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  • There is some good news....

    No, I didn't just save a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico. It's Steven Jackson. So far he has been looking really good. He is averaging 96 rushing yards a game. If he keeps that up for the rest of the season, then he is setting himself up to have his best year yet with 1536 yards rushing. All he has to do now is put points on the board. He still has 0 touchdowns, but I am thinking that is going to change very quickly. I can't wait to see how he does this season.

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    Re: There is some good news....

    We got to hang our hats on something SJ is that hat rack hope he keepís it up.


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      Re: There is some good news....

      Jaxx is our best player no doubt. He does it all with a line that is not that great. One player can't carry our team though. The rest of our guys need to step up on both offense and defense. I want to see us dip into free agency and try our luck. Honestly, we don't have anything to lose.


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        Re: There is some good news....

        Fells got 2 TD`s , Little got some sacks again...our O-line seems to be progressing,even if they not there yet...Amendola looks like a proper kick returner,who at 23 could develop into a pretty good one..our special teams as a whole is pretty solid.
        for a 3rd week running we have looked pretty solid against the run (only 1 big run in 3 games is a lot better than 3 big runs per game!)


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          Re: There is some good news....

          and for some more good news we now average a whole 8 points per game which is up from the 3.5 of last week.
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            Re: There is some good news....

            I liked how they described him in the pre-game show: "He's like Marion Barber but with speed."


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              Re: There is some good news....

              Agreed, SJ is looking good. We rode him like a rented mule today and he continually performed great. Can't blame him for no TD's, he's not had too many touches in the red zone.


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                Re: There is some good news....

                Dude had a few great runs. He's doing great. Very consistent. I pray that he stays healthy, and that he'll continue to play for our team. He's the face of this franchise right now.


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                  Re: There is some good news....

                  He is currently 3rd in the nfl for rushing with 288 yards. I would say he has no fumbles but the horrible refs today dont know what forward progress means so we will just have to sit on that one.


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                    Re: There is some good news....

                    Originally posted by 01d 0rd3r View Post
                    He is currently 3rd in the nfl for rushing with 288 yards. I would say he has no fumbles but the horrible refs today dont know what forward progress means so we will just have to sit on that one.
                    This is one reason that I have already given up watching football this year. In the RAMS first game, if a Seattle player's forward momentum was stopped, the whistle blew immediately (and the ball was usually spotted a yard more). When a RAMS player's momentum was stopped, the whistle wasn't blown until he was down. IMO, this was done primarily to make sure that turn overs only went one way.

                    I made the mistake of trying to watch a football game while waiting for the race to start. The only thing on in my area, that "was worth watching", was the Falcons and Cheatroits. Altanta throws an incomplete pass (batted down) that bounced 9 times, was picked up by a cheatroit player, and run back for a TD. If it wasn't for a challenge, that TD would have counted. The official actually had a straight face when he said that the arm was going forward when the ball came out. The TV was turned off until the race started. The NFL is nothing but a rigged game. It may not turn out the way they want it to, but they sure try to make it that way. I will begin to have faith in a level playing field when teams like the cheatroits, 9ers, stealers, etc get beat on a regular basis by teams like the Lions, RAMS, and Bengles. Especially if I ever hear the talking heads complaining about bad officials causing a cheatroits loss.



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                    • Varg6
                      Horrible News...
                      by Varg6

                      Jackson out now, too?

                      Already facing the prospects of having Kyle Boller under the center for the remainder of the season, depending on how Marc Bulger's recovery goes, the St. Louis Rams may be without their best offensive weapon this Sunday. The Belleville News-Democrat has word that Jackson did not participate in practice on Wednesday to rest his back.

                      If we had to carry an entire franchise on our shoulders, we're sure our back would be messed up as well. Jackson himself seems pretty sure he'll play on Sunday, though. "We're just hoping that it allows me to play. I am expecting to play Sunday. If that answers any questions, I am expecting to play."


                      Hopefully it's nothing serious. I know it's just ESPN's Rumor Central, but just seeing "Jackson out?" made my heart skip a beat. At the same time though, on a 1-9 team, if there's any uncertainty regarding Jackson's health, I'd sit him this Sunday.
                      -11-26-2009, 09:39 AM
                    • THOLTFAN81
                      Good News Regarding SJAX
                      by THOLTFAN81
                      PER TMZ:

                      NFL Star - No Domestic Violence Charges...
                      -02-09-2010, 02:01 PM
                    • Guest's Avatar
                      Great News
                      by Guest
                      We're not playing Detroit this season so we won't have to worry about losing to a team that haven't won a game yet.
                      -11-23-2008, 05:57 PM
                    • supachump
                      The Good News..
                      by supachump
                      Sure, we lost a game in New York that we possibly could of won. However, I can sometimes be a great optimist and therefore wanted to start a thread about the good things I saw yesterday.

                      First things first. Alex Barron did a pretty durn good job in pass protection. I could be wrong, but I do not think he allowed a sack. The only time Strahan downed Bulger, he had to completely avoid Barron and take on another linemen. The rookie looked like a seasoned vet while making the seasoned vet look like a rookie. If Barron can keep developing and can be as affective in the running game--- i hate to say we solved our RT problem --- but if we havent solved it completely, we sure made a HUGE stride forward with Barron stepping in. Half way through the game I realized I was no longer worried on every down that Bulger was going to get smashed by someone blowing by the RT.

                      Although Bulger made some stupid throws into double and triple and what sometimes looked like quadruple coverage, he did a pretty good job. He made the completions and moved the ball. Unfortunately the offense got off to a slow start (again), but if we can correct that problem, then we are going to be fine on offense. I long for those days when we completely freaked out the opposing players by opening our first drive with some explosive bomb down the field.

                      The defense did a pretty darn good job stopping the run. Sure, it wasn't as good as previous weeks. But Barber is a good back. Although I think the Rams could of done better in run defense, all in all I think they did a pretty good job relative to the leaks from last year.

                      The secondary did horrible. But we knew that was going to be the case all off season. Teams are going to continue to light the Rams up like this all year. Our only hope is that the dline will get more pressure on the Qback. Eli had all day, it was unacceptable. However, I know the dline can deliver some pressure. If we can get the dline to not only stop the run, but get more pressure on the qback (like previous games), it will help conceal our problems in the secondary.

                      This game hurt. No doubt about it. But, I am going to focus on the positives and look at the glass half full. As long as we can stay ahead in our division, anything can happen in the playoffs.

                      I won't ignore the glaring problems, but I'll focus on anything but. GO RAMS!

                      -10-03-2005, 12:25 PM
                    • Rambos
                      Good news
                      by Rambos
                      That was the last game we will have to play in the heat in Arizona, next year they will move into their new stadium. Its a dome and Iím sure it wonít be 118 degrees in side.
                      -09-19-2005, 03:03 PM