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  • Rams sale

    There are rumors swirling at Rams park that the sale is much closer than ever. Bernie said he's been hearing rumblings about a local ownership group getting ready and Jim Thomas said he couldn't talk about it when asked. Chip has "gone underground" and isn't available for interviews.

    Could be all for nothing. My guess is Checketts is close to getting commitments on the required money.

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    Re: Rams sale

    im not entirely sure whats gonna happen with free agency etc...with the salary cap business being up in the air..but if it turns into a feeding frenzy by team owners where the best talent goes to the most aggressive bidders..i sure hope Chip has sold the team to someone with a wish to keep the club long term by then.

    if its Checketts so be it..aslong as they are ambitious and will do all they can to help us win..

    i am grateful for what Chip has done in his "interim-ownership" interim`s go..he really has done a solid job and made lasting changes... but the sooner our long term future begins the better for all concerned methinks..


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      Re: Rams sale

      I told you guys that if you lend me the money to buy the team, I'll fix everything.


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        Re: Rams sale

        Eddie De Bartolo. Rams stay in ST.Louis and wrap up last season in 2013 and Rams move to LA for the 2014 season in the city of Industry.And we will all be singing " The Boys are back in Town". Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!


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          Re: Rams sale

          Originally posted by theodus69 View Post
          Eddie De Bartolo. Rams stay in ST.Louis and wrap up last season in 2013 and Rams move to LA for the 2014 season in the city of Industry.And we will all be singing " The Boys are back in Town". Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!
          There won't be any state in America (Maybe Michigan) more economically devastated than California will be, by then. That's my opinion anyway.


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            Re: Rams sale

            Not if they legalize Marijuana which they basically did.
            Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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              Re: Rams sale

              if its Checketts so be it..aslong as they are ambitious and will do all they can to help us win..
              He's taken the Blues from the worst in the NHL to a playoff team in a very short amount of time. Can't say I'd be disappointed.
              The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                Re: Rams sale

                Originally posted by HUbison View Post
                He's taken the Blues from the worst in the NHL to a playoff team in a very short amount of time. Can't say I'd be disappointed.
                ive heard quite a lot of good things about him..the only thing that seemed to have held him back the past was financial backing..but if he`s got that now then im all for him becoming our new owner..
                also the Eddie DeBartolo ship seems to be a non starter..and im not sure id want a new owner that is about 65 years old and with a 49er heart anyway.


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                  Re: Rams sale

                  Originally posted by AlphaRam View Post
                  I told you guys that if you lend me the money to buy the team, I'll fix everything.
                  Can I co-own the team with you? lol


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                  • RamWraith
                    Rams (still) For Sale
                    by RamWraith
                    RAMS (STILL) FOR SALE
                    Posted by Mike Florio on July 14, 2008

                    In addition to the Steelers and (though denied by the team) the Jaguars, the Rams are also for sale, according to SportsBusiness Journal.

                    Per SBJ, the Rams have hired an investment bank to locate possible buyers. The primary owners, Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez has turned down an offer. Team president John Shaw said that a sale is not actively being pursued.

                    But Shaw wouldn’t comment on whether an outside company has been hired to oversee any passive efforts to sell.

                    Meanwhile, SBJ echoes a report last week from the Philadelphia Daily News that Jags owner Wayne Weaver is looking to sell. According to SBJ, Weaver is looking to sell a “significant minority position” in the club.

                    In May, Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports reported that the Rams are on the market, and that former ***** owner Eddie DeBartolo had some interest in buying them. Chip Rosenbloom responded to the report by saying that he has “every intention of keeping the Rams in St. Louis,” but said nothing about whether he has any intention of keeping the Rams.

                    So, basically, all or a significant part of three of the NFL’s 32 franchises — the Steelers, Rams, and Jaguars, — are currently available to anyone with a few extra hundred million laying around.
                    -07-14-2008, 09:56 AM
                  • MauiRam
                    New Ram Owners Want to Do What's Right ..
                    by MauiRam
                    owners want to do what's right
                    By Bernie Miklasz
                    ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                    Sports Columnist Bernie Miklasz

                    If the Rams and the NFL were pieces of a movie plot, Chip Rosenbloom would utilize his talents as a screenwriter, producer and director and script a happy ending. And as the credits roll, the St. Louis audience would stand in applause.

