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    I sent a question in this week and it got answered...kind of. But my question isn't important. The important thing is that I was able to pimp the site. (you're welcome )
    Read on for Gordo's weekly wisdom

    Postgame With Gordo

    Joe Stafford: Hello Jeff,

    What in the world is Chril Long doing letting MJD knock him out of bounds when he should have cleaned MJD's clock?
    Jeff Gordon: Good hit by MJD there. Low center of gravity. We saw today why he is one of the best in the NFL.
    Josh: Regardless of if we win this or not at least we had the lead. Small victories are all we can hope for at this point.
    Jeff Gordon: Too bad the offense died without Avery. The defense gave this team a chance to win.
    UTG: Hey Gordo,

    1). What would it take to trade for Julius Peppers (unhappy player in the last year of a contract)?

    2). If the Rams were able to sign him to a new contract (either through a trade/contract extension or free agency), would his ability to put pressure on quarterbacks be enough to make this an effective D-line in Spagnolo's defense, or would more changes still need to be made?

    Jeff Gordon: I doubt the Rams will be looking to pay extreme dollars to a veteran player at this early point in the rebuilding process.
    chris: hey jeff

    where we really going to trade steven jackson??
    if we where im really really confused about the rams
    Jeff Gordon: As we saw today, the Rams might has well fold if they don't have Jackson. He willed the team downfield for that game-tying field goal.
    Tackleberry: Gordo,
    Why does this team, historically, struggle to convert 3rd and 1's? With a back like Jackson it should be advantage Rams every time.
    Jeff Gordon: On a few of those in recent weeks, Gado was in the game spelling Jackson.

    Moving forward, this well-paid offensive line needs to move the pile in those scenarios. The Jaguars have every confidence in its group in that situation -- and that is not a great line.
    ScottNOT ME) Is Donnie Jones injured? He doesn't seem to be as accurate or as strong as usual.
    Jeff Gordon: He got a bit better as the game went on, but this was a weird outing by him.
    Joe Stafford: Jeff, 2nd pick in two weeks for James Laurinatis, the hands down rookie defensive player of the year! Now if we can just get the win.
    Jeff Gordon: Curry is a pretty good player in Seattle, as Jacksonville saw last week.
    JoeBacc: Well Gordo..
    I give up. This one hurts...
    Jeff Gordon: Another spirited effort wasted. If Avery can't come back next week, the Rams may need to break down and add somebody better than Tim Carter to the WR corpss.
    rusty: I have been watching this football game the d looks good but tired and the offence looks like they just dont care. you follow this team do they care or just want a paycheck? by the way it is midway through the fourth quarter. thanks for your time.
    Jeff Gordon: There is a big difference between not caring and being too cautious and/or too beat up.
    Josh: I'm getting on the Amendola train. He gives our special teams something it hasn't had in years
    Jeff Gordon: Too bad the Rams didn't convert his big return. But he is a plus in returns and as a WR.
    steve: I write this the Jags just scored the go ahead TD in the fourth quarter. Game isn't over, but, in reality, it is. When was the last time the Rams came back to win a game?
    This was probably the best chance the Rams had for a victory this year.
    The Jags are horrible.
    0-16 is looking like a very real possibility.
    Jeff Gordon: This same effort, with a few more healthy bodies, wins games this year. Gotta like the fight this team showed.
    Josh: These penalties have got to stop. I don't know what its gunna take, but these drive-extending/drive-killing penalties have to be avoided. It seems like we commit 3 or 4 of them a game.
    Jeff Gordon: Some of the pass interference penalties I had no trouble with. At least the guys had coverage.
    rusty: what has gotten into #91 he is having a great game
    Jeff Gordon: When he is healthy, he is a good player. The issue in recent years has been staying healthy.
    JoeBacc: Zebras beat the Rams today Gordo. Not Jaguars...
    Jeff Gordon: Some of those calls were shaky, for sure, but in the end the Rams need to be better offensively. They just do.
    Josh: Why did we abandon the running game? How can our defense keep up the effort when they are on the field the entire game?
    Jeff Gordon: Jacksonville parked everybody on Jackson, so there wasn't much running room. The Rams needed to back that "D" off the line. But after Avery went down, the Rams got very cautious and allowed Jacksonville to load up the box.
    Joe Stafford: Jeff, at least we are in overtime, Spags has been making steady improvements with this team.
    Jeff Gordon: The competitive level isn't the issue, that's for sure. And you can see him imprint on the D.
    jerseyram: what a pleasure it was to have t.holt all those years he and bruce performed week after week no injuries (d.avery) for 5 years we heard that players werent staying in their lanes to prevent those big runs i give spags credit this defence is staying in their lanes. how hurt is bartell? whats up with avery is it the same hip as last year?
    p.s. with branford out of the running for qb of the future dez bryant anyone
    Jeff Gordon: Avery said X-rays were negative on his hip, but this could still be a lingering injury. It's funny, Rams fans pounded Holt and Bruce for years for their tendency to duck down after making catches. But they are still making plays late in their careers and other WRs have come and gone.
    TiredOf Losing: I want to know what Spags and the other "experts" see in Bulger? Why is he out there? Is it they feel since we pay, he plays? He has never been a winner (best season was what? 8-8?) and, now, with less talent, will NEVER be a winner. Bulger: 1. Can't read a defense, 2. Adjust the line or a play, 3. Can't lead a receiver (everything has always been behind or at the feet), 4. Make a pass consistently for more than 7 or 8 yards, or more often, 2 or 3 (so forget 20 or 30!), 5. Move to avoid getting hit or make a play (and no QB has the luxury of just standing there anymore), 6. And displays the drive and leadership ability of a deer in the headlights.
    Spags wants to finish cleaning house? Start with Bulger next year, then draft a QB. Bulger=LOSER.
    Jeff Gordon: Why is Bulger in there? Because the No. 2 is Kyle Boller, who turned into a human giveaway machine. With that scheme and those targets, 22 of 34 for 213 yards and a TD isn't bad.
    Lawarence Marmie: Unbelievable- how do you not take another shot at the endzone before you kick that FG? He realizes how many games we've lost, right?
    Jeff Gordon: These are the Rams. Their red zone execution speaks for itself. I don't mind taking the FG there. What is notable is how aggressive the Rams were up to that point. They did take their shots at the end zone.
    Josh: The NFL rules for broadcasting games is terrible. I go to college in Milwaukee so I didn't get to watch. Fox switched over after the Packer game to the Rams game. Well at 3:15 the NFL decides it can't show an overtime game because Fox didn't have a late game. How does that make any sense? Is that agreement up this offseason too, because that might be one of the dumbest rules the NFL has. Shutting off the middle of an OT game because of some stupid rule.
    Jeff Gordon: It is, but that is the deal. The CBS would have squawked.
    sjax39: If Avery stays in the game, do we win? I think we win by at least a touchdown. The passing game kind of let us down in the second half. On a side note Jackson is a beast and does not get enough respect, especially from people who call themselves Rams fans. His run after the catch with the clock winding down at the end of the fourth displayed this mans will. He is a special player we have here and people need to realize what we have.
    Jeff Gordon: That last drive told the world why the Rams need to hang onto this guy through the turnaround period. And Avery clearly has the talent to be a difference maker. He got hurt on an effort play, too. Other WRs let that ball go.
    Bobby1964: Sorry Gordo,

    This team will not win a game this year. Today was a perfect chance, but without a TRUE quarterback this team WILL go 0-16.

