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  • I'd Rather be a Ramsfan

    I'm blood85, my real name is Izzy. I've been a Ramsfan since the 70's. Growing up in Madera,Ca most people where either Steelers fans or Cowboys fans, I'll get to this point later. The other day, I was at a popular retail store, whose name starts with a W. There were 3 ladies (I'd like to call them something else, but because this is what I consider a family site, i'll be nice), discussing football. I was browsing some items, they were near me, chatting away about football, mainly our hated rival, the *****. As I was ready to leave walking to the register, I heard one of them say, "All I know is I'd rather be a ***** fan than a Rams fan". Them is fighting words to me. So I stopped in my tracks, turned around and in my best "Dirty Harry voice" said, "I beg to differ, I don't know about that". All three just gave me a blank stare,end of conversation. You see, it doesn't take alot of "intelligence" to look up on the internet or other source, what team has the most trophies and say, "geez I'll go for that team", alas alot of yankee fans, Boston Celtic fans, fairweather idiots, as I like to refer to them,etc. And there are MANY of them. Now that I think about it, of course the Steelers and Cowboys dominated the conversations, back in the day, they usually won, which led to many bandwagon jerks who wanted to be associated with a winner and who before, never even watched a game. Keep in mind that there were some fans who followed some of these teams, religiously, BEFORE they were champs. Times are tough for us right now, we are down, really down, but not out. We are a team in transition, taking baby steps in the right direction. We are reloading. This team has a long, rich history, with many legendary players and many great fans who have and continue to be with this team, like :eldfan, Tampafan,Av,Alpharam,Ramsfansam,Ramsinfiniti,BigRed, Theodus69,Cali and many, many others. Memo to you ladies and the rest of *****fans: I think you have it backwards, I'd rather be a RAMSFAN even when times are tough, it's not over, we'll be back, we're just re-loading.:helmet:

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    Re: I'd Rather be a Ramsfan

    You should have spanked them, although, given that they are whiner fans, they probably like doing it themselves...
    YouTube - 3-way all-girl spank fight


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    • RamsFan16
      Sorry... We have the worst fans!
      by RamsFan16
      Ok this is on my opinion and it has nothing to do with you guys. But we have the worst fans at the Dome. I don't think they know how good they have it. I mean there at a Rams game and there Rams fans. I mean some times when the opponet does something good there fans at the stadium are louder than ours. Whenever we do something good it isn't loud at all. I mean I've been watching NFL Shortcuts for the Rams and other teams this week such as the Cardinals. And I find it very offending and embarassing that the Cardinal fans are louder than ours by about 500 times. I want it to be loud... Now please enlighten me. What is wrong with our fans at the dome? Grannit if were losing owell look at all the teams that have losing traditions. There louder than ever.
      -12-14-2005, 03:50 PM
    • AvengerRam_old
      I wonder... is there an Anti-Bandwagon?
      by AvengerRam_old
      It comes as no surprise that a team having success will draw its share of "Bandwagon" fans, who can be defined as fans who jump on board during a successful run but disappear when things get tough.

      As an aside, I don't have a major problem with bandwagon fans, provided that they are at least honest about it. For example, I'll readily admit that, as a graduate of the University of Miami's Law School (as opposed to undergraduate college), I am somewhat of a bandwagon fan of he Hurricanes. I tend to get interested in them when they do well, but I don't spend much time worrying about the team when they are having a down year.

      I wonder, though... have the Rams developed an Anti-Bandwagon? What I mean by that is, do you think there are fans who are more active and vocal when the team is down (voicing their complaints, critiques and frustrations) who would, paradoxically, become LESS active if the Rams started winning?

      If you do think that this phenomenon exists, what do you see as the motivation of the Anti-Bandwagon fans? Is it merely the Cub-Fan-esque notion of supporting the "loveable losers," or is it something else?

      -01-06-2010, 12:26 PM
    • RamsFanSam
      Most Irritating Fans - Who Are They?
      by RamsFanSam
      Everyone knows that the 'Black Hole' is the home to some really awful fans. Dallas has their share of horse's patoots for fans, and everyone is sick of hearing 'five rings'. Not too surprisingly, during a discussion about QB's, someone was mouthing off about Brady's so-called 'greatness' by counting rings.

