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How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

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  • How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

    I had such a great time at the BASH & game last year that I was all fired up about the 2009 edition. As always the BASH was awesome and being with the CLAN watching the game live is priceless. What a wonderful group we have.

    So what's with the "AGGRAVATION" you ask?

    1. My wife and I walk into Jake's Steaks for the BASH only to be booed by a table of ....((remembering the clan rules) Packer fans! My only response to them was that they are in St. Louis not Green Bay so relax.

    2. Our hotel was infested with Cheeseheads!

    3. During the party outside the Dome Sunday Morning the band that was playing started throwing out free souvenirs. I was lucky enough to intercept one. It was a "Green & Yellow" wrist band!!! What? I gave that stupid thing away, pronto!

    4. The Dome itself had approx. 50% RAMS fans and 50% Packer fans. I may be off a bit with my percentages but it sure seemed like there were as many of them as there were of us.

    5. Then after the game a bunch of us decide to meet at BIG DADDY's for dinner.
    I took a stroll to the back of the restaurant/bar to use the facilities only find the place infested with cheeseheads. I remember thinking to myself why don't these people just go the freak home?!

    To sum up my "AGGRAVATION". Our RAMS are for sale and this was the opening game of the season. New team, tons of money spent on the DOME to make it a more enjoyable fan experience. The game was a sellout but not soldout to RAMS fans! St. Louis is a baseball town there is no denying that.
    The handwriting is on the wall folks. We won't be in St. Louis in the near future. I don't know where we will end up but it won't be St. Louis.

    slowly cooling off.......
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    Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

    maybe considering the number of modern day cannibals that have been caught in Wisconsin..they were booing the fact that the steaks were made of beef...


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      Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

      It can be a football town as well, but the team needs to not look like crap (let's face it, we look terrible.) for that to happen. This year is better than last year but alot of people are still feeling like it's more of the same because it's more *losing* and not winning. Remember when the Rams were winning? Remember how difficult it was for other teams to play here? Don't tell me that can't happen again. It's just going to require a team that isn't rebuilding.

      Let's not forget the baseball Cardinals have been here for an extremely long time, the Rams have not. A tradition of winning and being a competetive team needs more than four years to build. It amazes me that some people think you can have a tradition of tons of loyal fans no matter the condition of the team after just a little over ten years.

      And by the way, lack of support and a team for sale does not translate into a team that's moving. Sometimes it does but not always. Otherwise alot of teams in the NFL would be moving.
      "I've been saving the Universe for over a thousand years. I figure it owes me just this once."


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        Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

        St. Louis fans supported the team every year until Scott Linehan took over. They're just tired of losing.

        I agree with you though, I don't see the Rams staying in St. Louis either.


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          Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

          Las Vegas Rams.. lol


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            Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

            Originally posted by btimsah View Post
            Las Vegas Rams.. lol
            SJ would be thrilled.
            Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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              Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

              After turmoil in the FO since Martz last few years and 13 straight losses without being competitive. I wonder why fans are not showing up during a recession to watch their team get their brains beat out while worrying about being laid off? St. Louis has been hit hard economically since the Rams arrived. With three automotive plants (2 Chrysler, 1 Ford) closing and the only one left (GM) temporarily laying off employees and idled the plant several times. Anheuser Busch just laid off a good percentage of their St. Louis employees. If they put a .500 team back on the field the fans will return even in these down trodden times.
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                Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

                Originally posted by btimsah View Post
                Las Vegas Rams.. lol
                Let's make this happen.

                Kidding, kidding


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                • RamWraith
                  St. Louis Rams fans better not take team for granted
                  by RamWraith
                  By Michael Reilly
                  ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                  Did St. Louis learn any lessons from losing the football Cardinals? It's hard not to wonder after seeing so many empty seats at the Rams' final two home games.

                  When the Cardinals left after the 1987 season, St. Louis was rather proud of itself. Frank Deford praised our town in Sports Illustrated for sending such a loser packing. "Good riddance" was the attitude, and no wonder. As any football fan here can tell you, the Big Red never hosted a playoff game.

