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20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

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  • 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

    1. It won't be the same without Dez.
    2. Still, the toasted ravs will be D-LISH-US!!!!!
    3. Miami/VaTech will be a great warm-up act (go Canes!)
    4. Looking forward to seeing how the Rams play on their home turf.
    5. The Rams CAN win this one.
    6. Wonder what the giveaway will be. I already have 3 of those blue hats, so I hope its something new.
    7. It will be nice to be there for Deacon's big day.
    8. I'm sure there will be a lot of Packer fans there. Let's hope they go home early and unhappy.
    9. Looking forward to the new video screen.
    10. Did they get rid of the lame drumline?
    11. Its too bad that Randy and Kyle won't be there, but at least that means that the cheeleaders might pay attention to the rest of us.
    12. I hope "BernieM" can make it to the Bash!
    13. Last year, we were there for Chris Long's first NFL sack. Hope we get to see his next 2-3.
    14. Did I mention the toated ravs?
    15. My gold #49 "Avenger" jersey is ready to go!
    16. I'm betting that Donnie Avery does something to really redeem himself this week.
    17. Laurent Robinson could be a real steal.
    18. Ooooh.... gotta remember to prepare some questions for the trivia raffle!
    19. That's it... I'm calling it... the Rams WILL win this one!
    20. Am I obsessed with toasted ravs?

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    Re: 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

    Did I ever mention that toasted ravioli is so common down here in Springfield that they even sell it in the frozen foods section of grocery stores?

    I do have to agree that it's a bummer that Dez, Randy and Kyle won't make it. I was looking forward to meeting everyone.
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      Re: 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

      For all those going to the bash, Have fun, keep it spirited & most of all help the Rams bring home a victory. Go Rams Wish I could be there.
      By the way AV, Whats with a gold jersey with the # 49? I for one could never where a gold jersey with the # 49 just to close to that wine drinking, cheese swallowing whiners next to the bay.:o


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        Re: 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

        Big Blue, it's simply the fact that the more gold we wear, the better the Rams do. If we actually ever wore the gold jerseys we'd be undefeated! Look at this past game where we actually finally wore the gold pants again and we came within a fumble of winning!

        It's all about the Gold and I'll be there with my gold Long jersey!
        I believe!:ram:


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          Re: 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

          Being a life long Syracuse fan I disagree whole heartedly with "Go canes." I know they are in the ACC now but old rivalries die hard


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            Re: 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

            I haven'y even tasted toasted ravioli yet. But we will cure that this weekend!!!

            Rampower at the bash!
            The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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              Re: 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

              Originally posted by BIG-BLUE View Post
              For all those going to the bash, Have fun, keep it spirited & most of all help the Rams bring home a victory. Go Rams Wish I could be there.
              By the way AV, Whats with a gold jersey with the # 49? I for one could never where a gold jersey with the # 49 just to close to that wine drinking, cheese swallowing whiners next to the bay.:o
              Its the Rams alternate jersey. The #49 is for Rod Perry, who I used to pretend to be when I played defense as a kid.


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                Re: 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

                I hope (and know) that you will all have a great time. I'm very disappointed that I can't be there this year (and my daughter is hating on me for it, too). We will definitely be there in spirit and hopefully you will all be rewarded with a big W.

                What you see is what you get, but what you see depends on where you stand.


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                  Re: 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

                  The gold jersey is cool & I understand now why AV wears the # 49, but for me the 2 can never go together. It's just a pure hate thing for me against the bay area team that trims in gold also.
                  By the way Rampower the toasted Ravs are outstanding & I will be there in Nov. to get my fill


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                    Re: 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

                    It will be nice to be there for Deacon's big day.

                    I envy you guys being there for this. He better get a bigger ovation than Dierdorf did or I'm gonna be pissed!! Have fun guys!


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                      Re: 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

                      Was in Vegas this week and one of the buffets I was at had amazing toasted raviolis. Needless to say I ate WAY too many.


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                        Re: 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

                        Av -

                        I just dropped Sami off a few minutes ago. She's going to be spending the weekend with her "boyfriend" and his family. I began asking Barb (Caleb's mother) about toasted ravs since she and her husband are from St. Louis. She told me that those tasty little things were created by accident at a restaurant on "the Hill", a largely Italian area of St. Louis. The name of the restaurant? Ruggeri's.

                        Sami's little "boyfriend"'s last name? Ruggeri.

                        I guess I need to be nice to that family, eh?


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                          Re: 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

                          Agreed with the above...Toasted Raviolis are amazing.

                          I'm not a great judge though, I love anything fried. You could fry a shoe and it would taste pretty good to me. (yes, I am a little fat BTW) lol


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                            Re: 20 Random Pre-Bash Thoughts

                            A trip to st louis without a trip to Ted Drews for a concrete is a waste of a trip.Cunettos is the best place on the Hill.