    I just can't believe the lack of talent and SMART plaers on this team. I don't think Chip could GIVE this team away. God bless Spags and Billy.
    Jeff Gordon: How can you cite an OT loss on the road -- where the other team won the flip -- as evidence that the team won't win a game?
    DBQIA: How did Monroe look. Any second thoughts?
    Jeff Gordon: Not really. The Rams had pressure all day. Sacks, tipped passes, a DE INT -- the pressure was constant. Garrard saved himself with mobility.
    Lawarence Marmie: Defense comes up small when it counts again- this might be the most overrated unit in all of football.
    Jeff Gordon: Come on, they were on the field the whole second half -- and then lost their best CB and LB on the same play in OT. All those offensive three and outs set the D up for failure.

    A defensive TD, turnovers forced in the red zone . . . yeah, that was a terrible defensive game.
    Mark: Why is Spags playing for the tie instead of going for the win? Call your last TO with 24 seconds left, and you have 2 shots (most likely) at the end zone. Even if you take a sack, you have plenty of time to spike the ball. Why is an 0-5 (now 0-6) team playing so conservatively?
    Jeff Gordon: You can always burn your last timeout early and hope for the best - but a lot of things can go wrong when you have no timeouts left, especially you have lost 33 of 38 games.
    steve: It just doesn't matter, Jeff. No matter how gift wrapped a victory is, the Rams ALWAYS manage to give it back. Somewhere along the line, the Rams REALLY ticked the Football Gods off and they continue to pay for it.
    At least they are competing, but with no wins to show for it, not sure how much that really matters.
    It's comical now....not really frustrating or sad anymore....just comical.
    Jeff Gordon: I'm sure Spags would prefer "sad" to "comica" . . .
    Ram_Malavasi: Well, Gordo, 0-6 has arrived...We have Indy at home next and then away at Detroit...I'm not optimistic that we get a win before the bye week (or after it for that matter...) WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO TO GET A WIN???
    Jeff Gordon: The No. 1 thing is to NOT curl up into the fetal position after Donnie Avery went down. This team still has to attack the whole field. When it doesn't,advancing the ball becomes nearly impossible.
    jerseyram: spags has got to go for the win the d-fence is gassed. we've lost 15 in a row !!! c.long plays the run well pass rush gotta keep working this team has no playmakers on the outside once d.avery went out . s.jack is a beast running like a animal i like the screen calls the slants not so much when the recievers cant get serpartion !! dez bryant dez bryant dez bryant what about j.clausen
    Jeff Gordon: Watched that Notre Dame game. For the life of me, I can't understand why anybody would spend a really high pick on that QB.
    Joe Stafford: Jeff, can someone please help out Donnie Avery with a good supply of guts to help him stay in a game?
    Jeff Gordon: I'm guessing that he has a nasty injury. Criticize his inability to stay healthy if you like, but I doubt that is a courage issue.
    mightymike105: Wow Jeff,

    So close. We gave it all we had but the defense wore out at the end and the injuries to our WR core really hurt today as the offense could do nothing until the end. If we had Robinson and Avery healthy today we beat this team. But if's don't count. Man so close.
    Jeff Gordon: With a full set of WRs, yes, the Rams play a much difference offensive game. But this offense can't surrender half the field because of injuries. Keep attacking.
    NFL Referee: I want to say that even when the Rams challenge our calls, we will still

    rule AGAINST the Rams EVERY time !!! ( Torry Holt...out of bounds )
    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, how do you look at that and decide Holt had a firm grip on the ball heading out of bounds?
    jerseyram: j.butler back next week ? dahl plays well but d.backs gotta catch the ball we dropped at least 3 int. j smith is always huslting i see him running down field looking to block someone he s aplayer who will get better ithink baby animal a sure tackler and maybe he should play db he catches the ball
    Jeff Gordon: How about Bartell's INT drop? Yikes! That is why some kids get moved to DB after playing WR in high school.
    pat: I heard some rumors that we are considering swapping out 1st round pick with the browns for Quinn. Is there any truth to this rumor? Any other potential scenarios for starting quarterback next season?
    Jeff Gordon: The problem with Brady Quinn is that he is terrible. So I'll be shocked if Cleveland gets a No. 1 pick for him from anybody.
    Coach Spags: It's okay if the refs screw us....they are trying very hard and I will not

    yell at them !!!
    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, he needs to carry on a bit more like Vermeil did on the sidelines. Dick was great at that.
    Joe Stafford: Jeff, this team needs a reciever in the worst way. Is there any chance that Billy Devaney makes a trade for one by tuesday?
    Jeff Gordon: There are some WRs up for trade, but I don't see the team trading anything of significance unless it can get a building block type of player. There are plenty of fill-ins left on the street.
    MonkeyLooker: It is painfully obvious Marc Bulger cannot be our QB anymore. After the 1st series and then his woefully underthrown INT, he spent the whole game throwing underneath short of all the 1st down markers. He CANNOT see the field - if the primary receiver is covered he is lost. This guy cannot be the starter for the Rams anymore or we will continue to digress. I truely believe that if Boller would have started today we would have won this game handily. From last week to this week the big difference is the QB play. Boller is not great but Bulger is absolutely horrible. Agree or not? There is NO WAY we should have lost this game. By the way, when you are 0-5, you try one more pass play at the end of regulation to win the game. Bulger actually had time to look for an open receiver when he threw the ball away out of the end zone the play before which once again reinforces that he CANNOT see the field past his primary receiver.
    Jeff Gordon: The Rams took a couple of shots at the win -- the ball to Fells toward the end zone and then the play where he threw it away because nobody got free.

