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  • Keep the Coach!

    Yes, the Rams are moving, but maybe close, maybe to LA. .... Who knows.
    What I think is, I know Spags should be the Coach of this team, where ever
    they go. Spags has "it"..I think 2 more years is what it will take, I hope
    Spags is still the head coach at that time. Where ever or who ever takes
    this team called the RAMS.

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    Re: Keep the Coach!

    we need a better offensive coordinator


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      Re: Keep the Coach!

      Instead of finding creative ways to lose, the Rams ought to find creative ways to win. But as a team effort despite the results of the loss to the YIKEs(Vikings), a lot of improvement.

      As to a new OC--YEP concure on that one...some of the play calls--you gotta wonder.

      From teh outset to find Linehan's replacement, I wanted Rex...but Sprags isnt bad and ought to be kept


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        Re: Keep the Coach!

        Instead of finding creative ways to lose, the Rams ought to find creative ways to win.

        That is a good point. One of the worst teams, year-in, year-out, were the mid-70's Giants. Fans burned tickets outside the stadium. They called NBC and made them NOT show the Chiefs at Giants to make a point. Before the Giants became winners again, with players who could deliver, they changed their style. It was no longer two up the gut and then a pass (or draw) on third and long. They did flea-flickers, reverses, onsodes kicks at funny times. They made the other team stay awake. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn't. One thing: the team did not act like they gave up.

        Billy Martin (in baseball) did a similar thing in baseball during the same time period.


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          Re: Keep the Coach!

          1.we not moving anywhere
          2.the Offensive play calling was much improved playcalling can prevent poor execution like fumbles etc...
          3.our team hasn`t given up.
          4.the fleaflicker i dont believe would be a good idea with our O-line.
          5.Next week we win.

          i do believe Spagnuolo is the right man for us..(Billy Devaney is too)
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            Re: Keep the Coach!

            If your offense is S.Jackson the a flea flicker is a GOOD idea. Simply teams know where your bead & butter is, they are t-ing off on Jackson--its not a mystery.

            The worst thing that can happen to the Rams is to be OVER looked and discounted as a win. It doesn't help the Rams players to have other teams play them soft--adversity either makes you or breaks you. In this re-building process the Rams need to know who to keep and who to cut.

            The best thing for the Rams is to be "dangerious" and why not throw out the playbook and open up the offense--and defense. The talent pool isnt that deep at this point to run a conventional style team, so what is there really to loose?


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            • Varg6
              For whatever it's worth.
              by Varg6
              I live in New Jersey.

              Back in high school, basically everyone was a Giants fan. Before the Giants had won the Superbowl with Coughlin and Eli, I kid you not, every fan wanted Coughlin's head. They constantly belittled Eli Manning sounding as if they weren't even fans to begin with. The fans said things like Coughlin needs to be on the hot seat and Eli needs to be traded.

              Well, after their miraculous season with Steve Spagnuolo being the DC, they won the Superbowl against a team that had not lost a game in the regular season. Now they are one of the most respected teams and all the Giants fans are always smiling. They love Eli and they love Coughlin's demeanor.

              My point is simply this: It took the Giants a few years before they got to where they are now. The same thing is happening to the Rams and unfortunately we are probably even more behind than they ever were. But things do change and Spags comes from a winning formula team. He knows how to win.

              Spags wants discipline and so far he hasn't gotten virtually any from his players. These things take time and unfortunately patience. I was watching the Giants game yesterday and you'll notice that they rarely commit any penalties, they are a well-coached team. Spags wants the same thing with the Rams but it's going to take a few years.

              I know these are rough and I mean rough times for us but things are going to get better. These young guys show their inexperience on the field but over time they develop and become better players. You have to give them a chance.

              I believe that we have coaches who know how to win and they are implementing that same strategy from their former teams. When we've had players being used to being bad players, it's going to take a long time to get them to be winners. But rest assured I think we are heading in the right direction regardless of the ownership situation. These things take time but in a season like this I would like to see improvement regardless of losing. And so far, at least defensively we've seen improvements.

              Just keep on believing...our faith will be rewarded!
              -10-05-2009, 06:56 AM
            • Likesspace
              Coach Spags
              by Likesspace
              Hi guys...

              Well I've waited to make this particular post since I joined this board, but after today's victory I just could not keep this in any longer.

              I've been a fan of coach Spags since the day he came to St. Louis and although I've done plenty of questioning since that time I've still always felt that he would turn out to be a really good head coach for us.

