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My official announcement of semi-retirement

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  • My official announcement of semi-retirement

    I am going into semi- retirement from watching Rams football. This is a difficult decision given my 35 year allegiance to this team since I was 4 years old, but one I feel I must make for my own sanity and health. There is simply no way I can stand to continue watching this kind of incompetance each Sunday. Before I do so, some thoughts about today. I will attempt to be as respectful and as measured in my comments as possible.

    Today's effort resembled our opener vs. Seattle. We hung in for awhile, made some good defensive stops, then ended up shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties that negated 1st downs, turnovers and cluelessness. We've been shut out in 2 of our first 4 games. I've been to funerals that were more enjoyable than watching us try to move the football offensively. Just dreadful.

    Boller showed today why he lost his starting job with Baltimore and why he'll never be anything more than a stop gap 2nd string guy at best.

    The offensive line was atrocious again- 5 sacks allowed and numerous pressures. There's no excuse. It's not like we haven't invested money into this unit. This is either a complete lack of collective talent or a bunch of overpaid underachieving wastes- I really don't know which, at this point.

    I'm very disappointed in the coaches right now. I believed and still have faith that Steve Spagnuolo is the guy for this job. But penalties, blown assignments and lack of execution is a reflection on the coaches- no iffs, ands or buts. And right now, it is reflecting very poorly on these guys, because we have a team that is spinning its wheels, shooting itself in the foot and executing poorly. The play calling is terrible (let's run draw plays to Jackson on 3rd and 8) but part of the reason is because we have absolutely no one other than Steven Jackson who is worth their weight offensively or a threat to do anything.

    Josh Brown- a guy lauded a couple of years ago as one of the top two or three kickers in all of football and paid handsomely for the privilege- stinks. With the kind of salary he's drawing, he should be automatic on field goal attempts. He's been far from it recently. And for all of Donnie Jones impressive punts, can you angle kick or put the ball inside the 10 a couple of times when punting from mid-field instead of blasting it into the end zone for a touchback? How many times, Donnie?

    One of the things that makes you feel a little better while rebuilding is to see steady improvement each week. It hasn't happened. Our one close game came vs. a Washington team that we're coming to find out isn't very good. Although there are flashes by a couple of guys (Otogwe and Laurinitis come to mind), we are no better now than we were in our opener vs. Seattle and aren't even close to being a competitive football team, much less winning games. The results are no better than last year. And there will come a time very quickly when hanging your hat on effort alone just won't cut it.

    The Saints, The Bears, The Colts and The Vikings are among the ass-kickings that await- to say nothing of the Cardinals twice and a Houston team that's winning.

    I just can't sit by anymore and ruin my Sundays. So in the short term, I'll focus on the Dodgers' playoff run, the NASCAR chase and the start of basketball in a month. Long term will be Christmas shopping, house projects and anything else I can think of. After a decade of bad football (1991-1998), a 5-31 record in our last 36 games, a 14 game losing streak and the last five years of this garbage, I'm done. I simply cannot invest anymore time, passion and energy into this football team.

    When I read or hear of this team starting to act and play as if they are a true NFL football franchise instead of a weekly embarrassment, I'll reevaluate my decision.

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    Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement


    Bye. *waves*


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      Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement

      I for one respect your decision, I'll still be here, why??? Cause I'm an idiot who LOVES the RAMS.....yes, even if their worse than a division 5 high school team, if there is such a thing...peace.


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        Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement

        Originally posted by blood85 View Post
        I for one respect your decision, I'll still be here, why??? Cause I'm an idiot who LOVES the RAMS.....yes, even if their worse than a division 5 high school team, if there is such a thing...peace.
        hey your not alone,as disgusted as I am right now, I will always be a Rams fan,they will get better, it may take 10-15 years and they may be playing in Poland but we will see good times again.


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          Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement

          Well Spoken I however Love football, and so it would be hard for me to stop watching all together. But I feel your pain as I've been a fan just as long. Man I'm not too far behind just supporting em on this forum and gearing up for Basketball. I refuse to be overwhelmed with this team in it's loosing venture.


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            Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement

            My mindset for each game is this: I am happy if they simply compete. If you go in with low expectations, they still might not reach them, but it is not as hard of a fall.


