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Two trades to make the Rams better

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  • Two trades to make the Rams better

    Trade #1:

    The Steelers just lost DE Aaron Smith for the season. They need a pass rusher to replace him. While the Rams can ill-afford to further weaken their pass rush, I believe the Rams should offer Leonard Little. First, Little would not be seeing double teams if he were on the Steelers, and he could probably do well for them as an outside pass rusher. The Rams could then move Chris Long to the left side, allowing him to line up against RTs. James Hall can continue to man the right side, and Victor Adeyanju can fill the void in the rotation. I'd ask for a 4th round pick.

    Trade #2:

    If the Rams can acquire an additional 4th rounder (or even a 5th), I'd then try to get Dwayne Bowe from the Chiefs. There are reports that he is in the doghouse, but he is a talent player who has put up big numbers in the past. The Rams could certainly use a guy like Bowe. I'd try to get him for a 4th round pick in 2010 and, perhaps, a late selection (in 2011).

    Haven't evaluated the cap ramifications but, in concept, I think these would be good moves for the Rams.

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    Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

    I like where your head's at, but...

    Trade #1: Aaron Smith is a 3-4 DE. He is listed at 6'5" and 298 pounds. Leonard Little (6'3" 267 pounds) would not be an adequate replacement in that role, as he'd likely have to be more of a stand-up outisde rush linebacker in that scheme. I also don't think any franchise would offer a fourth round pick for a soon-to-be 35 year old defensive lineman in a contract year.

    Trade #2: I'm open to the idea of adding Bowe, but Kansas City would have to be crazy to move him unless they received some pretty hefty compensation. The Chiefs have played five games, and Bowe (who has only started three of them) is the team's leading receiver. He's one of the best young building blocks available for them to build around. I'd think it's unlikely that they'd move him for a mere fourth rounder.


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      Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

      Trade 1
      Aaron Smith was never really a pass rusher as a 3-4 DE he was more of player who just had to play his gap. The Steelers already have first round pick Ziggy Hood out of Mizzou stepping in at that position. Little wouldn't be a good 3-4 DE IMO he is 260 Aaron Smith is around 290 and is much more stout against the run

      Trade 2
      I don't think Bowe is in the dog house anymore. At first he was benched and behind some guys, but even with a bad hammy he leads the cheifs in TDs and is their only threat on offense. To a lesser extent it would be like us trading S-Jax. The Browns traded Edwards, but Bowe is much more consistent, younger, has better hands and is averaging a TD per game. I also really don't think we would get him for a 4th rounder. He is young and much more talented than Braylon Edwards who the jets got a 3rd (looks like this will turn into 2nd) a 5th and 2 players for.


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        Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

        Trade 1 - Nope, let him retire a Ram !!!

        Trade 2 - Let the kids play, Robinson was doing pretty well until his misfortune. Avery will pick up his play and be an asset by mid season this year. With Avery and Robinson next year, we will do ok.

        Trade 2b - Dorsey is not in the Chiefs plans for the future. Let's trade a 5th for him and put him next to Ryan and see what he can do. That will make Carriker expendable in the off season for sure.

        Maineram =


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          Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

          like the ideas for the Rams but dont see the steelers & chiefs biting on any of those proposals.(including the Dorsey one..)

          id think we could get Bowe..(sure he`s playing but that dont mean he`s not "on the block") but i think we would have to give up a 2nd for him..i personally would be cool with us giving up that for him..get our franchise QB with our 1st pick in the draft and our Offense will look a whole lot better next year.

          id like us to put Incognito & McMicheal on the block too..


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            Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

            According to the NFL Network last night, Dorsey is on the trading block.

            Maineram -


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              Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

              Originally posted by maineram View Post
              According to the NFL Network last night, Dorsey is on the trading block.

              Maineram -
              wasnt disputing that "fact".i saw it myself...just that i dont see them letting him go for as little as a 5th round pick..seeing as he got drafted in the top 5 merely 18 months ago.


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                Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

                Just do something to snag us a few more picks.


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                  Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

                  Dorsey being up for trade is either a test-balloon to guage interest, or it is going to get weird in a hurry. With all the premium talent at DL in next year's draft, I do not think the Chiefs are going to get what they would really like for Dorsey, at least not until the draft is over. If they want a deal now, they will either have to lower their expectations (in terms of compensation) or find a team that is just desperate for Dorsey (probably a coach/GM who scouted him two years ago and fell in love).

