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Offensive Playcalling wasn't quite so offensive

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  • Offensive Playcalling wasn't quite so offensive

    The O playcalling this week was much better. We finally made a few tosses and took some chances.

    We made a bunch of stupid mistakes and didn't find the end zone until Bulger came along. But, we were making forward progress. And that is an improvement.
    The Rams... Where dreams go to die.

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    Re: Offensive Playcalling wasn't quite so offensive

    I guess we can only blame the playcalling for so long, it got us into the red zone 3 times and then the 3 turnovers,not the OC's fault on those.


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      Re: Offensive Playcalling wasn't quite so offensive

      The Boller fumble on the potential screen and the Jax fumble with 1st and goal on the 3yrd line made me wanna vomit. It would've been a game but no one can find that Rams vudu choke doll anywhere. We've bottumed out badly but the offense moved the ball well today against a pretty good D. So there is a positive somewhere in there. We also held Peterson to just under 70 yards. Just gotta stop the mistakes.


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        Re: Offensive Playcalling wasn't quite so offensive

        Offensive play-calling was indeed improved..nothing wrong with that today..

        cant we find a tub of stickum from somewhere tho?? i know its banned..but perhaps just a lil slither of it here and there would go undetected...whats the worse they could do..burn the evidence?? oops sorry forgot we not the Pats..:|


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          Re: Offensive Playcalling wasn't quite so offensive

          i didn't like the red zone playcalling for the most part, honestly, and i liked the red zone execution less. other than that it was an improvement.


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            Re: Offensive Playcalling wasn't quite so offensive

            Agreed, playcalling in the redzone was pedestrian at best, but it would have been a far more exciting game had we not given them the ball back 3 times at our own goal line.
            Now my phone keeps blowing up with all my obnoxious Viqueen 'fan' friends.


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              Re: Offensive Playcalling wasn't quite so offensive

              Originally posted by Warner4prez View Post
              Agreed, playcalling in the redzone was pedestrian at best, but it would have been a far more exciting game had we not given them the ball back 3 times at our own goal line.
              Now my phone keeps blowing up with all my obnoxious Viqueen 'fan' friends.
              Keep in mind the play calling in the Red Zone couldn't remain as it was in the middle of the field. The entire Rams offense was 3 step drop/quick throw with a Steven Jackson run mixed in. In the Red Zone with a smaller field to work with and no cushion given to the receivers it forced the Rams out of the only thing that was really working for them all day. Of course, turning the ball over doesn't help much either but I'm fairly certain that wasn't by design.


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                Re: Offensive Playcalling wasn't quite so offensive

                Playcalling had nothing to do with the loss today.

                Play execution was the problem.

                ...and holding onto the damn ball.

                The Rams moved the ball fairly well against a very good defense. But continue to shoot themselves in the foot.


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                  Re: Offensive Playcalling wasn't quite so offensive

                  My only problem with the play calling was the Boller QB draw and the naked bootleg.

                  Once we threw it deep a couple times (late in the game mind you) it really helped open up lanes for Jackson. Shurmur needs to remember this and do it all game next week.

                  If we can stop the turnovers I really think we can beat the Jags. If you're just looking at the stats, you're not getting the whole story. Turnovers aside, I thought we looked pretty good!


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                    The offensive line is the number one problem with this team right now. The Rams put some big money into the offensive line recently and yet the line is still the problem. Who is/are the weak link(s)? What needs to happen to turn this unit from a weakness into a strength?
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                    I pin this loss on the line. How do you give up a sack in OT? Not just there but SJax had to fight for every single yard. Then again if our WR can't get open? thoughts
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                    Our offensive line absolutely stinks
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                    We played a good football game today. Bulger played well, except for the pick. Donnie Avery had a breakout game- hopefully just the beginning of great things to come. Antonio Pittman did an excellent job in replacing Steven Jackson today. OJ Atogwe had another pick and Chris Long had two sacks. Too bad the offensive line didn't get the memo that there was a football game today.

