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Okay... so maybe I'll be a Faulksonite!

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  • Okay... so maybe I'll be a Faulksonite!

    First of all, nice to see the Rams dominate and use the running game.

    Now, Marshall Faulk... I'll be the first to admit that he has more left in the tank than I gave him credit for. He looked great tonight.

    Jackson looked pretty darn good too. You can see that big play potential with his speed and power (and... note to D backs everywhere... don't try to arm tackle this guy).

    Together, they controlled the clock and the game, and the Rams had a much needed easy coast to the finish line.

    Well done, Rams!

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    Re: Okay... so maybe I'll be a Faulksonite!

    I knew the Rams weren't down for the season..... :king:


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      Re: Okay... so maybe I'll be a Faulksonite!

      If you compare games 1/4 and 2/3 it's like night and day with the running game. I don't know what to expect for next weeks game but I'd like to see Faulk sprinting by ole Grant Wistrom next week.


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        Re: Okay... so maybe I'll be a Faulksonite!

        Faulksonite?! I guess that's a start. Faulk was indeed rock solid and his performance speaks for itself. I think we can agree he can still carry the load.

        I was a little upset he didn't get a chance to score his 100th touchdown on a national stage, but getting it against Seattle will work just fine.


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          Re: Okay... so maybe I'll be a Faulksonite!

          I was thinking, "Marshall, Marshall, Marshall!" while watching the game last night. That was a pleasure indeed.


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          • RamWraith
            Faulk steps back to keep going
            by RamWraith
            By Larry Weisman, USA TODAY

            ST. LOUIS Every picture tells a story, and sometimes it's a sad one. There is Emmitt Smith, wearing the red jersey of the Arizona Cardinals. Franco Harris squeezing out a few last carries with the Seattle Seahawks. O.J. Simpson, forlorn in a San Francisco ***** uniform. They forged their reputations in one place and diminished them in another.
            There will be no such portrait of Marshall Faulk. He understands the limits of the body, the stresses of the game and the value of an exit strategy. That is why he no longer is starting for the St. Louis Rams yet is prolonging his career in order to end it with the club.

            At 32, and beginning his 12th NFL season, Faulk will back up Steven Jackson, the Rams' No. 1 pick a year ago. Maybe St. Louis, which plays its third preseason game tonight against the Detroit Lions, would have made this change anyway, but the impetus came from Faulk, who has failed to start in only five of 160 career games with the Rams and the Indianapolis Colts.

            "I think that in a sense you just have to be honest with yourself and what you can and can't do and understand what you want to get out of this game and what you want to do," Faulk says. "And I want to win. My personal accomplishments aren't as important to me; winning is. I think the combination of myself and Steven gives us, as a team, a better opportunity to win. With the work that he's going to put in, he deserves to be the starter."

            Faulk led the Rams in rushing for a sixth consecutive season in 2004, with a modest 774 yards. It was the third consecutive year he finished below 1,000 and his fewest rushing yards since 1995 with the Colts, when he gained 587. Jackson, playing through a knee injury, showed toughness and an ability to break tackles in rushing for 673 yards and averaging 5.0 yards a carry. Faulk suddenly understood what so many players do not, will not or cannot. So he approached coach Mike Martz to talk about himself and Jackson.

            "Marshall said to me privately, 'It's time, I think.' I said, 'Time for what?' And he said, 'He needs to be the featured guy. And whatever role you want me to do, I'd be happy to do it. It's going to be tough, but I think I can really help him and still have some value for this team.' I couldn't believe it," Martz says. "But that's Marshall. So I got to thinking about it more and more, and I said, 'We're going to do this.' "

            The 5-10, 211-pound Faulk ranks 12th on the NFL's all-time rushing list with 11,987 yards, leads all running backs in career receiving yardage (6,894), is second among backs in receptions (773) and is tied for fourth in touchdowns with 135. The Rams are 27-0 since 1999 when he rushes for 100 yards in a game.

            "A long time ago I made a pact with myself that if you can't do it, you can't do it anymore and you have to leave the game. And...
            -08-29-2005, 05:51 AM
          • RamWraith
            Faulk still a concern for me
            by RamWraith
            I know there is a lot of Faulk supporters out there, but to me the guy still looks a lot like last year and I think it was a problem. He seems to lacking the initial explosion, taking forever to get moving in the backfield. When he hits the line he seems hesitant and does a lot of dancing. He is still a great receiver and a great blocke,r but I think he has lost a step or two as far as running with the football.

            Jut my honest opinion.
            -08-24-2004, 07:54 AM
          • MsWistRAM
            Yikes! but a WIN over the Giants
            by MsWistRAM
            Whoa! Okay, not what we were expecting, huh? The one thing we can agree on, at least they won. Could we PLEASE stop making them so close?

            Highlights: Tucker did the best he could under the circumstances against Strahan who's just a monster. At least Warner came away from that game in one piece (right?).

