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  • For whatever it's worth.

    I live in New Jersey.

    Back in high school, basically everyone was a Giants fan. Before the Giants had won the Superbowl with Coughlin and Eli, I kid you not, every fan wanted Coughlin's head. They constantly belittled Eli Manning sounding as if they weren't even fans to begin with. The fans said things like Coughlin needs to be on the hot seat and Eli needs to be traded.

    Well, after their miraculous season with Steve Spagnuolo being the DC, they won the Superbowl against a team that had not lost a game in the regular season. Now they are one of the most respected teams and all the Giants fans are always smiling. They love Eli and they love Coughlin's demeanor.

    My point is simply this: It took the Giants a few years before they got to where they are now. The same thing is happening to the Rams and unfortunately we are probably even more behind than they ever were. But things do change and Spags comes from a winning formula team. He knows how to win.

    Spags wants discipline and so far he hasn't gotten virtually any from his players. These things take time and unfortunately patience. I was watching the Giants game yesterday and you'll notice that they rarely commit any penalties, they are a well-coached team. Spags wants the same thing with the Rams but it's going to take a few years.

    I know these are rough and I mean rough times for us but things are going to get better. These young guys show their inexperience on the field but over time they develop and become better players. You have to give them a chance.

    I believe that we have coaches who know how to win and they are implementing that same strategy from their former teams. When we've had players being used to being bad players, it's going to take a long time to get them to be winners. But rest assured I think we are heading in the right direction regardless of the ownership situation. These things take time but in a season like this I would like to see improvement regardless of losing. And so far, at least defensively we've seen improvements.

    Just keep on believing...our faith will be rewarded!
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: For whatever it's worth.

    So varg, this is all good to note, but how do we know the Rams have the right coaching staff in place? Spags went to the Giants and they improved. He is with us now. That does not mean the same thing is going to happen for us. Two completely different teams, two different coaching staffs, two different sets of players.

    Do you believe one man can change this team that much?


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      Re: For whatever it's worth.

      Well they know how to win (especially Spags) and they've been around success. I believe we have the right coaches but the players need time to get better.

      I think the issue is years of crappy players being drafted. There's only so much one can do. We need to surround ourselves with more talent but we don't have much of it. Most of the good players the Giants had were there already, we don't have that luxury and that results in a few years of key free agent acquisitions and great draft picks. But as far as the coaches go, do I know for a fact they are right for the job? No, but I have faith and I certainly didn't feel that way with Linehan even before the 8-8 season we had under him.
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      Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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      • BEER
        Keep the Coach!
        by BEER
        Yes, the Rams are moving, but maybe close, maybe to LA. .... Who knows.
        What I think is, I know Spags should be the Coach of this team, where ever
        they go. Spags has "it"..I think 2 more years is what it will take, I hope
        Spags is still the head coach at that time. Where ever or who ever takes
        this team called the RAMS.
        -10-11-2009, 05:09 PM
      • Likesspace
        Coach Spags
        by Likesspace
        Hi guys...

        Well I've waited to make this particular post since I joined this board, but after today's victory I just could not keep this in any longer.

        I've been a fan of coach Spags since the day he came to St. Louis and although I've done plenty of questioning since that time I've still always felt that he would turn out to be a really good head coach for us.

        In light of the fact that he has taken quite a bit of heat on this (and all of the other Rams boards as well) I ask you all to consider this:

        We have a coach who has taken a group of young and inexperienced players and has them playing at the absolute top of their ability.

        We have a coach who is working with a team that is so beat up with injuries that he was concerned about being able to field a quality team for today's game.

        Basically what we have is a coach who is able to make, what the rest of the league, considers to be a group of average players and have them playing some really great football. This is something that is amazing to me.

        When Dick Vermeil and Mike Martz were in town they had a group of exceptional football players who played exceptional football. It was a really fun time but was it really all that surprising?

        From what I've seen so far this year......not just in the last two games, but this entire a coach who knows what he's doing with his players and it is now showing in the win column.

        Do I expect Spags to do some things going forward that I don't agree with? Yep, I certainly do, but all in all I'm very impressed with what he has accomplished so far and feel that we just might have found the head coach who will take us back to our glory days.

