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  • 49er fan here

    Hey guys, 49er fan here.

    I promise I come in peace! I'm not here to bad mouth or anything, I'm just wanting to discuss some football. I personally thought you guys looked great against the Packers until the last quarter or so. Your defense looked pretty good. I'm really looking forward to renewing this rivalry come Sunday. The best rivalry in the NFC West is back.

    Here's to an injury free game!

    Also, I wish a speedy recovery to Marc Bulger! I'm going to post a link to this thread to a 49er thread, so it's only fair if I post ours to this one for you guys to visit too!

    *I tried to post a link, but it censors forty niners for some reason, so where you see the stars, just plug in forty niners, only with 49 and ers.
    My bad :P
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    Re: 49er fan here

    Haha oh well, as long as you know what the link is, it's not important :P


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      Re: 49er fan here

      OMG that Censor is sooo funny when used by a niner fan who doesnt know why the heck ***** is censored LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!
      Torry Holt Dont play that


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        Re: 49er fan here

        Hello ....Rams fans...*Looks left and right* LOL. But hey look forward to a good game. I am in no way taking this game lightly. You guys got to get some love from the football gods sooner or later. your D is looking good and just need to get in focus.


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          Re: 49er fan here

          As long as you guys hate the SHEWEEDS as much as i do, your all welcome here. I think Vader was born in SHE-ATTLE.


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            Re: 49er fan here

            Yes. I stayed in Washinton ST for two years and had all the sea chicken fans I could handle.


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              Re: 49er fan here

              Originally posted by 4therush View Post
              Yes. I stayed in Washinton ST for two years and had all the sea chicken fans I could handle.
              I noticed you are a deployed soldier. May God Bless you in many ways, hopefully one of them finding a way to let you see some football!

              Thank you for all you do ...


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                Re: 49er fan here

                Originally posted by RamsInfiniti View Post
                I noticed you are a deployed soldier. May God Bless you in many ways, hopefully one of them finding a way to let you see some football!

                Thank you for all you do ...
                Thank you. I am one of the lucky ones. I am on a fob that has AFN (armed forces network) They give us all the primetime games. It is a welcome change of pace for us.


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                  Re: 49er fan here

                  Welcome niner fans! I live in niner country so I "get" to watch every niner game every week, and let me say yesterday's game was one of the best football games I have watched in awhile. I love to watch a good defense, and there were so many good defensive plays and big hits for both teams.

                  A couple things I noted about the niners:
                  Singletary really has the player's respect and it shows in the way they play.
                  Looks like VD FINALLY is playing like he was supposed to. If he keeps playing like he did yesterday, the Probowl is in his future.
                  Your D is legit. Looking forward to some WIllis v Jackson matchups.
                  Hill looked solid yesterday. Could you guys have finally found a QB?

                  And as for the game, while our D is improved, our offense, minus Jackson, is pretty impotent. Stop him and you win, it's that simple. Our only half decent WR Robinson will be out with an injury and Avery has done nothing but disappoint so far this season. Gore being out will help us, and I think it will be a fairly low scoring game, but unless our offense can get it's act together, sadly, I see you guys winning this one.


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                  • benton45
                    Niner fan here. Let's talk shop.
                    by benton45
                    Hey guys.

                    I am a regular poster on forums.*****.com under the name benton45, and thought I would swing by to say a few things.

                    First of all, here is to an injury free game, and a good contest.

                    I am not here to talk crap, let me clarify that from the start.

                    I grew up about an hour from Candlestick and am now in Phoenix, and suffice it to say the Cardinals fans seem to forget that their ****, in fact, does stink. It can get frustrating.

                    My uncle John has been a Rams fan since the 50's and we love the matchups. Every year we bet on the games and watch them together. It is a fun time.

                    I do not know much about your team this year. Not to sound rude, but they were not a team that I felt it necessary to familiarize myself with. With the rebuild I see you guys going through personnel just like any rebuilding team does.

                    The Niners are playing some tough ball this year. I have been proud and fairly surprised at the level of intensity of which they play.

                    With that being said, we are still one step from being a force in the league as far as I am concerned. This game is very big one for the Niners IMO, because it will show how they handle a tough loss..and a victory would make us 3-0 in the division through week 1. A loss, however, would be demoralizing as it would be 2 in a row..and (no offense) against an inferior squad.

                    I heard that one of your starting receivers broke his leg.. Sorry to hear. I never like to see a guy get seriously hurt. I also know Bulger got hurt, but am not sure of his status. Is he playing? If not, how has Boller looked?

                    We dont have Gore, as I am sure you know, which could really hurt us.

                    Anyways. I am sorry for being so long winded. Hopefully we can have some good chat before, during and after the game.

                    I promise, as a sportsman, if you guys beat us on sunday I will be here shortly after the game to pay my penence.
                    -10-02-2009, 01:54 AM
                  • 49tolife
                    Good game from a 49er fan
                    by 49tolife
                    Hey guys, I just wanted to say good game. Don't get your heads down, I know it's tough to swallow a loss like this (Trust me, I really do, we were 0-4 in games decided by three points or less prior to today) but you guys are greatly improved over last year. There is still no reason you can't make playoffs. Oh, and for the record, as a 49er fan, even I know that PI call was bull ****. Today was full of ****ty penalties, but what can you expect with Hochuli as ref?

                    So again, good game to you guys, and I have to say, it's incredible how much better you guys look as opposed to last year.
                    -11-14-2010, 04:59 PM
                  • AvengerRam_old
                    Rams fan with nice set of knockers!
                    by AvengerRam_old

                    What? You were expecting something else? You sick little monkey, you!...
                    -10-31-2008, 11:08 AM
                  • ImJohnWayne
                    by ImJohnWayne
                    Just want to recommend checking out the F2FA to everyone who hasnt yet checked it out. If you dont already know, the Fan to Fan Alliance is a good way to check out other teams fan sites and message boards. A nice place to see what some of our more delusional rivals think about us. I recommend looking over the Seachickens boards for a few good laughs.

                    F2FA in the navigation box left side of ClanRams frontpage.
                    -07-28-2007, 01:46 PM
                  • AvengerRam_old
                    You might be a boring Rams fan.
                    by AvengerRam_old
                    I know times are hard, but lately, things are getting a tad bit tedious around here. The problem is, there are too many posters who can't distinguish between cliche and actual insight. Seriously, if I want to read hackneyed, knee-jerk reactions masquerading as analysis, I'll read a Bernie column.

                    So... to borrow from Jeff Foxworthy, here's my list titled...

                    You might be a boring Rams fan.

                    If you think posts that communicate nothing more than "Bulger sucks" are insightful... you might be a boring Rams fan.

                    If you think that you can diagnose Steven Jackson and label him "soft"... you might be a boring Rams fan.

                    If you are more interested in Kurt Warner's stats than the Rams' results... you might be a boring Rams fan.

                    If you are still talking about the Rams moving back to Los Angeles... you might be a boring Rams fan.

                    If you can't tell the difference between overall poor drafting and labeling every pick made by the Rams a "bust"... you might be a boring Rams fan.

                    Oh... and if you think Tim Tebow is the solution to the Rams' problems... you might be a boring Rams fan, an insufferable Gator fan, and a redneck.
                    -11-15-2008, 10:43 PM