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What pass defense are we running?

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  • What pass defense are we running?

    Has anybody been able to determine just what pass defense we are running? It seems like we are running a hybrid of different schemes or situational schemes.

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    Re: What pass defense are we running?

    I couldn't tell you, but I know its a defense that is allowing the TE to have a career day every week.


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      Re: What pass defense are we running?

      Game 1: the "Soft and Squeeshie" defense.

      Game #2: the "Bend but don't break" defense.

      Game #3: The "Not in our House" defense. (I hope)


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        Re: What pass defense are we running?

        Originally posted by rNemesis View Post
        I couldn't tell you, but I know its a defense that is allowing the TE to have a career day every week.
        I feel your pain but both those TEs are studs who put up good numbers virtually every week.They both put up similar numbers against NYG and the Whiners in their other games so far.

        Incidentally, neither was a career best. Cooley had over 100yds vs NYG last year. He's been to the PB two years in a row. Carlson broke all kinds of rookie records on a dismal Hags team last year & had his career best vs Philly;again, over 100 yds.

        My impression is that without QB pressure, this defense will struggle with this type of quicker TE who run good routes and find those transfer points where the LBs and safeties trade them off as assignments.Not surprising then, with a rookie , Mr Irrelevant and a seriously underperforming Spoon on the LB unit that there are sizable cracks between those layers of the D.

        That needs to tighten up but it'll never be close to TE-proof until we get in the QB's face.Nobody can cover those guys when the QB has 6-8 secs to find them,imo.

        There have been so many of these big plays where a Ram wasn't within 3-4 yds of the pass-catcher,either TE or WR.It's only because of the savvy play of Butler and Atogwe that these weaknesses haven't been exploited more than they have,imo. That, and some pretty sound tackling.

        I think GB plays a much more vertical game & their TE, Donald Lee, is a more traditional type; v. effective blocker and good as a target in the RZ but not a deep route runner. Hopefully that will help this Sunday.

        So will their rather spotty QB protection. Their starting LT, Clifton, will be out and a major shuffle seems likely for the whole left side from center out. I'm sure Spags/Flajole will want to exploit that with their bewildering array of DL line-ups and tricks.

        I'm much more concerned with how our own O-line will deal with their first 3/4 opponent. A lot rides, as always, on SJ and the other RBs for both protection and production. No idea how that'll pan out because The Pack kept Forte quiet but let Benson run wild.Go figure.

        Those who have been bemoaning Bulger's cautious ways may have to eat their words because that is exactly what he needs to be vs Woodson, Harris,et al.They may lack speed but make up for it by reading plays very well and making QBs pay for any mistakes/risky throws. It was Woodson who kept them in the Cincy game with a couple of picks,one for a TD and the other so close that GB soon capitalized.
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        • live4ramin
          Could it be? Defense...
          by live4ramin
          My love of football is on the offensive side of the ball, particularly the offensive line. The blocking and the pride these guys have when they jel into one unit, usually without much in the way of credit.

          But silently this team's defense just keeps getting a little better. If these guys can stay healthy and build a little pride in keeping the offense off the field Spags may turn this group of nobodies into something to get excited about.

          I've never had a great defense to watch on Sundays. It was always time to grab a snack and a cold beverage. It could be a life changer for some of us.
          -08-29-2010, 07:42 AM
        • macrammer
          Rams 3 losses...........
          by macrammer
          In our three losses this year......Rams averaged 300 yds passing and 70 yards rushing. Since we dropped the consecutive games, Rams have averaged roughly 200 yds passing (well below season average) per game and over 225 yds rushing per game. (above season average)

          I think McVay switched it up after defenses dared us to pass. The Bears and Eagles were formidable in pass defense taking out our mid range routes. Since McVay has switched it up My question is, now that (perhaps) opposing defense will be looking to stop our run game what does he have up his sleeve this week? Has to give our opposition something to think about at very least........???
          -01-13-2019, 03:18 PM
        • kman
          Rams defense
          by kman
          dont get me wrong, i love leonard little, but doesnt it always seem like our DE's always get up the field too much and too wide and get themselves out of the play too often?i think thats half our problem vs. the run..also, im soo tired of hearing how our def. is undersized..i really hope haslett brings some beef in the interior line..have you seen minnesota's defense? they're pass defense suxm, but they're on pace to break record for least rushing yards..why? have you seen the 2 DT's they have? or jax's stround and henderson? thats the main ingredient for run d..kennedy is too soft..he LOOKS the part, but hes too soft..he must take plays off..
          -12-19-2006, 06:21 PM
        • Curly Horns
          I'm sick of cover 2
          by Curly Horns
          Cover 2, Cover 3, soft zone, bend but don't break, whatever you want to call it, the Rams players in the secondary are not implementing it well.

          At times they lack discipline to stay within their assignments and quite often they do not seem to be on the same page with each other. The cushion they give WR's is often huge. Schottenheimer has a glossy resume' but he lacks talented personnel with the Rams unit.

          I seriously doubt it will happen, but I would like to see the Rams implement more man coverage schemes. Bring some Blitz packages and let the DB's go man. Attack the offense. I don't see how it can be any worse than what we have seen thus far.

          -10-06-2005, 10:05 AM
        • Marshall1
          Rams Defense, too lose?
          by Marshall1
          I have been able to see the last three Rams games, I am a defense person at heart. I am concerned about what I am seeing defensively. Arch made a great play the other night, tackle, strip ball, and TD, incredable play. BUt we are letting them score on us at will!? We scored first against Tampa, they rolled right down the feild and scored at will. I was amazed that a third string QB was given the time to do what he wasnted. I don't know what his totals were but he made the Rams D look real bad. I am very concerned that the defense is not that good. :helmet:
          -10-20-2004, 03:19 PM