                    But this isn't a movie.

                    This is reality.

                    There are no heroes or villains, either. Just two sincere people — Chip and his sister, Lucia Rodriguez — who are struggling to do the right thing for everybody, including the fans of St. Louis.

                    I had the chance to speak with Rosenbloom about the brush fire of rumors of a possible Rams sale. He was trying to make it to his young daughter's soccer party but had to experience another lesson on what it's like to be an NFL owner.

                    Privacy and family time are compromised, and it's the price he'll have to pay for being the Rams' managing partner. Does he need it? Does he really want it? Rosenbloom has a fulfilling life in Los Angeles, with his wife and two children and a burgeoning film career. There will be many more Rams-sale rumors to deal with, and a bunch of other headaches. And Rosenbloom must determine if it's all worth it.

                    Rosenbloom didn't want to be quoted, but after our conversation, the situation seems clearer to me. So I'll share what I think I know based on our discussion:

                    — Are the Rams for sale? Answer: no — and yes.

                    Chip and Lucia aren't seeking a buyer. Rosenbloom stressed that repeatedly. Nothing has changed, he insisted. Ideally, they'd like to hang on to the Rams for a long time, in part to honor their late mother, Georgia Frontiere. Chip isn't in any hurry to sell, but tax-related issues related to their mother's estate are complicated, and selling the Rams may be the one sure way of settling everything.

                    If a credible figure expresses interest in buying this team, Frontiere's children will listen. And if that potential buyer is an excellent fit, they'll be inclined to sell. But Rosenbloom and Rodriguez want to be careful. If they sell, they want to place the Rams in good hands. There is no timetable, but this franchise will eventually be sold. I have said that all along; I just think it will occur further on down the road.

                    — But what about Rosenbloom's pledge of allegiance to St. Louis? Was that a flagrant example of a phony sports owner telling the locals what they wanted to hear? Answer: no.

                    Rosenbloom has never said he wouldn't sell. He feels a strong connection with St. Louis, because of the support given to his mother, and because of the family's NFL history. But again, it isn't that simple, because of the taxes owed. And as Rosenbloom indicated: Suppose an impressive buyer surfaces? Other than shooting down speculation...
                    -05-22-2008, 01:49 PM
                  • Rambos
                    Rams have been left in good hands
                    by Rambos
                    By Bernie Miklasz
                    ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                    Sports Columnist Bernie Miklasz
                    [More columns]

                    I don't know Chip Rosenbloom well. We've had a few conversations, and shared a meal or two along the way, since the Rams and his mother, Georgia Frontiere, became part of the St. Louis sports community in 1995.

                    But the initial impressions are positive. He's a good man, and a gentleman. Rosenbloom, 43, has a successful film career going, as a producer, screenwriter and director. But this is no showy, Hollywood guy. Chip has a relatively low-key personality. He's serious by nature. He's a family man, and happily spends time with his wife and kids. Same with his sister, Lucia Rodriguez. I've met her several times and found her to be warm, friendly and devoted to her husband and children.

                    I also know this: Chip and Lucia appreciate the way their mother was received and treated in St. Louis. They're grateful for the support and affection she received over the last 13 seasons here. In the final years for the Rams in Los Angeles, when things turned ugly, Chip and Lucia were upset by the personal attacks made against their mother.

                    And that's among the reasons I believe Chip will do the right thing by St. Louis.Advertisement
                    Upon his mother's passing, as Chip takes over as the controlling ownership partner, Rams fans are worried about the long-term future of the franchise.

                    MORE BERNIE
                    E-Mail Bernie
                    Sound Off in Bernie's Press Box
                    Sound Off in Cards Talk
                    More Bernie columns

                    I am confident that Chip will take care of the Rams, and St. Louis.

                    Here's the first look:

                    — Rosenbloom will probably sell, but he's in no rush. In a few years he'll probably sell because his life and Lucia's are based in L.A. And he believes the owner of the Rams ought to be more intimately involved with the franchise, should have a presence in the St. Louis community. By selling, Chip and Lucia would make a lot of money, yes. But they also want the Rams to have local, visible and accessible ownership.