                  And, as has been previously stated, Little is not a replacement for Aaron Smith (besides which, no team is giving up a 4th for him right now) and Bowe is not going anywhere, least of all for a 4th.


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                    Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

                    1. Bring in Peyton Manning.

                    2. And Nnamdi Asomugha.

                    Originally posted by AvengerRam View Post
                    Haven't evaluated the cap ramifications but, in concept, I think these would be good moves for the Rams.


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                      Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

                      Dorsey has way too much guaranteed money somewhere around 22 mil. Would I trade a third or 4th for him? Probably, but I just don't see KC giving up on him this early and I don't think they can with all his guaranteed cash.


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                        Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

                        Trades like all of these are fun to think about, but they just don't happen in the NFL. It's not like baseball, where you can trade for a guy and plug him into left field. Football is different, and players need an entire offseason and training camp to learn the system. (See: Roy Williams last year). So with that in mind, I don't see the Rams trading for anyone.


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                          Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

                          Maybe trade Carriker to the Steelers instead, I think he would be a more natural fit as a DE in a 3-4.

                          Then go after Dorsey and Bowe. We could give put in McMichael in also.


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                            Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

                            Dorsey is on his way out in KC but I'm not sure they can take the cap hit of trading him right now nor can the Rams afford to add him to the roster I'm guessing. In the 3-4 defense he's a complete waste. There have been multiple reports that it's obvious he's the odd man out and that his draft choice is seen as a complete bust move on the Chief's part. I'd trade for him in a heart beat because in the 4-3, he's still a solid addition.

                            There would be no cap-ramifications to trading Little as he is in the final year of his contract.


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                              Re: Two trades to make the Rams better

                              I mean this with all due respect, but really guys is it possible to have an intelligent discussion about anything on here, really no offense but in one page of viewing here is a recap of all the ridiculous notions I have come across (which in some cases have already been duly noted as ridiculous)
                              (1) Leonard Little as a replacement for Aaron Smith when they are two completely different players
                              (2) Dwayne Bowe for a 4th rounder...who up until the regime change in KC was a borderline pro bowl player, if not one
                              (3) Glenn Dorsey for a 5th rounder...really considering he was the 5th overall not too long ago that makes sense
                              (4) Trading Carriker to the Steelers who happens to be out for the season, usually trade deadline deals don't involve people who will do no help whatsoever to the team getting him, especially a championship contender


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                                The Chiefs fans think if the Rams offered a 2nd and maybe a 4th they would take it. Question is, do you think Fisher/Snead would make that trade?

                                I don't see how they can trade him yet since he hasn't signed his franchise tender but maybe they could get something worked out before the draft starts tonight.
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                                What would be realistic to expect?
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                                Down 10 for second?

                                We need so much help on defense it would be nice to get an extra pick. I would like to upgrade at TE and OL (1 G or C) but that may have to come via free agency or next off-season.
                                -01-26-2006, 08:46 PM
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                                Another draft trade down rumor......Disturbing
                                by LARAM
                                I listened to some ESPN analyst, talk about how Chicago loves Darren McFadden to the point, that they may be willing to trade up to get him.

                                This scares me.....With other rumors of Dallas and Oakland wanting him, in order for Chicago to possibly get Mcfadden, they might possibly have to trade up to at least the #3 pick or even #2. This could be a possibility, and I hate to say it, but it isn't all that crazy sounding. I guess alot depends on what Miami does as well. I guess if a trade like this happened, we would all be blindsided.

                                I am totally against a trade back to the 14th pick, but what would be reasonable compensation if something like this happened? How could something like this benefit the Rams, and what type of strategy would we use for our picks.

                                I just think it's absolutely crazy to trade back this far, and I know this is all speculative, but jeez, What kind of deal would it take for the Rams to move back that far?
                                -03-26-2008, 08:44 PM
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                                Trade up not down?
                                by QRAM24
                                Now when I say trade up I do not mean for the #1 pick. I had a thought today. Why not trade up and get two first rounders this year. I understand we cleared some cap space this year and we have a lot of needs but listen to this thought.

                                Try to pull a trade with KC. I know sounds crazy but they have a lot of money tied up with Cassel this year and may not want to spend the money on the #3 pick.

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                                If this were to happen this would give St. Louis choice at LT and Curry. (If Detroit doesn't take Curry. If they did I would never do this trade)

                                This would help solidify the O-Line and get the best player in the draft that could be a player to make an immediate impact on Defense.

                                What do you think of this scenario???? :helmet:
                                -04-07-2009, 08:09 PM