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  • Rams Gameday Release

    For those that are not aware, the Rams put out a guide for the media each week for the upcoming game.

    If you go to the Rams website, click "Gameday", a list of games appear. For this week you would click on the Whiners. A new page appears. Scroll down a bit and click on "St. Louis Gameday Release". This will open a sizable .pdf file.

    I try to open them each week and save it on my computer as I like to archive such stuff. If you haven't seen this and like it I am not ashamed to accept some

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    Re: Rams Gameday Release

    One of the things that did different this year is to get rid of cheesey statistics, such as "Torry Holt is 2nd in receptions for all NFL receivers in the last 27 games." 27 games? What a reach.

    Things like this about the Rams vs Whiners overall series, however, are pretty cool:

    • Overall Regular Season Series: Rams lead series, 60-56-2
    • Overall Postseason Series: ***** lead series, 1-0
    • Rams Regular Season Home Record vs. *****: 29-29-1
    • Rams Regular Season Road Record vs. *****: 31-27-1
    • Current Streak: *****, two games (2008-present)
    • Rams Longest Streak: 10 games (1971-75)
    • ***** Longest Streak: 17 games (1990-98)
    • Regular Season Point Total: Rams 2,621 - ***** 2,579
    • Most Points, Rams: 56, Rams 56-7 (1958)
    • Most Points, *****: 48, ***** 48-0 (1987)
    • Most Points, both teams: 80, ***** 45-35 (1983)
    • Fewest Points, Rams: 0, four games, ***** 35-0 (1961); *****
    16-0 (1976); ***** 33-0 (1984); ***** 34-0 (1996)
    • Fewest Points, *****: 3, three games, Rams 33-3 (1958), Rams
    34-3 (1966), Rams 23-3 (1976).
    • Fewest Points, both teams: 16, ***** 16-0 (1976)

    Or, this:

    • The oldest player – DT Hollis Thomas, 35 years old (1/10/74)
    • The youngest player – CB Justin King, 22 years old (5/11/87)
    • The tallest player – T Alex Barron and T Adam Goldberg all login at 6-7.
    • The shortest player – RB Kenneth Darby, RB Samkon Gado and CB Jonathan Wade all measure-in at 5-10
    • The heaviest player – DT Hollis Thomas, 340 pounds
    • The lightest player – WR Donnie Avery, 183 pounds
    • Most seasons with the Rams – DE Leonard Little, 12 seasons
    • Most seasons in the NFL – DT Hollis Thomas, 14 seasons
    • The farthest distance a player has to travel from their hometown to St. Louis, Mo. – LB David Vobora, is 1,727 miles from his hometown of Eugene, Ore.
    • The shortest distance a player has to travel from their hometown to St. Louis, Mo. – DT Hollis Thomas, is a native of St. Louis, Mo.
    • The College that is represented the most – Nebraska, Ohio State, Tennessee and Texas Christian have two players represented on the roster.


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      Re: Rams Gameday Release

      The newest Gameday release is avaiable for the Vikings game. Here is a sample:

      • Overall Regular Season Series: Vikings lead series, 16-14-2
      • Overall Postseason Series: Vikings lead series, 5-2
      • Rams Regular Season Home Record vs. Vikings: 10-7
      • Rams Regular Season Road Record vs. Vikings: 4-10-2
      • Current Streak: Rams, one game (2006-present)
      • Rams Longest Streak: Three games (1966-58)
      • Vikings Longest Streak: Five games (1987-98)
      • Regular Season Point Total: Rams 757 - Vikings 715
      • Most Points, Rams: 48, Rams 48-7 (2003)
      • Most Points, Vikings: 45, Vikings 45-41 (1972)
      • Most Points, both teams: 86, Vikings 45-41 (1972)
      • Fewest Points, Rams: 3, Vikings 13-3 (1970)
      • Fewest Points, Vikings: 3, three games, Rams 39-3 (1967),
      Rams 31-3 (1968), Rams 35-3 (1977).
      • Fewest Points, both teams: 16, Vikings 13-3 (1970)


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        Re: Rams Gameday Release

        The gameday release is out for the game against Jacksonville.

