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  • I'm just saying

    If cut Marc Bulger last year it would have cost us 3.5 mil, but if we cut him this year it will save us 500,000. I'm not a bulger hater, but make what you want out of those numbers, because I'm just saying

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    Re: I'm just saying

    Yep, I believe 2010 is the first year where cutting Bulger saves us money against the cap as opposed to keeping him; however, I still believe the Rams would have to deal with the dead money in the form of accelerated bonus charges.


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      Re: I'm just saying

      If there's an uncapped year, my expectation is that he'll be gone, whether that's a good thing or not. The 2010 draft is loaded with QB's and it would be foolish to pass one up given our circumstances. My preference would to be able to keep him to let the rookie come along slowly, but it won't make sense from a salary standpoint.
      I believe!:ram:


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      • 3STL9
        I have come to a conclusion
        by 3STL9
        That we should keep Bulger next year, especially if we draft Suh and QB second round.

        Dont get me wrong I have hated Bulger ever since Warner left. (I was one of those who said we should trade Bulger since stock was high and stick it out with Warner). But anyway, that way if we get somebody like Mallett or Pike in the second round, we have someone for them to learn under.

        Bulger is deadly accurate, and it wouldn't hurt to have him on the sidelines taking a young gun under his wings.

        The only and I mean the only exception I see to this is if we can get any trade value for bulger. And if Spags thinks Campbell will fit in our system and picks him up, might as well drop Bulger in FA Then.

        We already have a lot of cap room, doubt just dropping Bulger is gonna open us up to get more players....Might as well do that next offseason
        -12-28-2009, 06:09 AM
      • Goldenfleece
        A Bit About the Bulger Benching
        by Goldenfleece
        Just a little food for thought here...

        A) Linehan said there would be changes, and Bulger really did have a bad game. Even when he didn't have a defender in his face, the accuracy just wasn't there. If nothing else, this is a statement that no one is safe. In all honesty, does anyone think we could win with him throwing like that? I mean how long do you give a guy to work himself out of a funk? It has already been more than a year.

        B) It's not like Bulger had just one bad game. He had a 70.3 QB rating last season. That puts him in the same neighborhood as Trent Edwards, Brody Croyle, and Rex Grossman. Guess how many of them are starting this season. Kyle Boller and Joey Harrington also rated better in 2007, and it's not like they were playing behind stellar lines. Bulger was the 30th ranked quarterback among those who threw at least 150 passes last season. I've generally defended him, but at this point, maybe we need to give someone else a chance.

        C) Now I hope Bulger gets his groove back, but when you talk about the "cap hell" that it would put us through if we had to cut him, that doesn't seem to be the case. I did a little research, and according to ESPN (link), it would cost us $8 million in guaranteed money if we had to cut him at the end of the season. That would be more than the $6.5 million we'd pay him if we didn't cut him, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. I'm not sure of all the details, but Jim Thomas reports (link)that Bulger's entire $7 million 2008 salary was guaranteed, which means that right there was a big part of the $27 total guaranteed in the contract. His signing bonus was $12 million according to USA Today's salary database (check it out!)...which does leave $8 million outstanding. If the front office was convinced we had to move on, that would probably be a price worth paying. I'm not saying we should cut him; I'm just saying that no one should assume that we can't afford to.
        -09-23-2008, 06:17 PM
      • ramsanddodgers
        INTERNET RUMOR: Patsies intersted in Bulger?
        by ramsanddodgers
        This was ummm.. appropriated from another Rams message board and originated on a Patsy's board..... allegedly........
        -09-24-2008, 09:00 PM
      • RamWraith
        Here are some numbers for you
        by RamWraith
        Who would you rather have on your teams

        Bulger 4 years $16M.
        Hasselback 6 yrs $47M.
        -02-22-2005, 06:16 PM
      • Guest's Avatar
        IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?
        by Guest
        Please don't enter this thread to complain about another Bulger thread. Some people here don't like Bulger and they've got just as much right to post here as anyone else. Soo, I'm interested.

        How do you get rid of Bulger?
        -11-30-2008, 08:07 PM