hasn't been informed of the owners' plans for him. He does not want to
                                be presumptuous. He's sensitive to the perception that he's the GM in waiting
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                                Here are some of Devaney's key philosophies:

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                                — Beef up the roster. "The team needs to get bigger, physically," Devaney said.
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                                Less than 24 hours after he was named Rams General Manager on Christmas Eve of last year, Billy Devaney found himself asking for some divine intervention.

                                Armed with the arduous task of rebuilding the Rams by bringing in a new coaching staff, starting a roster makeover and generally changing the complexion of the Russell Training Center, Devaney knew he would need some help from somewhere.

                                So it was that on Christmas morning, Devaney went for his usual run, a course he has mapped out that he regularly runs near his home. Along his normal path, Devaney encountered one of the priests at Our Lady of the Pillar church in Ladue, the church where Devaney and his family had attended mass only hours before.

                                Stopping to chat, Devaney made it a point to ask the priest for a little help in his new endeavor.

                                “I said ‘Hey, I have got a favor to ask. I just got this job with the Rams, I need a lot of help, can you keep me in your prayers?’” Devaney said, laughing at the memory. “He said ‘Yeah, I saw that, that’s you, huh?’ I said ‘This is a big one, man. You have got to keep me in your prayers.’”

                                Less than a week from today, Devaney will have hit the one-year mark as the top decision maker in the Rams hierarchy but there’s no doubting that year two will come with less stress than the first one.

                                It would almost have to.

                                THE PROCESS

                                Building a football team doesn’t happen overnight. And though it’s become popular to believe that a major turnaround can happen in a single year, that’s really more of a myth than anything.

                                While a team’s record can certainly dramatically improve in a single year, it takes years of building something with commitment and continuity to get it right.

                                Soon after taking the job, Devaney went on a whirlwind tour along with the rest of his staff that included the hiring of a new coaching staff, evaluating current Rams to make decisions on their future with the team, scouring the free agent market, scouting college players, signing free agents and going through the 2009 NFL Draft.

                                It was a hectic time for Devaney but it also could someday be looked at as a turning point for the franchise.

                                Having that year to get the scouting staff he wants in place, form a pro personnel department and get everyone on the same page should make attacking the 2010 offseason an easy transition.

                                “That’s one of the many advantages is stability and that is what we are trying to establish,” Devaney said. “I think going into this year, we’ll be light years ahead of where we were last year. We haven’t changed the structure at all. These guys are veteran guys so it was an easy transition for them. It’s an easy system...
                                -12-19-2009, 03:54 PM
                              • mde8352gorams
                                Billy Devaney
                                by mde8352gorams
                                In case anyone was wondering what happened to Billy Devaney since he left the Rams, I can report he has surfaced on ESPN as an NFL analyst and will appear regularly on NFL Insider which begins airing on Aug 5th. I bear no malice towards him, he just couldn't get it done for us with his "diamond in the rough" strategy. I wish him well.

                                Go Rams!
                                -07-16-2013, 01:33 PM
                              • RamBamThankYouMam
                                A little frustrated with Devaney
                                by RamBamThankYouMam
                                Let me start off this post by saying I am very happy with the Rams offseason thus far. None of the moves made have been flashy, but they all fill an area of need for the team. I was never one of the fans who wanted Devaney to get Bush or Sproles, but Norwood seems like a joke to me. I know what Norwood is capable of but the injury risk seems to high to me. Devaney has admitted countless amounts of times that he has ignored back-up running back for too long, and then his solution is an injury waiting to happen in Norwood. To me this shows that Devaney is just making the same mistake in years past. Maybe Norwood works out if he is signed, maybe he gets injured the first game of the season, I dont know. What I do know is Devaney has learned nothing from his past mistakes.
                                -08-02-2011, 10:14 AM
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