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Written Apologies Are In Order

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  • Written Apologies Are In Order

    I want to see our offense apologize to our defense for their actions on the field yesterday. Let's face it, offense and special teams gave up more points than our D did. And they only allowed 250 yards total offense, which isn't too shabby.

    Don't get me wrong, the D wasn't flawless out there either, but if I had to pick a group of guys to dump, it would be the offense, hands down.

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    Re: Written Apologies Are In Order

    i think we have quite a bit of talent on our D that will only get better..

    in the off-season we need to spend our first 3 picks and a free agent or two on O

    i`d go..

    1st Round QB
    2nd Round TE
    3rd OG or OT


    OG or OT
    RB (scat-back type)

    our ST`s are pretty good methinks..just had a bad day at the office..


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    • BarronWade
      Is it possible for us to go mainly Offense with our first 3 picks?
      by BarronWade
      I understand the need at DE and WLB but our offense was horrible last year. And at this point its tough watching the Rams i mean last year how many boring games did i have to sit though? The most exciting parts (aside from a TD) was steven jackson 1st down run or Gibby making a nice leaping catch. And those did not happen too often.

      Our passing game is straight awful.

      So do you think we should get a QB, Clutch 3rd down possession WR, then a TE in that order of the draft?

      I remember last year how we were having discussion about getting an OT then have the rest of the draft all Defense. Last year we were focusing mainly on D.

      How every thing has changed lol.
      -03-03-2010, 10:33 AM
    • ramhard
      Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud
      by ramhard
      As the draft heads up I'd go defense on 3 of the 1st 4 picks. Even as bad as things were, the Rams offense can figure out ways to score, but can't stop people on D.

      I'd go best LB/CB with 1st pick (even if LL isn't available I think Hargrove plus a signed Fisher would do, if Fisher leaves and LL is not around then DE goes here also).

      2nd pick I'd go best OT/OG on the board

      Two 3rd picks I'd go with the LB/CB/DE not chosen in the first round.

      So my preference would be:

      1. CB
      2. OT/OG
      3. LB (and assume a vet LB is also signed)
      4. DE

      The other upside of going CB in the 1st is that you assume that person can play special teams at a high level.

      Low picks I'd go back to offense (TE, OG/C) with maybe a DT thrown in.
      -01-25-2005, 09:06 PM
    • theodus69
      Offense to better our defense?
      by theodus69
      You know this year our offensive line kinda really stunk. Now Pace and Barron are the bookends ,we all know that, Now if Cognito can get healed that would be a plus. Now What about the guards? Is Terrell coming around enough?, or not. Timmerman is on his last leg isn't he? So my thought is this. What if the Rams go O-line in the first round to shore up that line , because When the offense is on, the Opponent always has to play catch up and it Makes the Defense look so much better! Oh and maybe a new Running back. That or Jackson will improve with the middle intact. He just seemed to miss alot of holes. Maybe get some D-line in the later rounds for less money since we got all that dead weight money slowing us down( the 3 fat # 1's ) Next season could be a big turn around but I feel the Offensive picks good be our best defense.:clanram: Just my thought...let me have it!!
      -01-03-2006, 09:55 AM
    • RamsFanSam
      RFS: My 2010 Draft Needs Analysis
      by RamsFanSam
      I have watched the Rams struggle this season as most of you have, and have studied various aspects of the team from one game to the next. This has led me to several conclusions including what positions we are likely to draft and in which round. Remember, this is merely speculation, and I may be wrong. Hopefully, some of you will use this opportunity to discuss this, and maybe, just maybe, we can have a real discussion without usage of the word "sucks" in any form.

      Round 1: Wide Reciever. Scream all you want about cornerbacks and quarterbacks, our corners are NOT the worst in the league, and neither is our QB...not even our backups. Our wide reciever corps, however, is not only thin, but is lacking a true threat. Robinson is, or should I say was, our best WR, but he was never looked at as a true threat. We need a Henry Ellard, an Issac Bruce. Once we get this, our offense will improve by 50% before he ever hits the field.