        • Overall Regular Season Series: Rams lead series, 2-0
        • Overall Postseason Series: No meetings
        • Rams Regular Season Home Record vs. Jaguars: 2-0
        • Rams Regular Season Road Record vs. Jaguars: 0-0
        • Current Streak: Rams, two games (1996-present)
        • Rams Longest Streak: Two games (1996-present)
        • Jaguars Longest Streak: n/a
        • Regular Season Point Total: Rams 41 - Jaguars 35
        • Most Points, Rams: 24, Rams 24-21 (2005)
        • Most Points, Jaguars: 21, Rams 24-21 (2005)
        • Most Points, both teams: 45, Rams 24-21 (2005)
        • Fewest Points, Rams: 17, Rams 17-14 (1996)
        • Fewest Points, Jaguars: 14, Rams 17-14 (1996)
        • Fewest Points, both teams: Rams 17-14 (1996)
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          Re: Rams Gameday Release

          The game release is out for the game against the Colts.

          The Rams and Colts have met 42 times,
          but the history between the teams goes
          much deeper than meetings on the field.
          On July 14 1972, Baltimore Colts owner
          Carroll Rosenbloom made an unprecedented
          and historic move as he traded his
          Baltimore franchise to Robert Irsay in
          exchange for the Los Angeles Rams. Irsay
          had purchased the Rams from the estate
          of the late Daniel F. Reeves, the former
          Rams owner who passed away in 1971.
          The Rams’ won six consecutive NFC West
          championships (1973-78) under Rosenbloom before his death in
          The Rams would be linked again in 1999
          when the team traded second- and fifthround
          draft choices for Colts’ RB Marshall
          Faulk. Faulk, the No. 2 overall choice in
          the 1994 NFL Draft, became an instrumental
          part of the Rams championship run in
          1999, which ended with a 23-17 victory
          over Tennessee in Super Bowl XXXIV.
          Faulk played for the Rams from 1999-
          2006. As a member of the Rams, Faulk
          was selected to four Pro Bowls (1999-
          2002), earned three All-Pro selections
          (1999-2001), was named NFL MVP (2000)
          and was a three-time NFL Offensive Player of the Year (1999-2001).
          The Rams retired Faulk’s No. 28 during the 2007 season.
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            Re: Rams Gameday Release

            The release for the Lions game is on the Rams website.

            The Rams travel this week to face the Detroit Lions atFord Field. The Rams are facing the Lions for the firsttime since 2006 and traveling to Ford Field for the first
            time since 2003.

            This week’s contest is the 81st between the teams
            (including one postseason meeting). The Rams have met
            only three teams more times than Detroit (San Francisco
            120, Green Bay 91, Chicago 88). The Rams hold a 41-
            38-1 lead in the series (including 0-1 vs. Detroit in the
            postseason). The series began in 1937, the Rams’ first year in the NFL.

            Detroit enters the game after a bye week in Week 7. The Rams look to rebound this week after a loss to the Indianapolis Colts at the Edward Jones Dome in St.
            Louis. Against the Colts, RB Steven Jackson continued his impressive play as he rushed for a season-high 134 yards on 23 carries. Jackson gained 95 of his yards in the third quarter, the most in a single quarter in his career. The game was Jackson’s third 100-yard game of the season and the 19th of his career.

            Jackson ranks third in the NFL in rushing with 635 yards and is second in the NFL in yards from scrimmage with 804 total yards.


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              Re: Rams Gameday Release

              cool thanks for the info


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                Re: Rams Gameday Release

                Never knew that was there!

                247 pages????
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                  Re: Rams Gameday Release

                  Originally posted by RebelYell View Post
                  Never knew that was there!

                  247 pages????
                  WOW! I had no idea it was that long. In past seasons, it ranged from 25-50 pages. As I scrolled through, there is a bio page for each player, Rams records....just about anything you would want to know about the Rams past or present.

                  Sam Butich was the leading receiver for the Rams in 1937. I think I will print this thing tomorrow at work.


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                    Re: Rams Gameday Release

                    The Rams have been also posting the opponents releases, as well. That can provide an interesting perspective.


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                      Re: Rams Gameday Release

                      The Gameday Release for the Saints game is now available. The Saints media release is also available next to the one for the Rams.


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                        Re: Rams Gameday Release

                        The Gameday Release for the cardinals is now available.

