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Robinson Seriously injured

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  • Robinson Seriously injured

    As per rotoworld this morning...

    Report: Rams' Robinson may be seriously hurt
    According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Rams WR Laurent Robinson has an MCL injury that could be serious.
    The injury was originally announced as an "ankle." An MCL sprain would likely cost Robinson 2-3 games at least, and an extensive tear might require surgery. Keenan Burton is next up on the Rams' wide receiver depth chart. Sep. 27 - 10:15 pm et
    Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    Well this is a debbie downer. He was the only WR I had faith in this season.
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    Re: Robinson Seriously injured

    This sucks - it didn't look this serious when he walked off the field. Looks like Amendola will be getting more playing time.


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      Re: Robinson Seriously injured

      Hey, the good news never stops in Rams nation, huh?


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        Re: Robinson Seriously injured

        The injury occurred on the far side of the field, so i didn't get a good look while I was there. The bad thing that i saw, however, was the fact that he rode a cart off the field just before halftime. That showed me that it was pretty bad. Hopefully he can make it back quickly!
        I believe!:ram:


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          Re: Robinson Seriously injured

          This is a serious injury when it leaves Burton as our only productive WR.


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            Re: Robinson Seriously injured

            Robinson was HOLDING his ANKLE ...

            How in the hell did they come up with an MCL knee injury? I doubt the integrity of this reporting ...


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              Re: Robinson Seriously injured

              wow this is horrible. We are already thin at the position, and Avery hasn't been showing up lately. Burton needs to step up big time now.


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                Re: Robinson Seriously injured

                ERROR ALERT! Rotoworld used an INCORRECT source ...

                Gordon says that Butler has an ANKLE injury and Robinson an MCL ...

                It should be reversed ....


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                  Re: Robinson Seriously injured

                  I'll wait until I see an official report before I get too depressed. Let's hope this report is wrong. With the way Avery is disappointing, we need him in a major way.


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                    Re: Robinson Seriously injured

                    Geez. What position are we going to target in the free agency next year? We got way too many holes to fill now....


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                      Re: Robinson Seriously injured

                      Avery is obviously still injured. He's not running at 100% and he's not making good cuts. I'd stop jumping all over him until he's at least healthy.


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                        Re: Robinson Seriously injured

                        Originally posted by RamsInfiniti View Post
                        ERROR ALERT! Rotoworld used an INCORRECT source ...

                        Gordon says that Butler has an ANKLE injury and Robinson an MCL ...

                        It should be reversed ....
                        Ankle pain can indicate problems with the knee and not with the ankle..


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                          Laurent Robinson is out for the season
                          by rollrams
                          Laurent Robinson is out for the season with a broken fibula per 101 ESPN
                          -09-28-2009, 12:37 PM
                        • Trevor
                          Isn't Robinson?
                          by Trevor
                          I thought Robinson was number 11, when the rams game started I saw number 11 on the field and I was like NO WAY Robinson's playing? Then I realized it was Gibson... So who gets the number 11? Lol...
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                        • 39thebeast
                          How much do we miss Robinson?
                          by 39thebeast
                          Stats via Mike Sandos Blog. Even though Robinson was hurt week 3 he still has the same amount of third down targets as Avery and Burton with 7. Steven Jackson leads the team in third down targets with 9. Throwing to Robinson on third down Bulgers rating is 110.7 Burton and Avery with the exact same amount of targets are hovering around 67. Among guys with a minimum of 10 targets Bulgers passer rating when throwing to Robinson is 91.2, he only has a higher rating throwing to Burton at 100.9.

                          You can interpret this allot of ways. Bulger needs a true number 1 to be good, Robinson is really good, our other receivers suck, and so on.

                          To me there is a combination in the lack of faith in Bulger and to a much larger extent the WRs. We only threw the deep post or deep out to Robinson and now we don't do that nearly as much.
                          -11-13-2009, 08:59 PM
                        • MauiRam
                          Robinson finds right fit with Rams
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                          By Nick Wagoner

                          EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Every so often in his time at Auburn, offensive tackle Greg Robinson would find himself in search of some solitude, the chance to steal a little peace and quiet or perhaps even a nap from the day-to-day grind.

                          That search would take Robinson to his locker stall, the one piece of real estate to which every player is entitled. One problem, though, Robinson couldn't fit his massive 6-foot-5, 332-pound frame into the locker far enough to achieve the desired effect.

