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  • Rams/Colts Game

    I was hoping someone on here could help me out. I'm comin to the Rams/Colts game in two weeks from outa town and was wondering if anyone knew what hotel visiting teams usually stay at. I'm taking my son to his first NFL game and was hopin to get him some autographs. Thanks for any feedback.

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    Re: Rams/Colts Game

    several Vikings players were in Lumiere Casino which is connected to the Four Seasons... not sure if that means they were staying there, but its my best guess.


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      Re: Rams/Colts Game

      Thanks, I'll check that out.


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        Re: Rams/Colts Game

        some teams have stayed at the Drury Inn right across from the dome,if you get there early they rope off the walkway they use from the hotel to the dome but alot of players will sign as they walk by and there is always after the game to,hope this helps.


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          Re: Rams/Colts Game

          LOL, i thought this was going to be a thread where a Colts fan was trying to bum some free tix to the game..

          Sorry, Colts182188 never been to st. louis can't help you out.


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            Re: Rams/Colts Game

            Thats alrite, people come to our boards and flame us all the time. Thanks or the replies Rams Fans!!
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              Re: Rams/Colts Game

              on a sidenote, not looking forward to Manning coming to town, he gonna burn our D


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                Re: Rams/Colts Game

                I'd suggest the Besst Qualitty Motel and Pawn Shop in East St. Louis, Illinois.


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                  Re: Rams/Colts Game

                  Love that signature Avenger.....

                  I have never seen any players from the rival teams. Not sure where they go or how they leave the dome.


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                    Rams at Colts: pick the score
                    by RamDez
                    The Rams travel to the Colts.

                    Once again, scores only on this thread. All other posts will be deleted, thanks

                    :clanram: :clanram: :clanram:
                    -10-11-2005, 12:11 AM
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                    How I beat the Colts! :)
                    by itsguud
                    So I was at the Colts Chargers game last sunday in SD... my first game ever! and whatta game to go to!

                    This game was intense. It had kick and punt returns for TDs, Manning having the worst game of his career the craziest picks I've ever seen... etc.

                    So as the game wound down there was approximately a minute and 28 seconds left on the clock. The Colts had just driven to the 13 yard line and the score was 23-21 for the chargers. A Vinetari field goal was all that was needed for the Colts to win the game. Especially since the Chargers offensse had been non-existant all day.

                    So as the Colts let the clock run as low as possible before calling a time-out the crowd at Qualcomm was extremely quiet and started leaving. We were sitting in row 14 behind the Colts bench and there were a few Colts fans sitting there but most were afarid to say much, so it was intensely quiet. As Vinetari took his first step out on to the field I broke the silence as I cupped my hands around my mouth and at the top of my gigantic swimmer lungs yelled.... "JINX". With that the entire section around me errupted in laughter followed by load screaming to thorw Vinetari off his kick... the rest is history.

                    As soon as he missed that kick I had about 10 people from all around me jump on me with cheers and high-fives.

                    It was then that I knew! (a little Torry Holt quote )
                    -11-17-2007, 03:49 PM
                  • ramsbruce
                    All this talk about the Colts D
                    by ramsbruce
                    Heres the thing, everyone is talking about the Colts D and how the Rams could easily get blown out. Well the way I see it, the Colts D hasn't played ANYBODY yet. The Colts have played Baltimore's ridiculous offense, Jacksonville who are just OK on offense nothing spectacular, Cleveland nuff said there lol, Tennessee who really have lost a step or two, and the Whiners with a ROOKIE QB in his first start. So yes the Colts D have looked great but wait untill they play some offensive minded teams before calling them the 85 Bears. Until the Colts shut down some REAL offenses it's really hard to say the Colts D is for real. I would say they are improved but they haven't proved anything yet.
                    -10-12-2005, 11:12 AM
                  • RAMBLE_ON
                    Colts -13 1/2
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                    The point spread 13 1/2 is suspiciously low almost looks like a TRAP. The odds makers want you to jump all over the Colts. The RAMS are in disarray with the Martz situation, and not playing well on D. I've got a sneaky suspicion that this will be a lot closer then you would think. I'm not going to say the RAMS will win outright, but I do believe it will be close, with the RAMS having a chance to win late.:O

                    Wishful thinking...maybe.:drunk:

                    GO RAMS
                    -10-11-2005, 08:27 AM
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                    Rams V. Colts
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                    I will have the game by tommorow, so if anyone wants I can give links on where to download's about 150mb in 10 different files (15mb per file).

                    So if you guys want and if it's cool with the mods, I can give links.
                    -08-18-2006, 04:48 PM