                  But after a couple of years, reality set in. We had no NFL team. We missed it. And we paid exorbitantly to get the Rams after losing out to Carolina and Jacksonville in the expansion sweepstakes.

                  Now only the Detroit Lions are keeping the Rams from being the worst team in the NFL, and some fans are telling Chip Rosenbloom to take his team elsewhere.

                  There's plenty wrong with this picture, and with the idea that the Rams are the Big Red all over again. For starters, look at the obvious: The Rams won a Super Bowl. In 14 seasons here, the Rams have been to the playoffs five times and brought five playoff games to St. Louis.

                  The rap on the Cardinals was that Bill Bidwill was too cheap to win. Say what you will about the Rams, but cheap they aren't. If they've squandered millions of dollars on players who didn't produce, at least they've tried. They sign their draft picks in a timely manner, they have few holdouts, and they try to fill their needs through free agency, if seldom wisely in recent years.

                  It's one thing to withhold support from a team that doesn't care if it wins. It's another to turn your back on a team that has given this city more thrills than the Big Red ever did.

                  Yes, the Rams are terrible. The front office has been incompetent. But it's still NFL football, and if you're a fan of the game, there's plenty of entertainment to be had. If St. Louis doesn't want the Rams, some other city would love to have them.

                  Sure, the NFL probably is alone in expecting fans to show up no matter how bad a team is. It has the most popular product in U.S. sports, and that's the price of having a team. There's an arrogance about it and if you don't like it, fine, but that's the reality.

                  Isaac Bruce had it right last Sunday when he expressed his disappointment at the empty seats in St. Louis and pointed out that the Kansas City Chiefs are awful, too, but their fans still turn out. In a smaller market and bigger stadium the Chiefs are averaging 14,000 fans more than the Rams despite having an identical record.

                  The same goes for Pittsburgh, Green Bay, New York, Washington and lots of other places. They have had lousy teams at times, but their games aren't blacked out on local television.

                  The Rams haven't been here very long, really, not the generations it took...
                  -12-29-2008, 04:28 AM
                • AvengerRam_old
                  Rams are bad; Bash was great; Fans will endure
                  by AvengerRam_old
                  The Rams are a bad team. There's no way to sugar coat it at this point. Its going to be a long season, and the best we can hope for is that our young players will get valuable experience for the future.

                  The Bash was great, as usual (I'll post some pics when I get a chance in the next few days). We really have a great group of diehards and its always fun (even in a big loss) to hang out with them.

                  These boards will be mobbed by naysayers for the remainder of this season. I will never understand those who revel in team's failure, who gloat about prognosticating doom, or who hide behind the notion of "realism" to disguise their disdain for the team that they claim to support. I think some people are so embarrassed to be a fan of a team that is losing that they feel the need to compensate by claiming to be "the only ones who saw this coming."

                  Whatever. I'm a fan. I am not embarrassed to be a fan, even in these bleak times. I made it through a decade of failure in the 90s, and stayed loyal throughout. That only made the GSOT era all the more sweet.

                  Fans will endure. And we will have a long memory for those who jump back on the bandwagon when things turn around.

                  And they will... someday.
                  -09-15-2008, 08:25 AM
                • AvengerRam_old
                  What, other than winning, would improve fan attendance at Rams games?
                  by AvengerRam_old
                  The biggest draw for any sports franchise is a winning team.

                  However, some cities support their teams through thick and thin. I think its safe to say that St. Louis is not currently on that list of cities. While there is a loyal fanbase that attends home games, it is not large enough to prevent situations like yesterday's game in which the stands were filled with fans of the opposing team.

                  So how (again, other than the obvious answer of "winning more") do the Rams fix this problem?

                  I have a theory.

                  I think that downtown St. Louis is part of the problem. While, for someone like me, who attends one game a year and stays at a hotel within a couple of blocks of the EJD, its fine, I could understand why the locals might not be all that excited about fighting the traffic to come to the downtown area.

                  This is why I believe that the Rams will ultimately stay in St. Louis, but move out of downtown. There are sites that could be easier to access, and have sufficient land to build an array of modern hotels, restaurants, sports bars and the like near the stadium. I have to believe that this would be a draw for the local community, and would make going to Rams' home games an event, rather than an inconvenience.

