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  • This one is on the coaches

    The most obvious questionable move was the decision not to take a shot at the end zone (and the win) with 7 seconds left and a time out.

    The bigger mistake... how could the Rams have the lead for 3 quarters, and yet only 17 handoffs to Jackson are called? Jackson had a slow start, but was starting to break runs in the middle of the game. How do you not stick with that and run more clock?

    It would be easy to blame the defense, but they simply should not have been on the field as much as they were.


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    Re: This one is on the coaches

    This one REALLY hurts. I want Shurmur run out of town. He is the WORST playcaller I have ever seen.

    That's not hyperbole. I really think he is


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      Re: This one is on the coaches

      i like the call to go for the FG.

      Anything can happen in seven seconds, i'd prefer taking the safe route.

      Where's Mike Martz?


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        Re: This one is on the coaches

        And the lame, conservative plays called by Pat Shurmur. I mean, seriously? It's 3rd and 10, you obviously do not call a play where you only gain 4 yards. And on the 3rd and 2s, we have Jackson and Karney. You absolutely pound it in. You don't try your chances by passing it to a scrub like Tim Carter.



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          Re: This one is on the coaches

          I was neither surprised with nor upset by the lack of going for it with 7 seconds left. That's not Spag's style as a coach and it was a choice where he would have been criticized either way. If the shot is taken, but instead of getting the endzone the guy gets stopped in the middle of the field with 0 seconds's "oh the coaches called a bad game. Boo hiss."

          He took the safe bet, went to overtime and unfortunately lost the coin toss. The defense was exhausted by then.
          "I've been saving the Universe for over a thousand years. I figure it owes me just this once."


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            Re: This one is on the coaches

            what is more embarrassing, how can you not stop them on two subsequent drives
            LA RAMMER

            It's Jim not Chris


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              Re: This one is on the coaches

              Its not just shurmer it's Spags also. It starts at the top people not at the bottom. It was Spags choice to go for it or not. You can't use the we don't have talent any longer. We have a great running back and a decent QB. These are NFL players, and they play the plays the coaches call. All coaches make mistakes, but unfortunately for Spags he showed he has no faith in the offense or the running game.


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                Re: This one is on the coaches

                Offense lost us the game no doubt. And ya I could not believe we didn't take a shot at the win while we were in the red zone. This game was ours, the defense stepped up big time and bailed us out more than once. Laurinitis picked it off in the red zone, Leonard Little took one back to the house, and we forced a fumble on Jones-Drew. Offense had about four straight three-and-outs. Horrible performance and I wouldn't be surprised if we went 0-16. If we don't beat the lions, then we will definatly be winless.


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                  Re: This one is on the coaches

                  I don't mind the call with 7 seconds left. I don't like the playcalling the entire game up to that point


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                    Re: This one is on the coaches

                    Decision not to go for it with seven seconds left wasn't horrible, IMO. Not great, but not horrible. The previous play (2nd & Goal from the nine) took eight seconds. If they call run, the Jags prop up Jackson to waste time. If they call pass, it's basically one read or throw away. They tried a shot with 15 seconds to go, not risking it with 7 I wasn't irate about.

                    The coaching issue that I was frustrated with, though, was the offensive playcalling. I agree with what some said in the chat; it seemed like after losing Avery and after the deep interception, Shurmur threw out any pass play that was over 7-8 yards. You've got to be able to stretch defenses out at least a little bit more than that. Slants, quick hits, etc just aren't going to do enough. I understand it's tough to do a lot when you're forced to play guys you picked up off the street during the season at receiver, but the playcalling was way too conservative after the first two drives, IMO.

                    Defensively, I thought the unit played pretty well overall. Clearly they were gassed at the end of the game, hard to blame them for not making a stop. Four pass interference penalties, yuck. But also three turnovers and a pick six by Little, I believe, so hard to put much blame on the defense. Still, you'd like to see someone come up with a stop in overtime, and there were a couple of missed turnover opportunities during the game.


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                      Re: This one is on the coaches

                      Originally posted by LA Rammer View Post
                      what is more embarrassing, how can you not stop them on two subsequent drives
                      Stop right there. Our D played their hearts out and gave this pathetic offense plenty of opportunities to score.

