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Why Spags is the Coach, and Bernie is not.

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  • Why Spags is the Coach, and Bernie is not.

    On October 5, Bernie wrote the following:

    He had a real chance yesterday to make the point emphatically clear ... certain things will not be tolerated.

    He made a good move in benching Barron.

    Then he virtually apologized for it in comments made to 101 ESPN after the game:

    "It was just a decision I made, that's not the way we go, that's not the norm. A guy makes a mistake we don't pull people... I have not lost confidence in Alex Barron and next week we move on."

    I do not understand the Coach.

    Well, Barron responded to Spags' actions by having a great game against the Vikings, keeping Jared Allen away from the QB all day.

    Do you understand now, Bernie?

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    Re: Why Spags is the Coach, and Bernie is not.

    Bernie is a knucklehead. He sell controversy instead of real stories. If u wanna good read in the paper, look for Burwell. If he stirs the pot, he stirs it with fact. If I can remember correctly, didn't a certain Whiners coach do that last yr? Not only did the player respond, but the team did too. Finishing the season strong, but they are on track to winning the division this yr. Reporters sell papers, Coaches sell their careers. Worst happens to the reporter is ppl don't buy the paper. If its a coach, they will never get a HC job again, ie Linehan,Cam Cameron, and pretty soon, Mr Zorn


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      Re: Why Spags is the Coach, and Bernie is not.

      Bernie is a knucklehead. He sell controversy instead of real stories.
      Iím not going to criticize the man because he has an opinion that differs from mines. Bernie has some opinions I happen to agree with he has some I donít. But because I donít agree with him all the time Iím not going to quit reading his articles. I donít have anything against the man unless he holds up signs that said he hopes the rams lose all there games Iím going to keep reading his articles.


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        Bernie Does Not Know The Rams' Future
        by AvengerRam_old
        Seems like an obvious point, but I think it needs to be hammered in every once in a while.

        This is a quote from a Bernie article dated 1/4/09:

        After this, Bernie said little about the coaching search until last Saturday when he started discussing the imminent hiring of Jason Garrett.

        The point here is that, despite their access to sources, when it comes to speculating and interpreting "signals," sportswriters often have no more insight then the average fan. They are guided by opinions, biases and ego, just like fans are.

        Of course, if you say that to Bernie on his message board, don't expect to be around very long....
        -01-20-2009, 08:56 AM
      • eauclare
        Bernie M
        by eauclare
        was saying on his radio show that he has heard Jason Garrett is not at all out of the mix. Now granted this is Bernie, but if it happens I give up.

        Chris Mortesen said this morning on 1380 that he thinks it's between Spags and Garrett.
        -01-15-2009, 01:48 PM
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        Bernie knows his crap~!
        by RamWraith
        You all get after Bernie too much. Now this is some good writing!!...
        -11-01-2007, 11:12 AM
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        Some Bernie quotes
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        Some stuff I accumulated from Bernie today:...
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      • SFCRamFan
        This just in at STLSports from Bernie
        by SFCRamFan
        From Bernie's Pressbox:

        We are reporting this:

        Team president John Shaw has offered his recommendation to Rams owner Georgia Frontiere: Scott Lenihan as the new head coach.

        She'll have to approve.

        That may not happen until tomorrow.

        It's not official. But getting close.
        -01-18-2006, 07:34 PM