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  • Rams V. Packers Grades

    Here it is:

    Quarterbacks - Bulger left with an injury before he ever got a chance to do much. Boller came out and gave a spark, and threw two touchdown passes that were as beautiful as any I've seen. He moved around well in the pocket, ran for a couple first downs, and even laid a crushing block. However, the second half was terrible, he threw a terrible INT on a play where Amendola had a step, and has a difficult time hitting his man when staying in the pocket. He appears to be much better on the run.

    Grade - C

    Running Backs - Jackson played like a man possessed today, running hard when there was no hole, and making good use of the small holes he did find. It is amazing to see a man his size run like he does. He also made the best of several short passes out of the backfield, and even blocked well in the pass game. Darby had a great catch and run to convert a third down.

    Grade - A-

    Wide Receivers - Robinson got off to a nice start before leaving the game with an ankle injury. Avery dropped yet another pass and his confidence seems to be shot. Burton looked good in the first half, but Boller barely looked his way in the second half. Amendola got a few reps in the offense, and got open twice from what I could tell. Boller missed him for the INT, on what could have been a nice run and catch. This group is in shambles.

    Grade - D

    Offensive Line - This group generally blocked ok in the pass game today. Hard to tell if this was a solid effort or just because Boller was able to move around a little more effectively than Bulger. The run blocking was so-so, and Jackson probably made them look a little better than the actually were. Goldberg seemed to hold up well enough on the rightside. Nobody in particular stood out in this game.

    Grade - C+

    Tight Ends - Fells showed an ability to run some nice routes and made a pair of nice grabs on the TDs. We need to get him more involved. McMichael made a great one handed grab early, but killed a drive with a critical 3rd down drop on a great throw by Boller. Bejema was noticable in the blocking game and did well.

    Grade - B-

    Defensive Line - This group held up very well to the run today, and this is seen in the lack of tackles made by linebackers. Ramsey again showed an ability to be a disrupter and deserves more reps. Gibson had a nice pass defensed and was very active against the run. Chris Long may not be getting to the passer yet but he is superb against the run. Little had two early sacks. Ah You is a non-factor. Where is Big Vic? Hollis stuffed a run. The pass rush was actually decent in this game, but containment of Rodgers often brokedown.

    Grade: B-

    Linebackers - This group had an up and down game. Both Vobora and Witherspoon had tackles for loss when shooting the gap on run plays. They generally played well in coverage and neutralized the tight ends. However, they failed to get containment on Rodgers several times when the D-line forced him out of the pocket. Why aren't we blitzing the group more often? It should be noted that Lauranitis seems to be doing a good job of getting the defense into position and making adjustments.

    Grade: C+

    Defensive Backs - James Butler going down early caused some problems with this group. Dahl filled in for Butler and played admirably, particularly in the run game. He wasn't nearly as bad against the pass as some think. Wade played OK but got burned on a TD. Bartell got beaten badly twice by Jennings. He had no safety help, and apparently was hampered by a quad injury. No way Jennings is faster than Bartell. Fletcher had a terrible PI penalty that make Driver look awesome, but he was as the nickle. I noticed King playing well in coverage when he got opportunities. The scheme took away the TE's by moving the LB's up and out, and the safeties down. It put the DB's in a bad position. Tackling was sound.

    Grade: C-

    Special Teams - Coverage was generally sound against a very good return game. Donnie Jones was awesome, and Brown made a long FG that would have been good from 60. There was one breadown resulting in a blocked FG. Amendola looked very good on returns, a major upgrade.

    Grade: B

    Coaching - No doubt that Spags has this team believing in themselves. They played admirably again in the redzone. What I like about this team is they are able to adjust from week to week, something the previous scheme could not do. We took away the tight end this week, but got burned on the outside. Maybe they can find a happy median against the 49'ers. The offensive play calling was nice in the first half, but questionable in the second. Why aren't we taking shots downfield? Why no play action? Defensively, a nice game against the run, but why aren't the linebackers or DB's blitzing? The offense has to play better to keep the defense fresh. This defense is more than capable, but we don't have the depth to stay energized all game.

    Grade: C

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    Re: Rams V. Packers Grades

    I agree on the Jackson grade and your observation on his blocking,I watched out for that also since he has taken a beating for his poor blocking and I also think he did very well with that on Sunday,he really is our best player.