    Seeing the field is not Marc's problem. But he doesn't have a bright future in this offense given his inability to make plays on the move.
    Rams 5010: Gordo,

    When the Rams lost the coin toss in OT, I had a bad feeling about what was to come. My fears were correct, unfortunately. Leonard Little was just great today. 0-6 is still horrible but the Rams did fight hard on the road up until the end but a loss is a loss. I hope Spags and company can build on this game.
    Jeff Gordon: A lot of defensive toughness was shown today. And you saw Jackson trying to carry the team at the end.
    Josh: Should we count this as a half a win since we at least got it to overtime?
    Jeff Gordon: Hey, it's a start. Compared to last week, it is progress.
    Lawarence Marmie: Okay seriously- is it too late to get Rex Ryan? We now know we have a loser leading a bunch of losers. I am utterly speechless after this one.
    Jeff Gordon: Spags would love to have the talent that Ryan got with Jets. Ryan got a playoff caliber team and Spags got a 5-27 team that quickly suffered more critical injuries.
    dbf52: The Rams have at least become competitive in recent games. However, they are still winless. This game was theirs to take, all they had to do was get a little bit more production from the offense. One more field goal. At least they could have stayed on the field long enough to give the D a breather and a chance to recharge before going back out. I applaud the D and their progress from last season to this one. However, the amazingly apparent lack of will and talent (excluding Steven Jackson) on the offense ridiculous. Since Steven Jackson is the only one who seems to get fired up, why can't he seem to inspire his teammates like Holt did to his new team? We need some leaders on this team! Oh, and who should the Rams take with the #1 overall pick?
    Jeff Gordon: I'd be a little surprised to see this team get the first overall pick, but we'll see. It's way too early to play Mel Kiper, but after watching Oklahoma, Florida and Notre Dame play Saturday, I sure didn't see a Qb worth taking there.
    RAMFAN501: if the team is sold would there be a coaches change and even a gm how can you have only 4 wr on your game day roster and how can you keep an offense cord calling plays for runs playing the worst passing def
    Jeff Gordon: The new ownership group could fire everybody, yes. That is why it behooves Spags to keep plugging away until he gets results.
    Donnie Avery: You all probably think I am the most FRAGILE WR in football....A lot of you

    probably wish the Rams drafted DeSean Jackson instead of me....but in my

    defense, I thought the NFL was a FLAG Football league !!
    Jeff Gordon: If Donnie can't stay healthy, that will be a problem. If he wants to get any money on his second NFL contract, he'll need to play to get it.
    Brian0377: Hey Gordo, close....
    It looked like to me after Avery left the game,Shermer went extreme conservative,thereby killing the D.
    Oh, give a game ball to the refs. Improving by baby steps ,Go Rams!
    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, the too-cautious offensive approach also eliminated Jackson from the game. Jacksonville had 11 guys spying him.
    Joe Stafford: Jeff, it's looking more and more like a 1-15 season with our only win at Detroit.
    Jeff Gordon: Plenty of bad teams on the schedule and plenty of time for more players on other teams to get hurt.
    eahshepley: Jeff,

    First things first. Let's congratulate the Lambs on a "perfect season"! I used to wonder what it would be like to be a Lions fan during the Millen days--now I know. Yes, the Rams kept it close (against a really bad Jags team)and yes, they did score at least 20 points for the first time in who knows how long, but.....a few questions remain. Is there a Rams OL that doesn't wear a dress outside of Rams Park? Will the Rams set the NFL mark for pass completions of 5 yards or less? Will the Rams continue to play not to lose every second half of every game for their eternity? 16 and counting........
    Jeff Gordon: I didn't have a problem with the O-line. Bulger stayed pretty clean out there. The lack of explosiveness or imagination on offense was the problem.
    Roanoke: What a pathetic offensive effort. Wasted a fine defensive effort. What if anything can be done to get more production out of Bulger and crew?
    Jeff Gordon: Throw the ball downfield!
    Ben: absolutely heartbreaking because we played great. the reffing was absolutely horrible. the worst i have ever seen in my entire life. they missed multiple OBVIOUS holding calls, missed a challenge, and called a couple BS pass interferences. im so sad
    Jeff Gordon: You can Spagnuolo both.
    dcathoops: Gordo -Sittng on my couch in NJ, they look better. Are they, or are the Jags bad and I am just being optimistic?
    Jeff Gordon: The Jaguars aren't great, but you could see the Rams have enough talent left to win some games.
    Hixter: Gordo,
    Is it because I'm a homer for the Rams or are the refs really biased toward out team? Laurinaitis pass interference, Holt's review play (he stepped out), anything close to Holt called as pass interference, no call on hold by MJD on Fletcher during a blitz... It seems like I see it every week. Like the refs have no respect for the Rams and look the other way. I'm really tired of it.
    Jeff Gordon: Losing teams get no loves from the refs.
    Josh: Gordo,

    I know we are really close to the cap limit, but has there been any news on any possible trades that might be happening before the deadline?
    Jeff Gordon: The Rams will keep looking for help. With Witherspoon looking seriously injured, that is another hole to fill. But I don't see this team making a huge deal. Their first round pick will be very high and their second-rounder will be like a low first rounder.
    Josh: One of the rumors I've been hearing is Jackson to the Pats for Maroney, the Raiders 1st rounded in 2011 and one of the Pats 2nd rounders. What do you think about this trade and if it could be worked out with the cap would you consider pulling the trigger?
    Jeff Gordon: Maroney can't stay healthy, the No. 1 pick will be later in the round and second-round picks aren't exciting. If I'm a potential buyer of this team, I would lop a lot of money off my offer if that deal is made.
    Bryan: Hi Gordo,
    Thanks for taking questions. The wide receiver position still baffles me. I played football for 10 years, I have coached football for several years and I can't imagine going into a game at the pro level with 4 receivers. Can you explain this? Are there any plans to improve the situation?
    Jeff Gordon: I agree that five is the minimum, especially if one of your four returns kicks -- and puts himself at great peril in the process.
    Drewskie: What's going on with Long? Is he playing bad or can he just not catch a break?
    Jeff Gordon: The effort is there, the difference making is not. Look at all the others making a difference, too.
    JoeBacc: Gary Gibson, James Butler, Adam Carriker, James Hall, Will Witherspoon, Ron Bartell

    The story never changes Gordo
    Jeff Gordon: This team could scarcely afford to lose good players.
    TryBoy09: Why didnt we go for the win.
    Jeff Gordon: The Rams did, on a couple of pass plays, and didn't come close to converting.
    Hole in One: Gordo. Seems like the play calling in the first quarter was some of the best this year. Then after Avery went down it seems like it went back to the same horrible play calling. Was that due to a lack of any health WR or a lapse in thinking?
    Jeff Gordon: If your WR corps is so bad that Avery's demise causes a total shift in philosophy, then Devaney needs to fix that ASAP. When the Rams shut down the passing game, Jackson had nowhere to go.
    Wildwood Curt: The Rams offense cannot have 3 successive 3-and-outs and expect to win. Our defense really deserved better. If Witherspoon is out for any length of time, that will be a huge blow. Laurinaitis is really showing me a lot for a rookie. Credit Spags for keeping this team scrappin'.
    Jeff Gordon: Will's demise would be hurtful. He was doing a nice job on the outside.
    PATHETIC: 0-16 IN THE LAST SIXTEEN GAMES, PATHETIC!!!! There are no moral victories in the NFL especially against a team that lost by 41 points last week. By the way, Kudos to Devaney (whom the PD journalist keep telling us how great he is) for assembling the most pathetic receiving core in the history of the NFL! GREAT MOVE GETTING RID OF TORRY,WE COULDN'T HAVE USED HIM WITH THE ABUNDANCE OF RECEIVER TALENT ON THE ROSTER!