                            ramming speed to all

                            general counsel


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                            • AvengerRam_old
                              20 Post-Bash Weekend Random Thoughts
                              by AvengerRam_old
                              1. Despite the loss, a good time was had by all.
                              2. The toasted ravs were excellent, as usual!
                              3. Great to see me mates from the UK and friends from around the U.S.
                              4. The group did a great job answering some tough trivia questions for some great prizes.
                              5. There were a few minutes there when it looked like the Rams had a shot for a great comeback. While it was ulitimately not to be, those few minutes were what it is all about.
                              6. Boller showcased all the things that make it tempting to start him over Bulger.
                              7. Boller also showcased all the things that make Bulger the starter.
                              8. I've resigned myself to the fact that it is very likely, and probably preferable, that neither will be the Rams' starting QB in 2010.
                              9. Leonard Little had to sacks, but no other tackles. I still think he should be the pass rush specialist, with Long the starting LDE.
                              10. Randy McMichael is D-O-N-E, done. Too bad nobody thought of cutting him during the preseason. Oh... wait... somebody did. Who was that, again?
                              11. Steven Jackson is an elite player. Let's hope he still is when the Rams get some more offensive firepower around him.
                              12. The loss of Laurent Robinson hurts.
                              13. I think a few more Avery fly patters are in order.
                              14. The CBs had trouble with long passes, but where was the safety help?
                              15. I could swear that Laurinaitis had more than 3 tackles in the game.
                              16. Dahl is a nice addition who should hold down the fort well until Butler returns.
                              17. What was up with the Packer skank sitting in front of me?
                              18. Dez, Randy, Kyle and others who couldn't make it... we missed you, guys!
                              19. I really thought I'd do the after-party this year but, alas, I'm not 20something anymore, and I can't really pretend to be.
                              20. If you've never been to a Bash, go next year. You won't be sorry.

                              P.S. I took some good pics and will try to post them in the next day or two.
                              -09-29-2009, 10:04 AM
                            • txramsfan
                              Random off season thoughts
                              by txramsfan
                              1. I wonder what it felt like when the Pony Express was the fastest means of communication?

                              2. Could you imagine having ice delivered to your house like they used to?

                              3. It was hot last night here in Texas, I wonder how it felt when air conditioning wasn't yet invented but fashion dictated a 3 piece suit?

                              4. They just discovered a new tribe in the Amazon. Why do I think this is a very bad sign of our planets destruction?

                              5. I can remember gas wars. We used to drive around Poplar Bluff and watch gas stations change the manual sign from 20 cents to 19 cents A GALLON. Yes younguns, gas used to go down in price.
                              -06-03-2008, 07:17 AM
                            • MoonJoe
                              20 Random Thoughts on the Rams First Training Camp
                              by MoonJoe
                              1. UCI is huge, I have been in smaller cities.
                              2. The field is really nice, I have putted on worse greens.
                              3. I thought the grass was artificial it looked so good.
                              4. We were farther away from the field than the Oxnard site, but close enough.
                              5. There was every kind of fan there. The old, the new and the clueless.
                              6. I always forget how big these players are until I get up close to them.
                              7. I needed to stay longer and will tomorrow.
                              8. The players looked loose.
                              9. There were no outstanding plays, although I did hear Goff threw a pick.
                              10. There were a lot of old Rams there, Everett, Irvin and Marshal Faulk to name a few.
                              11. I was just getting a feel for the whole scene today, I'll focus more on players tomorrow.
                              12. It felt really good to have the Rams back in LA.
                              13. I would say there was 2000 to 3000 people there
                              14. I saw a good mix of old colors and new colors,
                              15. I wore my Jack Youngblood away jersey today, I will wear my Donald home jersey tomorrow.
                              16. It is hard to see the main coaches as they stay between the two fields, probably to avoid distractions.
                              17. The parking lot was 4 blocks away, but as the large lady I mentioned that to said, we can all use a little more exercise.
                              18. There were a lot of families there. It was good to see the baton being handed over.
                              19. I saw a Bears fan, Raiders fan and a Niners fan. People love their football.
                              20. I don't know has RFE comes up with 20 random thoughts without getting distracted!
                              -07-30-2016, 07:57 PM
                            • TekeRam
                              Long Jersey
                              by TekeRam
                              So, I'm determined to get a Chris Long jersey this year, and wear it with pride at the Bash, but the problem is that I love the Gold alternate jerseys but they only have Holt, Jax and Bulger in gold.

                              My question is, should I wait and hope that they make a gold Long jersey, or should I just admit defeat and get a blue one?

                              And always remember: Since the blue pants make us lose vs the gold pants, it only shows that we should just go all gold and really kick arse!
                              -08-28-2008, 10:05 AM
                            • sjacksonrules
                              Shouldn't the Rams???
                              by sjacksonrules
                              Shouldn't the Rams wear a different jersey than the white one next week? I mean first game in ages that for one means anything at all this late in the year and for two that is being played on national television and it is the last game played of the regular season. I wish we had some way to tell them they shouldn't do just the same old jerseys for this game. And also thoughts on which it should be I would like to see the gold or old school away jerseys.
                              -12-26-2010, 09:17 PM