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Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

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  • Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

    By Jim Thomas and Jeremy Rutherford

    Radio personality Rush Limbaugh has joined forces with St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts in a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams football team, NFL sources confirmed Monday.

    The Checketts group has made its bid on the team and plans to keep the team in St. Louis.

    According to league sources, there are multiple bidders for the Rams as the potential sale of the team has advanced to a second stage — from looking for potential buyers to evaluating the merits of bidders. It is not known who the other bidders are.

    "I certainly think individual bidders have the right to discuss their interest in the club," said Kevin Demoff, the Rams' executive vice president of football operations. "There's really nothing for us to say. It's really not fair to anybody involved in the process.

    "There is no inevitability for the team to wind up being for sale anyway. There may be bidders, but that doesn't mean there will be a sale. Ownership has said all along it would go through this process and evaluate its options. They are under no pressure to sell the team."

    Checketts, the founder and chief executive officer of SCP Worldwide, a New York-based firm that owns and operates the Blues, would be the frontman for a group of investors that would purchase at minimum the 60 percent share of the Rams owned by Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez, the son and daughter of the Rams' late owner, Georgia Frontiere.

    Sources with the Checketts group say there is no timetable for the Rams to respond to bids.

    Limbaugh, a conservative political commentator, first mentioned his interest in the Rams last May. He was unavailable to the Post-Dispatch for comment but in a statement sent to KMOX radio, Limbaugh said: "Dave and I are part of a bid to buy the Rams, and we are continuing the process. But I can say no more because of a confidentiality clause in our agreement with Goldman Sachs. We cannot and will not talk about our partners. But if we prevail we will be the operators of the team."

    Limbaugh, originally from Cape Girardeau, Mo., worked briefly as a commentator for ESPN's NFL pregame show in 2003 but resigned amid controversy over his remarks about media coverage of Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb.

    Forbes magazine recently valued the Rams franchise at more than $900 million, but it's believed the Rams' sale might fetch $800 million or less given the state of the economy and the state of the team, which in recent years has been in the bottom third of NFL franchises in terms of revenue.

    By NFL rule, the Checketts group would have no other choice but to keep the team in St. Louis because of its ties to the Blues. NFL cross-ownership rules prohibit owners from also owning Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, or National Basketball Association teams in different markets.

    At midnight, the Rams released this statement by Rosenbloom: “Our strategic review of our ownership of the Rams continues. We will make an announcement upon the completion of the process.”

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    Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

    Ok, jumping in here right now for some moderation. Here's the deal.

    1. This is the most solid deal to come down the pike to buy the Rams and keep them in STL.

    2. Whatever your political views of Limbaugh are, he's probably going to be a part owner of this team like it or not.

    3. No political viewpoints will be tolerated. Period. End of discussion.


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      Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

      Dont know if I will be with this team if the Limbaugh owns them. I will probably just god I dont know this depresses me.


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        Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

        I would rather have Stan Kroneke buy the team if he sorts out his difference with the NFL over ownership, this guy has Billions NOT millions and that is the guy you NEED to make the Rams a powerhouse me money speaks in the NFL

        "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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          Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

          His politics are a non-issue. I would bet that 90% of all NFL team owners are billionaire conservatives that agree with his points of view.

          The main thing I like is his "type" love to make money and be successful and in the NFL being successful (winning) makes you the most money.

          This could be a great thing for us.

          Trust me I'm a liberal but I don't want a tree hugging hippie in the front office who is mainly worried about the carbon imprint of our uniforms.


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            Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

            Great news. What difference do the politics make anyway? Let's build a winner and a dynasty. I'm tired of the status-quo.


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              Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

              I want to be proud of my owners as I am of my team. The ends do not justify the means. Having Rush involved in the ownership would be as destructive as having T.O. in the locker room.
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                Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

                One thing about Limbaugh, he has sports experience. I think he was the GM of the Royals for awhile when they were winning.


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                  Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

                  I also like the idea of ownership that plans on keeping the team in St. Louis, which Checketts and Limbaugh would do.


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                    Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

                    Talk about things going from bad to worse! Not even considering the politics, but I just dont want an owner with that much "facetime" in the world. As much as I hate the Hatriots, at least Kraft is low key. This would be like a combo of Al Davis and Jerry Jones... I'm overwhelmed by the "heebie geebies" at this point.