    Jeff Gordon: Torry had to go. The team lost 27 of 32 on his watch, he was in a high pay bracket, he wanted out, he didn't work with the team on the offseason -- there was every reason to make that change in a rebuilding year. Now, a GM does have to line up depth. Losing Robinson and Foster for the season was tough, but I wonder why Curry was cut after that preseason.
    Greg: 7 seconds and 1 timeout inside the 10 and they don�t go for a shot at the endzone?????????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!! Hey Spags�GROW a pair!!!!

    Plenty of time with one timeout. You are 0 and 5. Gee lets play it safe and get into overtime with a dog tired defense. Welcome to 0 and 6 Spags!!!!!

    The team plays hard as hell and you fold like a lawn chair at the end, instead of showing your team you are a LEADER. It�s not a guarantee they get the 6 but you have got to LEAD them and say lets get this one NOW!!!!
    Jeff Gordon: Again, the long throw to Fells showed he wanted to win. So did the play before the FG try. If the Rams had messed up an offensive play with seven seconds left -- getting, say, a penalty that wiped out the remaining clock -- fans would have howled about his irresponsible decision.
    fletch32: Should of went for TD with 7 seconds left in regulation.....We're 0 for our last 16 for god's sake ?!?!?!? I guess you and your buddy Bernie will blame this one on Devaney instead of grilling Spags for not being a man and taking a shot in the endzone. Spags wil continue to get the proverbial "Free Pass" from you guys I presume.....
    Jeff Gordon: I would be more concerned about the offensive shutdown for the entire second half. THAT is why the team lost. The defense was on the field the whole second half.
    Justin Greg: The most devastating aspects of this game were the calls to throw the ball to Carter on 3rd down TWICE and also Bulgers consistent bad throws. Fells could have had two first downs but he had to go back for the ball two times. BAD THROWS! Fells made a couple of great catches but could you imagine the difference that Bulger throwing a decent pass would have made? Plus Fells and McMichael were open downfield several times and Bulger didn't even look their way. So frustrating. AND if Bulger had made a decent throw to Fells when he was wide open in the endzone instead of almost throwing a pick, things really might have been different. I'm not a huge Boller fan but I'd take Boller over this Bulger any day.
    Dont you think that when the receivers went down we should have gone to our tight ends? They have been more dependable than even our top receivers this year. Serious heartbreaker...
    Jeff Gordon: Brave man, taking the Boller we saw last time out over Bulger.

    Give Marc a real WR corps and a real game plan -- along with the pass protection you saw today -- and he would put up points like he did on that first drive.
    OahuRam: That failed blitz in OT on 3rd and 6 really hurt. Those DB's have to get there if they are going to blitz.

    I'm also very tired of the dink and baby-steppin down the field. I know it hurt having Avery go out, but they didn't have Bulger even look downfield the rest of the game. Just awful. Play scared on offense, get the D tired and LOSE again. Ugh.
    Jeff Gordon: The Rams got burned repeatedly while blitzing. Like you say, if you're going to go, you better get there.
    Roglan: This was the worst officiating I have seen in a long time. I know the home team always gets some calls but the replays were inexcusable, not to mention all the pass interference calls. The refs sure wanted Jacksonville to come back and win. and please don't start with the 'you have to be a good team to get the call' because Jacksonville is not a good team and they got way too many calls. If Torry Holt was in bounds then he has the feet of a ten year old. His toes were clearly out of bounds
    Jeff Gordon: You can argue that he got a toe drag there, but then the ball shifted in his hands as he went out of bounds.
    Don Muenz: Hi, Jeff.
    I firmly believe that the Rams should be relegated, just like in soccer, to the college ranks.
    We could put them into the Big Ten, though that might lower the level of play.
    They would be forced to attend class and learn something.......anything!
    Should they qualify, they could play in the National Championship Game and save my Buckeyes the embarrasment of losing again on national tv.
    Just a thought.

    don in columbus
    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, not a happy day in Buckeye Nation.
    VARamFan: I had to say I can see a lot of GOOD changes in the way our team has played this year. I just feel like we had some missed oppurtunities to stop some of their drives. Jeff do you see us getting a win before the bye?
    Jeff Gordon: The Colts will destroy the Rams. After that game, there will be opportunities the rest of the way. Given all the injuries, the Rams wish the bye came now.
    Fresno Vegas: Was Shurmur trying to run out the clock in the 3rd qtr, or was he trying not to lose instead of trying to win ? How about at least trying to get a first down ? Then 2nd half play calling was incredibly horrible.
    Jeff Gordon: Can't argue with that. The Rams were too timid.
    truax: Somewhere in the last 3rd or early 4th quarter, I think it would have been a good move to try the mobile QB Boller for a series. Jax would have been quite surprised. Would have given the Rams a different look besides the 5-yard check-down passes combined with SJ, SJ, and more SJ...
    Jeff Gordon: Why all the Boller love after his last implosion?
    baddmann28: Why do you have your franchise QB on the field, 20 seconds, spike the ball. Throw incomplete then kick a game tying FG? If he's not good enough to call the TO so you can take three shots to the endzone, why is he starting? Twice in his career his HC has not had confidence in him (Bulger) to make the play.I've never been a Bulger basher, but if he can't make that throw, he shouldn't be on the field. I'd rather lose with Null then watch this stuff. Good defensive effort lost on a ton of three an outs in the second half. Is it really 1997?
    Jeff Gordon: In 1997, the Rams threw the ball downfield all the time. Big difference there.
    ramfanoncapecod: Hi Jeff, yes the fight was great , But again the play calling for the offense was suspect, The defense was great and special teams as well Shurmer is scaring me with the short passes, Ill be ther3 next week , i need tickets
    Jeff Gordon: Can't keep wedging those slant passes in there. Teams sit on those plays and they pick the ball off.
    jboalphoto: Hi Jeff,
    Is this a depressing loss, or an "encouraging" one (if there is such a thing)?
    Jeff Gordon: Well, it was both. The defense fought its guts out, but the offense curled into a ball after Avery got hurt. Can't do that and win.
    craig marshall: hey jeff; would a browns-rams trade 4 brady quin be worthwhile (assuming we can make cap room?
    Jeff Gordon: After the season, Quinn might be worth a look if Cleveland ditches him. But he is a total reconstruction job.
    steve stokes: Oh Yea - a loss in overtime !! Spags has the boys playing hard !! 0 and 6 and counting. Give me a break. I have never seen an offense so one dimensional and unimagineative. Feeding Jackson the ball on every play and throwing 90% of your passes less than 10 yards will lead to a loss everytime. The new OC is a disaster. He cannot call a game. It was also very disheartening to see the Ram players and coaches smiling and laughing after the game. The fans care more than they do. This team will finish 0 and 16. I cannot wait for some real ownnership and leadership. How soon until the LA connection is gone forever?
    Jeff Gordon: The team is for sale, so make sure to get your bid in soon.
    MonkeyLooker: Bulger has to sit down. He cannot lead this team anymore. After his underthrown INT, Marc spent the day throwing underneath short of any 1st downs. It is obvious he cannot see the field if his primary is covered. Spags has rid the team of other useless veterans so take the step and sit Bulger down. Don't you think this team will digress as long as Bulger is the starting QB?
    Jeff Gordon: Was Marc calling the plays? No. So don't blame him for all the short passes.
    OCRich: I never thought I'd say this, but Pat Shurmur makes me miss Jerry Rhome.
    Jeff Gordon: At least Jerry put the ball downfield.
    Martok: Hey Gordo - The Rams do appear to be making some progress under Spags. If and when the team does get sold, will the new owners want to replace him? I think that he finally has the team on the right track but, just like a fine wine, it takes time. What are your thoughts?
    Jeff Gordon: The prospective owners are watching the team closely. They want to see results, in the win column and otherwise. There are a lot of umemployed coaches with Super Bowl resumes.
    threeputt123: Hello Jeff , Was wondering if you think Billy D is still happy that he stayed pat the WR on this roster . They are killing us !

