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I am so tired of this.

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  • I am so tired of this.

    Every game this season, the Rams have looked a little bit better. Our offense looked the best it has all year, Bulger led a two-minute offense that was reminiscent of days past, Amendola is giving our return game something it has been missing for years, and our defense is stepping it up, somewhat inconsistently, but still better than it has in the past two seasons.

    We went into Jacksonville today with a desire to come out with a win. It came down to the last 7 seconds before we ended up going for a tie instead of a win. Spags played it safe for a chance to win instead of gambling and possibly losing. The decision to go for three may have been the wrong one (remember Carolina in the playoffs a few years ago?) but it gave our guys something they haven't had in a long time - hope.

    So what am I tired of? I'm tired of the fans who are too busy whining about Bulger (who did a great job today), fans who are complaining about our defense (who actually did a decent job) to notice that we are getting better.

    Yeah, let's trade our best player. That way, we can get a RB who runs like crap - because that's all that's left in free agency. Let's bench our QB - the one who knows the plays and is really showing that he can execute once again. That way, we can start someone who can't be consistent at throwing either completions or interceptions. Let's trash the whole team - after all, it's only been six weeks, and if they haven't won us a super bowl by now, they never will.

    I'm not looking at the team through rose colored glasses. I'm being realistic. The Rams are bad - no doubt about it. But the Rams of week six are far better than the Rams of week one. I didn't expect a quick turnaround. Even Spags said it will take time. Anyone who thought we'd be an NFL powerhouse by now should at least try to be realistic.

    Most of us on here thought we should have won today. I'm one of them. Anyone who is whining about the effort put forth by anyone on the team today needs to watch the game again, because the game I watched showed a Rams team that fought hard for a win. Had we won the coin toss in OT...we would have had that elusive "W".

    For those of you who think whining about things will make you a good fan, or will change the team, I've got news for you.

    It makes you look like a fair-weather fan, and the team isn't going to change the road they are on just because you think you know the way to go.

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    Re: I am so tired of this.

    I agree that we are getting better every week, but you can't blame us for being disappointed. I'm entirely deflated. I REALLY thought we were going to win all week. It's a little upsetting.


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      Re: I am so tired of this.

      Originally posted by RamsFanSam View Post
      For those of you who think whining about things will make you a good fan, or will change the team, I've got news for you.

      It makes you look like a fair-weather fan, and the team isn't going to change the road they are on just because you think you know the way to go.
      a fair weather wouldn't be here. fact we are all here, even though at times gripe, shows we are patient and really behind our team. at this point i have nothing but respect for those of us still here despite the ugly.

      i want to thank all here. keep heads up you are all true blue and gold.

      prediction week 6: Rams 24 Indy 21

      We are only 4 games out with 11 games to go (mathematically in)

      GO RAMS!!!

      It's Jim not Chris


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        Re: I am so tired of this.

        Thank you. Finally someone said it.


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          Re: I am so tired of this.

          Originally posted by RamsFanSam View Post
          The Rams are bad - no doubt about it. But the Rams of week six are far better than the Rams of week one.
          And certainly better than the Rams of 2008.

          Great post, RFS!


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            Re: I am so tired of this.

            Great post my friend.

            They are improving. As fans, we know its going to take patience.

            I can't believe people are STILL talking bad about Bulger.


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              Re: I am so tired of this.

              Great post Sam my friend and I agree entirely.

              As hard as it is watching us lose every week, its harder in many ways visiting the boards and hearing the same tired, simplistic knee-jerk declarations from the few people who think that Madden-trades work outside of the video game.

              Go Rams :helmet:


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                Re: I am so tired of this.

                I think the lack of depth and skill at receiver really showed today. Losing Avery to injury really hurt


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                  Re: I am so tired of this.

                  Its not about being a fair weather fan or whining, I personally just give it the way I see it. I don't think the Rams are looking all that much better, they have been terrible every single game in one way or another.

                  The more optimistic of us thought the game with the Jags was a lock. My statement was this; the Rams have displayed zero ability to win a close game (nary any game). The passing game is the worst I have personally seen in my life. The team's focus and attention to detail has been terrible (not a talent issue btw) coupled with mediocre playcalling. There was no reason to expect we could beat the Jags, and I was right. Not to mention it was obvious to me 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter that we were going to lose. We began the same spiral of events that accompanied each collapse this season. Our offense goes 3 and out and our defense gets tired and breaks down. Same old story.