                    The good news is that there is multiple bidders. It seems that the economy for some isnt that bad. So maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel...lets hope it aint a train!!
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                    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

                    Jack Youngblood


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                      Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

                      Originally posted by majorram View Post
                      I would rather have Stan Kroneke buy the team if he sorts out his difference with the NFL over ownership, this guy has Billions NOT millions and that is the guy you NEED to make the Rams a powerhouse me money speaks in the NFL

                      The Checketts group and Rush Limbaugh together have billions. That's what makes this the best deal so far in keeping the Rams where they are.


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                        Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

                        So what makes him or anyone of us think that he is the guy to own this team? I mean the guy owns the St louis blues and look where they are.... And if and when he buys this team he is gonna do what with it?


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                          Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

                          Originally posted by txramsfan View Post
                          One thing about Limbaugh, he has sports experience. I think he was the GM of the Royals for awhile when they were winning.
                          Actually, he was Director of Promotions for which he was paid $18,000 a year organizing Royals community events (oooooohh, he was a community organizer). Before that, he was a top 40 disc jockey in Sacramento, California.


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                            Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

                            Thanks BRM.....don't want to give him more credit than he or anyone deserves.


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                              Re: Limbaugh, Checketts join in bid for Rams ..

                              Originally posted by bigredman View Post

                              I want to be proud of my owners as I am of my team. The ends do not justify the means. Having Rush involved in the ownership would be as destructive as having T.O. in the locker room.
                              I could never have said it better myself. I can't see many people wanting to play for or work with him. It would split the locker room, drive a huge wedge in the fanbase, and ultimately destroy what is left of this team. I would rather have Vick AND T.O. in horns than have him on board.
                              sigpicThis is for Randy! GO BRM!


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                              • MauiRam
                                St. Louis Blues' Dave Checketts is a contender to buy the Rams
                                by MauiRam
                                Sports Columnist Bernie Miklasz
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                St. Louis sports fans certainly appreciate the way Dave Checketts has skillfully handled the pucks in his role as the chairman of the Blues.

                                So how would the fans react to the idea of giving Checketts a Rams football to see how far he can carry it?

                                If Checketts has his way, he'll reach the end zone in his quest to become the next majority owner of the St. Louis Rams.

                                In a brief but exclusive e-mail exchange with the Post-Dispatch on Monday, Checketts interrupted a short vacation to strongly declare his intention to put together a group of investors to purchase the controlling share of the Rams from majority owners Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez.

                                "We have the ability to get this done and we have communicated this to the Rams," Checketts wrote in an e-mail. "We approached this with the Rams months ago and have since that time put together a partnership of both concerned St. Louisans and outside capital.

                                "Last week, we communicated to Chip Rosenbloom in no uncertain terms, that he now has a clear St. Louis buyer. We are that buyer.

                                "We have reason to believe the NFL would approve our group as we have carefully explored their ownership requirements."

                                That's strong language from Checketts, who politely declined to elaborate on his plans or reveal the identity of willing investors.

                                But Checketts clearly is trying to stake out his turf here.

                                By confidently expressing his belief that he can land the Rams, Checketts is trying to galvanize public, private and political support. It's a smart move. Checketts can attract more investors by making a convincing case that he's a serious player for the Rams. Checketts already is popular with Blues fans. If he can get Rams fans to rally behind him, even more momentum will shift to Checketts' foray into NFL football.

                                Rosenbloom and Rodriguez are selling their 60 percent stake in the franchise and have enlisted Goldman Sachs investment firm to help expedite the sale.

                                Cynics would suggest that Checketts lacks the personal wealth to pull off the purchase of an NFL team. Forbes magazine estimates the Rams' value at $929 million, so Checketts would probably have to raise between $450 million and $500 million to acquire 60 percent of the franchise.

                                Is Checketts getting in over his head? I heard similar doubts expressed when Checketts entered into negotiations to buy the Blues from Bill Laurie in 2005.

                                And Checketts has been a success on multiple fronts. Scottrade Center was cold and mostly empty for hockey games as Checketts took over as Blues chairman for the 2005-2006 season. And now the arena is filled again.

                                The Blues were the worst team in the National Hockey League at the end...
                                -06-02-2009, 09:08 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                If Rams ever call, Checketts will listen
                                by RamWraith
                                By Bernie Miklasz
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH
                                Thursday, Oct. 09 2008
                                Dave Checketts, owner of the St. Louis Rams?

