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  • are you nervous?

    for the kind of pain this sunday will bring? for jared allen having another multiple sack lunch? dig that hole of defeat one shovelful deeper?

    because the vikings are coming. they're tired from a hard fought, emotional victory over the pack. and the schedule gods gave them the closest thing to a bye you get in the nfl, other than a bye. they'll get plenty of rest while jogging through the rams, and theyll pad their record in the meantime. i wasn't sure whether i should bother coming over here, because you're probly all suffering enough as is. but i recalled that the vikings of old never spared a town just becasue it was pathetic, and i decided not to either.

    so whatcha got? any of you delusional enough to think you have a chance this sunday? lets hear it out

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    Re: are you nervous?

    you didn't have to come in acting like a jackass when making this post.

    but i guess that's what an undefeated team will do to you, gives you a super ego. oh well.

    we know the rams suck. didn't have to rub it in our faces.

    our defense will give you a run for your money at first. but your defense will eat up our offense.


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      Re: are you nervous?

      Wow, you're a class act.

      You should have followed your instincts. Don't come here and rub salt into the wounds of our fanbase. It's impolite, uncivil and quite frankly, it's offensive. You can safely assume that these boards are here for civil discussion between Rams fans who conduct themselves appropriately and fans of opposing teams who conduct themselves appropriately. There are no double standards here.

      If your aim was to perform the next closest thing to gratifying yourself in public, you can rest easy. You have succeeded.


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        Re: are you nervous?

        Its traditional to invade the opposing teams forums to trash talk mane ...'cept this ones so nice and modern I forgot what to say. Nice job with it btw, much nicer than San Franciscos forum. ;) At least you guys got that going for you as your team becomes the next Lions...


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          Re: are you nervous?

          jackson is a great back, and i'm hoping the front 7 bring their lunchpail to quiet any remaining skeptics about our run defense. other than that, its all good. i'd really like you guys to beat some of our division opponents though, if you can. and win soon after this week, because i don't want to hear espn talking all season long about whether you'll have an 0fer season


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            Re: are you nervous?

            i'll also give you props for this forum. ours isnt so pretty. i'd be lying if i said i wasnt jealous of how many ppl use it too. but after careful consideration, ill take the good team and bad forum.


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              Re: are you nervous?

              Reading the visitor posts here reminds me of an old joke:

              A Rams fan in a bar leans over to the guy next to him and says, "Wanna hear a joke about Viking fans?"

              The guy next to him replies, "Well before you tell that joke you should know something. I'm 6' tall and 220 pounds and I'm a Viking fan. The guy sitting next to me is 6'2" tall, 240 pounds and he's a Viking fan, and the guy sitting next to him is 6'5", 280 pounds and he's a Viking fan too. Now, do you still wanna tell that joke?"

              The Rams fan says, "Nah, not if I'm gonna have to explain it three times."

              Every NFL fan knows The Vikes should beat The Rams. Every NFL fan also knows that the Vikes will choke at the end of the season, either missing the playoffs or bowing out early.

              The Rams are young, injured, and struggling but this has classic trap game written all over it. Playing down to their opponents is a trademark of Childress' team in general,imo, and this year has been no exception.

              Another solid performance by the Rams D & this one may be closer than expected. Anything close to consistent football from the offense & it could be a nailbiter.


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                Re: are you nervous?

                Before you post in the forum, check your fingers . . . do you see any ring?

                I didn't think so.... earn it first and then talk.

                Vikings= the 09 Titans
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                  Re: are you nervous?

                  funny how fans of teams who have never won a SB,talk the most trash..

                  10 years ago does seem a long time ago now...but never is longer.


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                    Re: are you nervous?

                    what an a-hole. Like I said though, I'm realistic and there is absolutly no way we are going to win this D. The combination of an awesome RB in Peterson and an insane D-line is going to drive us crazy. Embrace yourselves Ram Nation


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                      Re: are you nervous?

                      Originally posted by Ahmedrams81
                      what an a-hole. Like I said though, I'm realistic and there is absolutly no way we are going to win this D. The combination of an awesome RB in Peterson and an insane D-line is going to drive us crazy. Embrace yourselves Ram Nation
                      dont matter none in the grand scheme of things...Vikings will as always implode when it matters most..thats why they come onto the boards of teams who are currently struggling but have more championships in their them with little minds..playing us is like a Superbowl for them and for once it looks like they may have a chance of winning it...unlike the real superbowl or world championship that they will never win..because they bottle it every time.


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                        Re: are you nervous?

                        Originally posted by Ramblin` Ram
                        dont matter none in the grand scheme of things...Vikings will as always implode when it matters most..thats why they come onto the boards of teams who are currently struggling but have more championships in their them with little minds..playing us is like a Superbowl for them and for once it looks like they may have a chance of winning it...unlike the real superbowl or world championship that they will never win..because they bottle it every time.
                        Good point bro. If they make the playoffs and get elimanted early, or miss it because Favre collapses once again, then I guess we coem out victorious right? I mean it's all about those superbowl rings at the end of the day.


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                          Re: are you nervous?

                          Are you nervous your season will end like the Titans did last year?


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                            Re: are you nervous?

                            Originally posted by unorthodox1999
                            Are you nervous your season will end like the Titans did last year?
                            I think the Vikings will win the division only to fall in the first game of the playoffs like they did last year. Who knows, maybe Favre will tank another 8-3 record team like he did last year with the Jets


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                              Re: are you nervous?

                              I love the Rams but to be honest, I've always hated it when niner fans bring up rings, the past is the past. I'm looking to the future.New coaches,new owners, new players, new dynasty


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                                Later, you find that there was a small hive of wild bees under the deck all the time, but by the time you do, those bees are long gone or dead. You don't dare ever tell anyone about that, and even say...
                                -09-15-2004, 11:14 AM
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                                The 101 of keeping your NFL coaching job
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                                Please bear with my English as this is not my main language and I am freaking tired from some random late overtime loss I watched yesterday night.