        Oh yeah..... Bradford hasn't hurt either. :-)

        -10-03-2010, 01:43 PM
      • Jackson39
        Doing Research On Spags...
        by Jackson39
        I was at, looking at the defensive stats of the giants prior to spag's joining the team in 2007.
        - giants were 25th in the leage for total defense!
        - They gave up an average of 342 yards per game

        even our rams were better then that ranking 23, lol:ram:

        When Spags arrived...
        - Giants were ranked 7th in the league for total defense, 2007
        - G-Men were ranked 5th in the leage for total defense, 2008

        Clearly, he can make a big impact.
        Hopefully he can do the same for the rams...
        Just thought i'll post this, in case some of you didn't know;)

        -02-12-2009, 11:13 PM
      • FestusRam
        Spags Job...The hot topic.
        by FestusRam
        Well...everyone else has made their opinion of Spags and his job very clear.

        I guess ill join the party.

        It seems as if the consensus of Clanram is yelling OFF WITH HIS HEAD.

        From what i've seen during the Spags era, I don't think this is the right move, yet. It would be smart for Kroenke to give Spags and Co at least one more year to turn things around. Here's why.

        1. Injuries- Ok..ok..I realize its part of the game. Seriously though, is there a team out there that has had more crucial injuries than us. We lost our top 3 corner backs in the first weeks of play. This would be devastating to any team in the NFL. Not to mention, our young developing quarterback lost his safety valve early on. I miss Amendola at this point much more than I thought I might. The fact is, if he's healthy, Bradford hits Danny on a short route if necessary. IMO, this would've reduced our sack total by quite a bit. It seems as is Bradford sometimes refuses to just throw the ball away, which makes a shifty Amendola that much more important. He also could've gotten the ball out so much quicker. While Salas looks to be promising, he's just not quick enough to get open so soon like Amendola. By the way, what happened to that promising young Salas. :| Theres alot more injuries here and there also(Sam's ankle), that just keep holding this team back. I know there's no excuses to why we didn't score yesterday when we moved the ball so well. However, I would bet a lot of money we would've with Lloyd, Amendola, Dx, and Salas. Not to mention Clayton.

        2. Rebuilding- Correct me if im wrong, but when he inherited this team wasn't it filled with players that belong in the CFL. Keenan Burton, Alex Barron, and Justin"Cant wait til we cut his a$$"King just to name a few. It takes time to rebuild a team so dismantled. They've had only a few drafts and FA's to do so. They have done a good job in my opinion, considering all the dead money they inherited too. Also, keep in mind how hard it is to sign the top free agents when your rebuilding a team that has done nothing but lose most of the last decade.

        3. Short Offseason- Yes, all the teams had the same amount of time to get acclimated to the season. We did change quite a bit from last season though. We implemented a new offensive scheme, the second one in two years for a sophomore quarterback. We also added quite a bit of new players. These guys seems like they're finally learning to play as a team though.

        4. Continuity- This team desperately needs to stay the course and just keep building around young Sam. If Kroenke decides to fire Spags, and hire yet another HC, so be it. I would understand, but i would disagree. Bradfords young and im nervous of a new HC bringing yet another OC. He has shown this year that it will take him time to acclimate to complex offensive systems.

        5. Poor Fundamentals- Yea the coach takes some responsibility...
        -11-07-2011, 07:21 PM
      • makersncoke
        Parrallels between Giants and Rams
        by makersncoke
        A few years ago the Giants were a team much like the Rams in which they were a reasonably talented team that continued to underachieve. Then came in "drill sergeant" Coughlin, a hard nosed old school coach that turned the team on their ear. Players hated him and his rules and his tough disciplilne. A revolt ensued, players didn't want to play for this guy, he was in the hot seat for some of his actions and almost fired. Then, after a slow start last year they won it all, players who hated him hugged him with the Lombardi trophy in hand. The Rams need a Coughlin. A coach who can get this "million dollar boys club" to perform through fear if need be. It will take the likes of Cowher, Jimmy Johnson, Mike Ditka or although already employed Parcells to get the boys back on track and believing they can win. Vermeil was tough but fair, players hated practice and camp but loved him as a person and wanted to win for him. That's what has been lost under Linehan. The talent level of this team is right there with the rest of the league, all that is lacking is making the players believe they can win.
        -09-12-2008, 02:39 PM