                      Before that last drive that tied it, our longest drive of the second half was 1:58. That's right...1:58

                      Our defense was on the field the entire 2nd half. They were EXHAUSTED.


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                        Re: This one is on the coaches

                        We need WRs badly.

                        Avery is not good enough.


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                          Re: This one is on the coaches

                          7 seconds a time out we should have taken one more shot.


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                            Re: This one is on the coaches

                            How bout the refs with some very questionable calls today? Alot of it should be on them too! (Laurenaitis PI, Torry Holt sideline catch)


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                              Re: This one is on the coaches

                              The most devastating aspects of this game were the calls to throw the ball to carter on 3rd down TWICE and also Bulgers consistent bad throws. Fells could have had two first downs but he had to go back for the ball both times. BAD THROWS! Fells made a couple of great catches but could you imagine the difference that Bulger throwing a decent pass would have made. Plus Fells and McMichael were open downfield several times and Bulger didn't even look their way. So frustrating. I'm not a huge Boller fan but I'd take Boller over this Bulger any day. Serious heartbreaker...


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                                Is Pat Shumur a Bad Offensive Coordinator?
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                                Long but interesting article from Rams on Demand - St Louis Rams Message Board • Index page
                                Is Pat Shumur a Bad Offensive Coordinator?
                                Filed in St Louis Rams on Oct.29, 2010
                                By: Joey Bittick
                                Week 8 of the NFL season is nearly upon us, and the Rams will enter Sunday after a painful loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Coming off of what I believe will go down as a landmark victory for the boys in blue and gold against the San Diego Chargers in Week 6, the Rams lost in confounding fashion to the Bucs. Entering the second half with a 17-3 lead against the Buccaneers, the Rams were shutout following halftime and lost 18-17 on a last-second touchdown throw by Tampa’s Josh Freeman. I must admit my spirits have been down all week following such an exasperating loss by the Rams, and I know I am not alone. So I will refrain from examining that game, but what I do want to look at are some of the criticisms being discussed ad nauseam by Rams fans. These criticisms are mainly aimed at Rams second-year head coach Steve Spagnuolo, and more specifically, his offensive coordinator, Pat Shurmur.

                                Thus far in the Spagnuolo era, the Rams have simply struggled to put points on the scoreboard. Last season, the Rams offense was historically bad due mainly to injuries and poor play at the quarterback position, which led to the drafting of Sam Bradford. Bradford entered the season with rather low expectations; people mainly just wanted him to get through the season healthy and show a few small signs that he is the man to help the Rams reclaim their former glory. However, with Bradford and the Rams looking good in the preseason and getting a few regular season wins under their belt in the early matchups, Rams fans have gotten a bit greedy. We want to see wins…and now please.

                                However, being fanatics (defined as “a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal”), we tend to… well not so much forget, but overlook the fact that this is a team that went 1-15 in 2009 and was just dreadful on both sides of the ball. But due to some key offseason acquisitions, this team is suddenly in the race in the weak NFC West, and people are already expecting them to win games. One thing that has not changed, though, since last season is the condemnation of the Pat Shurmur offense. Coordinating an offense that scored less than 11 points per game in 2009 will certainly not endear a coach to fans, especially fans that were treated to the greatest offensive juggernaut in NFL history just a few short seasons ago during the Greatest Show on Turf.

                                Some are not willing to accept the fact that Shurmur had almost nothing to work with in ’09. To say that team was short of playmakers would be a major understatement. Outside of Steven Jackson, I truly believe there were NCAA offenses out there that would have fared better in the NFL than the Rams. Shurmur has better pieces to work with in 2010, but this is not a team
                                -10-30-2010, 12:48 AM
                              • MauiRam
                                Jackson says it's not Shurmur's fault .. Shurmur a little testy?
                                by MauiRam
                                BY JIM THOMAS • Friday, September 24, 2010 12:20 am

                                With just 27 points in two games, punctuated by a miserable 1˝ quarters in the second half last week in Oakland, offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is taking some heat over the Rams' scoring woes. But running back Steven Jackson says the blame should not fall in Shurmur's lap.

