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    The Rams defense is 19th in the league for YPG. Considering they didn't invest a lot of money in that side of the ball in the offseason, that's a major improvement over last year. Also add in the fact that the offense is still horrible, that's a massive improvement.

    If during the offseason they can add about $8 million in salary cap for that side of the ball with a DE (no addition with Little leaving), DT and SLB, that could lead to a very good defense down the line.

    People can bash the Rams but this defense is good.

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    Re: The defense

    19th overall is especially good since I'm sure they spend more time on the field than any other defense in the league. I wonder where we rank in terms of "yards per play."


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      Re: The defense

      The defense has shown major flashes this year, and I think they had their best game against the ***** yesterday. It's a shame the 35-0 box score won't really advertise that.

      I wouldn't rule out some additional improvements in the secondary, either. Maybe the Rams hope Wade, King, or Fletcher separates from the pack, but I've not been blown away by any of them recently. Plus, will OJ Atogwe want to sign long term on this team?


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        Re: The defense

        Originally posted by Nick_Weasel View Post
        19th overall is especially good since I'm sure they spend more time on the field than any other defense in the league. I wonder where we rank in terms of "yards per play."
        Same rank at #19 overall (5.6 yards per play). Notably, the Rams have improved in this stat by a half yard (6.1 ypp) from last year. That might not sound like a lot, but if you think about it, that equate to about 25-30 yards per game, which is pretty significant.


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          Re: The defense

          Originally posted by AvengerRam View Post
          Same rank at #19 overall (5.6 yards per play).
          Wow that's surprising. Shows what my insight is worth... ;)


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            Re: The defense

            I'd disagree whole heartedly that Wade hasn't shown anything. He's shown me a TON. Guy has been playing like our best CB in my opinion (even above Bartell).


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              Re: The defense

              I can't fault the defense for what has happened this year. I wouldn't have played so close to the Packers WR's but that was the DC's call. Other than the Seattle game, it really hasn't been "MY" defenses fault.


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                Re: The defense

                Originally posted by Nick_Weasel View Post
                Wow that's surprising. Shows what my insight is worth... ;)
                I think the reason the Rams' total plays on defense are not No. 1 in the league is that the offense, while inept, does eat up clock time by running the ball as much as it does.


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                  Re: The defense

                  This D has made crucial stops when it needs to and thats huge in the momentum category. Forget about the numbers and the rankings. If you dont have an Offense that can sustain drives and produce points then the Defense is practically alone to fend for themselves. They'll eventually tire and of course give up yardage but those numbers mean nothing if you watch the game. I see a defense that can take over a game but the other teams don't worry too much because our offense can't hold onto the ball or score any points. If any team can hold opponents to 7, 10 or 14 points that should be good enough to win games but in the case of our Rams we can't score any points so it usually results in a loss. Yesterday that ****** team only earned 1 TD and that was the 1st TD of the game. The rest of the game was given to them by our Offense.


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                    Re: The defense

                    Every game we see the defense show up wanting to win, but the offense is lagging behind. Drastically. We have a great defense considering how much work they need to do. Being at the Green Bay game, I was proud to be a Rams fan as I saw them repeatedly take horrible field position and hold the Pack to field goals in the first half. Unfortunately, they can't hold off the offense forever, and that leads to the blowouts as the offense does nothing.
                    I believe!:ram:


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                    • AvengerRam
                      For the Rams' defense to go from good to great, they need ___________.
                      by AvengerRam
                      What would push them to elite status as a unit?
                      to become more stout up the middle (NT, ILB).
                      improved talent at the CB position.
                      one more pass rusher who can't be blocked one-on-one.
                      roster continuity and more time in Wade Phillips' system.
                      Something else (what?)
                      -02-19-2018, 02:32 PM
                    • AvengerRam_old
                      Wake up and smell the defense (hint: it doesn't stink!)
                      by AvengerRam_old
                      Here are some stats that may surprise you.

                      Rams rank (NFL) in defensive categories:

                      Yards/Game: 16th
                      Rushing Yards/Game: 14th
                      Passing Yards/Game: 20th
                      Points Allowed/Game: 10th
                      3rd Down %: 5th
                      Sacks: 6th
                      Forced Fumbles: 2nd (tied)

                      I'm just going to come out and say it... the Rams have a pretty good defense.

                      There is a lot going into this mix. In no particular order, I'd say the key factors are:

                      *Second year in Spagnuolo/Flajole system
                      *Great contribution from veterans (Robbins, Hall, Atogwe)
                      *Development of young players (Long, Laurinaitis, Grant)
                      *Nice addition of role players from rookie crop (Selvie, Murphy)
                      *Solid CB play from starers (Bartell, Fletcher)
                      *Willingness to blitz

                      While the Rams need to acquire more depth at the offensive skill positions, they should not neglect to continue to build up this defense. They may be only a couple of players away from being a top defense in this league.
                      -10-18-2010, 08:33 AM
                    • RamsInfiniti
                      Improvement is in the numbers!
                      by RamsInfiniti
                      After Week 3:

                      Rams Offense ranked 22nd at 300 YPG
                      Rams Scoring Offense ranked 17th at 19.0 PPG

                      Rams Defense ranked 24th at 377 YPG
                      Rams Scoring Defense ranked 9th at 16.3 PPG

                      A little more detail:

                      Rams Passing Defense ranked 4th only allowing 54.5% completions
                      Rams Passing Defense ranked 10th with 74.9 passer rating against
                      Rams Passing Defense ranked 16th with 7.1 YPA

                      Improvement is slow but sure and it's showing!
                      -09-27-2010, 05:13 AM
                    • BigDaddyPace
                      Rams Defense Ranked 10th
                      by BigDaddyPace
                      "Ask and you shall receive." The Ram defense is ranked 10th (25th vs. Run, 4th vs. the Pass) overall in the NFL after a stout performance against SF. Even though its only 2 weeks into the season, you still have to be at least a little encouraged at this point.

                      -09-19-2007, 10:53 AM
                    • r8rh8rmike
                      Rams Tied For 7th in NFL Scoring Defense
                      by r8rh8rmike
                      For a new defense still finding it's way, I couldn't have asked for more at this point. We've given up some big plays here and there, but to be holding opponents to 14.7 points per game is impressive IMO.

                      "Bend but don't break" has been the style so far, but I expect less bending as the defense as a whole improves and continues to be aggresive and opportunistic.
                      -09-28-2006, 04:43 PM