                  If you prefer being an optimist, fine with me. I simply prefer to approach each game from a realistic point of view. That point of view right now is that the Rams are bottom line extremely bad and not improving much. Someone predicted (Im sure in jest) that the Rams were going to beat the Colts; my prediction is a complete Rams meltdown and the Colts taking mercy on the Rams by running the ball exclusively in the second half (being up by at least 30). Dwight Freeney is probably going to send Bulger to the hospital with cleat wounds on his face. Getting my drift?
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                    Re: I am so tired of this.

                    I understand your frustrations Sam. I dont think there are many fair weather fans left in forums at this point, its just a lot of really upset fans venting their frustrations at the moment. We all have different tolerence levels and most are getting stretched. 10 times a game I will turn my internet feed off, tell myself I am no longer interested, vow to burn all my rams gear and give up football for good because these last few seasons are doing my health no good no my happiness. I vow the pain of continuous losing is so much worse than the occasional winning is good and I ask why I bother.

                    Then 15 seconds later I am back on my feed banging my head. Just cant help it.

                    I rarely vent these thoughts on the forum because, they are just an emotional outburst with no real foundation and by next sunday, I'll be back. I will always be back.

                    I cant blame those around for being upset too, nor will I critisize if some need a time out. This team has given very little in return for our faith the past 38 games. Nor will they be handing out medals or discount tickets to die hards when times come good again, we will have to fight for tickets with everyone else.

                    But for me not following the rams just isn't an option. Why I just dont know. Mind control techniques it must be.

                    Till next sunday
                    The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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                      Re: I am so tired of this.

                      I jest because I care.


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                        Re: I am so tired of this.

                        Look, I don't want to see Jackson go, but the Rams have to make some changes. If not Jackson, then who's going? All of these Bulger apologists need to let go, too, as his tenure shouldn't last much longer considering the Rams need a new face at quarterback (fresh face; not some old hasbeen like Kyle Boller or Gus Frerotte) sometime over the next two years.


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                          Re: I am so tired of this.

                          Yeah, let's trade our best player. That way, we can get a RB who runs like crap - because that's all that's left in free agency.
                          I donít understand that line of thinking. Iím not sure where he wants to take the O but I believe it involves having SJ running the ball. The team will still have to undergo some major changes receivers, running back depth, continued depth and improvement of the O-lone in a QB for the future they can build around. Iím looking forward to see how they shape this team but it do need some O direction this O is as bad as I have seen any ram team.


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                            Re: I am so tired of this.

                            Like Spags has said, these guys are hungry for a win and I feel bad for them. Things just aren't going their way, some of it is their fault, some of it are on the refs crappy calls. Regardless, I am upset with the losses but I'm never going to lose faith in this team. We may go 0-16, it's a possibility but I'll still be a fan no matter what happens, EVER.
                            Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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                              Re: I am so tired of this.

                              What good is it to have Steven Jackson if you only give him 4 or so rushing attempts in the second half?


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                              • NJ Ramsfan1
                                Back to Square One
                                by NJ Ramsfan1
                                Right now, the Rams are the worst team in football. It is 2009 all over again. Despite massive efforts to re-tool the o-line, assemble a group of competant wide-outs, draft a franchise QB, obtain a new o-coordinator, this team still stinks. Anyone who is associated with this football team, from the owner to the players to the coaches to the fans should be completely embarrassed- as well as humiliated and totally pissed off.

                                Don't tell me about injuries. Indianapolis has lost Peyton Manning and they battled last week. Don't tell me about the hapless Chiefs. Their injury situation is worse than ours and they've battled tooth and nail on the road today vs. a San Diego team every bit as good as the Ravens. Don't tell me Tennessee. They beat the Ravens last week. Don't tell me Cincinnati. They have a win. And every team in our division has shown more than we have thus far.

                                Don't tell me about rebuilding. This is year three. No one expected a Super Bowl this season, but tangible progress was both expected and reasonable. We've seen neither thus far.