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    • RamsInfiniti
      Rams Report Card v. Washington
      by RamsInfiniti
      Here's how I saw it:

      Quarterbacks - Bulger looks to be gaining confidence in the line, even if he shouldn't. Only one sack on Bulger, but he was consistently hit all day long. He continued to battle, moved well in the pocket, ran when he had to, and took what the defense gave him, including a nifty flip pass while being hit. His pass to Robinson for the TD was a thing of beauty. Bulger impressed with his ability to plant despite heavy pressure, leading to several third down conversions.

      Grade: B-

      Running Backs - Jackson ran hard and caught a few passes out of the backfield. He showed great burst on the long gainer. There was little room to run early, but Jackson continued to

      press and wore the Washington defense down as the game went on. However, a huge mental error caused him to miss a gaping hole caused by Karney, that would have likely led to a TD (Avery would fumble the next play). Karney looked much, much better today.

      Grade: B-

      Wide Receivers - Robinson looked like a #1, making a great grab in the end zone on the fade route. He also pulled one off the carpet for a third down conversion, an even more impressive grab to me. Avery was terrible, dropping at least three passes, having a critical fumble, another block in the back, and questionable effort on the games final play. His confidence seems to be waning. Burton made two clutch grabs, one in heavy coverage, and he spun around on a comeback route for a big gainer. He looked Isaac Bruce-ish on that second grab. Ruvell Martin should give this unit a big boost.

      Grade: A- for Robinson and Burton, F for Avery, C overall

      Tight Ends - McMichael looks old and slow. He dropped a TD pass, and hasn't shown much ability to get open or downfield. Fells and Bejema were non-existant.

      Grade: D-

      Offensive Line - Incognito got beaten routinely in the passing game, but worked hard in the run game the final three quarters. Didn't notice much out of Bell. Haynesworth seemed to be consistently getting across the line against Brown and whoever was helping. Barron had a crucial holding penalty and looked somewhat lethargic in pass coverage. He needs to work a little holder. Smith looked solid until he got hurt. Goldberg filled in and was acceptable, as was Setterstrom who got some snaps at center. Overall, this unit only gave up one sack, but Bulger was hit repeatedly and hard. The pocket was simply not big enough.

      Grade: C-

      Defensive Line - Chris Long continues to be active in the run game, but not getting much pressure off the edge. He was active in breaking up two screen passes today. Not much pressure from Little, but he did bat down one pass at the line, and went out into coverage on Randle-El on another pass play, resulting in a near interception. Hall nearly forced a safety with a sack. Ryan and Gibson were adequate if unspectacular in the...
      -09-20-2009, 03:16 PM
    • RamsInfiniti
      Report Card = Rams @ 49'ers
      by RamsInfiniti
      Here is the way I saw it:

      QUARTERBACK - Bulger passed for nearly 300 yards, but he had a typical erratic day that we've seen all season. Bulger can seemingly put together two or three consecutive good throws, only to follow with a horrible mistake. Bulger worked to get the ball out quickly today, but he often reacted to pressure that was not there. On two of the sacks, he had at least five seconds to throw, and failed to find an open receiver, or to throw it away. He just looks very confused at this point. He just barely missed Avery on a deep seam route in the first quarter - the ball was slightly underthrown, but the rookie has to find a way to make that play. The main problem I saw in Bulger again this week is predetermining his throws before the snap. It's hard to pinpoint how big an issue this really is, but some great camera angles in this game often showed wideouts sitting open in the flat, particularly on some third downs. It seems either Bulger throws to the flat too quickly before the routes develop, or he is absolutely deadset on throwing deep to Avery, often into double or triple coverage. A very shaky day but Bulger, a day when he had enough time to be dangerous. It should be noted that he made a nifty move and put his head down on a run to get a first down. No doubt the guy is tough, but he is just too big a mental case right now to be a success.