    Thanks for taking our questions, Rick
    Jeff Gordon: Robinson's injury was hurtful. So was Foster's injury. Now Avery's injury could be an issue. He went out and got Amendola, who is very useful. Now he needs to find more like him.
    NFL Referee: The Rams will always get crappy calls by me and my boys....Torry Holt was out
    of bounds clearly on the replay, but HaHa....We are the law !!!
    Jeff Gordon: Gotta win games to win respect.
    COGzilla: People want to say oline and what not...but the simple fact is that the defenses are simply not scared of marc and the play calls.the oline improves every game, but it is hard to run against a stacked d every play. not re-sign atogwe...simply not worth the money.
    Jeff Gordon: Atogwe has some faults, but I don't see where subtracting him makes the D better.
    JoeBacc: Could we be better than the Titans? I know they have a much hard schedule and they're playing the Patriots, but they're down 17 - nil at the beginning of the 2nd. I think I'd still rather have Bulger than Collins.
    Jeff Gordon: Agreed -- that game just kept getting uglier!
    chris: hey jeff

    what next??
    Jeff Gordon: Lopsided loss to Indy.
    Edward: What is the deal with Chris Long,He just keeps on disapointing me!I know its "early" but I mean come on if he gets a sack in this game we possibly win,I know hes solid but he is not the impact player were paying him to be.Do you think he will ever reach his potential,and be a double digit sack artist?Let alone getting a sack this season.It makes me want to have traded up to get Jake Long and then this season draft Aaron Curry.Obviously shoulda woulda coulda wont solve anything but no wonder we cant win a game when are top picks arent making plays their just playing and seem to just show potential.What do you think?
    Jeff Gordon: He's got to become a difference maker. He just does. Effort isn't enough. Little can't play forever.
    Bryan: Hello Jeff. I am a Los Angles based fan and the frustration is just overwhelming. Is it just me or did the referees bail out the Jags at least one to many times? Also, I know it would have been risky (interception, run out of time, penalty clock run off, etc.) but why not take one more shot at the end zone with 7 seconds left and go for the win? Our defense was gassed and considering nothing goes our way you had to think you were going to lose the toss in OT an watch the jags march right down the field to do what they did (WIN). 16 losses in a row now... when do we stop looking to celebrate this moral victory crap Spags is calling progress? This conservative offensive approach and an as usual lackluster and emotion free Bulger... (plus or minus Donnie "brittle bones" Avery or not) is just lame. You cannot sit back and try to rest on 10 points. They did it in Washington and they did it again here. Results were the same. Do you share my opinion?
    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, resting on 10 points is never a good idea.

    Scott (ME): As I watched/listened to the game with my buddies over at (best Rams site on the net) I couldn't help but notice that any one of us could have called a better game than Pat Shurmur. When does this fraud get fired?

    If Chip is listening: Anyone, ANYONE, could have called a better game. He has got to go
    Jeff Gordon: He called a great game when he had Avery. I know the injury limited the team, but, yes, the Rams were too cautious.

    Joe: Jeff,

    Which quarterback, in your opinion, gives the Rams a better chance to win right now? I agree that our lack of solid receivers is hurting the team.

    Also, given that our receivers aren't playing well, do you think we should be utilizing McMichael and Fells more often in the passing game?

    Jeff Gordon: The Rams did feed the TEs early and often in this game. I didn't mind Bulger as much as most fans in this game. I want to see a more dynamic scheme.
    BCRamsFans: Do you agreewith me that Lauranitis is our best defensive player?

    I think it's pretty clear, and it says a great deal positive about him, and much negative about the deffense.

    An I told everyone so a few years ago: Matt Ryan in a Rams uniform would have been nice...
    Jeff Gordon: Matt Ryan as a Ram would have a bad W-L record. Nice player, for sure, but he walked into a great situation.
    Edward: With the trade deadline coming up,do you feel or hear anything from inside sources of any possibe trades?Who would you like to see St.louis trade for or trade?Being a Brady Quinn fan,I would love to seee the Rams make a trade for him since it is rumored that he is on the Trade block.I beleive St.louis could aquire him for absolutely nothing and have their young quarterback of the future without investing lots of money on a rookie Qb,and draft a player like Taylor Mays,but thats just my take.
    Jeff Gordon: Something is possible, of course, but unless there is a really good young WR available for a middle-round pick, I wouldn't get excited about the deadline.
    johndeere: i didnt see the game....but did the defence hole up pretty good today,they must have been out ther alot,mabe they got tired at the end..offence score some points for once....i do think ther is hope for this team...who knows.. a tweak ther,and a tweak ther.....your thoughts about today....ty
    Jeff Gordon: Once again, they were with arm's reach of winning game. They just needed to make another play or two. It was that close.
    JoeBacc: Gordo, I'm convinced that if this team had ONE game changing wide receiver they would be a good team. Not even asking for an Andre Johnson, just someone who will consistently make a play, perhaps Torry Holt?? Our defense is stacked and I won't hear otherwise. They could be the best defense we've had in decade. All we need is one consistent receiver w/ Jackson and we'd be golden.
    Jeff Gordon: If Torry was five years younger, excited to be here and willing to lead, then, sure, he would be a great fit. Even a healthy Laurent Robinson would make a big difference at this point.
    baddmann28: Jeff Gordon: How can you cite an OT loss on the road -- where the other team won the flip -- as evidence that the team won't win a game?