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              Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement

              is a semi-retirement the same as a Brett Favre retirement ?


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                Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement

                Originally posted by swatter555 View Post
                My mindset for each game is this: I am happy if they simply compete. If you go in with low expectations, they still might not reach them, but it is not as hard of a fall.
                The only thing is they're not competing.


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                  Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement

                  You can't leave, JK! You're too close to 3,000 posts! Hang in there things can only go up from here on out!


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                    Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement

                    Originally posted by dgr828 View Post
                    You can't leave, JK! You're too close to 3,000 posts! Hang in there things can only go up from here on out!
                    I'm not going anywhere,this is to much fun,I give myself about an hour after each game to cool off and then I find this all amusing.


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                      Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement

                      Don't you like train wrecks? Car crashes? Stunts gone bad? Watching politicians trying to look like they're not lying? You know, when there's nothing left to see but human suffering...

                      In all seriousness, todays fiasco had to be the worst I have ever seen. I wont quit watching though, a win will now be a miracle and will exceed all expectations. I can watch a game without holding my breath or worrying about winning, they really have taken all the stress of being a rams fan out the picture. Thanks guys!
                      "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

                      Jack Youngblood


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                        Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement

                        It was pretty bad today and it's been happening for a long time now, so I guess I can't really blame you.

                        Me, I'm a Rams fan. I made it through the 90's and I'll make it through this. I'm already looking forward to next Sunday.


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                          Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement

                          I wish we could get back to the glory days of the 90s!


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                            Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement

                            Originally posted by McKnight
                            hmmmmm. I would Prefer ONE specific year in the 1990's. lol "1999" 1990-1998 SUCKED!
                            Exactly, compared to now the 90s were "Glory Days". These days its HAITIES!!!


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                              Re: My official announcement of semi-retirement

                              I don't blame you. I like to watch football. What the Rams are playing is not football.


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                              • general counsel
                                Its official, we are the worst team in the NFL
                                by general counsel
                                I dont see any way around it. I think we are the worst team in the nfl. I think we would have a legit shot to beat tampa, cleveland and kc. I watched detroit today, they are definitely better than us (stafford is a terrific young qb and calvin johnson is special). Oakland stinks, but they have a win. Cleveland has no wins, but they went to OT today. I didnt check the final stat line yet, but at one point in the fourth quarter we had more punts (7) than first downs (6).

                                Our offensive line is giving us no chance to compete offensively. Our defense isnt as bad as the stats look, but the countless penalties on both sides of the ball are truly one sign of a terrible team. There is truly no pulse on our offensive line, which makes it essentially impossible to throw the ball down the field, which makes it easier for teams to put 8 or 9 guys in the box to stop jackson. At least its clear today that Boller isnt the answer to anything. He was horrible. I dont mean to get on boller because he is a decent backup, but as i have been saying for two years about bulger, if you have no offensive line play, its impossible for a qb to be successful.

                                There are some on the board who have advanced the argument that the talent level isnt as bad as i keep saying it is. Does anyone still want to make that argument? I said at the start of the season that we had no depth at all and it sure looks like that was a correct statement. Sure, we are banged up. So are lots of teams. Our wide receiver situation is very very weak and we dont do enough to get the ball into averys hands.

                                Its going to be a very very long year. I think we are looking at 3-13 at best and most likely worse. I truly believe that if jackson gets hurt and cant play, we will not win a single game without him.

                                ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -10-04-2009, 04:03 PM
                              • viper
                                Alas..the sky is falling once again
                                by viper
                                It never ceases to amaze me, how quickly my fellow Ram's fans will turn on thier team, their players and their coach. The clouds of "doom and gloom" lye low above the legion once again. Again the naysayers have their day, to lay their spew upon the feet of the horns.

                                Ohhhh no, we've lost to the lowly dirty birds, Ohhh no, we've lost 6 out of the last 7 games, Ohh no, our captain has spoke out to the media about a few of his undisciplined guardians, possibly upsetting a few teammates, Oh no, our coach won't take responsibility and demand accountability from his youthful squires on the front lines, let alone the team as a whole.

