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    If Rush Limbaugh becomes part-owner of the St. Louis Rams -- which I'm told is not even close to happening right now -- he may want to do something about the organization's political leanings. According to, no NFL team in the past 20 years has donated more money to the Democratic Party than the Rams. Politico reported in September that the Rams had given $230,050 to the Democrats, or 98 percent of the franchise's total political donations. That would mean that in 20 years, the Rams have given about $4,600 to Republicans. That's not even enough for a 30-second spot on Limbaugh's national radio show.

    Lets not make this another political thread guys. I'm just posting this as an FYI. No need to debate it.

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    Re: Peter King on Rush

    I'm a bit amused by much of the blather about Rush Limbaugh- as if one's political leanings have even the slightest thing to do with how they would run a professional sports franchise. George W. Bush ran the Texas Rangers. So what? It's apples and bowling balls. As long as the person in charge was making sound financial decisions and was committed to winning, I could care less if Josef Stalin was running the Rams.


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      Re: Peter King on Rush

      never mind the probability that if he becomes an owner. He becomes AN owner. Not THE owner. People are blowing this so far out of proportion it is almost funny.
      The Rams... Where dreams go to die.


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        Re: Peter King on Rush

        I care because I think all organizations are a reflection of their leaders and in bad times you need a leader with good character. I think he lacks good character.
        "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

        Jack Youngblood


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          Re: Peter King on Rush



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            Re: Peter King on Rush

            Originally posted by bigredman View Post
            Hey, do want to talk about how bad Bulger is vs. Boller?
            "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

            Jack Youngblood


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              Re: Peter King on Rush

              Scott, I know you posted this for informational purposes and with no intent to start any political discussion, but the content is almost nothing but politics and Dez has made it clear that there is to be none of that on ClamRam. Time to close this thread.


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                Earth City, Mo. -- 10 a.m.

                It's happening again. An NFL team is doing the right thing with the customers. On the beginning of a broiler of a day here on the outskirts of St. Louis, coach Mike Martz has ended practice early. He's happy with how his team is working, and he's giving them the afternoon off. But first, he gathers his team at midfield and says: "I want everyone to go over and sign autographs for the next 10 minutes.''

                There are maybe 1,000 fans here. The Rams open the morning practice every day, then close it during the afternoon when, presumably, more strategic things occur. Martz knows these players have spent four months preparing for the season already. The best thing he can do for them now is occasionally give them a break they didn't expect.

                "The drudgery of camp isn't what it used to be,'' Martz says later. "We've got a great group of guys, and they've worked to prepare for the season pretty hard already. I gave Marc Bulger the day off today, and the rest of the team will get the afternoon and evening off. They deserve it.''

                The autographs? "These fans are our customers,'' Martz says. "They come out here expecting to see a longer practice and more stuff, and the last thing we want to do is disappoint them. Our players know it's a good idea to make sure the fans go home happy.''

                What a novel idea in sports -- treating the customer right.
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                King shouldnt be playing in such a big role, with the season days away. Murphy was injured some time ago now. Spags may have expected King to be a lot better, but he has shown to be a liability, the weak link in the Rams defensive chain. To be honest, Ive never really took the time to ever watch King's play. He has not made any positive plays to my knowledge, to make me take notice. Ive noticed him a lot recently all for the wrong reasons.!
                I like what the Rams new FO has done in improving the roster, especially when drafting defensive players. Spags speciality is DB's. Hopefully the Rams will sign someone like Joselio Hanson soon to replace King,

                Im just worried the Rams will have to rely on Justin King, if the Rams miss on Hanson or another intended target for nickel, King is defo going to have to play well.? COME ON RAMS---- Lets GET IT ON.

                Im already having thoughts about D.Jackson going deep on us.?
                Apart from the above though, this is the first time in years when I have had this much confidence in the Rams.
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