      Rd. 2: OLB. Right now, it's the "Son of Animal show". Laurinaitis is doing great at his position, especially for a rookie. Without Spoon, he is working basically by himself, with backups on each side. We need to find a big, fast, bruising linebacker to improve our front seven.

      Rd. 3: Offensive Lineman. We need a guard/tackle. Chances are, Barron will be gone next year, Smith will be on the left, and ????? will be on the right. Bell is okay at LG, but OK isn't good enough. We need someone who can move like a ninja that eats a side of beef at every meal - raw - to shore up our OL and open holes for SJ.

      Rd. 4: Running Back. We can't expect Seven to carry this team all season long and be ready to do it again next year unless he has someone helping him. If we had another RB, someone that did the things he can't do - avoid the defenders instead of running over them, sneak around a tackle instead of breaking them...then we could have a real tandem at RB, and our opponents would have a hard time covering both of them.

      Rd. 5: Cornerback. We are thin there, but this is one position we can wait 'til later to fill. Why? Well, if our front seven are solid enough (and I think they could be next year), the secondary will be just that - secondary. Add to this a POTENT offense that scores points, which the three above additions can make - and the secondary becomes almost... tertiary. Of course, we'd be going after a vet CB in free agency, so this will help a lot.

      Rds 6 & 7: BPA, because we have need for the best available. Argue that

      This won't fill all the holes, and no, it doesn't include a QB. I still think Bulger is good for at least one more year, and we also have this neat little thing call free agency we can use to fill spots.

      I open the board to discussion. :helmet:
      -10-26-2009, 05:35 PM
    • richtree
      RichTree's Rams Free Agent and Draft Outlook --- 1/11/11
      by richtree
      The Rams must attack this off-season. There are a couple of points I would look to see addressed and there are some priorities that need to be in order. It is easier to list them, and get the opinions of the forum to spark conversation. These are my first thoughts and I figure by posting them some people can change my mind (or reinforce them):

      1. Get a TE in free agency. This is a weak Tight End Draft and Fells isn't good enough to play as a dual threat (block,catch) TE in our offense. Go after O.Daniels, M.Lewis, Z.Miller, K.Boss and let Micheal Hooman prove he can stay healthy.

      2. Sign a Guard in Free-Agency. We took Saffold in Round 2 and hit gold. This year we cannot waste another top 4 round draft pick on the OL. We need to find a guy in FA to play with Brown, Smith, Saffold.

      3. Draft athletes. We play in a dome and have a very slow team. Without Avery on the field we must have one of the slowest offenses on the field. Our defense lacks athletes that hit hard and play physical. We are weak up the middle except for JL.

      4. Attack free agency early and with $$$$. Last year ownership was in question and Bradford's contract was coming. After a good season we need to strike quickly so that other free-agents will know we are serious.

      5. Draft better rounds 3-6. Rams seem to not draft as strong late in the draft. Everyone here wanted Mike Williams and Aaron Herdandez not to mention Jacoby Ford was there as well BUT we take a head case in Mardy Gilyard. When talent falls you must be ready to pounce or trade up.

      6. Our main priories are (in any order): WR, RB#2, G, OLB, SS, DL, KR/PR, athletes everywhere.

      7. Sign Clayton...Sjax wants Houshmanzadeh -- just say no there.

      8. P.Shumur -- Replace him quickly or if he stays he should publicly (thru Spags) say that he wants to open the offense up with Bradford's arm.

      9. Signing a free agent WR allows us to go Defense in round 1. I know no one wants to hear that but if we sign a legit WR in free agency we can go : DE or OLB round 1 and WR round 2

      10 . O. Atogwe -- what to do ? Our defense played to the max with minimal talent. We have 4 legit players on defense, that leaves 7 spots with room to improve. Our defense carried our team all season.

      That's a quick into, I was bored and wanted to type something to start some talk.

      -01-11-2011, 09:59 AM