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Imagine if we still had holt on our ballclub...

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  • Imagine if we still had holt on our ballclub...

    What would be different???

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    Re: Imagine if we still had holt on our ballclub...

    The play calling would be different because you have two deep threats instead of just one and also two go to guys.
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      Re: Imagine if we still had holt on our ballclub...

      Originally posted by Varg6 View Post
      The play calling would be different because you have two deep threats instead of just one and also two go to guys.
      Except Holt really is not much of a deep threat at this point because of his knees.

      That said, having him would be nice simply because at this point I think having any starting-caliber receiver would be beneficial to this team. Of course, there's no way the Rams could have kept him under his previous contract, and it didn't sound like he wanted to make an effort to stay, so it's kind of a moot point.


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        Re: Imagine if we still had holt on our ballclub...

        Don't think Holt would much help after last year and his readiness to get out of dodge.


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          Re: Imagine if we still had holt on our ballclub...

          not like he made a difference last year
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            Re: Imagine if we still had holt on our ballclub...

            Imagine if we still had holt on our ballclub...

            ...we would be 0-6 and Holt would be on the team.
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              Re: Imagine if we still had holt on our ballclub...

              Originally posted by bruce4life View Post
              What would be different???
              we'd probably have a really unhappy receiver that wanted to be elsewhere. As much as I liked him and wish he could of stayed. He didn't want to be here.
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                Re: Imagine if we still had holt on our ballclub...

                Holt can still produce. Not a deep threat though.

                But Holt is a hundred times better than our WRs


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                  Re: Imagine if we still had holt on our ballclub...

                  I would rather have bruce. He wouldn't have gone slow last year and would be an ideal coach to our young receivers. We let the wrong one go first. But 20-20 in hindsight.
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                    Re: Imagine if we still had holt on our ballclub...

                    I don't think Holt would be playing very hard if he were here. He wanted to be traded. He didn't want to be here. He was making noise in the media about wanting to leave. And before you say, "no he didn't" let me say that anytime somebody asks you if you want to be traded and your answer is "no comment" that means yes. It's like pleading the 5th.

                    I'm not upset he's gone. It's not like we would be going to the Super Bowl with him on our team.


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                    • RamWraith
                      Holt not as healthy as we think??
                      Registered User
                      by RamWraith
                      This is from

                      Rams: Holt might have a torn ligament

                      11/11/05 01:43 PM
                      THE NEWS
                      Rams wide receiver Torry Holt's knee injury might be more serious than he's been letting on. Team officials described the injury as a bruised knee, but Holt later told reporters that he had a sprained ligament. Now, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that sources confirmed that he has a torn ligament. Nevertheless, he has practiced all week and is still targeting Sunday for his return.
                      Our View
                      At this point, it appears Holt will play against the Seahawks. He plans to make an official decision on his playing status on Saturday, so we'll let you know what he decides once that information is released.
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                    • ramsanddodgers
                      Holt to bolt?
                      Registered User
                      by ramsanddodgers
                      BEFORE you get too excited here is the rest as posted on

             Video Player Experience...
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                    • Nick
                      PFT: Holt unhappy in Jacksonville?
                      Rams Nation MVP
                      by Nick
                      Torry Holt unhappy with playcalling in Jacksonville?
                      Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on September 21, 2009 1:43 PM ET

                      In last dark days of the Scott Linehan era in St. Louis, wide receiver Torry Holt often voiced his displeasure about the team's play-calling; sometimes right to Linehan's face.

                      Holt has a new team this year in Jacksonville, but he's reportedly still not happy.

                      Michael C. Wright of the Florida Times-Union tweeted Sunday night that Holt was "screaming about some [play] calls" Sunday as if he was talking to himself, but clearly loud enough for everyone to hear.

                      Wright credits multiple sources that Holt was on the "verge of going off" about the Jaguars struggles. Wright told PFT Monday that his sources believe Holt is too savvy to complain about the issues publicly. (Good for Holt. And the Jaguars. It does not appear that they are worried about him being a malcontent.)