                          "I tried once in college when I just got tired after practice and just tried to just push in the locker a little bit," Robinson said. "I couldn't fit."

                          Greg Robinson
                          If his new locker stall is any indication, Greg Robinson has found a good fit with the Rams.
                          Upon his arrival Monday evening in St. Louis, Robinson wasted no time taking in his new surroundings. Although he'd been to St. Louis on a pre-draft visit, Robinson was now arriving at his new home rather than just the next stop on a nation-wide tour of various team facilities.

                          When Robinson entered the locker room, he quickly spotted the locker with his name and the No. 79 adorned above it.

                          If it hadn't previously sunk in when the Rams called his name as the No. 2 overall pick last Thursday night, it really hit Robinson when he got that first look at his locker.

                          "It was a dream come true," Robinson said. "It's just like reality hit me as I walked through the doors. I've been here on a visit with the Top 30 and just coming in and, like he said, seeing your name in that locker. Actually, it was a crazy thought I had, in college I couldn't fit in my locker, so I sat back in my locker and it's just a crazy feeling."

                          The crazy feelings and time for reflection were fine Tuesday as Robinson and his fellow rookies were introduced to a large media contingent at a rookie news conference. With the glare of the spotlight now gone, Robinson and the rookies will now turn their attention to business.

                          For Robinson, that probably means getting acclimated to the position he's likely to play as a rookie: left guard. Robinson was one of the dominant left tackles in the college game in 2013, particularly in the run game. The Rams coveted him with the second pick because of his size, athleticism, aggressive approach and, of course, his immense upside.

                          But the Rams are expecting starting left tackle Jake Long back in time for the season opener and are content with Joe Barksdale on the right side. That means Robinson will probably have a chance to follow in the footsteps of all-time great tackles such as Jonathan Ogden and Larry Allen, who both started their careers inside before moving out to tackle.

                          That would seem to be a natural move for Robinson, who by all accounts is ready to be a devastating run blocker...
                          -05-14-2014, 05:37 PM
                        • MauiRam
                          Greg Robinson settling in to starting role ..
                          by MauiRam
                          October, 17, 2014

                          By Nick Wagoner |

                          EARTH CITY, Mo. -- An early morning wake-up call from St. Louis Rams offensive line coach Paul Boudreau early last week left offensive lineman Greg Robinson wondering what, exactly, he had done wrong.

                          "I thought I was in trouble or there was something wrong," Robinson said, laughing.

                          In retrospect, Robinson can laugh at his reaction because Boudreau had invited the draft's No. 2 overall pick to his office with nothing but good news to offer. After a five-week wait, Robinson was getting the promotion he'd been waiting for in time for Monday night's game against the San Francisco *****.

                          Boudreau's message to Robinson was simple, instructing the young lineman to keep the pending move to himself and begin preparing for the challenge that Niners defensive lineman Justin Smith represented.

                          "He said, Were going to start you, so just continue to prepare and keep it to yourself," Robinson said. "I didnt want to get too high so I was just preparing and working hard throughout the week like Id been doing."

                          Robinson took the overwhelming majority of the snaps with the first-team offense throughout the week, a sure indication to those paying attention to practice that he was about to start. Sure enough, Robinson stepped in at left guard against the Niners with Rodger Saffold shifting to right guard and veteran Davin Joseph heading to the bench.

                          Robinson admits his transition from left tackle to left guard has been slower than he likes.
                          As you'd expect, Robinson had his share of ups and downs in his debut, but considering he was matched up against Smith, his debut effort was mostly impressive. He was particularly solid when on the move pulling in the run game, but also had a few hiccups along the way.

                          The Niners blitzed a little more than expected and targeted many of those blitzes on the inside. Robinson failed to slide to the right in time to help on an overload blitz early in the game which helped lead to the Niners' fourth sack but it wasn't all that egregious. And Smith shocked him a couple of times with his strength, including on one play that resulted in a gain of just 2 yards (though it went for a first down) by Tavon Austin.

                          But overall, Robinson played at a level that was about what was expected and certainly didn't make any mistakes that were particularly damaging.

                          He was physical and athletic," coach Jeff Fisher said. "He was in the right place more times than we thought. I thought he played pretty well. He matched up. You have to ask Justin what its like to play against him, because it was a pretty good matchup there.

                          Because we don't have access to Smith, we can go on Smith's comments to Robinson after the game as relayed by Robinson himself. Robinson said Smith told him...
                          -10-17-2014, 11:13 PM