                                Granted, the legion has seen better days. But, why is it that the masses choose to dwell on the "darker side" of things rather the hope of a brighter day to come. Is there not a chance, a hope that a brighter day shall dawn as a result of the upcoming offseason. This season is lost, no doubt. Who can say that this was not a distinct possibility, considering that we would be brandishing a new head coach, a new defensive coordinator, new offensive and defensive schemes, new free agents, untested rookies and a decimated offensive line. Add to that a previously dysfunctional run defense, pass defense and special teams for the last several years and what do you get? The "2006 St. Louis Rams!" Hooray! We got exactly what we "should have" expected. Or at least considered the possibility that it could be a tough year. Well guess what, it has turned out to be a "tough year." A downright bleak season.

                                But, ya know what, believe it or not, there has been improvement over last year. Our special teams have improved significantly in punting, coverage and returns. Our defense, is doing better in the turnover battle, our pass defense is improved and as hard as it may be to believe we do seem to be better at keeping opponents from scoring on us as much.

                                Its easy to throw fuel on the fire proclaiming how terrible things are when the going gets tough. The question is where are you when your team needs your support? Anybody can belittle a losing team...and their is no question we are losing right now. But, in doing so, are you any better than the opposing team's fans that come to diss on your team. I haven't seen too many "positive" threads lately about our team that make me feel like this is the Rams home.

                                I, personally, have unwavering faith in the positve attributes of the Rams! I choose not to wallow in the ever increasing muck and mire that seems to be prevalent around here lately. I agree that we are not where we want to be...far from it. But, I'm not going to participate in any "hanging" or "slop" parties or anything of the like.

                                Why can't we focus on the good things about our team or future prospects. Maybe that means a higher draft pick next year or a few well scouted free...
                                -12-05-2006, 10:53 PM
                              • NJ Ramsfan1
                                by NJ Ramsfan1
                                With four weeks in the books, I'm officially done watching this football team. I cannot bear to go through this crap week after week again. The season is essentially over with games vs. Dallas, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Green Bay still to be played. Anyone who thinks differently is either delusional or has on the world's biggest blinders. This is the absolute worst kind of tease; having an improved year last year, going 4-0 in the preseason, upgrading numerous positions, getting a highly thought-of O-coordinator and then putting forth an effort that is horrific four weeks in a row.

                                This team completely sucks. It is hard to believe, but we are again the worst team in football. Cincinnati? Carolina? Cleveland? Minnesota? Kansas City? They're all better than we are. And that includes every team in our division. There's absolutely no excuse for it.

                                Truth be told, if there was hope- some tangible sign that this team was on the right track and worth watching- I would. I simply don't see it. Spare me the "glass half full" nonsense. There isn't ONE THING on this football team to look forward to. Every unit stinks- from the o-line to the defensive backs to the receivers. No sacks for the d-line today. King burned again. Bradford looks completely lost- fumbled again and has a deer-in-the-headlights look about him.

                                Spags- a guy I wanted here and a guy I've defended- shows me he doesn't have what it takes to get this team to the next level. While there's plenty of blame to be spread around, The lack of good fundamental football rests squarely on his shoulders. Three years after he was hired, we're back to square one. We've lost three home games- two by decisive margins- and today was only close because Washington tried to give it away late. I have no faith In Spags or his assistants' ability to right the ship. They've done nothing up 'till now to inspire such confidence from me or anyone else who is has a lucid thought in their head. I will be shocked...SHOCKED if he lasts beyond this year.

                                So go ahead, tell me I'm wrong, call me a traitor- I could care less. Spare me the "It will be that much sweeter when they win" garbage. I'll be dead and buried when that happens. I've loved this team since I was 4 years old and I'm tired of being pissed off/disappointed/discouraged and having every Sunday ruined for 3 hours and beyond. I'm tired of expending negative energy watching this sad sack organization then venting on the forum. It's almost perverse what this team has put its fans through week after week since 2003 and in 15 of the last 21 years. Wake me up when these guys learn how to play the game.

                                At least they won't lose next week.
                                -10-02-2011, 01:41 PM
                              • jjigga3000
                                PUTTING THE SLEEPER TO BED (LONG READ) but good read
                                by jjigga3000
                                PUTTING THE SLEEPER TO BED.
                                By Bill Simmons
                                Page 2

                                After five weeks of the 2006 NFL season, we've only learned 10 things:

                                1. If you're a QB, and you blow out a knee or smack your body up in a motorcycle accident, definitely take your time coming back. No rush. Seriously.

