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    Hello Rams fans,

    I'm a Colts fan looking to make my first trip to the Edward Jones Dome to see the Colts vs. the Rams. Before you disregard this as trolling, I'm a diehard STL Cardinals fan. I go to a series once a year in Busch, as well as a road series (this year in Cleveland) to watch the Cards. I consider STL my home away from home, love it there, and love the people. Have had Colts season tix since day one in indy, so they've always been my allegiance, but rooted for the rams during their glory days in the early 2000's... Anyways, I'm looking for tickets to the game Sunday. What is the best way to buy them? I know in STL (atleast for baseball) scalping is illegal, and tough to come by. Is it dumb to leave Indy without a ticket? If online, where is the best place to get tickets? Not looking for anything way expensive, just wanna be there. Thanks!!

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    Re: Getting Tickets

    Any help? If I go to STL and scalp is that a bad idea?


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    • sarmcl
      I come in peace.....
      by sarmcl
      Hello Rams fans

      Some friends and I were thinking about coming to St Louis for the Browns game October 28th. I was hoping you could help me out.

      Do you have any recommendations of hotels near the arena? I would prefer something within walking distance

      Also--as far as tickets go. Does the team put single game tickets on sale? Or am I going to have to go through a scalper or Ebay.

      Thanks in advance and good luck in the upcoming season
      -04-11-2007, 11:03 AM
    • RamFan_Til_I_Die
      Tickets for this Sunday are dirt cheap!
      by RamFan_Til_I_Die
      If you are a Rams fan living nearby don't let money stop you from going to the game. Tickets right now are as low as $6!!!! For the season opener!!!!! This has to be a record low for a franchise on Stubhub.

      The Rams royally screwed up selling their tickets to thousands of people who never intended to go to one game and it blew up in their face. Both the Rams and the investors are getting screwed. Let their loss be your gain. Get some cheap tickets and come to the game.

      -09-09-2017, 02:45 PM
    • Alec22
      Advice on Tickets
      by Alec22

      I attended a rams game 2 years ago, sat 50 yard line 3rd row up, amazing.

      This year though I will be buying a MUCH cheaper ticket, I was wondering as I do not remember:

      How easy is it to "move up" to better seats, as in How hard do the ushers check tickets?

      Do they not allow you to walk into the section without seeing your ticket? etc.

      I will be going to the home game vs the chargers on 10/17,

      Will this game sold out? Will I not be able to move up at all?
      -10-06-2010, 10:23 AM
    • Tony Banks
      Rams Season Tickets
      by Tony Banks
      I just paid off my season tickets for this season! Lets go Rams 2008!!!

      -03-14-2008, 08:21 AM
    • r8rh8rmike
      Unexpected Bounty: Rams Accidently Send Fan Hundreds Of Tickets
      by r8rh8rmike
      Unexpected bounty: Rams accidentally send fan hundreds of tickets

      Nick Wagoner, ESPN Staff Writer

      ST. LOUIS -- Upon retrieving his mail Wednesday night, a Rams season-ticket holder thought he was getting a gift from the team for his loyalty.

      What Brandon Bardenheier found in the certified mail envelope Thursday morning was something far more valuable: $25,200 worth of lower-bowl tickets to the team's Dec. 13 game against the Detroit Lions.

      "I thought it was a koozie or bobblehead or something," Bardenheier said. "They take good care of the season-ticket holders, so sometimes they'll do something fun like that. I opened it up and sure enough, there were two very, very large stacks of tickets bundled up. I thought for some reason they were letting me upgrade my seats. I thought I'd hit the jackpot."

      But Bardenheier realized there were far more than the three season tickets he owns. Bardenheier and his wife counted the tickets and found that there were about 300 in the stacks.

      Each ticket had a sticker price of $84 and was located near the others in the lower bowl of the Edward Jones Dome. Bardenheier called the Rams, but the team's offices weren't open. So he took to Reddit to solicit opinions.

      Before Bardenheier had finished his post, he heard from the Rams and told them what had happened. There had been a mistake at the ticket office, and the seats were mistakenly sent to Bardenheier.

      From there, the 27-year-old from nearby Fenton, Missouri, received plenty of advice via social media on what to do with the tickets -- from friends urging him to at least take a few so he could sit in better seats than his current upper-level trio.

      "That just doesn't seem like the right thing to do," he said. "People on Reddit said I could keep them. But even if I could, I wouldn't. That's not the way my mom raised me."

      He said he thought the large number of tickets close to one another probably was for a charity, though the Rams offered no explanation and declined comment Friday morning.

      "I thought that it must have been for a large group of people coming together like a charity or youth football program," Bardenheier said. "Not that it's relevant to doing the right thing, but that was at the forefront of my mind that I didn't want to make things more difficult on someone who is just trying to take their kids to come see a football game."

      Bardenheier returned the tickets to the Rams on Friday morning. The team gave him three lower-level seats to Sunday's game against the San Francisco ***** for his trouble.

      "I guess they'd heard I had never sat in the lower bowl before," Bardenheier said. "So they gave me free tickets. So that was nice of them to do what they did."

      Bardenheier has...
      -10-30-2015, 01:01 PM