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The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

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  • The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

    Please keep all posts about the game or reactions to what's happen in the game in THIS THREAD, so that other threads on the main Rams Talk forum aren't pushed down from new threads.

    As always, please join us in the ClanRam Chatroom! Remember that your Clan user name won't automatically transfer, so if you haven't registered specifically for the chat, you'll need to do that to join us!

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    Re: The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

    Alright, it's about time for Jackson to take over a game. He's playing very hard this year, and hopefully today is the day his efforts are rewarded!


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      Re: The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

      Some quick notes I saw on CBS:
      Bradley Fletcher gets his second start at RCB for Jonathan Wade and AdamGoldberg will start at RT for Jason Smith today. LaJuan Ramsey, who worked as the No. 1 this week gets the start at DT for injured Gary Gibson.
      Touchdown! Bulger to Avery!


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        Re: The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

        Good Drive ST. LOUIS! full of big plays!


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          Re: The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

          That was a great drive. Now, can we keep it going?
          If a team won their division seven straight times, that would be a NFL record. Now add on that team did it with seven different QB's in seven straight years,that record is unbeatable. To do that feat, you must of had a great Defense. Jack Youngblood was the captain of that defense.


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            Re: The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

            Wooo touchdown!


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              Re: The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

              Maybe Bulger is finally healthy and has his swagger back from years ago.
              Glad to see Burton playing well on that drive also.


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                Re: The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

                Holt got us back on that one.


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                  Re: The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

                  Wow look at that! the offense finally does well and the defense gives up a TD just like that. Not to mention a very good kick return that was given up by our ST.


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                    Re: The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

                    Wow. Holt got us there huh. hahah


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                      Re: The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

                      Did they miss the extra point? Nice KR Amendola!


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                        Re: The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

                        Ouch. Anybody see what happened on that INT?


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                          Re: The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

                          INTERCEPTED?!?! C'mon Bulger! Does anybody have a link btw?


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                            Re: The Official Rams @ Jaguars Game Day Discussion Thread

                            What happened on that extra point anyone?


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                              Imagine if we had a qb to throw the deep ball...

                              Imagine the possibilities .... Sigh

                              bulger leads avery into the endzone and its a td...


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                              • renrawtruk
                                In it to win it....
                                by renrawtruk
                                Our division rival's opponents over the next 2 weeks. do the math.


                                SEA @ NYG
                                NE @ SF
                                BUF @ ARI


                                GB @ SEA
                                DAL @ ARI
                                PHI @ SF

                                We've got our hands full too, but looking at this, we won't be out of it if we beat Washington.
                                -10-03-2008, 03:20 PM
                              • Dominating D
                                you know it's bad when
                                by Dominating D
                                Your on the clan forum and you look up and see the following advertisement.

                                Chevy Silverado Vs. Ram
                                Silverado Leads Multiple Categories Against the Ram, See Which Ones.

                                The Rams can not catch a break.
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                              • Guest's Avatar
                                djdeeznutz mock off-season!!
                                by Guest
                                Yea this one is actually realistic Nick.

                                Cory Chavious SS (already done)
                                Pisa Tiniosamoa WLB (spoon will take his spot)
                                (Trent Green retires)

                                Torry Holt to the titans for a 3rd rounder

                                Ron Bartell CB (5-6 yrs)
                                OJ Atogwe FS (1yr franchise tag)
                                Victor Adeyanju DE (2 yrs) (he will help with spags DL substitutions)
                                Ricky Manning JR. CB (1yr.) (he did okay last year)

                                Channing Crowder MLB (4yrs cheap)
                                James Butler SS (3yrs cheap cuz of spags)
                                Duke Preston or Matt Birk C (both are big Centers Preston will com cheap)
                                Colin Cole DT (3 yrs 325 pounder for DL subs that spags is good at)
                                Leigh Bodden CB (2yrs With Fakir Brown and Jason Craft gone we need a guy who has started at CB before for depth behind Bartell and Hill)

                                *All of these Free Agents will come cheap (except Matt Birk) And will be afforable and i see us going into the draft with about 8-9 million witch is good enuff to sign our picks.*

                                Round 1: Eugene Monroe OT
                                why: i want Crabtree but lets face it the Rams want to get bigger more physical thy get bigger with Monroe and a capable replacement for Pace. Also i dont think Gross will hit the FA market so the Rams will look for a young franchise OT here.
                                Round 2: Clint Stinton SLB
                                Why: We are moving spoon to WLB and Starting Crowder at MLB so we need a SLB and stinton could be the guy. Stinton is a first round talent that will be there in the 2nd. He is big 6-3 255 pounds and is a fantastic blitzer. This is like a perfect marrige for Spags.
                                Round 3: Ron Brace NT
                                Why: Yea he will be there in round 3 for us. He is a great run stopper at NT and we need run stoppers so he would be perfect for us. However if a 3-4 defense drafts him high we could look at Evander Hood who is extremly coachable and a team leader.
                                Round 3: (From Titans) Dominique Johnson
                                Why: 6-2 200 pounds can run fast and is a 3rd rounder? yea its true i see him as a potintial starter in 2010 or 2011. This guy has a good future. However i fear he will turn out like Pacman. He has Character issues and gets in to fights with coaches. But i still think we take him.
                                Round 4: Nate Davis QB
                                Why: This is a developmental QB that can back up Bulger next year. However we could go other ways here. We could take Jerimiah Johnson to compliment S-Jax or take Rhett Bomar instead of Nate Davis.
                                Round 5: Tyrone Green OG or Pat White WR/QB
                                Why: With the way our OL always get injured it wouldnt hurt to get son depth. Well i was stuck here. So i put Green. But if we want to add depth to the Center position AQ Shipley will be there but he small and i dont think there is much difference from Romberg. But Pat White will definatly be here. He is converting from QB to WR. And White can break tackles and could fit in with our WCO.
                                -02-17-2009, 02:56 PM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Balzer - Holt, Pace not invited to Rams offseason program
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                No need to RSVP: Holt, Pace don't get conditioning letter from Rams

                                March 10, 2009

                                By Howard Balzer
                                The Sports Xchange/

                                ST. LOUIS -- Further evidence that wide receiver Torry Holt and left tackle Orlando Pace are not considered part of the St. Louis Rams' present or future is the existence of a simple letter that neither player received.

