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Worst team in football--2009

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  • Worst team in football--2009

    Alot of mention is how the Rams are the worst team in football today. Or that the Rams are not the worst team in football that the distinction still belongs to Detroit...and back and forth the arguement goes.
    My money is in the latter arguement then the former, but not for the obvious reasons one might think. Yes the win/loss column doesnt favor the Rams and after all thats what football is all about....STILL:

    You have the Red Skins, a team with high profile players, top talent, no serious needs. Then there is the Cowboys, very simular to the Red Skins in having all the pieces in place for a team. On paper both these two teams ought to do well in the 2009 season. But both are struggling and not living up to their potentual.
    The Titans, last seasons 13-3 team still stuck in the cellar this season. Again they have the depth the Rams don't have. Jags, have a defense the Rams don't yet they are stuck at the bottem.

    So really who is the worst team in the NFL today? The Rams are progressing forward and striving to once again reclaim the NFC-West. Yes woeful in terms of depth, missing a few key parts of the puzzle yet. But what are the excuses for the other teams with a complete roaster of players?

    If asked on a street corner who is the worst team in the NFL, I would say the Red Skins followed by the Raiders. The Rams are going somewhere where as these other two teams are stuck in Limbo

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    Re: Worst team in football--2009

    Rams, Bucs, Chiefs, Raiders, Titans, Browns, Bills, Lions all on the bottom of the heap......

    You could say that we are the worst because we have the lowest number of offensive points and we have had two shut outs. We have scored 34 points in 5 games. How sad is that?

    Redskins are having a tough season, but they at least are keeping the scores low and their defense is holding up. They are far from the worst team this year.


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      Re: Worst team in football--2009

      Honestly, talent wise, a lot of teams at the bottom do have the rams beat. But there are some teams that have no advantage over the rams and that makes us just that much better than them

      The raiders-A quaterback with a ridiculous arm and probably the best kicker in the league and a pro-bowl corner back

      The rams-A pro-bowl lineman, probably the best running back in the league (just needs an O-Line to help him out) and a lot of young talent that show good promise in the future)

      Personally I think the raiders are the worse in the league. I would say the lions, but a team that puts up that many points per week just lacks a defense.

      It's just hard for us to accept that our rams are looking like this. Watching the game sunday, seeing "The Greatest Show on Turf" uniforms, remembering the 14-2 season with the superbowl win, watching people fearing the yellow and blue, watching marshall faulk and kurt warner destroy the fantasy's hard to believe that we are in the situation we are in now.



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        Re: Worst team in football--2009

        Are we really worse than Oakland? I don't think so we may be equally as bad offensively, but I think we are better defensively. Bucs also horrible offensively they have nothing but Kellen Winslow and I would rather have nothing but Steven Jackson. Defensively IMO better there also. Titans I don't know about them. Lions aren't that good defensively, but they are ok offensively and at this point they are better than us. Browns after there showing against the terrible Bills and getting rid of Braylon Edwards made it official in my mind they are attrocious offfensively. Bulger would never go 2-17. Bills worst line in the NFL and they have weapons, but where are they. They are decent defensivley, but there best LBs are all out for the season along with there 2nd best CB and best FS. They are way to banged up on D.

        Are we bad yes. Are we the worst? maybe not


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          Re: Worst team in football--2009

          I think the Raiders are the worst followed close by Buffalo and then maybe the Rams and Bucs,the Rams show and have the potential to get better,the Raiders and Bills do not, IMO


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            Re: Worst team in football--2009

            This is true, the bills do have a terrible line, but my gosh, look at their receivers. TO and Lee evans, i mean really, what else do you need. They got 2 deep threats, 2 people who have the respect to be double covered.

            That's why I think we are better than the bills. both of our defenses are too horrble to mention, but ours is actually not too bad, its just our offense puts them in no win situations.

            You give marc bulger TO or Lee evans and I guarantee you we would atleast be 3-2 right now. ATLEAST. It's just so easy to stop the rams. Our receivers are still learning so they are easily covered and all you gotta do now is stop steven jackson. thats why the vikings never really did anything until this year. A running back can not do it all by himself. All we need is a couple extra pieces to the puzzle and we'll be back on top. I mean, even when we were GSOT, our defense still wasn't much other than "The Tackle."


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              Re: Worst team in football--2009

              I'll bet you all this though



              Because the raiders can score slightly more points than us, the chiefs can score, the lions can score but cant stop anybody, the browns are slightly better defensively, the bills have two weapons and the bucs...oh my gosh , its just that feeling I get no MATTER WHO WE PLAY that we wont win because other teams seem to have that 'edge" over us no matter who it is


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                Re: Worst team in football--2009


                Don't you hate it when the conversation is if the Rams are the worst team in the league?

                But since we're here. I think the worst team is the Browns, followed by the Bucs, then Raiders, and then the Rams. That would make us 29th best team in the league!!!


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                  Re: Worst team in football--2009

                  Time to pop in the DVD of "Heaven Can Wait".


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                    Re: Worst team in football--2009

                    Your pretty much splitting hairs when it comes to who the worst team is, the bottom line is they are the worst teams in the league. I will say this, the Rams do put forth more effort on the field than some of the other teams mentioned. They put more effort out than say the Cowboys. I don't feel the Rams lack talent, I think they lack experience, that will come with time and if the effort is still there this team will once again give us something to smile about on Sun.


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                      Re: Worst team in football--2009

                      Originally posted by jkramsfan View Post
                      I think the Raiders are the worst followed close by Buffalo and then maybe the Rams and Bucs,the Rams show and have the potential to get better,the Raiders and Bills do not, IMO
                      I agree with this assessment. While the Rams are still making WAY too many mistakes, it seems they at least have a desire to win. I'm not so sure about the Raiders.
                      That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!


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