              In light of the fact that he has taken quite a bit of heat on this (and all of the other Rams boards as well) I ask you all to consider this:

              We have a coach who has taken a group of young and inexperienced players and has them playing at the absolute top of their ability.

              We have a coach who is working with a team that is so beat up with injuries that he was concerned about being able to field a quality team for today's game.

              Basically what we have is a coach who is able to make, what the rest of the league, considers to be a group of average players and have them playing some really great football. This is something that is amazing to me.

              When Dick Vermeil and Mike Martz were in town they had a group of exceptional football players who played exceptional football. It was a really fun time but was it really all that surprising?

              From what I've seen so far this year......not just in the last two games, but this entire a coach who knows what he's doing with his players and it is now showing in the win column.

              Do I expect Spags to do some things going forward that I don't agree with? Yep, I certainly do, but all in all I'm very impressed with what he has accomplished so far and feel that we just might have found the head coach who will take us back to our glory days.

              Oh yeah..... Bradford hasn't hurt either. :-)

              -10-03-2010, 01:43 PM
            • NJ Ramsfan1
              by NJ Ramsfan1
              I have the privilege of being a high school coach. I've been a part of some excellent teams and have also coached some teams who were not sucessful. Certainly, there are elements to coaching high school that are very different from being a professional coach, but at the end of the day coaching is coaching. You do the very best job you can to bring guys together and win games. Coaching is teaching. Coaching is about adjustments. Coaching is about recognizing talent. My observations lead me to believe Spags is a good defensive coordinator and a guy who has his team playing hard most of the time despite the futility, and that is a tribute to him. But where he and the rest of the staff come up woefully short is in the area of game planning and in-game adjustments and utilizing his personnel properly.

              It is absolutely critical that you adjust your game plan and adjust your playcalling to fit the skill sets of those who are playing. If I have a poor offensive team in baseball, I am going to play small ball- bunt, steal, hit and run- do everything I can do to generate offense and put pressure on the defense. If I have a slow basketball team, I am going to slow the game down- not get into a run and gun contest with my opponent. And if I have one of the best backs in football, I'm sure as hell not going to spread him out, completely neutralize him and make him one-dimensional. I'm not going to isolate my franchise QB with the bad ankle with minimal protection and put him on an island. I'm going to recognize my offensive line stinks and call plays accordingly to maximize their ability to be successful.

              To me, there is no better example of this than with Josh McDaniels. He appears incapable of preparing a sound offensive game plan which best utilizes the talents of those who are playing. Anyone can look good when you have Joe Montana or Dan Marino or Tom Brady. Show me what you can do with lesser talent. McDaniels has shown me he can't get the job done because his system doesn't fit the personnel he has. His look of exasperation on the sideline late in the Seattle game shows me he's frustrated and really has no clue how to get anything going. By extension, Bradford and the offense then lose confidence.

              As much as I'd like Spags to be a part of the solution and as much as many of us don't want to see change here yet again, I think it's needed. It's just not working. The record speaks for itself. Performance wise, we're no better off than we were three years ago. We're not only unable to take advantage of a bad division, we're worse than these teams. And while some of these injuries are bad luck and can't be prevented, you'll never in a million years convince me that a lot of them (sprains, muscle injuries, etc ) aren't simply from a poor conditioning program and a lack of toughness. This team has been banged up from day 1 and there's NO WAY that should be the case.

              I've said it before. Bring Jeff Fisher in...
              -11-22-2011, 03:19 AM
            • laram0
              by laram0
              Ok so we are 0-2 but could have or maybe should have won both games. At least our teams looks better than last year.

              Obviously if we win this Sunday alot of the heat aimed at SPAGS from the fans will cool off big time.

              However if we lose another close one how will the fans react?

              What if we get blown out? What will the fans reaction be concerning Spags?

              GO RAMS!!!
              -09-22-2010, 01:01 PM
            • dgr828
              SPAGS may be in over his head
              by dgr828
              There are millions of excuses for the Rams woes, but the head coach must be held accountable. Even Jim Zorn has the Redskins playing inspired ball!
              Spagnuolo has done nothing to show that this team is responding to him. More often than not his Rams tend to quit on him before the end of ballgames.

              Has Spags lost this team already?

              Could the Rams have made a better choice for HC?

              Spags must be thinking "What have I gotten myself into!"

              Should Spags be placed offically on the HOTSEAT?

              It might be TIME!
              -11-29-2009, 01:26 PM