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4-0 Favre vs 0-4 Rams

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  • 4-0 Favre vs 0-4 Rams

    Rams will get first crack at the 40 year old Brett Favre. Maybe the Rams can catch "ol man" Favre, coming off a short week and an emotional high of Monday Night, on a off day. Rams will be looking to 'BASH' Brett's birthday celebrations, cutting down on the penalties and turnovers will help their cause.
    Speaking of 40...the Rams should never forget that Brett put up 40 points on them, by halftime, last year when Favre was QB for the Jets.

    So Happy 40th Birthday to #4......Heres hoping, however, that the Rams can play Forty-5 minutes of football and blowout the candles to the 40 year old's Purple Party!

    Minnesota Vikings (4-0) @ Saint Louis Rams (0-4)

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    Re: 4-0 Favre vs 0-4 Rams

    I personally believe that Brett Favre does not have any more motivation to play. Maybe another game against GB. He came back to piss GB GM. He did it.
    He's not playing for money, he's not playing for rings, he's not playing for HOF, he has all that already. He came back for one thing, and one thing only and he got it.
    I think this could be a turning point for both teams.


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      Re: 4-0 Favre vs 0-4 Rams

      the City of St. Louis has had a bad weekend up to this point with the Cards getting knocked out of the playoffs and the Blues losing last night also right down the street so I say we go down another couple of blocks and watch the Rams surprize the Vikings.

      Rams 31
      Vikes 27


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        Re: 4-0 Favre vs 0-4 Rams

        I was going to start up a gameday thread, but this topic looks like it's already on that track.

        Fox keeps showing "Minnesota @ St.Louis" coming up, but the distribution map says it's Dallas @ Kansas City.

        WOW! They are actually showing the Rams! Thank you Fox!
        Throwbacks look fantastic!

        Edit: Oops! Nick just started a Gameday Thread. I'll be over there for the game then.


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          Re: 4-0 Favre vs 0-4 Rams

          4-0 vikings become the 5-0 vikings today


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          • DJRamFan
            Favre vs. Ripken
            by DJRamFan
            This was a debate I heard on the radio yesterday. Very interesting debate.
            Favre - Football is a tougher sport!
            Ripken - It's THOUSANDS of games!
            -11-29-2004, 01:27 PM
          • Nick
            Favre won't last long like this
            by Nick
            Favre won't last long like this
            By Jason Whitlock
            Updated Sep 20, 2010 3:37 PM ET

            Let's set Halloween as the over/under date for when Brett Favre suffers a career-ending injury, the nagging affliction that settles the Favre-Ted Thompson debate once and for all.

            I chose a side a long time ago. I'm a Favre groupie. I enjoy the drama on and off the field. I believe Thompson, the general manager of the Packers, gave up on Favre too soon.

            But I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong. If seasoned properly, crow tastes just like chicken, and I love chicken.

            I'm thinking of playing the under.

            Based on what we saw Sunday, Favre won't last half the season. Right now, at 0-2, Favre and the Vikings have a 13 percent chance of qualifying for the playoffs. By losing 14-10 to the Dolphins, Minnesota dug itself a mammoth hole and re-exposed the flaws that make a Minnesota playoff run seem like pure fantasy.

            You know the obvious: 1. Minnesota's offensive line can't protect Favre; 2. The Vikings don't have a No. 1 receiver; 3. Brad Childress is not an elite coach.

            Here's what's not as obvious and can't be proven with stats: The Williams Wall, the key to Minnesota's defense, is cracked. When the opposition really needs to, it can run right at the heart of the Minnesota defense. Kevin and Pat Williams are not as effective as they used to be, which has made Jared Allen less effective.

            I know, the Vikings have surrendered 199 rushing yards in two games, good for 11th best in the league (they were No. 2 last season). But their run defense does not pass my eyeball test. It's not creating enough second- and third-and-long situations. The squad that led the league in sacks in 2009 ranks No. 18 after two weeks.

            We're witnessing a total team failure. Favre could bail. He has a bad ankle. He's old. He didn't come back for a 20th season to lead an 8-8 ball club. It's Super Bowl or bust. When Favre figures out the Super Bowl isn't an option, does he quit?

            God, I hope not. That would be the nightmare scenario for Favre defenders. We would look incredibly foolish.

            This column is my preparation for the worst-case scenario.

            I don't see any solutions. Vincent Jackson, the disgruntled San Diego receiver, can't fix Minnesota's offense. Not this season. He'll just be another receiver who has no chemistry with Favre. Plus, Jackson doesn't play right tackle.

            A year after putting together the best season of his career, Favre is on pace for his worst. His QB rating is 56.1, down 51.1 points from a year ago. On Sunday, he tossed three interceptions and gave up a fumble in the end zone.

            Late in the fourth quarter, the Minnesota coaching staff was afraid of Favre. Handed a gift from Miami running back Ronnie Brown -- a fumble deep in Miami territory -- the Vikings ran Adrian...
            -09-21-2010, 12:40 PM
          • Nick
            Favre ponders retirement after early playoff exit
            by Nick
            Favre ponders retirement after early playoff exit

            GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) -- Brett Favre doesn't want to go out like this -- although he just might.

            Favre was in a reflective mood after throwing four interceptions in Green Bay's 31-17 loss to the hated Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field on Sunday.

            He said he didn't want his poor playoff performance to play a role in his decision whether to retire or return to Green Bay for a 15th NFL season.

            "It would be easy to walk off the field after that game and say, 'I've had enough,"' Favre said. "But I'm going to try to be as fair to myself and to this team as possible. I've had a lot of great games. This obviously was not one of them. But I can't base my decision on this game."

