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  • Pop the champagne.....

    I have NEVER been more confident that the Rams are gonna win of the Jags or Hags as I call them. If Bartell can do a decent job Holt we will win hands down. (I say Holt cause we cut him, he's gonna show up, and show out). Just for the number guys here's a couple stats and rankings according to
    Jags Total Off: 18th 328 ypg. Jags Total Def: 30th-380 total ypg
    Run Off: 13th 113 ypg. Run Def: 18th- 107 ypg
    Pass Off: 18 214 ypg. Pass Def: 31st-287ypg
    If that doesn't excite you even a little how about this, the Jags only have 4 sacks. Which means they don't get enough pressure to the QB. If this holds true it will give our line more confidence and Swagger. I'm not saying that the Jags will just lay down and accept defeat, the Rams will have to go out and compete for 60 mins. But if they play 4 quarters like a pro football team and don't shoot themselves in the foot...then we will have a "W" in the books. Want some, get some...better yet take some....GoRams

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    Re: Pop the champagne.....

    I love the enthusiasm, but I'm not going to call a victory quite yet. This is by far our easiest game so far, yes, but we're not exactly a powerhouse that's rolling over teams. I think and hope we'll win this week, but it's definitely NOT a guarantee.
    I believe!:ram:


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      Re: Pop the champagne.....

      I wouldnt get excited yet, remember last year when dallas had already chalked up the win agianst the rams but still had to play them? I believe the underdog won that game by over 20 points. But i do agree this is our best chance at a win, I would be more worried about garrard then holt. When garrard shows up and plays that offense is very good.


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        Re: Pop the champagne.....

        the way the Jags have been playing, i also agree we can get a win. we just have to protect the ball and create turnovers. If we limit our mistakes, 1-5.
        LA RAMMER

        It's Jim not Chris


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          Re: Pop the champagne.....

          Holding off on the celebration would be best..I bet the Jags LOVE our penalties per game and our -TO ratio, especially in the Red Zone..


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            Re: Pop the champagne.....

            Rams win 24-6.

            Just watch ;)


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              Re: Pop the champagne.....

              You better hold off that celebration dude....

              Jones-Drew has more touchdowns than our entire team does. Garrard has a few touchdowns as well.

              So until we beat them, lets hold off on the celebrations...


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                Re: Pop the champagne.....

                Originally posted by invisiblehorns314 View Post
                But if they play 4 quarters like a pro football team and don't shoot themselves in the foot...then we will have a "W" in the books.
                Yeah, that's the part that's got me worried...


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                  Re: Pop the champagne.....

                  If the rams can just crowd the line like EVERY team does against us and force Garrud to pass the ball we have a chance. Otogwe is a great safety and i think over the top he's gonna have Jax's number. As long as MJD is shut down, steven jackson will go crazy



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                  • 1980RAMS
                    I Don't Think We Win A Game.....
                    by 1980RAMS
                    It is very sad to say. But there a a great possibility that we lose every game. Now I know Hope super-cedes logic. We all want a win so bad that we think every week we have a good chance. Thats just not reality. I just wonder what we will do with a number 1 pick.

                    Also this offense is by far the worst in the last 10 years. The defense could use alot of improvement as well but they are the ones who are even keeping us in the game.

                    Anyhow.go rams... ummm..ya...
                    -10-23-2011, 05:35 PM
                  • RAMMAN68
                    Can We Win?
                    by RAMMAN68
                    Ok, it's ****** week and we all know just how tough these division games are. They need to approach this game as if it were the Super Bowl. They need to watch the humiliating looses over the years to that cheating franchise. They need D. Farr to explain just how important this game is.

                    Will the O line pull it's collective heads out of their arses and play a decent game?

                    Will the receivers hang onto the ball?

                    Will Linehan stick with the ground game and not hang his QB out to dry?

                    Will Haslett move the safeties up to help out against the run?