                    Four sacks and two holding penalties which both took us out of field goal range and stalled drives. Just terrible. I've had enough of Alex Barron and his false starts and holding penalties. How you can come out of a time out and get called for holding is beyond me. It's a real shame because we played a tough team to a virtual draw in their building.
                    -10-26-2008, 01:19 PM
                  • jjigga3000
                    MY Assesment......
                    by jjigga3000
                    This team was horrible, and I don't know if they can stop this bleeding. This team played uninspired and with no heart. The Panthers ran on us like we were a pop warner team. We couldn't make the tackles nor could the Defensive line keep the O line off our Linebacker. Linehan or whomever was calling the Offensive plays got away from the run. I could have sworn this was a Martz team out there playing. We played a solid game the first half only to come out in the second half and not even show up.

                    We've got some serious problems we need to address.

                    1. Our line, with Pace down, and not backup because Stussie is off the team with a broken foot.

                    2. Our D line, AC is playing well, but LG is a liability. It could be that we were just outmatched by a bigger line. but I don't buy that because we did so well the first half. This D just gave up.

                    3. Our offense is misfiring not rhythm whatsoever. Bulger is overthrowing the passing routes.

                    4. We got completely away from the Run. That's inexcusable,

                    If we don't do something, and do something quick, we wont win 3 games this season.
                    -09-09-2007, 01:22 PM
                  • LaRamsFanLongTime
                    Play Calling -Offense
                    by LaRamsFanLongTime
                    We as Rams fans have been spoiled at times by one of the best offensive minds in the game. In my opinion Martz has some of the best plays ever yet he lacks continuity. The 3-5 step drop that made his team famous was replaced by 5-7 with his qb usually getting killed. The front office fealt like it was time to change and they did. He left behind a offensive legacy that was stained by madness. There is alot to learn from the Rams offensive regime and hopefully Linehan does just that.

                    The Rams have Holt one of the best in the league at WR. Then there is best route runner in NFL history Issac Bruce. When you add in the super Fast Curtis you have weapons that teams just dont see very often. Not to Mention we have a Moose of TE that is just a huge target(I know he is a Rookie). Then you have an extremely accurate Bulger throwing to these guys. Factor that in with the threat the SJ can break one at any time and we should have a top tier offense.

                    The offensive line though at the moment is shakey and already has been hit with an injury. Bulger will face pressure and The Rams are gonna have to limit the play calls at times with max protection schemes. Or they could start using quick drop pass plays that limit the time defense has to react. I think one of the greatest things that can be learned from Martz is how effective quick drops can be when you have the weapons. Its a shame that he abandoned it in the first place. I really want to see quick slants and little 5 yard outs. A couple more screens would have been nice as well. Get the ball out of Bulgers hand and into the receivers hands.They make plays that is their job.

                    Im not asking for Martz ball, I want to see more balance and less flinging the ball around then we have in the previous years. The thing is I think Linehan yesterday showed us balance on the drives but not in the red zone. This was a problem Martz had in the Red zone as well. Kind of a "Lets try to outsmart the d instead of pound their d." When you start from the 3 yard line you pound once twice 3 times a lady hell even 4 times if you have too. I say use Davis like the Steelers used Bettis if you dont want SJ doing the carrying inside the 5 (something I do not understand by the way.) Coach those little pass plays intended for the TE or RB off the goalline work alot better when you are not facing extremely fast linebackers. Sorry for the smart alec routine but that play really pissed me off.

                    I like the balanced attack. I like the commitment to the run.We just need that commitment in the zone too. We will have to get this passing game going If we want to put up some points though. I would give the play calling a d minus yesterday. They really did not work the middle of the field very much. I like the direction I like the focus but you have to be a little bit wild at times on both sides of the ball not just defense. Open up the playbook in the open field please.
                    -09-11-2006, 11:18 AM