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  • Most Surprising Rams Stat

    Which of the following stats (all of which are accurate), is the most surprising?
    The Rams are in the top half of the NFL in rushing yards allowed/carry (4.0)
    Steven Jackson is 4th in the NFL in rushing yards
    Marc Bulger's passer rating (81.4) is higher than Mark Sanchez's (74.1)
    The Rams don't have a receiver in the top 50 in yards
    James Laurinaitis leads all rookies with 40 tackles
    There are four teams (SF, Oak, KC, Clev) w/fewer yards/game on offense than the Rams.
    The Rams are second to last in turnover ratio (-7)

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    Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

    How does SJax do it? We are so awful now, imagine where we would be without him. Those who talk about trading Jackson make me crazy--talk about throwing out the baby with the bath water! GoRams!
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      Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

      I honestly didnt expect bulger to have that good of a rating, so that one. Not neccisarly because it's better then sanchez's but because it's not in the 70s.


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        Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

        Another little know fact is that we are Ranked 12th in rushing ypg gaining 113.8 ypg. That's what defensive minded coaches do. They stop the run, and force feed the run down ur throat. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Want some, get some...GoRams


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          Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

          I voted for the poor turnover ratio. I didn't see this coming after a great preseason of takeaways.
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            Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

            I too opted for the poor turnover ratio. Couple that with being (I'm pretty sure) the most penalized team in the NFL and it really becomes quite clear just why and how we're so lowly offensively.
            Coach is working to make the team much more disciplined and football savvy, it just goes to show that it's indeed an uphill battle.


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              Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

              I voted for us being second to last in turnover ratio, after all the talk in the offseason about protecting the rock i thought we would be a little more focused about executing the idea. But i guess not.


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                Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

                I'm with you guys, that turnover ratio is very surprising considering how good we looked in preseason. I can only imagine how different all 4 games would have played out if that stat was reversed in our favor, regardless of the penalties. Here's hoping things change against Jax.


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                  Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

                  No receiver in the top 50 for receiving yards !!!

                  If we had only one legitimate long ball threat that had top 30 reception yards, SJ would be THAT much better.

                  Maineram -


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                    Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

                    I personally voted for the rams being in top half for rushing yards allowed.

                    Considering how poor the run defense has been the last few years.

                    I think it is exciting to watch the rams hit those gaps and get penetration.

                    It's exciting to see; knowing that they will only get better. Also not to forget that Billy D will add a few more pieces to the defence next year; which is coming along just fine IMO.

                    Go Rams 09 :helmet:


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                      Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

                      I honestly think they're all shocking stats except for Laurinaitis.

                      But Steven Jackson being #4. Too bad he hasn't gotten any touchdowns. He deserves them.


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                        Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

                        I cannot believe, as anemic as this offense has been, we're not dead last in total yards. Prolly were until Sunday. :|
                        If a team won their division seven straight times, that would be a NFL record. Now add on that team did it with seven different QB's in seven straight years,that record is unbeatable. To do that feat, you must of had a great Defense. Jack Youngblood was the captain of that defense.


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                          Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

                          Turnovers are horrible. We are forcing a decent amount but giving up way to many its ugly. Thought we would be in positive numbers


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                            Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

                            In 2006, we were 31st in rushing yards allowed, based on yards per carry. We improved to 20th the following year but then we slumped again last season to 29th. Okay, we've only played five games so far but we're 14th at the moment (and we've faced Adrian Peterson), so I am pleasantly surprised that we have improved the defence against the running game so much.


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                              Re: Most Surprising Rams Stat

                              ah ah no to jackson trade here dudes,,
                              go Rams go


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                                A curioius stat for the football IQ'ers
                                by Rambunctious
                                Trust me I love Bradford. This is not a criticism because quite frankly I don't know how to explain it but as I was cruising some of his stats this one popped out.

                                When Bradford goes past 31 throws he has 0 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, his average yards per pass drops 1 and his qb rating goes from in the 90's down to the 40's.

                                My guess is it's more about the situations he is in and not his performance but I don't know.

                                What are your thoughts ole smart ones of the pigskin?
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                                bulger's meaningless stat buff time
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                                Now Bulger gets meaningless yards and maybe a score to end the game and his fan boys will say the game was not his fault (it wasn't/ total team collapse = head coaches fault) but this is how his stats get inflated every year meaningless yards and scores with game out of reach
                                -09-07-2008, 01:40 PM
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                                Wheres the Truth??
                                by LaRamsFanLongTime
                                You know I watch sports center and sports related programming most of the time Im in my home. Im addicted I cant get enough I have even become a NASCAR fan this year something I never thought would happen.I seem to notice it dont matter where the forum takes place ESPN/FoxSports/Nfl network that there is always a general concensus on related topics.It seems all these guys get together and decide alright this is the story for this team lets run with it. Take our Rams for example. The story is "Will Jackson Get The BAll?" Thats all I seem to hear. I hear about the new coaching staff too but it always seems to be in relation to Jackson.

                                We are fans this is our team and we follow it everyday as much as possible. Im sure everyone here would say the number one story is will the defence step it up? I know its the media and they bonehead stuff all the time but cmon this is such an easy thing to evaluate. Tony lets go to the stats please (Tony being my made up statitician that tries to bail me out of my nonsensical writing) Last year this team finished 9th in total offence, Had only 2 games where they scored under 20 points, #4 in passing, #2 receiving, #11 in scoring and yes a dismal 22 in rushing.These are pretty impressive offensive numbers considering the O-line was patchwork all year. Lets not forget we lost Bulger, Bruce and Holt during the regular season. Oh yeah and our offensive coordinator/head coach was essentially fired after getting sick. Not an easy thing to deal with as players.

                                I could see that we were unbalanced. Steven really did not always get the chance to shine. Usually though when I was watching us lose I was not saying DAMNIT GIVE THE BALL TO STEVEN. Usually it was more like "wow this defence disgust me." Tony roll the stat sheet again please. Lets see the total Defence Rams ranked 30th, Against the pass we were 23rd, the run 28th, not to good. We were dead last on average run against us 4.7......4.7!!!!!!! damn thats alot of yards to give up per rush. Stats dont lie I love them. They show you exactly what needs to get better. While I agree rushing is an area of concern it no where near as big of a concern as the defence is.

                                So while Jackson is a story and an issue I care about none of it matters if this defence is not better. USA today had an article yesterday, the first big Rams article actually, even had a picture. Guess what?? It was about Jackson. In this age where anybody could look up a stat in seconds online there is no excuse for this. USA Today,ESPN,FOX Sports, and countless others you want a story? Put a big picture of Haslett in your papers. He is the single most important person on this team right now in my opinion. If he could turn this defence around like he has done his whole career this team will be playoff bound. It all falls on the defences shoulders.
                                -08-09-2006, 05:26 PM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                An odd stat that did not help the Rams' cause.
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                The Rams forced 17 fumbles this year and recovered only 4!!!

                                Yesterday, a fumble by M.Lynch could have turned things in the Rams' favor, but it bounced the wrong way.

                                Let's hope the law of averages even this stat out next year.
                                -12-31-2012, 09:34 AM
                              • Rambos
                                What does this stat mean?
                                by Rambos
                                Through fifteen games we have a grand total of four rushing TDs. Four!

                                The Pats have 23 rushing TD we have 4. To be honest I don't even know who are their running backs.

                                To be honest I'm not sure what to make of this.

                                We all focus so much on our offense and lack of an elite number one receiver. But come on 4 rushing TD?!?

                                What does this mean?
                                -12-18-2012, 11:31 AM