                                The Rams will begin their offseason conditioning program next Monday, and players expected to participate were sent letters by the team detailing the program and expectations. Holt and Pace, both under contract for 2009, did not receive the letter.

                                In addition, Holt has had no contact from anyone in the organization since Steve Spagnuolo was hired as head coach.

                                It has been widely reported that the Rams have been trying to trade both players. Holt is due a $1.25 million roster bonus next Tuesday, which means he would have to be released or traded before that date for the Rams to avoid paying the bonus and keep that money off the salary cap.

                                Holt currently counts more than $10.2 million against the cap, a figure that includes the roster bonus, $6.65 million salary, a $100,000 workout bonus and slightly more than $2.2 million in prorated signing bonus. This is the final year of his contract. A trade or release would save the Rams around $8 million of cap space.

                                Pace counts $8.975 million against the cap: $5.975 million in base salary and $3 million in prorated signing bonus. He has two years remaining on his deal with salaries of $7.175 million in 2010 and $8.375 million in 2011. However, because of the way the vontract was structured, this is the final year of prorated bonus due so there would be no additional acceleration if he is traded or released. His departure would save the Rams $5.975 million in cap space.

                                The issue is whether the Rams want the status of both players settled before the beginning of the offseason program. Each player could report to the program anyway, and the Rams couldn't stop them. An injury, no matter how unlikely, could result in the Rams being on the hook for the player's salary.
                                Several years ago, then-Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair was not allowed in the team facility during the offseason while the team decided what to do with him. Eventually, he was traded to Baltimore. However, McNair filed a grievance and it was ruled the team could not bar him from the facility.
                                -03-10-2009, 11:09 AM
                              • bud_5403
                                Best Rams Mock Draft by bud_5403
                                by bud_5403
                                Here's my Mock Draft. I pray it goes like this. All of the picks, excludind Crabtree, are barring the Rams address their needs in Free Agency. Has my first choice and who I would settle for. First edition. Most likely will be revisied by the time the draft comes around. I can't wait.

                                Round 1. Michael Crabtree 6'3 214 Texas Tech WR
                                The most exciting player in this draft class. The Rams need him to go along with Donnie Avery and Torry Holt. I know alot of people probably would enjoy seeing the Rams taking a tackle in this spot, but be serious folks, even the experts can't seem to chose who the best tackle is. All the pressing defensive needs will hopefully be taken care of in free agency, and the O-Line needs can be taken care of in Round 2. (Note: All of you Michael Oher lovers, stock significantly dropped after his senior bowl performance. Went from Top 5 to 25 on Mel Kipers Big Board). I wouldn't settle for anyone else. If the Rams don't draft him I would hate them like I did when they took Tye Hill over Antonio Cromartie or Manny Lawson, or not trading up to get Vernon Davis before the ***** did.

                                Round 2. Alex Mack 6'5 300- California C
                                We need O-Line help and he an HUGE upgrade from Brett Romberg or whoever starts at center now. He's a smart kid. Scholar athlete. Hard worker. Nasty aggressive player that can get the Rams on the right direction. Would settle for Herman Johnson, the 6'7 380 pound offensive guard from LSU.

                                Round 3. Michael Hamlin 6'3 200- Clemson SS
                                Great fit that can learn from the elder Corey Chavous. Could be a good strong safety in the NFL. Tough and physical. Doesn't have great speed but does have long arms and is a very reliable tackler. Also a four year starter at Clemson. Will Moore from Mizzou or Pat Chung from Oregon. I also like Phil Loadholt, the 6'8 337 pound offeensive tackle from Oklahoma ALOT at this pick. He was my first choice but I think Hamlin would be the better player available.

                                Round 4. Jarius Byrd 6'0 200- Oregon CB/S
                                I intially said take James Davis, the running back from Clemson with this pick but I think Jarius is a diamond in the rough and a future Pro-Bowler. Son of Gil Byrd, former NFL D-Back. Played QB and Safety in high school.. I know because I followed him. He being from the St. Louis area (Clayton High School. Demoshlished my high school playing QB. Won a state title also.) Could play zone corner or free safety. Reads quarterbacks well. You can tell that he played the position. 2nd choice: Will Davis. The 6'2 246 pound Defensive End from Illnois. Younger brother of Vernon Davis.

                                Round 5. Jasper Brinkley 6'2 257- South Carolina ILB
                                4.6 40 yard dash at his size is scary. He knows how to get into the back field and finish off quarterbacks. Stock fell a bunch because of his health. Would be a steal in the 5th round. 2nd choice: Scott McKillop. The 6'2 240 pound mike linebacker from Pittsburgh.
                                I Love It!
                                Good. Minor Tweaks Needed.
                                It's Okay
                                I Hate It
                                -01-30-2009, 09:04 PM