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  • My observations

    1. Chris Long is going to have a horrible statistical season if things don't change. On 3rd downs the guy is being moved to DT and Hall is coming in at DE. First that's killing our pass rush and second Long is going to die in that position. This needs to be reversed. Hall should be the DT and Long should stay at DE.

    2. Our CBs had a FAR better game than they are being given credit for. King looked horrible on a few plays and Fletcher struggles but Wade and Bartell had solid games. A perfectly thrown pass where the receiver catches it in front of him in stride is NOT going to be defended by anyone. Don't blame the CB, blame the pass rush for allowing the QB the time to make such a throw.

    3. Avery's foot must still be a serious problem. The guy isn't even going 100% on most plays and doesn't seem to be able to cut. All his receptions were underneath type of routes.

    4. Incognito is not the answer for 2010. He'll be gone. One-on-one he was blown off the line repeatedly when I watched him yesterday.

    5. McMichael can't get open to save his life. Fells had two TD catches but dropped multiple easy catches that killed drives.

    6. Burton is our starting WR next season if he continues to progress. He impressed me with his route running and finding space in the zones.

    7. The Packers have a guy named Bush and he needs to get his clock cleaned. I know nothing about him but every time I saw him I wanted to personally smack him for acting like a brat.

    8. Where is the blitz? Seriously, where is it?

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    Re: My observations

    Avery needs to step up and ya I agree about that Bush guy. As for long, I have no idea why he would ever switch to DT on any play, that's not his position. And the blitz should be coming on a regular; our front four is not good enough yet to only have a four man rush. Incognito is both a physical and mental problem. He is a loud mouth that draws penalties, and he's nothing more than an average linemen. This team has a lot fo rebuilding to do.