    Are you serious? we lead with less then 5 minutes left? This is the Jaguars not the Patriots. This should have been a win. I'm not blaming this on the D either. The O had too many shoddy plays from the 2nd quarter on. The Defense didn't quit. Jackson didn't quit. The O line didn't quit. Who's left? I'll leave that to you to print. It was obvious from home. So who do we beat? We had three chances for a win on this schedule and two are now L's.
    Jeff Gordon: Sure, this team does find ways to lose. But it's not like they are getting rolled the way Tennessee is getting rolled today. Now THAT is an ugly loss.
    Bryan: Oh yeah, I recognize that I am very frustrated and may need another hobby for awhile other then following the Rams (easier said they done)... but are the fans really supposed to keep buying into this story that 6 losses and 0 wins in 2009 mean something better or more then the same ones in 2008, 2007 and 2006? I mean correct me if I am wrong, but are the same results the same results other then we are using the poor talent excuse this year? I believe the Rams players are making very fat salaries just like the talent on every other NFL team. I understand... but I just really do not understand. Do you understand?
    Jeff Gordon: I don't buy the "bad talent" excuse at all. This team had enough talent to beat Jacksonville today and didn't. Instead of making big plays, some guys make big mistakes.
    Randy: I know coach Spags is a 4-3 and that his defensive coordinator like to play a safe 4-3 base as well but do you feel that Spags is willing to have some 3-4 influence and get a defensive coordinator with 3-4 experience?I truly feel that the 3-4 would really benifit players like Adam Carriker,and Chris Long,especially Long who could play end and linbacker inwhich he did play in the 3-4 at the University of Virginia.What are your thoughts?
    Jeff Gordon: I like the 4-3. I don't change it just because Long might be a better 3-4 player. If Witherspoon is out for a while, that will leave the team with one good LB. This team is way deeper at DE than LB.
    ClosetRamFan: Torry Holt sure looked good today, but he's sure no Tim Carter! (Sorry, but I couldn't find the "sarcasm" font)
    Jeff Gordon: I love Torry Holt. But he made zero difference while the team lost 27 of 32, so you move on. He didn't to be here, so he wasn't going to help much in a scenario like this.
    BakoCAramFan: Gordo,

    Gotta give SJ some props today...

    Few weeks back I complained that the Greatest RB Steven Jackson has ever seen didn't move the pile the way a superstar should. This team has few playmakers and it was obvious those they did have don't show up.

    No more.

    Looking back at the last three weeks--even though the TDs aren't there, SJ has been The Man on offense. I often turn off the sound and just watch the video during games. Mr. Jackson has been moving the piles North-South down the field, often with the box stacked against him, often after shedding 1-2 tackles, often taking the gang-tackling pile downfield with him.

    This Rams team may end up 2-14 or 0-16, but the effort put forward by Steven Jackson deserves a large bow from me, hat off my head.

    On that same note, Larry Little's interception and touchdown was the first jump up out of my chair and cheer for a Rams play this year. The catch itself was fine, then Mr. Little's explosive burst for the end zone and jump to the pylon was fabulous!

    The Rams may have lost, but their performance was NOT third-rate. My hat is off to you, gentlemen.

    The only thing is: I WANT MORE!
    Jeff Gordon: Jackson had grown up as a player, for sure. THAT is what the team needs now.
    JoeBacc: Today we made the combination of Ol' Torry Holt and Mike Sims-Walker look like the Ol' Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. Why? Our DBs ran a marathon today. WHY?? Ten 3 and outs??
    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, sooner or a later a "D" will wear out. Can't leave 'em on the field for a half.
    "Big Seed" of the Melonheads: Donnie Avery is too FRAGILE !!! Always hurt !!!

    Marc Bulger made very BAD choices today...Several KEY plays he locked onto
    one receiver....And it was the one we've already cut (Tim Carter)...that's
    CRAZY !!!

    Donnie Jones was awful today.... That really hurt us in a close game !!

    The NFL has to do something about the OT rules...The statistics are

    overwhelming that the winner of the coin-toss wins the game...I know the

    Rams had their chance to stop the Jags, but my point is still valid based

    on history !!!

    Please tell Spags it is OK to yell at the refs when they screw up !!!

    That challenge clearly showed Torry Holt was out of bounds !!! I would like

    to see our coach a little more animated over that RIDICULOUS ruling !!!
    Jeff Gordon: I heard the best idea on OT this week -- just continue the game with the ball where it was at the end of regulation. That would change everything about how the last two minutes are played, but it would take the coin flip out of it.
    Lawarence Marmie: Is it me or are teams going after Bartell every week? I mean, you have Wade or Fletcher on the other side and you're choosing to go the other way- that's saying something.
    Jeff Gordon: I don't mind Bartell at all. I didn't mind the interference calls. I did mind the dropped INT. That is the difference between "solid" and "star" at CB.
    Randy: Dont get me wrong I like O.J. Atogwe but I think we should draft Taylor Mays the BEST PLAYER in the 2010 NFL Draft.Its Atogwes contract year,so draft the best player available,and we should be right up their and in the top five.I know its early but when you dont contend this is what you do.What do you think?
    Jeff Gordon: I'm happy with Atogwe, J. Butler and Dahl at safety. Other team needs are way more pressing.
    JoeBacc: Let me rephrase what I said before. We are NOT worse than the Titans and I will NOT be told differenly. Bulger is better than Kerry Collins. 30 years w/o a Super Bowl win Jeff Fisher. Go home.
    Jeff Gordon: How about that Tennessee game? Yikes! I mean, what do you say at halftime of THAT? Gasp.
    OCRich: Pat Shurmur has the imagination of an ash tray. New QB, new offensive coordinator next year, please.
    Jeff Gordon: That will all get addressed in due time.
    Steve Spagnoulo: Hey Gordo,

    Can you point me in the right direction? I'm looking for the Yellow Brick Road. I'm off to see the Wizard- I'm hoping he can give me courage.