                                There is simply no excuse. We've regressed. At this rate, we'll be lucky to win 3-4 games. Every year is the same. You look for reasons to be positive, try not to be negative or disappointed and still get kicked in the teeth time and time again. It got old a long time ago. Down 27-0 at the half today. Horrendous. Games vs. GB, PItt, Dal, and NO to be played yet. We're awful.

                                The luster is starting to wear off Spags. This is a guy most of us were happy to have (myself included) and a guy who has prided himself on discipline & fundamental football and we've yet to see it at a time when it is absolutely necessary to have. The scary thing is that we should be better. You look at this team, and despite some obvious holes, we shouldn't be getting beaten by double digits every week and looking sloppy in the process. Either I and a lot of other people have overrated this team or the coaches need to do a better job.

                                I'm totally depressed. What can one reasonably look forward to on the heels of three dreadful performances-two of which were at home?
                                -09-25-2011, 05:06 PM
                              • rNemesis
                                I dont see how a team could be so bad....
                                by rNemesis
                                YEt be better than our Rams.

                                I mean I just dont get what it takes to win in this league man. I am just tired of hearing the SAME OLD RAMS talk from all these so called analysts and experts and whoever else. Whenever we are playing a great or good team, we never get the pick , and probably rightfully so. But whenever we play a bad team, no matter what their record is now, was then, or what they predict it to be this year, its like they always pick us to lose. I dont see how a team could lose 12 games a year yet be "better than us"

                                I dont see how a team could be 2-14 yet be " better than us"

                                I MEAN COME ON GUYS!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!! BULLISH!!!! You cannot sit here and tell me that EVERY team in the league is "LEAPS AND BOUNDS" ahead of us and that " they only need a couple of pieces" yet " we have so many gaping holes'

                                Let me tell you what I have been doing the past 3 painful years. I have been watching closely ( and understanding) what it takes to win in this league. I have watch us play every team in the NFL over that period, I think. And at some point you have to wonder " OK, when is this losing going to stop"? We have played everyone from the Colts and Saints straight down to the Lions and Chiefs. SO you sit and wonder after every loss if you are ever going to win because you see all the mistakes you make and all of the lack of impact players. Now all that is pretty much addressed, aside from a couple more positions, we have some good players on this team and we have STILL NOT won a game? BULLISH!!!

                                NOW think about THAT my friends!! Think about why some other teams "suck" yet they can find a way to win some games. Why cant we?

                                Biggest question I have ever tried to find the answer to, and probably also the most annoying. Dont tell me its because we have too many holes.
                                -09-17-2010, 02:56 PM
                              • Bar-bq
                                Next Season
                                by Bar-bq
                                I'm sorry, but those of you who have begun posting about the merits of "next season" have disheartened me. Really, who are you? We have fifteen weeks of football left to play, and you'd best be damn sure that win, lose or worse, I'll be hoping for the best for my team.

                                It was far from a promising start.

                                No pass blocking.
                                No run blocking.
                                No Leonard Little and Orlando Pace went down hard.
                                No effort players.

                                You've heard it all before.

                                On top of that, every first day pick from 2000-2004 is no longer with the team. Alston, Byrd, Wroten. Gone Gone Gone. Hill- still showing little development. Leonard- Looks like a luxury. Klop- Will be lucky to see much of the field.

                                Bad drafting equates to poor on-field success. There's no two ways about that.

                                But "next season"? come on! Tell me you don't bleed blue and gold. Tell me you didn't love every minute of the 1999 season. Tell me you didn't just jump upon the bandwagon for the good times.

                                You more than have the right to criticize. Be critical of anything you want. But to simply bypass the merits and demerits of an entire season in anticipation of greener pastures is absurdity. I guarantee you, without withstanding this season, without drawing and learning all we can from this season, next season will inevitably promulgate a return to the drawing board. again. The time is nigh to learn from what we've done wrong today. To correct what we can and struggle on with what we can't...until we can.

                                All the optimism has vanished. What it breeds is an atmosphere of losing. Players don't want to play for a losing franchise with no legitmiate backing behind them. The fans, after all, are willing to cast them aside after one game. Yes, there's a lack of effort. But we're not beyond hope. We're one game into the season. What point there is labeling yourself a "fan" of a franchise when you're willing simply to overlook the potential for success...for learning- for betterment THIS season?

