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Penalties Are The Key

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  • Penalties Are The Key

    Hello everyone *waves*.

    I think the most important issue to be "fixed" would be the penalties. It's a little disheartening to see it because I can't help but feel it's a direct reflection of the coach and/or lack of talent.

    One thing I will say is, Steven Jackson has a tendency to change the entire direction of a running play from inside to bounce it out. This can lead to a lot of holding penalties. The linemen is blocking inside, Stephen darts out and they grab their jersey. That's why it happens on his long runs all the time. The linemen have to be extremely disciplined not to let that happen.

    Otherwise, we have a football follies video out there of penalties. If we can get that under control, I think we have a shot of being competitive. Otherwise, we'll continue to get obliterated.

    That's my two pennies.

    - Fat Libertarian