            Archuleta did well also under the circumstances. Hard to believe he's a rookie, but he plays with tenacity. Nice to know he can be counted on in tough times. We need players like this who can go out there and perform under duress.

            Hey, we know if we have to, we can win a game on Wilkens' fieldgoals alone if we absolutely have to. Luckily we didn't have to, though we came close.

            Faulk goes out, Canidate comes in, TD! Deja' vu? Seems like I've seen this before. At least we are getting indications that Trung is up to the challenge of filling Faulks shoes if he has to, because he has to, now that Faulk will be out with that (hopefully, just) strained ligament. I know, Trung is no Marshall, but he can make plays. We've seen him wire his way through a defense. He may not be the goto guy that Faulk is, but he'll be a big part of keeping this team on top till Faulk gets back into it. Luckily we also have a few other very nice receivers, so let's not worry and prove those wrong who say the Rams are out of it if Faulk gets hurt.

            Faulk and Bruce join Proehl in the 500 receptions club. That makes 3 on the same team, our team. Cool!

            Gotta love Archuleta and Wistrom's effort that turned the ball over keeping the Gnats from scoring and taking this one away from us in the last seconds of the game

            That defense! That New Name Defense! Sure they had some trouble keeping the Gnats out of the air at the start. But many turnovers (and ugly punts) later showed us they were up to the challenge. . Soon everyone will have to SHUT THE HECK UP about last season's defense. This one is here and READY TO RUMBLE!

            Downside: poor Faulk. Forget the physical injuries, those will heal (sorta). But 2 more fumbles on the record, 3 for the season so far. That's got to hurt! And we won't even mention those dropped passes by Holt and Faulk. (I'm sure they'd rather we didn't.)

            The penalty-fest was something, on both sides of the ball. That needs to be contained. Unfortunately, it seems like we are saying this after every game. It's a little more forgiveable when you win big. That's not what we got this time. It wasn't a big win, but a win all the same.
            -10-14-2001, 08:48 PM
          • majorram
            Faulk turning back those years!
            by majorram
            Did anyone enjoy watching Faulk skip and cut away from defenders, wow it was like we had turned back time!!!LOVED IT

            I would love Martz to untise this, get him more involved in the game plan, with Bruce injured may be use him as a Slot reciever, we all know he has great soft hands or coming out of the back field....Ok I know he had that fumble but I just enjoyed those carries and touchdown!!!!

            he still has great talent and experienced!!

            -09-28-2005, 12:01 PM
          • RamDez
            Second Act
            by RamDez
            Second Act

            By Jim Thomas
            Of the Post-Dispatch


            While the others sit in what are best described as school desks, Marshall Faulk has a comfortable, padded chair in the running backs' meeting room. A pillow is placed strategically where the chair back meets the seat.

            It's a concession to Faulk's longevity, productivity and stature as perhaps the best all-purpose back in NFL history.

            Everything else Faulk has ceded to the youngster - quietly, gracefully and without envy. The transition from Faulk to Steven Jackson in the Rams' backfield could be nasty. But so far, it's been seamless.

            "The thing that I can truly say about 28 (Faulk), there's not a person that's ever come in this room that he hasn't gotten along with," running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery said, nodding in the direction of Faulk's vacant chair. "He never looked upon himself as better or greater than anybody that took a seat in this room. He constantly encouraged them to be good. And I constantly encouraged those guys to be like him. ... to reach the heights that he has reached in his NFL career."

            Few have reached such heights. As he enters his 12th pro season, Faulk ranks fourth in NFL history in touchdowns (135), fourth in yards from scrimmage (18,545), 12th in rushing yards (11,987) and 19th in receptions (723).

            With just 134 rushing yards this season, Faulk will move ahead of Franco Harris into 10th place on the NFL's career rushing list. He has been chosen for seven Pro Bowls, played in two Super Bowls and been league MVP.

            But at age 32, his knees aren't getting healthier. His rushing totals and yards per catch have declined in each of the past three seasons. So as Faulk enters the twilight of his career, he seems determined to leave the game with his head held high, instead of being dragged out kicking and screaming.

            For starters, he renegotiated his contract in February. It wasn't one of those cosmetic renegotiations, where money is shuffled to lessen that year's cap hit, but the overall dollars remain the same. It was a pay cut: from $6 million to $4 million in 2005, and from $6 million to $2 million in 2006. As a result, the Rams will save $3.5 million in cap room in both 2005 and 2006.

            "You've just got to be honest with yourself, and decide where you're at and where you want to be," Faulk said. "I probably can't do all the things that I used to be able to do, just because it's Father Time. It's inevitable. It happens.

            "I wanted to stay here. Both sides came up with an agreement, something both of us could live with. And that was it. . . . With what we're trying to get accomplished, I'd not only be cheating myself, but I'd be cheating my teammates if I continued to make the money that I was making and wasn't producing
            -08-28-2005, 03:49 AM