      GRADE: D-

      RUNNING BACKS: Superb effort by this group today. It's really hard to complain when your backup running back and a guy off the street manage to rack up 200 yards of offense. Pittman ran hard and seemingly regained his burst. He picked his holes wisely and showed an ability to get through the second line of defense very quickly, a trait we haven't seen from him in the past. He failed to haul in a potential TD pass early, but he was well covered. Darby continues to show that he can be a definitive option as the third-down back on this team. He picked up one blitz nicely, and ran very hard. Ignore the big five yard loss as that was not on him. Most impressively though, he caught 8 passes out of the backfield and showed an ability to make the defender miss. This is something we do not have with Travis Minor. I didn't see anything of value out of Kreider today, and we definitely need to upgrade that position. Regardless, Pittman and Darby caused significant damage against a 49'ers defense that has not been generous to running backs the past two weeks.

      GRADE: A

      WIDE RECEIVERS: Donnie Avery showed the entire arsenal today, making some yardage out of some smoke routes, cataching a couple intermediate routes, and making an awesome catch down the sideline for a big gain. He needs to make the play on that seam route that Bulger throws in the first quarter. He needs to work on positioning his body better, but overall, Avery showed how big a weapon he can be today. He seemingly has great hands, something that was questioned...
      -11-17-2008, 10:24 AM
    • rammiser
      My thoughts on last night.
      by rammiser
      Mind you I havnt seen the second half yet had to wake up at 5am to go to work but I seen the 1st half. So remember my grades are for the first half only.

      QB-Well Boller isnt the answer, hopefully everyone sees that. He should have had two int's on the same drive. Lucky for him number 20 of the Falcons cant catch. Boller missed wide open wr's several times even when he had time. Bulger had a real off night only half a bag of sunflower seeds and was forced to watch terrible football by his defense. Grade D.

      RB-Jacskon had one 7 yd run and then two 1 yard runs and was done for the night. Gado was given every oppourtunity to take over the reigns as the 2nd string back. I couldnt tell if it was him or the line but it was aweful. At one point he had 12 carries for 10 yds and a fumble. Grade D-.

      OL-Not a lot of good points here. Boller was getting a lot of pressure and they manage to make every defensive co-ordinator look like his blitzes are so exotic that there is no way to block them. They cannot pick up blitzes at all. So I guess since Bulger is supposed to see those coming that Boller obviously has the same problem lol. Smith showed some good and bad but I think he is going to be a good one. It was obvious that without Bell and Barron this ol will be terrible. No penetration on running plays at all. Grade D.

      WR-What can I say Laurant Robinson is a beast and may have the best hands I've ever seen. He is going to be very, very good. Burton did ok didnt get a lot of action. I would like to see Stanley a little more playing wr with the starters. Other than Robinson in the first half no one else really caught my eye. Grade and only because of Robinson B-.

      TE-Well not a lot here Mcmichael was called for a holding penalty and Fells caught one pass that I remember. No stand out point here. Grade C

      DL-Aweful, just dreadful all around. No pressure up the gut at all. No pressure from the ends either, and if there was it was always a step late and after the ball was long gone. We either miss Carriker very badly or we are just not very good. Missed tackles out of position you name it they couldnt do it. Grade F

      LB-Laurinitis is going to be good he gets lost at times but he's a rookie. He did get an int. I thought Witherspoon would be great at olb but he seems to over run or guess on a lot of plays and gets lost behind those big offensive linemen. This could be because our dl isnt doing their job up fron however. I dont know what it is but I like Vabora. He seems to have a nose for the ball. I hope he can stick around. Grade-C

      DB-Its still obvious Tye Hill still has zero ball awareness whatso ever. Gonzales made him look like a fool on the td catch. I know Gonzales is a future HOF'er but come on just one tie know where the ball is. Atogwe and Butler are going to make a good team. There was on play after someone...
      -08-22-2009, 08:28 AM
    • RamsInfiniti
      How they scored against the Texans
      by RamsInfiniti
      Quarterbacks - If Keith Null didn't earn the keys to the truck for the final two games of the season, I'll lose serious confidence in this staff. Null rebounded nicely from the 5 INT performance against Tennessee. He again looked poised and calm in the pocket. He delivered the ball in rhythm and rarely looked confused. He spread the ball around to many targets. He made several audibles on the line, including one that resulted in a nice gain to McMichael. His pass to Gibson in traffic was a big league throw. His INT was garbage, but Null knows that - that play might have worked in D. II. The coaches must have confidence in this kid, they employed four and five receiver sets throughout the day. Null is argubly playing at the same level Bulger and Boller did with even less to work with.