                      With that said, it's clear there is already some frustration bubbling underneath the surface of Jacksonville's 0-2 start. The passing game has been inept, due to poor pass protection, some inaccurate David Garrard throws, drops, and a lack of quality receivers.

                      Holt was a franchise legend in St. Louis, but it's questionable whether he is in the position to gripe in Jacksonville. The 11-year pro has nine catches for 112 yards in two games -- not bad -- but he doesn't scare defenses any more. Holt didn't create a lot of separation on his routes in his Week One performance. (Haven't watched the Cardinals game yet.)

                      Two of Jacksonville's top four receivers Sunday won't play again with the team this season, so Holt is going to be relied upon heavily the rest of the way.
                      -09-25-2009, 08:26 AM
                    • AugustaRamFan
                      Torry "*** ****" Holt
                      by AugustaRamFan
                      At one time it was 'Big Game"!!!?? Where has the big game attitude gone? When is the last time Holt had a 30Yd game (w/o injry)?

                      One of the things that may be an issue is the softness of the Rams Receiver Corp. They are good about sliding to make catches, diving out of bounds to avoid a hit, or avoiding a contact altogether. In short, where is the yac for Holt and Bruce for that matter??
                      -09-20-2006, 05:33 AM
                    • RamWraith
                      Holt Handling Frustration
                      Registered User
                      by RamWraith
                      Friday, October 31, 2008

                      By Nick Wagoner
                      Senior Writer

                      For the better part of his career, Torry Holt has been one of, if not the, lynchpins of the Rams offense.

                      In terms of statistics, Holt has been one of the most prolific and productive receivers of all time. Even when plagued by an ailing knee in 2007, Holt still found a way to catch 93 passes for 1,189 yards and seven touchdowns.

                      This season, Holtís production has dropped dramatically. Through seven games, Holt has 26 catches for 289 yards. Thatís good enough to lead the team in receptions and Holt has been targeted more than any other receiver with 48 targets.

                      But itís also his lowest output in terms of touches since his rookie season when he had 19 catches in the first seven games.

                      Admittedly and for the first time in his career, Holt is frustrated by the lack of opportunities.

                      ďAbsolutely,Ē Holt said. ďYou go from getting as many touches and opportunities that Iíve had in the past to not nearly as many, yeah, itís a sense of frustration.Ē

                      In his previous nine seasons in the league, Holt has averaged 37.4 catches through the first seven games of the season.

                      So, with those numbers in mind, whatís the reason for the drop off in production?

                      Depending on who you ask there are a variety of reasons Holt hasnít been as active in the passing game.

                      Coach Jim Haslett believes that opponents are rolling coverages up on Holt more than ever and that the extra man in coverage has made it hard to get him the ball but heís still been thrown to more than anyone on the team.

                      ďI would be disappointed in Torry if he felt that he couldnít contribute to this team,Ē Haslett said. ďWeíll continue to try to find ways to get Torry the ball.Ē

                      Holt says while that might be true, itís not the first time heís seen that type of coverage.

                      ďI think I am still getting open,Ē Holt said. ďI donít think you can go from what I did last year, the year before coming off knee surgery and come to this year and all of a sudden just be (crummy). I donít think it happens that way, not with the way I work and how passionate I am about the game of football. I think itís just a situation where obviously Iím getting doubled but Iíve beaten double teams plenty of times throughout the course of my career.Ē

                      Perhaps more than the amount of times the ball has been thrown his way, Holtís issues stem from being used in a different way than heís used to.

                      Holt has long been known for his precise route running ability, particularly the type of vertical routes and deep ins that have long been his hallmark.

                      This year, though, Holt hasnít been the target of many of those deep passes. Holt has been targeted beyond 20 yards just six times with his lone catch being the 45-yard touchdown catch against...
                      -11-01-2008, 06:10 AM