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                                2. Try to find a team with a lot of young players or make it your mission to throw out old players and put in young players as soon as possible. That will give you a few years where you can just point to the fact that you are the youngest team in the NFL and that you are still learning
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                                4. If possible, find a team that is a candidate for relocation within the next 4-5 years that will scare anybody else away and could give you another year or two. No matter how bad a job you do

                                During the season
                                1. Never play to win! Always play not to lose. This will in most cases not give you a winning record but there is a higher chance that you will just do enough. This will also make your fans bored who than do not show up for games. This is important to help the team relocation happen that can give you some extra years. You do not want your team to become too big a succeed and jeopardizing the relocation!
                                2. Play calling should always be boring and conservative. Again keep fans away and play not to lose.
                                3. The first 3-4 weeks of a season you will probably do fine as the opponents do not have tape on your gaming calling and maybe not on your QB. Then typically things will go downhill. Around game 8 change the QB and if really needed the OC. This will give you 3-4 good games again as the opponents again cannot study
                                -01-04-2016, 11:23 AM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                You all have my permission to leave
                                by Guest
                                I can see whats going on here. THere are a few of you who are still hanging around and posting because you dont want people to know your just bandwaggon fans. Most of you have left. Heck even Dezram went away and its his forum! LOL

                                FOr those of you who feel guilty and are hanging around for apperences, its okay. Im giving you permission to leave. Go join a Colts board or something. GO play Halo. American Idol will be back soon so youll have a reason to get up in the morning.

                                Until then, you are excused and may leave!
                                -12-07-2005, 08:27 AM
                              • RamsFanSam
                                So, you want to know what's going on.
                                by RamsFanSam
                                Fair enough. I'll give you my thoughts on what is going on in St. Louis.

                                We're losing. Why?

                                No leadership. If you have a group of guys who are trained in the use of battle tactics, weapons, survival skills, etc., they are some people you would think could kick some butt, right? They might - until someone else comes along who has comparable skills AND something the first group is missing: LEADERSHIP. Yep, the ragtag group of guys may win some battles, but they will lose the war. (Now I want to watch 'Red Dawn').

                                No confidence. You can spend 15 years training to do something, collect a big paycheck for doing it, but if you don't believe you can DO the job, you probably won't.

                                No support from management. Give someone all the tools they will ever need to do a job well, and never give them an "attaboy" when they do the job well. Never rip them a new one when they screw up. Pretty soon, there will be an attitude of 'it doesn't matter'.

                                No support from fans. Yes, I am blaming YOU. Today, the dome sounded LOUD on the broadcast for most of the first 4 quarters. I don't think there were enough people left in the dome after the 4th started to be heard. Add to that the negative comments so-called fans post in forums, say on radio shows, and the way these 'fans' act, and that's a LOT of negativity to deal with. Now, remember that these players can and do read the posts made here and elsewhere (Yes, I do know that some of the Rams, past and present, do come here to read what you guys write.) and YOU are as responsible for letting the air out of the tires as is anyone else. Every time one of you posts something negative about the team, it reinforces the feeling they are getting from the front office and coaching staff, strips that confidence away from them, and makes it that much harder for a leader to emerge.

                                To be quite honest, I'm fed up with the inept attempts Linehan has made over the last 3 years. I'm willing to be embarrassed for another 15 weeks as long as we end up with a REAL head coach come next season.

                                I am just as fed up with half-assed fans who have had nothing to say this year except "___________ sucks. I bet I could do better than that."

                                My response to you 'fans' is this:

                                Unless your ass has been out there on the field in the NFL, then you probably don't have a real clue what you are talking about.

                                Rant over. :mad:
                                -09-14-2008, 08:47 PM
                              • RamsFanSam
                                Let's All Panic, Demand Firings, And Act Insane!!
                                by RamsFanSam
                                OMG! We just lost by 44 points! The sky just fell, and NO ONE was prepared for the Rams to lose this game!!! The world is ending!!! It's Armageddon!!!! Next thing you know, there will be a show about amateur singers on Fox!!!

                                OK, so I'm overreacting like 90% of you are. Step back and take a breath!

                                Haslett has a BIG job ahead of him. First, he has to take this "reject squad" Linehan put together, and get them to believe in themselves again. Some never gave up, but a lot of the guys did.

                                So where are the problems?

                                1. The O line - they have moments of brilliance, but for the most part, they ALL look pathetic.

                                2. Bulger. I was even yelling for him to be benched today - and you all know I rarely give up on our QB. Today, he looked as bad as Rosie O'Donnell in Spandex. I think he needs to sit until he remembers how to play like he did in 2006.

                                3. Our secondary. Clearly, half of these guys will be gone next year.

                                4. Our RB situation - we put all of our eggs in one basket. We just didn't know that basket had holes in it.

                                5. OUR FANS. We really need to look in the mirror. When you are at work, do you do better with a little belief and encouragement, or do you work better with people on your rear end all day long? Personally, if my co-workers and the hospital patients were only spouting negatives at me all day long, I'd be very vocal about things - then I'd tell them where to go, and it sure isn't going to be Tahiti. Seriously, I know it's hard to have faith in a team that sucks like a Hoover, but unless and until the fans change their attitude, the players won't want to change their attitude, either.

                                6. The coaching staff - seriously, guys, why do you insist on entering a marathon while you are still on crutches? Watch a movie called "What About Bob?". Then remember - BABY STEPS!!!

                                Rant over. Whine and gripe, then fall off what bandwagon is left, or offer some constructive discussion. It's up to you.
                                -11-09-2008, 01:09 PM