      Grade: B

      Running Backs - Geez. What is there to say about Jackson. He continues to run with incredible heart despite being hurt, with a very raw offensive line. He showed great burst getting around the edge on the long run today, and made some nice moves on a screen pass that got big yards. He ran away from Karney a couple times and missed some big holes. Regardless, Jackson is keeping this team afloat, and his teammates feed off his energy. Darby has solidified the third down role, touching the ball five times, and converting first downs on four of them. Blitz pickup was so-so

      Grade: B+

      Offensive Line - Tough to grade this group today. The tackles did a solid job, keeping pressure off of Null around the edges. Most of the problems came up the middle on delayed blitzes. Null has to recognize these and get out of the way. Run blocking was below average today. Occasionally, these guys would blow Jackson open a nice hole, but he was stopped for a loss way too many times. There are numerous reasons for this, and a raw offensive line with too many new starters is one of them.

      Grade: C

      Wide Receivers / Tight Ends - Wishy-washy day for this group. Avery made the most out of the shorter passes he caught. He had a DB beat deep down the sideline but Null just barely missed him. Gibson ran a slick route to get open in a Texan zone. Amendola caught his first touchdown on an awesome call by Shurmur. Martin was seen early again, but disspaeared after that. Not much production from tight ends.

      Grade: C-

      Defensive Line - Great day against the run. The trio of Cliff Ryan, Dorrell Scott, and Leger Douzable has come on of late. Six tackles for no gain or loss by these three. Long held up well against the run today, and make some sick moves on pass rushes. He nearly got to Schaub about a half dozen times, using a variety of bull rushes and spin moves. The Texans resorted to double teaming him about half the time. No pressure at all off the other end. James Hall made a play that must be seen, dropping back into coverage and running stride for...
      -12-21-2009, 06:57 AM
    • RamsInfiniti
      Describing all aspects of the Rams in four sentences or less ...
      by RamsInfiniti
      Let's talk about the Rams!

      Quarterbacks - Marc Bulger has all the tools to succeed in this WCO offense including the quick release and precision accuracy. However, his broken pinky could hinder him all season and his pocket presence must improve. He has to pay attention to work hard to avoid free blitzers as this new offensive line matures. Boller is a capable short-term backup and Null is in the experimental stages at this time.

      Grade: C+

      Running Backs - Steven Jackson is the complete package and will have to carry this team on his back the first half of the season: expect him to put up huge numbers both on the ground and in the passing game. Gado (minus his long run) and Darby didn't show alot this season, but both are capable runners, receivers, and blockers. Karney is a top-notch fullback who can catch the ball. What this group lacks is a burner.

      Grade: B-

      Wide Receivers - Avery and Robinson will prove to be a dynamic combo on the edges, that should get better and better as the season progresses. Burton must develop into a solid possession guy, who is not afraid to go over the middle. Stanley is a wild-card, who can be effective on short screens and slants. This unit is incomplete at this point.

      Grade: C

      Tight Ends - Can McMichael rebound and have success like he did in Miami? He better, because he is crucial to this offense's success. Fells has talent, both as a tight-end and HB, but needs to be more consistent. Bejema is a great blocker and showed surprising hands this offseason.

      Grade: B

      Offensive Line - A young, hungry group of offensive lineman that badly needs to find some cohesion based on a poor preseason performance, particularly in the run game. Brown and Incognito should solidify the right side of the line. Barron must play consistently from the left to allow Bulger to focus on pressure coming off the right as Smith learns the pro game. Left guard is a question mark.

      Grade: C+

      Defensive Line - This is the most intruiging group on the roster to me. Little is still a monster off the edge, and Long has consistently pressured the passer but is still inches away from becoming a sack master. Adeynaju and Hall should both prove to be effective hybrid lineman, both on the edge and rushing from the inside. Ryan, Hollis, Scott, and Gibson are a nice combination of youth and age inside, and this group played solid on the inside against the run in preseason.

      Grade: C+

      Linebackers - J.L. solidifies the middle of the D in way not seen since London Fletcher, but he must become a vocal leader. Draft and all the backups are solid, hard-working players. Witherspoon is the wild-card, and he must return to his 2007 form for this defense to become successful: he did not look good in preseason. Overall, this group lacks the fire and desire that more successful...
      -09-08-2009, 11:24 AM