            Favre met with coach-general manager Mike Sherman for about 45 minutes after the loss to discuss his future.

            "He just had a long talk, a good talk and he just wanted me to know that: don't make any decisions off of this one game, as tough as that may be. And he's right," Favre said. "I still feel like I can play."

            Favre is still on top of his game -- he threw for more than 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns again this season -- and he's guided Green Bay to the playoffs 10 times, tops in the league during the salary cap era.

            "There's no fine line here. I love to play the game, I don't think it's passed me by yet. It's a good thing to still have juice to play and still physically be able to play," Favre said. "But in some ways you almost want that decision to be made for you."

            Favre suggested he give Sherman an answer by the draft in April but Sherman can't wait that long. He said before he flies home to Mississippi this week he expects to have a deadline from Sherman.

            At 35, Favre feels the tug of family, not just football.

            He's lost his father and his brother-in-law in the last 13 months. His oldest daughter attends high school in Mississippi and his wife, Deanna, is fighting breast cancer.

            "It's not about me anymore," Favre said. "My wife has gone through some difficult times and continues to and so that is going to play into my decision-making. I know if my family was up here right now, they would say, 'He's coming back.' But I also have to be fair to them, too, and they're going to be involved."

            Favre, scheduled to make $6.5 million in 2005, said he's never played for the money and won't start now.

            "If I come back, I want to come back for the right reasons and that's to lead this team to the Super Bowl," Favre said.

            He's pretty certain he has the offense to do that, but the dismal defense needs an overhaul so he's not always having to try to win shootouts like on Sunday.

            Still, Favre said he didn't seek assurances...
            -01-10-2005, 05:53 PM
          • r8rh8rmike
            Favre Not 100 Percent Healthy, But He's Fully Committed to Vikes
            by r8rh8rmike
            Favre not 100 percent healthy, but he's fully committed to Vikes

            Associated Press
            Aug. 18, 2010

            EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- As far as Brett Favre was concerned, he was finished.

            Last we saw the 40-year-old quarterback in action, he was barely able to walk off the Superdome turf, his body aching from the beating the New Orleans Saints delivered in January's NFC Championship Game.

            Favre was one play away from his goal -- taking the Minnesota Vikings to the Super Bowl -- when he threw an interception in the final minute of regulation, then watched from the sideline as the Saints kicked the winning field goal in overtime.

            "Believe me, when I left New Orleans, a big part of me was -- I don't want to say done -- but the fact that we lost that game, how hard it is," Favre said, his voice trailing off.

            Ryan Longwell, Steve Hutchinson and Jared Allen, his three closest friends on the team, unexpectedly arrived at Favre's doorstep Monday night in Hattiesburg, Miss.

            "We need an answer, yes or no," they told Favre. "We're either going home with you or moving on without you."

            So here we are, with Favre about to start his 20th NFL season.

            "I've done it all. There's nothing left for me to prove," said Favre, who joined the Vikings for practice Wednesday. "I'm here to have fun, help these guys win. I really enjoy this group of guys like you wouldn't believe. I think the feeling is mutual."

            Favre's decision to return was nearly as agonizing as that gut-wrenching loss to the Saints.

            Indecision is part of what comes in the Favre package, along with his laser-like throws into the end zone and go-for-broke playing style. He spent the last seven months going back and forth on whether or not he had anything left to give to a team he enjoyed playing with as much as any other during his 19-year NFL career.

            "I could make a case for both playing, not playing," Favre said. "This is a very good football team. The chances (of going to the Super Bowl) here are much greater than other places. From that standpoint, it was always going to be easier (to return).

            "Part of me said it was such a great year, it would be easy to say, 'Hey, can't play any better, why even try?' Then the other part is, 'Guys are playing on a high level. Why don't I go back out?' The expectations are high here, as they should be."

            Favre underwent left ankle surgery on May 21 and just a few weeks ago texted several teammates and Vikings officials that he wouldn't return because the recovery was slower than he expected. But he said Wednesday that wasn't the main concern.

            "There is nothing on me that's 100 percent. There wasn't anything that was 100 percent last year or the year before,"...
            -08-18-2010, 08:57 PM
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            Favre to vikings? the window is open..
            by Guest
            NEW YORK -- Brett Favre was released from the reserve-retired list by the New York Jets on Tuesday night, making the quarterback a free agent if he decides to again come out of retirement.
            When Favre was dealt to New York from Green Bay in August, there were conditions in the trade that required the Packers to be compensated if the Jets moved the three-time MVP. Those no longer apply if he signs elsewhere.
            The 39-year-old Favre, who spent one disappointing season with New York, had requested the move several weeks ago through agent Bus Cook, but insisted he has no plans to come out of retirement for a 19th season.
            "Nothing has changed," Favre said in a statement. "At this time, I am retired and have no intention of returning to football."
            Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum also said Favre had not indicated to him any desire to come back.
            That, of course, won't stop any of the likely speculation that Favre could end up with any number of teams, especially if the torn biceps tendon that hampered him for much of last season has healed.
            After 16 seasons with the Packers, Favre had a tearful retirement in March 2008, but decided to return to football a few months later. Green Bay had already moved forward, anointing Aaron Rodgers the starter as a bitter falling out with Favre ensued.
            The Packers traded him to the Jets, injecting excitement into a franchise that hasn't been to a Super Bowl since 1969. Things started off promising as Favre played well and the Jets took over first place in the AFC East, with a playoff run in their sights. But Favre struggled down the stretch with the arm injury as the Jets finished 1-4 and failed to make the playoffs, costing coach Eric Mangini his job.
            Favre announced his retirement on Feb. 11, saying he was done with football -- this time for real.

            Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press
            -04-28-2009, 11:31 PM