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NFC West: no more a cinderella...

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  • NFC West: no more a cinderella...

    After seeing this sunday's scores we can say that our division is no more the weakest in the league.
    New Orleans 3-1 coming off a tough win against Minnesota.
    ***** 3-1 coming off a win against Carolina (well... not really tough, but still 3-1)
    Rams 3-0 headed for 4-0 and only undefeated team in NFL.

    And we still faced no one!!!
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    Bears won 31-3 over the Falcons, and the Panthers are pathetic. The Whiners, Aints, and Rams are potential playoff teams. I agree, the West is strong presently, probably all year.


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      Panthers are far from pathetic. Their defense isn't great, but they have an impressive offense. Remember, they beat us twice last year? They improved their weak link from last season, offensive line, a lot, and they've got a nice QB in Weinke. If they had a better choice than Ticklemeelmo Biakabatuka at RB they'd be scary. I think, despite the recent loss, they'll end up better than SF.
      Atlanta worried me until they lost Jam. They're in trouble now. I'm very glad we won't have to face them in the years to come as Vick develops. I'd MUCH rather see Arizona and Seattle twice a year.


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      • txramsfan
        NFC West best Conference this year?
        by txramsfan
        So far, the NFC West seems to be emerging as the toughest conference in the NFC. I just don't feel the Central is the same ole Central, with the Bucs really sputtering. The Lions are pathetic, and the Vikings have no running game. The Pack haven't played anyone yet. Saints played a tough one last week at New York, the Rams are well the Rams, ***** are much improved, and the Falcons will win some games. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rams and the ***** play for the NFC Championship game.
        -10-05-2001, 05:59 PM
      • cowboyhater
        NFC South
        by cowboyhater
        A few years ago, the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West with a 7-9 record, and went on to host and win the first round playoff game before elimination.

        Now, the NFC South threatens to make that Seahawks team look like the '72 Dolphins, as the division is presently led by the Atlanta Falcons, who at 4-7 have not even beaten a single team outside its division.

        This NFC South is 1-10-1 against the AFC North which is strong, but has no dominant team like the Broncos or Patriots. In fact, if you eliminate the games against the NFC South, the AFC North drops from 28-15-1 to a much more pedestrian 18-14-0.

        The division leading Falcons' remaining non-divisional games has them facing the Steelers, Packers and Palmerless Cardinals. I cannot imagine them winning any of those games, though they might well beat Carolina and New Orleans, making them 6-10, and still winning all tie-breakers for the division title.

        The 4-7 Saints play Pittsburgh and Chicago, where at least one upset is possible, and even in the unlikely event that they sweep the three remaining divisional games, can still do no better than 8-8, and are far more likely to wind up at 6-10, like the Falcons.

        The remaining teams are heavy with divisional contests, so if they win, it will be at the expense of the division leaders.

        So, we are looking at another 7-9 team or more likely, a 6-10 team win the division and hosting a playoff game.

        This never happened in the days before "parity", and has nothing to do with wildcards, as they are division winners. I don't have an answer for it, since NFL contraction is unthinkable, and expanding the divisions doesn't work with the scheduling algorhithms, which are actually pretty good. In the older days, it was the 9-7 Rams who made it to the Super Bowl, and not the 10-3-1 Rams, the 12-2 or the 12-4 Rams of earlier seasons. So maybe that's the way it is supposed to be.

        At one point, the 2007 New England Patriots were on track to be the most dominant team of all time. It turns out they weren't even the best team that year.
        -11-28-2014, 08:33 AM
      • Watchdog
        The NFC West Is Still the Rams Ball-game
        by Watchdog
        Two and a half weeks into the new season and the best conclusion I can come to about the state of affairs?

        This must be Hollywood.

        There are more sub-plots and scandals, more topsy-turvy oddities, and more budding Cinderella stories than can be found at the original Mickey Mouse Club auditions.

        If Walt were alive, he’d be rolling over in his grave.

        As advertised, our NFC West teams have commenced to knocking the crap out of each other, almost like the only feasible movie script that could be applied here. This division is as much up for grabs now as it was two weeks ago.

        If I had just woke up from a month-long coma, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to find out that the San Francisco ***** have the same record as the Houston Texans and the Detroit Lions. But I’d probably hock up a parakeet when I learned that they all are sitting at the tops of their divisions with 2-0 records.

        Is it a fluke?


        Here in the West are housed four of the best running backs in the league. Arguably the two best quarterbacks in the NFC, and a selection of wide receivers that would send any newbie offensive coordinator back to having wet dreams, and any opposing “D” man back to AA. And to top it all off, with all this fire-power that resides in this one division, the undefeated team has exactly one of these players, and hasn’t even put up more than 190 yards of offense in either “victory.”

        Suggestion? Let the movie play out.

        Assessment? We got this. Is that a bold assessment? Not really when you consider this.

        It’s a game of inches. About six more of them off the foot of Wilky’s leg would have taken away one of the Niner’s victories, and had they not had an extra layer of skin on their teeth, the Cardinals would have taken away the other.

        Mike Nolan has got to be sweating more than Mike Vick watching Old Yellar.

        In the mean-time, those same Cardinals beat up on the Seahawks for the great majority of that victory, and come this week, the rest of their confidence will be shot – at home – at the hands of Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson.

        If you look at it reasonably and rationally, the only teams that appear to have more upside headed their way than down are the Rams and the Cards and I still don’t see the Cards pulling it out in the first year with their new coach.

        The Rams on the other hand are making positive strides with the defense, and Marc Bulger and the boys will be exploding very quickly.

        Who knows, maybe all of these teams will finish under .500, but I doubt it.

        But one thing I do know is that Hollywood has invaded the NFL, the Rams have been written in as the sucker-punch, and the 'Niners division title is about as likely as O.J Simpson buying a ten-speed and going Mormon.

        -09-19-2007, 12:35 PM
      • Rip32
        Strongest Division this year????
        by Rip32
        Whats the strongest division this year?

        I would think the NFC East will be the strongest with the Giants,Skins,Cowboys and the rejuvenation of the Eagles(without TO)
        NFC West
        NFC East
        NFC South
        NFC North
        AFC West
        AFC East
        AFC South
        AFC North
        -07-09-2006, 09:57 AM
      • Guest's Avatar
        We Are The Best Team In The Nfc West...
        by Guest
        there are some points here that I would like to make....first of all I belive that the ***** are way too overhyped...everybod has them as the most likely nfc west winner. since when does a corner make or break a team? Clements is the only big signing the whiners have ha d and yet it seems as though everybody wants to ride their bandwagon...sorry arizona, they gave up on you. Banta Cain is an average at best LB. funny to mention is when we were believed to have signed him the whiner fans were pokin fun at us but when the whiners signed him, he became a stud and excellent pick up. Michael Lewis is another signing that was benched for making repetitive mistakes. We all know how sorry Lelie is and Jackson is still suffering from turf toe. P willis can become a monster LB but not this year. the whiners 3 defensive linemen are weak. in order to succees in a 3-4 u must have stud linemen and the whiners only issued this problem by signing a third stringer from baltimore. where in the world is the improvemen? if winning a division is based on just a CB then lets empty the bank on champ.
        seattle is our main opponent for the division. if alexander and hasslbeck remain healthy they can be a serious contender. the cards still need another year to adapt to the new system and QB.....
        whiner fans are just gonna be dissapointed like the cardinal fans because they have been overhyped by espn and the media...sorry whiners but don't let the media get to you.
        -06-21-2007, 12:40 PM