                                When Checketts, the Blues' CEO, made a guest appearance on my KSLG (1380 AM)
                                radio show Wednesday, I asked him if he'd be interested in purchasing the Rams.

                                Rams Chairman Chip Rosenbloom has said he's in no hurry to sell and would like
                                to keep the team. But if Rosenbloom had to sell, he told me he would try to
                                place the franchise in good hands and wants the new owner to be committed to
                                keeping the team in St. Louis.

                                Could Checketts be that candidate?

                                If given an opportunity, would Checketts step up and attempt to make a deal
                                with Rosenbloom?

                                "The answer is absolutely," Checketts said. "We love St. Louis. It's a great
                                NFL franchise. There are some real hurdles ahead with it. I'm more interested
                                in doing the right thing for St. Louis than I am necessarily being the owner of
                                the Rams.

                                "I think Chip's having discussions with a lot of different people. I don't
                                think he's decided exactly what he wants to do, but if and when he decides to
                                sell I hope I get a call."

                                As Checketts indicated, there would be obstacles.

                                The Rams' sale price would probably fall between $800 million and $1 billion.
                                If Stan Kroenke retained his 40 percent ownership share, the new majority
                                partner would have to fund 60 percent of the purchase price. Yes, a new owner
                                could recruit partners, but under NFL rules the lead owner must control at
                                least 30 percent of the franchise.

                                Though Checketts' personal worth is unclear, it's doubtful that he has the kind
                                of financial clout required to own an NFL franchise. In theory, Checketts could
                                put together a group headed by a "silent" majority partner — a big-money
                                investor who has little interest in being the front man for the franchise.

                                And in that setup, Checketts would fit as the chief executive. He's operated
                                successful sports businesses, including the NBA Utah Jazz and New York Knicks.
                                Under Checketts' leadership, the Blues are quickly rebuilding their fan base
                                and popularity. When Checketts ran Madison Square Garden in New York, the arena
                                prospered. Checketts also started up the profitable MSG sports network.

                                NFL rules barring cross ownership wouldn't apply to Checketts. He owns a pro
                                soccer franchise, in Utah, Real Salt Lake. But since there is no NFL team in
                                Salt Lake City, Checketts is cleared to be an NFL owner in St. Louis. It's the
                                same reason Paul Allen can own the NFL Seattle Seahawks and the NBA Portland
                                Trailblazers; the Blazers do not compete with an NFL team in Portland.

                                Kroenke, however, has a problem. The NFL won't...
                                -10-09-2008, 04:27 AM
                              • r8rh8rmike
                                Sources: Checketts To Drop Limbaugh
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                Updated: October 14, 2009, 3:36 PM ET
                                Sources: Checketts to drop Limbaugh
                                By Adam Schefter ESPN Archive

                                Rush Limbaugh is expected to be dropped from a group bidding to buy the St. Louis Rams, according to three NFL sources.

                                Dave Checketts, chairman of the NHL's St. Louis Blues and the point man in the Limbaugh group attempting to buy the Rams, realizes he must remove the controversial conservative radio host from his potential role as a minority member in the group in order to get approval from other NFL owners, the sources said.

                                Three-quarters of the league's 32 owners would have to approve any sale to Limbaugh and his group. Earlier this week, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay predicted that Limbaugh's potential bid would be met by significant opposition. Several players have also voiced their displeasure with Limbaugh's potential ownership position, and NFL Players Association head DeMaurice Smith, who is black, urged players to speak out against Limbaugh's bid.

                                Ultimately, the sources said, Checketts must reconfigure his group and find another investor to make his bid more viable.

                                Exactly when Limbaugh will be dropped is uncertain, though some familiar with the situation said it could be within the next week. It is unclear if the two sides even have spoken.

                                Earlier Wednesday, on his syndicated radio show, Limbaugh was defiant, holding on to hope that he still could be part of the ownership group that buys the Rams.

                                "I'm not even thinking of exiting," Limbaugh said on his program, according to a transcript provided to ESPN. "I'm not even thinking of caving. I am not a caver. None of us are. We have been betrayed by too many who have caved. Pioneers take the arrows. We are pioneers. It's a sad thing but our country over 200 years old now needs pioneers all over again, but we do."

                                Without Limbaugh, Checketts and his group would have to find a financial substitute to replace the sizable investment that Limbaugh intended to make. At the NFL owners meetings this week in Boston, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell addressed Limbaugh's potential involvement in the league and said "divisive comments are not what the NFL is all about."