    Are flying monkeys real?
    Jeff Gordon: You don't think that deep throw to Fells, after the Rams gained field goal range, took courage? Two guys could have picked that off.
    TiredOf Losing: Again: What does Spags and the rest see in Bulger? He's a proven loser for a lot of reasons --- and Spags and the rest should have known that BEFORE the season started! His lack of production always seems to be ratioanlized away --- NEVER his fault! OK. The o-line isn't good. But what QB gets to just stand there and wait for the prime receiver to get open? Why doesn't Bulger shift his line? Whose fault is it he can't read a defense? He should have learned to move if for nothing more than save his own a@@, but he doesn't. How can anyone win with 2 - 3 yard passes at 2nd or 3rd and 8 or 9? Isn't Bulger smart enough to change a play? Leadership is as important as talent when you lose 15 in a row.
    OK. Boller isn't the answer. But why not try Null? Or a QB on someone's practice squad? There isn't a football town anywhere else where Bulger would still have a starting job --- or a locker, for that matter.
    Jeff Gordon: I assume Null will get a look at some point. But I would rather see a more aggressive scheme and more mid-range passes than a new QB.
    ramz4ever: Gordo,
    will the rams win a game this year? how will the rams do agianst indy next week, is the game sold out yet? i couldnt watch the game but obviously getting into ot is better than getting shut out were there any other positives to take out of this game?
    Jeff Gordon: I assume Indy fans will make this game a sellout. It's a easy four-hour drive.
    mlovato7: Hey Gordo

    The defense played a spirited game and Jackson gave us a chance at the end but Bulger other than the first drive just dosn't get the ball down the field accurately. Last week Shurmur seemed to at least call more 20 yard passes but Marc almost threw two picks because it seems he just dosn't hit the receiver accurately everything is low. When do you think they will take a look at NULL to see if we do draft a quarterback for the future or if will fill one of the other holes.

    Jeff Gordon: What would it take to see Null start any time soon? Serious injuries.
    Dakeman: Gordo,
    I've had it with Bulger... He throws passes to Jackson when he is behind the line of scrimmage and has two guys on top of him.. Result 3 yard loss. It looks like Bulger only is trying to increase his stats and realy doesnt care about winning or the good of the team. He has done this over and over, setting up recievers for failure but getting the "completion". He should be throwing the ball over the recievers heads so that the ball cant be caught by anyone. (We lose a down but not the yards)! Keep in mind Bulger has the luxury of seeing the coverages,but still chooses to make the ill-advised throw.. time to move on...
    Jeff Gordon: Given the huge gains the Rams got on little passes to Jackson, I'm shocked to read this complaint.
    johndeere: i agree with you..we got to attack the whole field..i think everyone sees why dont they,they have got to see that too...
    Jeff Gordon: You would hope they see it -- the opponents see it and plan accordingly.
    Joe Klopfenstein: Wow, I've been out of work for a while, but I think I'd rather stay home and cash checks from the government than play for a coach who'd choose to play it safe, than stop a 16 game losing streak. I don't play for losers.
    Jeff Gordon: It would have been fun to see Bulger bang a few passes off The Klop's hands today, just for old time's sake.
    SoonerFan: I give Coach Spags a lot of credit. Not many coaches could get this team to even tie a game with the lack of talent on offense. Also, give the players some credit. They keep trying. They are working hard at Rams Park. I am seeing a lot more out of this team than the last few years.
    My question is, since it is obvious that we need a new QB, who do we take next year. Bradford or McCoy? Both could play right now better than what we are throwing out there. Well, if Bradford wasnt injured he could play better. Haha.
    Also, do we cut Bulger if there is not salary cap next year?
    Jeff Gordon: Bradford's shoulder injuries really make him iffy. If he damaged the rotator cuff, that would be the end of him. I like McCoy's mobility, but is he a $60 million QB?
    Mark: Why doesn't this team run more screens to get Jackson the ball in the open field?
    Jeff Gordon: We saw more of them this game, with good results.
    ikkon211: Have the Rams actually made baby steps in the right direction these past 2 games or have I just been shell shocked by so much bad football from this team?
    Jeff Gordon: The effort was there. Pretty good job along both lines. But . . . either a team can make winning plays or it can't.
    andrew: Once again, Craig Dahl looked great at FS. After years of enduring the likes of Jason Sehorn at that position, this kid is looking like a ray of light.
    Jeff Gordon: Big upgrade from last year, no? If only he can stay healthy.
    Coach King: In a tight game I thought that one advantage we had was the leg of Donnie Jones. I fgured field position would play a huge part in the outcome of this game. It did...only not how I figured. Your thoughts?
    Jeff Gordon: That was a mess. I wondered if he was hurt, but that didn't seem to be the case.
    Scott Linehan: Hey Gordo,

    I don't recall if I've told you or not, but we won a game!!!
    Jeff Gordon: As a great actor recently sad during an of-camera rant, GOOD FOR YOU!
    Rams lamb in Southlake Texas: Still don't believe in the curse?
    Jeff Gordon: Nah, the team just has to man up and find a way.
    Steve B.: Gordo- I hate to think Chris Long is a bust.....but is he? I believe Victor A. could give us at least everything we are seeing from Long and then some.
    Jeff Gordon: Long had a big hand in limiting Jones-Drew until fatigue got the Rams at the end. But he does need to make more plays.
    Decker56: Gordo,
    I think it was a good team effort but it clearly shows how this team offense is just does not have enough talent to compete. If the Rams had a respectable offense fans would be talking about how Spags has turned this defense around. The way it is the defense spends way to much time on the field at tires out.
    My question is why did the Rams not try to go to their tight ends more in the 2nd half. i thought when they signed McMichael a couple of years ago that he was the answer but now I wonder.
    If you were the Rams what positions would you go for in the draft in the first 3 rounds?
    Jeff Gordon: The Rams will need a WR early, for sure. And a LB. And, if possible, a pass rushing DE.
    Jim the suffering ram fan: Is it just me or is our OC the worst? Shurmur has the creativity of a rock in his ofensive play calling. We always hear the the Rams don't have star receivers and that makes it hard for the OC. All star receivers started as young rookies.The only way they became stars was being thrown the ball. Also Chris Long is garbage. He comes from such good paternal stock, but I don't think he even got a tackle today. Ant now we meet Peyton Manning. I hope we can pick up some corners before Tuesday's dealine.
    Jeff Gordon: Long had three tackles on the unofficial stats, but that isn't great.
    Rams8180: The Rams aren't really considering trading Jackson to the Patriots are they?
    Jeff Gordon: If that happens, Rams fans should sue for refunds.
    Lawarence Marmie: Hey Gordo,

    Any chance we file Devanney and hire Matt Millen? At least then, we'd probably draft some WRs.
    Jeff Gordon: Good one! And Chuck Rogers is still looking for work, right?
    pat: Who often does the defensive playcalling? Would it be better if coach spags does the calling?
    Jeff Gordon: The Rams got burned a lot on the blitzes today. That is a good topic of discussion.
    eternalramnation: Gordo,

    Win some games? Let's keep it in perspective we were playing a team that had just been taken to the woodshed by the Seahawks the week before and actually lost to the Hawks worst then we did.

    Love the heart and hustle but if we win more then one game this season I'll send you a gift certificate to your favorite restaurtant.
    Jeff Gordon: The over and under is . . . One!