                    Will the DT's make some plays?
                    -11-22-2006, 10:29 AM
                  • RamsFanSam
                    Less than 3 hours to kickoff
                    by RamsFanSam
                    And I still have concerns about this game. Don't get me wrong, we will win, but it will be a nail biter.It is still early in the season, we could still go 15-1 (I wish), but there are things that keep nagging me, and I don't just mean Tawn.
                    What's bothering me about this game is:
                    Since Detroit, we have won two games, lost another. We played well, but didn't dominate. For some reason, teams don't feel scared of the Rams unless we completely dominate our opponents. I know it's a small thing, but the psychological aspect of the game is still important. Other teams need to fear us...not just a little, but enough to make the other teams wet themselves in cowardice when they see the Rams come on the field.
                    Our offense is there...putting up the yards, the first downs, but not getting past the red zone. A lot of teams have the same troubles. It's not a lack of talent or desire, but for some reason, our opponents are able to read our plays better than they should. We have the manpower, the skill, and the coach to come up with the ideas. Yet, somewhere, the whole thing is breaking down. I'm not 100% convinced of this, but I think today we will see the beginning of the end to our red zone problems. Why? Well, one sore spot in the whole thing was the RT. Jackson could singlehandedly plow thru 5 or 6 defenders to score...but he needs blocks to open up holes. And, since there have been several comments made by Martz and some players concerning Barron, I wouldn't doubt that he may be on the field at some point today.
                    Our Defense has come a long way since last year. Little has his groove back. Arch doesn't seem apprehensive to make a big play. Coakley, Clairborne and the rest of the guys are playing seriously. Our weakest point is in the back...but they are even doing a decent job. Our defense is, for the first time in a couple of years, above average. Problem is, they can't do it alone. They need our offense to put up some TD's so we can win.
                    Special teams is better, too. Before anyone goes and starts saying they are still not making the big plays, look at it like this....are they making the stupid mistakes like last year, or are they finally getting the idea of holding on to the ball? Even if they are only average, it is still an improvement.
                    So why am I really concerned? It is a home game. The Rams might come onto the field with the wrong attitude...the attitude that they will win since it is in the EJD. They need to get the attitude that they will win because they are the better team and will earn the win. The old guys...Pace, Faulk, Arch, Bulger...they know this. The younger ones might not.
                    I see a Rams win....a hard fought, close win. This game will be good for us. It will reinforce what we learned in matter how good the numbers, every one on the field must give 100% and score some points to get the W.
                    -09-25-2005, 07:36 AM
                  • LA Rammer
                    This Will NOT be a close one!
                    by LA Rammer
                    Rams will win handily!!! No Hass, No Alexander, you kiddin' me!!! Seattle is not taking this game too seriously. I don't see the squawks winning. The two are a very integral part of this team. The excuses are laid up and piled up high. The only ones who can lose this game are the Rams, defense not even an issue. Mark my words Bulger will have another great game and Jackson will do damage receiving out of the backfield. Holt is also due. As for our defense Pisa is back and Little will get his share of sacks (2-3)

                    I feel good about this game, as it is more important for us. Look at the Rams having, not a great defensive showing, but a decent one enough to hold them off.

                    If it rains Bulger can play in the rain! (vs. Steelers)
                    -11-10-2006, 09:54 PM
                  • RamWraith
                    I think we will win
                    by RamWraith
                    You know. With all negativity around this team by the fans these past few weeks I have a strange feeling the Rams will be beat the Bears Monday. Why in the hell would I say something like that? Football is about match-ups, and I think we match up well against the Bears. They have a week offense, that is in a huge state of turmoil. If Grossman messes up at all I think they pull him, just to see their other options. Now Harris is out. This is HUGE for their defensive line. He has been a beast all season. We also have the belief out there that we can't win, and that is never a good thing for a team that is suppose to be such a "powerhouse".

                    I think we take this game, restore some hope for the rest of the season and build on next year's confidence.
                    -12-07-2006, 01:34 PM