                        • Overall Regular Season Series: Rams lead series, 30-28-2
                        • Overall Postseason Series: Rams lead series, 1-0
                        • Rams Regular Season Home Record vs. Cardinals: 15-15
                        • Rams Regular Season Road Record vs. Cardinals: 15-13-2
                        • Current Streak: Cardinals, five games (2006-present)
                        • Rams Longest Streak: Six games (1979-87)
                        • Cardinals Longest Streak: Five games (2006-present)
                        • Regular Season Point Total: Rams 1,252 - Cardinals 1,158
                        • Most Points, Rams: 46, Rams 46-14 (1985)
                        • Most Points, Cardinals: 48, Cardinals 48-19 (2007)
                        • Most Points, both teams: 68, Cardinals 41-27 (1988)
                        • Fewest Points, Rams: 0, three times, Cardinals 6-0 (1937),
                        Cardinals 7-0 (1941), Cardinals 7-0 (1942)
                        • Fewest Points, Cardinals: 0, four times, Rams 24-0 (1939),
                        Rams 14-0 (1939), Rams 21-0 (1945), Rams 21-0 (1979)
                        • Fewest Points, both teams: 6, Cardinals 6-0 (1937)


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                          Re: Rams Gameday Release

                          The Seahawks Gameday Release is now available.

                          • Overall Regular Season Series: Seahawks lead series, 13-9
                          • Overall Postseason Series: Rams lead series, 1-0
                          • Rams Regular Season Home Record vs. Seahawks: 5-5
                          • Rams Regular Season Road Record vs. Seahawks: 4-8
                          • Current Streak: Seahawks, nine games (2005-present)
                          • Rams Longest Streak: Four games (1976-1988)
                          • Seahawks Longest Streak: Nine games (2005-present)
                          • Regular Season Point Total: Seahawks 516 - Rams 498
                          • Most Points, Rams: 45, Rams 45-6 (1976)
                          • Most Points, Seahawks: 37, Seahawks 37-31 (2008); Seahawks
                          37-13 (2008)
                          • Most Points, both teams: 71, Rams 37-34 (2000)
                          • Fewest Points, Rams: 0, Seahawks 28-0 (2009)
                          • Fewest Points, Seahawks: 0, Rams 24-0 (1979)
                          • Fewest Points, both teams: 26, Seahawks 17-9 (1997)


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                            Re: Rams Gameday Release

                            Interesting for sure, thats about everything you would ever need to know about rams vs their opponent.


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                              Re: Rams Gameday Release

                              Probably the coolest thing I found was the "How the Rams were Built" section. Shows each years draft, free agents, and trade acquisitions for the Rams. I'm sure we all remember how we got everybody, but it is still pretty cool to see it broken down like that. Oh and looking at the draft column is very depressing, that list should be a lot longer before 2004, but past is the past...


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                              • demiurge
                                Mirror, mirror, on the tube... the Rams vs Vikings
                                by demiurge
                                So these two teams are very similar.

                                Game managing QB. OL better at the run than pass. Solid D, good special teams. Gamebreaking RB. Should be a really good test of where the Rams are.

                                Couple of thoughts:

                                The Vikings strength of schedule is pretty week - their opponents are a combined 18-37.

                                The Rams opponents are 27-28.

                                The Vikings are givin up sacks at almost twice the rate the Rams are - 20-11. Amazingly, the Rams have given up relatively few sacks. Emphasis on the run is putting them in positive situations a lot. They just don't convert because of the drops.

                                Their WR Stafon Diggs is for real, and their WR corps as a whole is having more success than ours.

                                At the moment Gurley is averaging 1.6 yards a carry more than Adrian Peterson.

                                Currently the Rams and Vikings D are 5th and 6th respectively in total yardage. The Rams are only giving up 3.7 yards per carry, the Vikings 4.4. That puts Minnesota 25th in yard per carry - the Rams are 6th.

                                The Rams pass defense is 8th, the Vikings 7th. The big difference there is the Rams are allowing 70.6% completion rate. The good news for us is that it leads to only 6.9 yards per attempt, and in terms of yardage they are only 10 yards apart.

                                The Rams have 26 sacks, the Vikings 18. They are middle of the pack there.

                                Turnover ratio is about even, Rams at +3, Vikings at +1.

                                Offensively both teams are challenged, and both have a weak passing game. They are 29th in total yards, the Rams are 31st.