                                2. The Bears have a chance to be historically good.

                                3. The Raiders have a chance to be historically bad.

                                4. Drew Bledsoe has added a degree of difficulty for blowing big games. In the old days, he'd just throw a back-breaking interception at the worst possible time. But since everyone knows that's coming now, he added a fascinating wrinkle: An improbable play to throw us off and make us forget he's about to blow the game (like last week's fourth-and-18 bomb to Glenn), followed by the back-breaking interception that becomes doubly back-breaking because of the preceding events.

                                WEEK 5 REDUX
                                Last week's picks found me on the wrong side of three killer gambling moments:

                                1. With the Pats giving 10 and headed for a push, Maroney gets a game-clinching first down inside Miami's 20, only nobody tackles him, so he keeps going and it looks like he's going to score ... NO! He gets pushed out at the 4-yard line. That's followed by three Brady kneels.

                                2. The Browns are getting 8.5 points and trailing by 11. Fourth down, 15 seconds left. Instead of taking one more crack at the end zone, Romeo Crennel sends out the FG team for the cover. This actually happened.

                                3. The killer of killers: Getting 6.5 points, the Lions are trailing by two at midfield and it's fourth-and-10 with less than 90 seconds to play. Kitna scrambles, two guys pull him down ... and as he's falling, he flips it right to a Vikings lineman, who scrambles untouched for a clinching TD and the cover. I hate gambling.

                                5. You're not winning a Super Bowl with Brett Favre or Steve McNair. They're both washed up. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's true.

                                6. San Diego has the most talent in the AFC. Unfortunately, the Chargers also have an uptight coach who runs his team about as loosely as Ted Knight handled his daughters in "Too Close For Comfort."

                                (Note: Sadly, that show was canceled 21 years ago, making the reference Bermanian for everyone younger than 30. Normally I avoid doing this, but I have two defenses: First, it's the perfect comparison. You really had to see the show. And second, Ted Knight was a comedic genius. So I'm standing by the reference. Now if I only had a clip of me and Glenn Frey standing outside the Hotel California. Back to the column.)

                                7. If you're getting points with the Lions on the road and covering in the final minute, and the Lions have the ball, and they're driving, and the only way you could ever lose is if Jon Kitna fumbles a touchdown, throws an interception...
                                -10-13-2006, 10:26 AM
                              • NJ Ramsfan1
                                Back to Square One
                                by NJ Ramsfan1
                                Right now, the Rams are the worst team in football. It is 2009 all over again. Despite massive efforts to re-tool the o-line, assemble a group of competant wide-outs, draft a franchise QB, obtain a new o-coordinator, this team still stinks. Anyone who is associated with this football team, from the owner to the players to the coaches to the fans should be completely embarrassed- as well as humiliated and totally pissed off.

                                Don't tell me about injuries. Indianapolis has lost Peyton Manning and they battled last week. Don't tell me about the hapless Chiefs. Their injury situation is worse than ours and they've battled tooth and nail on the road today vs. a San Diego team every bit as good as the Ravens. Don't tell me Tennessee. They beat the Ravens last week. Don't tell me Cincinnati. They have a win. And every team in our division has shown more than we have thus far.

                                Don't tell me about rebuilding. This is year three. No one expected a Super Bowl this season, but tangible progress was both expected and reasonable. We've seen neither thus far.

                                There is simply no excuse. We've regressed. At this rate, we'll be lucky to win 3-4 games. Every year is the same. You look for reasons to be positive, try not to be negative or disappointed and still get kicked in the teeth time and time again. It got old a long time ago. Down 27-0 at the half today. Horrendous. Games vs. GB, PItt, Dal, and NO to be played yet. We're awful.

                                The luster is starting to wear off Spags. This is a guy most of us were happy to have (myself included) and a guy who has prided himself on discipline & fundamental football and we've yet to see it at a time when it is absolutely necessary to have. The scary thing is that we should be better. You look at this team, and despite some obvious holes, we shouldn't be getting beaten by double digits every week and looking sloppy in the process. Either I and a lot of other people have overrated this team or the coaches need to do a better job.

                                I'm totally depressed. What can one reasonably look forward to on the heels of three dreadful performances-two of which were at home?
                                -09-25-2011, 04:06 PM