                    — Rosenbloom, however, is also devoted to the memory and legacy of his parents. His father, Carroll Rosenbloom, loved owning the Baltimore Colts, and then the Rams. Chip is conflicted; he has told associates that he'd feel guilt by selling the Rams out of the family. But he also believes St. Louis deserves the full concentration of the owner, and he may not be able to do that.

                    — Rosenbloom has told associates of his feeling that the Rams must change the inner dynamics in St. Louis. I haven't spoken to Chip about these matters, but I am told that he's interested in a new direction for the franchise. Team President John Shaw may leave the organization at some point in 2008, and if it happens, the exit would be viewed as an opportunity by Rosenbloom to restructure management....
                    -01-21-2008, 05:36 PM
                  • RamWraith
                    Rams not for sale
                    by RamWraith
                    By Bill Coats
                    ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH
                    Tuesday, Jul. 15 2008

                    Rams owner Chip Rosenbloom confirmed Monday evening that the team has hired a
                    Baltimore firm that specializes in sports investments. But not, Rosenbloom
                    insisted, for the reason that was reported earlier in the day.

                    Rosenbloom said Moag & Co. is not seeking prospective buyers of the team, as
                    the weekly SportsBusiness Journal reported, citing unidentified sources.
                    Rosenbloom explained that Moag was employed to field the many inquiries that
                    had been swamping him and Rams president John Shaw.

                    "We finally said, 'You know what, this is not how we want to spend eight hours
                    a day. We need somebody to handle them,'" Rosenbloom said. "It would be totally
                    inaccurate to say (Moag) is searching for buyers. ...

                    "We did not authorize (Moag) to go out and say, 'Hey, the team's up for sale.'

                    simply returning these people's phone calls."

                    Since taking over the Rams after the death of his mother in January, Rosenbloom
                    has been steadfast in declaring his desire to keep the Rams in St. Louis. But
                    he never has dismissed the possibility of a sale, and he reiterated that stance

                    "It's the same as it's been," Rosenbloom said. "If the right person at the time
                    right time with the right price came, I suppose that you might sell your house,
                    right? So, I don't say never. ... If we get a phone call today from somebody
                    who says the right things, we would listen. And that's why Moag is there."

                    Said Shaw: "If (Rosenbloom) received an offer he couldn't refuse, he'd have to
                    consider it."

                    Moag & Co. did not respond to a phone message or an e-mail Monday.

                    The Rams have at least one past tie to the firm: Marketing executive Max
                    Muhleman is a member of Moag's board of advisers. Muhleman introduced the
                    concept of personal seat licenses, or PSLs, to pay for stadium construction
                    when he was with the Charlotte Panthers. Later, he assisted the Rams in
                    developing a plan to use PSLs revenue to pay off their stadium lease in
                    Anaheim, Calif., and help with their relocation costs when the team moved here
                    in 1995.

                    Rosenbloom and his sister, Lucia Rodriguez, split the 60 percent ownership they
                    inherited when Rams owner Georia Frontiere died Jan. 18 at age 80 after a
                    lengthy battle with breast cancer. Stan Kroenke retained his 40 percent share
                    of the team. The NFL requires all teams to designate a managing partner, and
                    Rosenbloom is filling the role.

                    In an earlier statement, Rosenbloom noted that "when a team is passed from one
                    generation to another, it becomes a calling card that the team must...
                    -07-15-2008, 03:53 AM
                  • larams1980
                    Rams statement about potential sale story
                    by larams1980
                    Posted by's Mike Sando
                    The Rams will have lots to avoid talking about for the remainder of the offseason -- and beyond -- after Bernie Miklasz's report that the majority owner Chip Rosenbloom is seeking a buyer for the team.
                    The team did acknowledge one aspect of the report through the following statement, released Monday:
                    The family of Georgia Frontiere announced today that Goldman, Sachs & Co. has been retained by the family to assist in a strategic review of the assets of her estate, including the St. Louis Rams. There will be no further comment until the review is completed.
                    The initial story, built on information from sources close to Rosenbloom, called out the St. Louis business community for allegedly failing to show enough interest in buying the Rams. The team-issued statement isn't fully accountable to that aspect of the story. It makes me wonder if Rosenbloom already has strong prospects in another city
                    -06-01-2009, 02:50 PM