                                Goodell added: "I've said many times before, we're all held to a high standard here. I would not want to see those comments coming from people who are in a responsible position in the NFL -- absolutely not."

                                In 2003, Limbaugh was forced to resign from ESPN's Sunday Night Football broadcast after saying of Philadelphia's Donovan McNabb: "I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well."
                                -10-14-2009, 12:40 PM
                              • r8rh8rmike
                                Not-So-Odd Couple: Checketts & Limbaugh
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                Not-so-odd couple: Checketts & Limbaugh

                                Columnist Jeff Gordon
                                By Jeff Gordon
                                STLTODAY.COM SPORTS COLUMNIST

                                Dave Checketts and Rush Limbaugh form an interesting tag team in their mutual quest to gain ownership of the St. Louis Rams.

                                Checketts is an established deal-maker. He knows how to raise capital and create successful business partnerships.

                                He earns high marks for his stewardship of the Blues franchise. His work with that team gained him great credibility in this market.

                                He and his people took over a woeful hockey team and painstakingly built a successful organization, brick by brick. They hired the right people and turned them loose. They revived fan support for the franchise by working tirelessly on the marketing and public relations front.

                                He and his people developed a plan, stuck with it and delivered on their promise to build a Stanley Cup contender. The Blues got back into the playoffs last season and appear positioned to take a deeper run this postseason.

                                Limbaugh has a lot of money, good business sense and useful experience in the sports industry. Back before he became a huge talk-radio star, he worked the front lines for a successful Kansas City Royals franchise.

                                In those days, the Royals ran a model operation. The franchise regularly drew 2 million fans (a good number in those days) with a grass roots season-ticket initiative and a successful group sales program.

                                Ewing Kauffman was a remarkable owner, even visionary in some respects. His baseball and business staffs were first rate. He hired good people and let them do their jobs.

                                Limbaugh had a hand in those glory days. Anybody working in such a successful franchise learns a great deal about succeeding in a tough business.

                                As the frontman for an NFL ownership group, though, Limbaugh would face challenges. His aggressive political views could become an issue with segments of the fan base.

                                Limbaugh once made comments about Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb that caused a PR firestorm. He proved too controversial to fill a role on NFL telecasts.

                                Can you imagine how much fuss he could cause by speaking his mind as an NFL owner?

                                Remaining politically incorrect has served Limbaugh well. Love him or hate him, Limbaugh creates compelling radio.

                                He has built an enormous following. His fans expect him to speak his mind and hurt some feelings. Limbaugh plays the provocateur role to the hilt.

                                This is why Checketts -- or another commanding individual that Checketts would help recruit -- would serve this group well as the frontman.

                                With somebody else out front dealing with the media, the general public and the league, Limbaugh could enjoy the many benefits of NFL ownership without having to tone down his act....
                                -10-06-2009, 03:30 PM
                              • eldfan
                                Limbaugh Buzz Aside, Rams May Not Even Be For Sale
                                by eldfan
                                Limbaugh Buzz Aside, Rams May Not Even Be For Sale
                                Oct 13, 5:16 pm EDT

                                Buzz up! 1 PrintThe following story was written by Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal. It first appeared in SportsBusiness Daily's Closing Bell on Tuesday afternoon.

                                Despite the uproar over Rush Limbaugh potentially buying the Rams, the team may not even be for sale.

                                NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said this afternoon that a Rams representative told the owners meeting in Boston that the investment banking process was at an early stage and that the Rosenbloom family had not even committed to sell. Chip Rosenbloom and his sister, Lucia Rodriguez, inherited the team from their mother last year when she died.

                                Earlier this year the club hired Goldman Sachs to conduct a sales process. Six parties have expressed interest, including the one featuring Limbaugh and Blues owner David Checketts, the only public one to date. Limbaugh's controversial background has sparked heated debate and led some players to say they would not play for the Rams. But Rams President John Shaw said it was premature to discuss potential owners, Goodell said.

                                Goodell for his part refused to comment on Limbaugh, other than to say he disagreed with the radio lightning rod’s comments as an ESPN analyst in '03 that Eagles QB Donovan McNabb(notes) was treated leniently by the press because he was black.

                                More: Colts owner Irsay says he would not approve Limbaugh

                                More from Sporting News: NFL Owners Approve Fergie as Dolphins Investor
                                -10-14-2009, 08:52 AM