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  • Gary Gibson?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. Just wanted to see what Rams fans' opinions were on Gary Gibson. He's from my home town and I just wanted to see how he's been doing so far. Don't worry, you can be honest lol.

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    Re: Gary Gibson?

    For someone who has just started for us in the last two weeks, then ya he's ok. Good replacment for Carriker considering our depth at DL lol.


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      Re: Gary Gibson?

      Gibson was so-so his first two games, but made a significant impact against G.B.. Five tackles for a DT is pretty impressive in any game ...

      Gibson and Clifton Ryan bottled up the middle very well. He has deflected a pass ...

      I think he'll ultimately be pushed out of the starting lineup by LeJuan Ramsey, but he looks like a very nice rotational DT ...


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        Re: Gary Gibson?

        He looks like a nice depth player at worst.

        Nice to see a fellow central NY-er on the board!


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          Re: Gary Gibson?

          much like others have already stated..he isnt gonna set the world alight..and his pass rushing skills havent been very evident so far,if they exist atall..but he`s played well against the run and is a blue collar player who i think is a nice addition..i (just like RI has already stated) dont believe he`s gonna be a full time starter for us..but he`s a nice addition to our DT rotation..and im glad we have him.


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            Re: Gary Gibson?

            I'd say he's a stop-gap player who is cheap, doesn't qualify for the pension and can do a little of everything while the team goes through the Great Salary Cap Purge of 2009. He's gone after this year as the team brings in more talented players.

            My hope is Scott is the starter soon enough.


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              Re: Gary Gibson?

              Originally posted by RebelYell View Post

              My hope is Scott is the starter soon enough.

              But what has Scott done to make you feel like he deserves to be starting?


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                Re: Gary Gibson?

                He got the sauce juked out of him by Aaron Rodgers when he ran it in last week. Other than that he is decent I think.


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                  Re: Gary Gibson?

                  Pass Rushing I have seen nothing out of him. Against the run he has been ok, much more than expected. Can we do better? Ya. Is he getting it done for now? ya.


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                    Re: Gary Gibson?

                    Agree with most of the opinions already stated. He's getting it done, but he could absolutely be better. When we start getting some better pass rush out of the tackles and the right side, then I'll say that they're evolving to be a good unit. Besides, I think Ramsey was doing a better job blowing up the run, but I'm not that sure.
                    I believe!:ram:


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                      Re: Gary Gibson?

                      I've watched as much as I can of him (with the Cowboys being my sole focus), and I agree with most the assessments here.

                      He's played surprisingly well against the run. He really has been much better in that aspect than I expected.

                      Pass rush wise, he's exactly what he was last year with the Panthers: non-existent. But he has gotten slightly better pressure on the QB, though still not much of a factor.

                      All in all, he seems to have improved from where he was last year. He should keep improving, let's hope he does.


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