                                The Vikings are 30th in passing yards, the Rams dead last at 32nd.

                                And both teams again are strong running the ball - the Rams 3rd in the league, the Vikings 5th.

                                These two teams are really mirror images of each other.

                                But considering they've played a pretty weak group of opponents, I've got to say on paper the Rams look a little better.

                                I was thinking the Rams were going to have a tough game, which is true, and the Vikings were probably going to have the edge playing at home. Now I see we match up well with them, with the biggest advantage in any category going to the Rams being able to run better against the Vikings D than the other way around, and the Rams pass rush more able to get to the passer.

                                I'm cautiously optimistic going in.
                                -11-03-2015, 01:19 PM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                ENTIRE 1999 Vikings @ Rams GAME!
                                by Guest
                                Whoops.. nevermind. Can someone delete this?
                                -08-01-2008, 11:46 AM
                              • RamFan_Til_I_Die
                                The game vs the Vikings is guaranteed win
                                by RamFan_Til_I_Die
                                Several things highlighted in this article show why this game is even more of a lock for us than before and a guaranteed win.

                                "Smoot hurt in car accident
                                Vikings' Childress says CB is out with broken jaw

                                EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) -- Minnesota Vikings cornerback Fred Smoot will miss the last game of the season because of a jaw broken in five places in a recent car accident.
                                The single-vehicle crash, revealed by coach Brad Childress at his Wednesday news conference, occurred Friday evening in Smoot's home state of Mississippi. After the Vikings were eliminated from playoff contention with a 9-7 loss to the Packers last Thursday, players were given the holiday weekend off.

                                Childress said his information, coming mostly from Smoot's agent, Bus Cook, was "sketchy," but that he believed Smoot was recovering from surgery and out of the hospital. Smoot, whose interception return was Minnesota's only score at Green Bay, has exchanged text messages with Childress, but is unable to speak. He was placed on injured reserve so the Vikings (6-9) can use his roster spot for someone else.

                                Rookie cornerback Cedric Griffin, who replaced Smoot in the starting lineup last month, was also placed on injured reserve with a neck injury that kept him out against the Packers. That leaves Minnesota quite thin in the secondary for the final game on Sunday against St. Louis.

                                The Vikings have allowed more yards passing than anyone this year, and the Rams -- who still have a chance at a wild-card spot in a weak conference -- are fourth in the NFL in yards passing.

                                Childress said the team, which released veteran receiver Marcus Robinson on Sunday, was still considering how to fill out the roster. Because they're out of the playoffs, the Vikings will use the Rams game as a head start on next season, giving several young players an extended look -- especially receivers and cornerbacks with Robinson gone and Smoot and Griffin out."
                                -12-27-2006, 03:58 PM
                              • MauiRam
                                Rams Vs. Vikings Preview
                                by MauiRam
                                Home » NFL, St. Louis Rams » Rams Vs. Vikings Preview

                                By Ken Newhouse on August 10, 2010 0

                                Saturday August 14th is an exciting day for St. Louis football fans. Sam Bradford will be leading the charge for the Rams as the Minnesota Vikings come to town for the first preseason game of 2010. As for the Vikings, they seem to have a big hole at their quarterback position with King Favre contemplating retirement for a third time.

                                The Rams and Vikings last met at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis back in Week 5 of the 2009 NFL season. Brett Favre of the Vikings dominated the Rams secondary with a performance of 18 of 24 passing with 232 yards while throwing one touchdown and one interception.

                                The only real highlight for the Rams came when LB James Laurinaitis intercepted Favre in the 2nd quarter. The Rams had over 400 yards of total offense, but had four turnovers with three fumbles inside of the 20 yard line.

                                This matchup will be a test for Rams 1st round draft pick Sam Bradford. Bradford will hopefully be getting a lot of the reps in this Saturdays game. A strong performance by the Rams $50 million dollar man might earn him the starting job for Week 1 this upcoming NFL season.
                                -08-10-2010, 10:16 PM
                              • r8rh8rmike
                                Rams Open As Underdogs Against Vikings
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                Things can change, but right now, the Vikings are getting the home field spread. Personally, I like the fact that the Rams are underdogs. Keeps them grounded, and hungry.

                                On a side note, it'll be interesting to see if we get Keenum, or Bridgewater....
                                -11-13-2017, 04:02 PM