                                There are fifteen games to go, and it is my opinion that we will win all fifteen of um (toot toot et al). And if we lose, it will be the next fourteen. Down to one. Because this dedication impels the opportunity to learn. To have the capacity to look forward to next week in light of the myriad of possibilities for success.

                                I most certainly do.
                                -09-08-2008, 02:07 AM
                              • VegasRam
                                I don't really know how to say this
                                by VegasRam
                                So I'll just say it, (with lots of disclaimers to follow;)).

                                I think our first game this year is absolutely HUGE!

                                If we win that game, (no matter how), it is going to go a long way towards INSTANTLY changing the mindset of our entire team. They have beat us eight straight, (some resoundingly and some squeakers), but eight nonetheless.

                                We are getting no respect, (and don't deserve it); Seattle is, and is getting a pass for last year due to injuries, (which we never did, but that's yesterday's news), and it's on the road against (in my mind now), our most hated rival.

                                I would go so far as to say, if we win, we are looking at a guaranteed 9 wins, and maybe more.

                                (Disclaimer 1): If we lose, we'll win the predicted 5-6 games, which I really am OK with, given the state of the team when Spags took over.

                                But I can just see Spags quietly, in his own intense way, telling the team after the game; "See...! See what happens when you focus and play with intensity, when you play as a team, when you pay attention to the little things, when you trust and believe in each other?"

                                (Disclaimer 2) Again, if the Rams play well and lose, but can walk off the field with their heads up, and leave the Seahawks thinking, "those were not the Rams we've played the last 4 years", I'll be fine, and in no way will think the season's history.

                                It's just that (IMO) winning would have an incredible impact on the team's attitude...

                       that would stay with the team the whole year, and one that Spags could point to the whole season and say, "Remember opening day, on the road, against our fiercest rival, in a hostile environment...?"
                                -09-03-2009, 12:16 PM
                              • rNemesis
                                Anyone still think we can win a game?
                                by rNemesis
                                ...I sure don't. I still maintain that, given what I have seen over the last month or so, we will not win a game this year. Yes, Cards and Seahawks are not very good, but as far as I'm concerned, last time I checked, they are better than us though, and we are not a very good football team right now, nor have we been for the last several years.

                                Why is this the case? Well, like most of you, I am still searching for the answer. All of you should know by now that bad drafting/scouting has crippled this franchise up to this point. But my burning question is this though, not ignoring this fact: How did it get THIS bad? I mean honestly, it feels and looks like this team literally lacks solid depth ALL ACROSS THE BOARD!!! How can this be possible? I mean, you wouldn't mind it if its " Oh, we desperately need help at QB and SS, but we're pretty much secure everywhere else" FOR US, its like we need help at EVERY position!!! And, if this is so, then that means that, by logic, it will take this team years to be able to say that they have a steady, stable competitive product that they can put out there.

                                I mean, seriously folks, the sky is literally falling in STL right now. Describing it as anything less would be a huge understatement. I just dont see how things could have turned so sour in just a few years, let alone from last year to this year. Its almost as if we did the league a huge injustice or disservice by being the GSOT, as ridiculous as it sounds. We are, by far, the worst team in the NFL right now. Anyone still think we will win a game this year? If you do, post on this thread LEGITIMATE reasons why you think we will win at least one game.

                                I dont even know where to start. I just dont get it. Every other team in the league, including the winless Dolphins, have been competitive in most of their games. But us? We just look like we are lost out there and dont know what our individual assignments are. And its pathetic. My Cowboy fan friend asked me if I watched the game. He was very disappointed at my answer. I said " Why should I? The game was over from the Caddy fumble."

                                I am trying SO hard to put together a scenario where the Rams will be competitive again. As of right now, I'll be VERY hard-pressed, and somewhat creative, if I do. Forget this season, this is as lost as the 101st dalmatian. But lets say in the offseason, that we sign a boatload of FA's and some good draft picks. I am still not convinced that that will bring W's. But we all want to see COMPETITIVE FOOTBALL, week in week out, not tired, I-give-up type of football. So far I have not yet seen it.

                                What really ticks me off is these guys who we draft come to our team and literally do nothing to help. Chris Long and Robert Quinn are two good examples of guys who have done little to prove to me that they were worthy of being picked so high. Jason Smith is a colossal bust,...
                                -10-24-2011, 03:13 PM