                  Agree? Disagree?
                  -11-25-2013, 08:19 AM
                • ramcableking
                  How things have changed in SL
                  by ramcableking
                  Not only does this team have a pretty good shot at going down in history as the worst team in St. Louis Ram history but the city itself could care less about the Rams. My wife, my brother and I flew from Philly to SL to attend the ClanRam Bash this past weekend and what I saw (or didn't see) in SL made me very sad. There was no Ram merchandise in the airport....Cardinals, yes....Missouri, yes....but no Rams. There is a sporting goods store in Union Station and in the front window of the store were Cowboy jerseys. My first trip to St.Louis was during the '99 Superbowl year and I thought that I had died and gone to heaven when I saw the Rams helmets painted in the streets around the dome and the garbage cans that were decorated to look like Rams helmets. You couldn't help but pass other people in the streets wearing their Rams colors and feeling that you were among friends. This past weekend if you saw someone in Rams colors you knew they were visitors. The muggers must be having a field day in SL. If you see someone in a jersey or anything rams you know they are a tourist. I saw a poll on one of the evening news programs and the question was if you had to follow a local sports team who would it be. The Rams finished with 8% which was only higher than Illinois with 5%. Seriously, I think that the Rams could carpet bag it out of team ala Irsay and pretty much no one would notice or care. I can't say that I fault anyone living in SL, afterall we've only had 4 winning seasons in 19 years and the Missouri Tigers would probably be 14 point favorites it's just sad to see what has happened over the years.

                  -09-16-2008, 05:40 PM
                • GreatestShow99
                  Tim McKernan puts St. Louisians to shame
                  by GreatestShow99
                  The Rams' Camp Opens Up Today...But Why Isn't Anybody Talking Football?

                  By Tim McKernan July 26, 2007

                  The Rams 2007 campaign begins today. On the football side, camp opens. And, on the business side, individual game ticket sales begin.

                  Notice something?

                  Not many people are talking about the Rams.

                  It's a different world around St. Louis these days than it was just a few years ago. The silence is deafening.

                  Remember 1999...

                  And 2000...

                  And 2001...

                  For area football fans, it may seem like a long time ago, and I suppose in a sense it is, as we're only 2 years from the 10 year anniversary of The Greatest Show on Turf.

                  But, for my money, as odd as it may sound, the emergence of the now famous 1999 Rams was the beginning of the end of the Edward Jones Dome being populated by "real" football fans. From 1995 to 1998, the Dome was not *the* place to be on a Sunday afternoon. But, in 1999, it became cool to go to a Rams' game...and so the Dome became uncool.

                  I wouldn't trade watching the '99, '00, and '01 Rams for an outdoor stadium and a lively atmosphere, but I do think the sudden rush of success of those three years has turned many Rams' fans into the Atlanta Braves' fans of the NFL: If it ain't a playoff game and/or a shootout, expect empty seats and if they're are people in the seats...they will be sitting in those seats all game long. God forbid someone actually stand up and make some noise at an NFL game. If you do that in St. Louis, there's a good chance some old bat will call an usher over to have you scolded.


                  I've had the fortune of seeing games at 2/3 of the NFL stadiums, and in my opinion, the atmosphere at the Edward Jones Dome is the worst of all the places I've been.

                  I don't think that's because St. Louis football fans are passive by nature. Rather, I think we've been spoiled by a rush of success and the most exciting brand of football the league had seen over the last 25 years.

                  That will get you a boring building...because many of the building's inhabitants are spoiled.

                  But, the difference between a boring building and what we're seeing in St. Louis when it comes to the lackluster interest in this football team stems, sadly, from a lack of personality in the organization. This stuff shouldn't matter, but I really think it contributes.

                  Scott Linehan may be the nicest guy in the world and a great coach. Then again, he may not be. Few people know just yet. Unfortunately, I feel like only a few more care. His press conferences aren't particularly entertaining or interesting, and while that garbage means nothing to a team's success, a lightning-rod for a coach gets the community way or the other (see Martz, Mike).

                  And, Marc Bulger is indeed in the top-third...
                  -07-27-2007, 06:47 AM