    Given all the injuries, that might be a good prediction. This team can't keep losing what little proven talent it has.
    St. Lou Angeles of Cleveland: Gordo, I think the rams got good pressure on garrard and he still had a great 1st half and a very good game passing the ball. The rams had 3 sacks today and garrard threw 2 INT's. My point is that, the rams DID pressure the qb today. But the results were poor. Although Bartell had a substandard game and Fletcher seemed over his head, my belief is that atogwe is mediocre at best, in coverage. And is overrated. Do the rams agree, as they did not sign atogwe to a contract this offseason.?.
    Jeff Gordon: Atogwe doesn't always take the best angles in coverage. But I don't see him getting offers so huge that he can't be retained. Why create another hole?
    mlovato7: Hey Gordo

    What's the deal with Shurmur. He needs to stay aggressive. The offense other than Jackson just seems not to be able to get open or give him a hole to run through. Bulger other than first drive just looks terrible. When do they take a look at Null to see if he could any worse. Its obvious we need to make decisions on a leader for the future. Bulger's throws are low most of the time or he dosn't see the secondary receiver.
    Jeff Gordon: Null did nothing in the preseason to suggest he is ready to rally a winless NFL team. I'd to see him play in garbage time a few times first.
    Kevlar: We scratched our heads about some choices made in cutting players, i.e. Draft and Curry but tried to give Spags and Co the benefit of the doubt. Is it time to really question their thinking?
    Jeff Gordon: They need to keep players who stay healthy. The LB play sans Draft has been fine. I liked Curry well enough, but Amendola was a nice get in his absence. Anticipating multiple injuries at any position is tough.
    Jethro Tull: How many touches did Jackson have today? How many slip screens, throwback screens, flairs, or check down went Jackson way? I did not watch the game on tv but itried to keep on NFL gamecast. I just kept seeing Jackson rushes up the middle for no gain. I also saw plenty of incomplete passes. I thought the play calling was going to be about giving Jakson the football and letting him take control of the game. What is going on with Chris Long? I thought he was the safest pick in the 2008 draft? I guess he has a long way to go before he will make an impact!
    Jeff Gordon: Jackson had six catches for 78 yards, including that 38-yarder at the end. Those are good numbers.
    St. Lou Angeles of Cleveland: Because there was no doubt that garrard was under heavy pressure today, (3 sacks, 2 int's), and was still able to produce, the whole game, one of the problems with the rams, irrespective of needing a DE, is an inability to cover. If you agree, wouldnt a new free safety, who could cover, make a big difference in our pass defense?
    Jeff Gordon: That is about 11th in terms of team needs.
    Kevlar: Even with the loss today you can recognize some progress but instead of baby steps it's only crawling. We seem to be so far behind any respectable NFL operation it appears a win will only come this year if someone forces down our throat. How long do you think it will take just to be respectable?
    Jeff Gordon: If this team isn't respectable by next season, then the football staff didn't do its job. There will be every chance to improve.
    Jethro Tull: When will we see Null? I would like to watch him play before the draft! Oh no I just said the" D" word. If the Rams do go QB in the draft I hope it is the QB out of BYU. I do not recall his last name. I just know he has NFL toughness. Bradfor is too frail, and Colt McCoy is the next Cade McNown.
    Jeff Gordon: I expect we'll see Null at some point. But let's not beg the Rams to set this kid up for failure.
    Kevlar: Are there any playmakers out there not already in a uni? I get the feeling we're grasping at straws as far as finding players to improve this team.I know changes will keep coming but do we have to wait for two more drafts to make an impact?
    Jeff Gordon: They need to find another Amendola type ASAP.
    BCRamsFans: I think we are better than last year, and it's really a talent-deficit we face. Having said that, we still squander opportunities. Our offense in the third quarter, and even in the second quarter, was self defeating. It's one thing NOT be able to go downfield successfully with the passing, it's another thing to not TRY to go down the field -- I'm talking 15-25 yards, not necessarily 50. Playing so conservatively is a self fullfilling prophesy "We can't create a passing offense therefore we don't try to create a passing offense, and therefore, we don't have a passing offense". That sort of thinking is a defence's best friend.

    Do you agree that we box ourselves in with this offensive thinking?
    Jeff Gordon: Totally agree.
    Lawarence Marmie: Memo to Ken Flay-hole

    Stop with the zone blitzes- they are not working and teams are exploiting them every time you decide to run one

    When we blitz, we don't want our DBs playing 25 yds of the recievers-just something you might want to think about
    Jeff Gordon: You didn't like Little covering MJD? What fun are you?
    St. Lou Angeles of Cleveland: Gordo, i saw your reply to LM about the rams D. you stated that they wore down as time passed. Thats not what I saw. I saw the RUN DEFENSE wear down as the game wore on. The PASS DEFENSE was atrocious even in the 1st half. If you check the halftime stats you will see that that is true. My point is, it shows the rams need better db's. As you yourself stated, there was pressure on Garrard most of the game. I dont have a question, I guess I want your opinion on my point.
    Jeff Gordon: The Rams led 10-6 at the half. What did I miss?
    WIRAMFAN: Jeff. Do you think the Rams are snake bit on officiating calls because of their status as a team for sale and possibly on the move?

    I know management, sucks and Coaching is a big problem, (not trying one more play to score a TD with 8 seconds) but calls , key calls are either not called against the opponent and ticky tacky or non existent ones are called on the Rams.

    The NFL is a huge for profit company. The Jaguars are an ok team staying put with still very little support. A loss to the Rams would hurt this franchise, big time. Thing about it. Rams are for sale if they win it all or not. A win here for the Rams or there does not really matter. Coaches who see problems, ie the clock stoppage at the end of the half, do nothing. The pas interference to keep the Panthers moving? I really believe there are forces at work that we are not considering. I don't think the Rams will have a winning team untill they are sold!!

    Spags is so gutless not trying for on more pass into the endzone. And who was the mastermind at the start of the season keeping only 3 wideouts?!!
    Jeff Gordon: There ought to be a rule against having fewer than five WRs on your 53-man roster.
    JoeBacc: Will Chris Long eventually move to the left once Little's career unfortunately comes to a close? Maybe he'll fare better against tackles on the weaker side. If not rip that billion dollar contract up in front of his face.
    Jeff Gordon: The Rams need to keep moving him around to use his motor. I'd get creative with they guy. He isn't beating many blocks one on one.
    JoeBacc: A four point lead is NOT a comfortable lead. Here's an idea. My dog runs a 4.5 forty. When I throw her the ball 9 times out of 10 she'll catch it and it takes both hands for me to get it back from her. Can I get her a million dollar contract and get her Rookie of the Year for getting this sorry offense a win?
    Jeff Gordon: Good one! On that, we will bid you adieu. We're repeating ourselves now.

    See you next week.