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  • Food for thought

    I think it is safe to make a few assumptions right now. We are sick of losing. We are sick of showing flashes of good and bad. We want consistency. We don't want these stupid penalties to stop. And let's face it, Alex Barron is as penalized as they come.

    Right now he's playing the left side, while we groom Jason Smith on the right. After this season, Alex Barron is a free agent. My question is with all the questions about this team and how we're not happy, what do we do about Alex? Do we re-sign him and have him play the left? Do we re-sign him and have him play the right and move Smith over to the left? Or do we just let Barron walk, move Smith, and sign a right tackle?

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    Re: Food for thought

    Let him walk...
    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

    Jack Youngblood


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      Re: Food for thought

      Didn't see the game today, did Barron get any penalties and, if so, which ones were they?

      WhAT SAY YE?


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        Re: Food for thought

        I'd say let him walk, but I've not been a fan for a few years now. I can't imagine the Rams drafted Smith to keep him at right tackle, and they can probably find better right tackles than Barron either through free agency or the draft.


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          Re: Food for thought

          Originally posted by mcknight
          i just hate the thought of having to replace a 1st round ot with another 1st round ot. Boy that terrible drafting is really killing us now.

          yes it is isnt it??! And boy is it ugly.


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            Re: Food for thought

            don't tease my like this,I saw food for thought and I thought we were going to talk about tailgating food or exchange recipes,ok just kidding but I think we keep Barron,he plays every game and does a decent job,if they are willing to put up with Cogs crap then why not keep him providing the price is right.


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            • BEER
              Smith at Right tackle?
              by BEER
              Spags said Smith will start at right and Barron at left. I dont mind Barron
              at left if we would have drafted a right in the latter rounds. Bill D said he
              wants to draft a person of there position. He said no more Carriker drafts
              where we convert. And yes right is way different than left. I dont get it.
              What do you think?
              -04-30-2009, 04:17 PM
            • AvengerRam_old
              The Alex Barron Situation Has Become More Intriguing
              by AvengerRam_old
              At the start of the season, I thought the plan for Alex Barron was pretty clear... play him at LT so that Jason Smith could cut his NFL teeth at the RT spot, let him sign elsewhere at the end of the season, move Smith to LT, and find a new RT in FA or the draft.

              That still might be the plan, either by design (because Smith clearly is the intended LT of the future) or by necessity (because Barron will seek LT $ in FA). But, given Barron's play lately, I have to wonder if the Rams might need to rethink the plan.

              Simply stated, right now Barron is doing an above-average job as a starting LT. In fact, he may very well be the #2 LT on the FA market next year, behind San Diego's Marcus McNeil.

              The question is... how do the Rams get value from the commodity? I don't see the Rams signing Barron to a big contract and keeping Smith at RT. I also don't see Barron taking RT money and switching sides once again.

              The real issue will be the state of the FA system in 2010. If it continues as currently structured, the Rams could make a francise player offer and then try to trade Barron. Would there be any takers? Not sure. Despite Barron's improved play, I'm not sure there are too many teams who would part with a high draft cholce for the privilege of paying Barron LT $ on a long-term contract.

              I don't have the answer here. Thoughts?
              -11-03-2009, 07:52 AM
            • AvengerRam_old
              The Curious Case of Alex Barron
              by AvengerRam_old
              How would you sum up Alex Barron's years with the Rams so far?

              Calling him a "bust" would be a mistake. He has been a full-time starter, fairly durable, and has played well at times.

              Calling him a "success" would be a mistake as well. He has had way too many false start penalties, and occasional lapses in pass protection.

              Barron certainly has the physical tools to be an elite NFL OT. In fact, if you were building a prototype LT, he would look something like Barron.

              The problem lies elsewhere. Call it laziness, lack of heart, lack of motivation, lack of passion... something is missing. My conclusion has always been that Barron has so much physical ability that he's been able to phone it in most of his life. Unfortunately, while that is good enough to get him a first round contract and a starting NFL job, its not enough for him to realize his potential.

              This is a big year for Barron. Its the final year on his rookie contract, and the Rams have already obtained their LT of the future in Jason Smith. Barron currently has a foothold on the LT spot, though I would not presume that he won't be back on the right side by opening day. Whichever side he plays on, this is a make or break year for Barron financially. If he plays well, and the overall improvment in the Rams' O line translates to big seasons from Steven Jackson and Marc Bulger, he'll be able to name his price next year. That's the kind of demand there is for extablished OTs in this league.

              Will that light a fire under Barron? I'm not sure.

              If Barron has a bad year, the Rams will have a simple decision in 2010. Let Barron go (someone else will still probably overpay him), move Smith to LT (if he's not there already) and find a RT either from the existing players (Greco?) or draft one (RTs can be obtained in Rounds 3-4, generally).

              If he has a good year, the Rams will have a tough choice. I, for one, would be hesitant to give Barron a big contract, for fear that, once paid, he'll revert back to his old nonchalant ways.

              So what will Barron's legacy with the Rams be? I'm thinking he'll always be a "what might have been" kind of guy.

              Time will tell.
              -05-04-2009, 08:25 AM
            • 39thebeast
              Enough of Barron!!!!!
              by 39thebeast
              He has just been going down hill since shutting down Jared Allen. If he isn't holding he is getting beat. Too many penalties sub par pass blocking, never has been really good run blocking. IMO Jason Smith needs to be our starting LT ASAP!!! Hopefully he is over that concussion because we really need him.
              -12-06-2009, 01:05 PM
            • Nick
              Let's talk about Alex Barron
              by Nick
              We've seen just about two years of the Alex Barron Show. Has he done enough in your mind to lock the right tackle position down, and do you think he's the future for this team at that position?

              Consider first of all that the protection on that side of the line is hardly flawless. You could basically say that about any part of the line, even Pace this season. But Alex is allowing his fair share of defenders to get by.

              Combine this with the incredible number of penalties he's committed. The Rams lead the league in false start penalties, and that's in no small part due to Barron. In fact, through 23 games not including today, Barron has accumulated 24 penalties, including 17 false starts.

              Now it sounds as if Marc Bulger is calling him out without mentioning his name:

              Repeated mistakes sounds an awful lot like Alex (see the penalty numbers), and I don't think Bulger would reference being on scholarship if he wasn't talking about a relatively young player.

              Also consider that's 2005 Draft profile on Barron said the following: "Needs guidance and structure and lacks that aggressive nature you want in a quality left tackle Just a marginal worker who will do what the coaches ask, but is not the one who will push himself or do the little extras (needs mentoring) For all of his ability, he seems to go through the motions too much, drawing comparisons to Washington's Chris Samuels, a player that can excite and frustrate you from one play to the next "

              Now that's not to say the right tackle position has been a complete problem. The situation on that side of the line has by far been much better in terms of efficiency than it was under the John St. Clair era, and you also get the sense that Barron's doing a more consistent job than Blaine Saipaia as well. This was a position the Rams needed to address for numerous seasons, and while Barron has made his share of mistakes, I haven't heard anyone questioning him from a long-term standpoint.

              But maybe it's time someone put this up for discussion. Has Barron shown you enough to make you feel confident that he's the future at right tackle? Does potentially wavering confidence from our starting QB make you waver in your own opinion?

              Let's hear some thoughts....
              -12-03-2006, 04:57 PM