                                "No, no, no," Jackson said during his regular Thursday media session. "It's not anything that's on Pat. It happens. It's not something that just happened because Coach Shurmur is the offensive coordinator.

                                "Each and every team, each and every week you go in, a defense goes into how they're going to match your personnel. That's a chess match that happens throughout the league with each and every team. I'm just saying as players, when a play is called, we have to execute it. We can't concern ourselves with things that are not within our control — our control is executing the plays."

                                But Jackson, the unquestioned leader of the offense and the offensive team captain, would like to see the Rams take better advantage of matchups.

                                "This is what I think," Jackson said. "If we want to spread a team out and run in a nickel package where it's three receivers, and they want to keep their big guys in, I think we should take advantage of the mismatch. So if you have a linebacker guarding Danny (Amendola), you should take advantage of that mismatch.

                                "If we're going to spread them out and (they) go small, then you do vice versa and run the ball. So we've just got to figure out what the defense's trying to do, what's their game plan. And once we figure that out, I think that's what we should do, take advantage of that."

                                Shurmur's response

                                Rams coordinators also speak with the media on Thursdays. Shurmur frequently isn't very expansive, but he was even more tight-lipped than usual when asked about some of the offensive problems.

                                When asked if he was aware of criticism that the offense is too conservative, Shurmur replied, "I worry about trying to win the next game and trying to put together the game plan that's going to attack the defense that we're facing — and keep in mind the things that we can do well as a team, and try not to be concerned about the talk."

                                When asked if the wide receivers were getting enough separation, he said, "I think our wide receivers are doing a fine job, and I anticipate that they'll execute well this weekend."

                                Injury update

                                Defensive tackle Clifton Ryan (migraines) missed Thursday's practice because he was seeing another specialist. Safety Craig Dahl (concussion) also sat out Thursday — his progress was delayed because of post-concussion symptoms following a workout earlier in the week. After being limited in practice Wednesday, wide receiver Laurent Robinson...
                                -09-24-2010, 12:36 AM
                              • sosa39rams
                                I hate you Pat...
                                by sosa39rams
                                Im sure when you read this title, you'd know what it's about. One man and one man only... Pat Shurmur.

                                His offensive play calling has been absolutely horrific and makes me want to vomit... I don't care about our lack of receivers, our crappy team, and blah blah blah..... Would you take a shot for once?

                                Our team is the biggest laughing stock in the NFL and will be for a while if we keep playing the way we are... I mean not only is Sam getting killed but Steven is aswell and same as the rest of our team.

                                Would it be possible for the Rams to fire Shurmur right now and get somebody else? Or would that not work because players need time to adjust to the playbook and all....right? (Well not Mark Clayton )

                                I think I'd honestly do a better job as OC than Shurmur
                                -09-21-2010, 02:36 PM
                              • Flippin' Ram
                                Seems Shurmur takes it to one-end of the spectrum
                                by Flippin' Ram
                                I'm glad he was able to make Bradford throw and extend the ball a little further to our WRs/TEs but Jackson had only 11 carries today. I really hate playing the would've, should've, and could've game but Jackson needed more carries than the ones he currently had.

                                Still, I'll put some ice on Shurmur's hot seat for making those nice plays but I expect more of a balanced offense out of him. His biggest flaw today is not utilizing Jackson in the redzone, which is safer and Bradford could still be in a no INT streak.
                                -11-21-2010, 04:34 PM
                              • BrokenWing
                                Pat Shurmur Mark 2
                                by BrokenWing
                                I have been critical of Shurmur several times this season, and I still have issues with some of his play calls (that last drive at Denver) but I want to give him credit where he deserves it. There is a clear evolution of playcalling, I can see him improving in what he does from week to week and I think he's going to develop into a solid offensive coordinator.

                                What I saw from him today in the 4th quarter was really nice to see. He called a few pass plays when he needed them on the final drive, shifted around the running game a little bit and got first downs and ran out the clock. That's a marked improvement from refusing to pass and not changing much of anything in the last drive against Denver and in some other drives in other weeks in the second half as well.

                                Would have liked to see Bradford get a TD pass to make up for his one interception, but not throwing it with 30 seconds left was the right thing to do.

                                Also thought Jackson was running a lot harder today.
                                -12-05-2010, 04:13 PM