      I had to congratulate him. It's nice to see that Patriot fans are acting just like whiner fans now.

      I thought a poll would be fun. One thing - when you vote, please tell us why you chose the way you did.
      Tampa Bay
      Other (Tell us who!)
      -07-29-2007, 05:28 PM
    • Barry Waller
      Rams FAns Need To Get a Grip
      by Barry Waller
      Fans Need To Get a Grip
      by Barry Waller

      It seems like fans choose THEIR guy in this coaching search, like they actually know more than the GM and owner who talk to everybody these guys ever worked for or coached they can find, which is a bunch, then ***** if it isn't the guy in the end.

      Fans ignore whether that guy even showed interest himself in really being the guy chosen, or had an eye on another job far more intently.

      They ignore the history of coaching hires all over and focus on what happened here. Garrett looks too much like Linehan, Fassell too much like Haslett etc etc.

      They even look the other way about their general philosophy of the guy that is the best choice. They want a defensive coach, because Martz and Linehan were offensive guys, ignoring the fact that as many defensive coaches, like Marvin Frazier, Ray Rhodes, Romeo Crennel, Buddy Ryan, Bob Hollway, etc, were horrific head coaches.

      Fans look at a Lovie Smith or Mike Tomlin and see every African-American defensive coordinator available in the same light.

      Fans look at coordinators that have had success as assistants this year as saviors, and others who were just as hot a year or two ago, but who's light has dimmed because of one lesser year, ignoring the talent each had available.

      Fans see conspiracy everywhere, that it's a buddy buddy deal with Devaney or willingness to work cheaper that hjas the final say.

      They will be negative right from the start if their guy isn't THE guy. They would just say "Just like continuing with Linehan or Haslett" becfore he works a day.

      Does that seem fair, based on what fans REALLY know about any of these guys, their work habits, off field stuff etc?

      Guys like Bernie Miklasz and Jim Thomas have some access to all the info, but certainly not as much as those about to invest their FUTURE, and millions of bucks on their guy.

      Even those guys, being sane and honest, would agree, just as they would agree that fans know about a tenth as much as they do, particularly because many off the record stuff is held back by these media insiders.

      Just like with the draft, there seems to be a growing number of fans who truly think they have football minds better than those who make their living running, and coaching, NFL clubs.

      They need to realize that while they may actually end up right on a subject or hiring, the odds that they really are a better bet to follow than the professionals, is really really slim.

      Of course, unless a team is 100% right all the time, there will be times that a fan can get it better, and those fans will crow when they do beat the GM in a finale outcome.

      I have no problem with fans going after those who clearly are out of their league in the front office, or on the field or sideline. That's...
      -01-17-2009, 11:14 AM
    • AvengerRam_old
      Every now and again, I have to make a post like this one...
      by AvengerRam_old
      Some people really hate posts of this type, but I think its necessary.

      You see, there is a certain type of "fan." The type that is more interested in "being right" than they are in seeing the team succeed.

      If you hang around here, or any message board, you'll observe this type of "fan." They're the ones who never seem to be happy or optimistic. They criticize every move. They express low expectations at all times. They chide anyone who dares to express hope.

      If called out individually, these "fans" will do one of two things (or both). They will (1) claim to be the true "realists," and/or (2) whine that they are being censored.

      Its not censorship. Its merely the reaction that you should expect to receive when you are a total bore. That's what "fans" like this are: bores.

      In my book, the only reason to even bother spending time being a fan is to extend hope that this year will be "the year." That's what made 1999 so special to me. I had spent over 20 years believing each season that this was "the year." Sure, there were times that, deep down, I knew I was kidding myself. But then, one year, it all paid off.

      As fans, we don't draft or sign the players, devise the gameplans, call the plays, or battle it out on the field. All we can do is try, in our own little way, to be part of that "12th man" that, hopefully, inspires the team to play just that much harder. That's all we can do.

      How you do that when you never see anything but doom and gloom is beyond me. If I ever feel that way, I'll find a new hobby.

      So, have at it with the "are you talking about me" and "how dare you interfere with my Free Speech" responses.

      I've said my peace.
      -03-06-2009, 08:57 PM