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Rams to AFC South?

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  • Rams to AFC South?

    Hi, I'm a Titans fan, and I come in peace; not to fight over the #1 overall draft pick... (but seriously, beat 0-59!)

    Anyway, I just read that LA is closer to getting the go ahead to build a 75,000 seat stadium that will be completed in time for the 2012 season. Naturally, with this on the horizon, the city is going to start talking to teams after the season about relocating. The first two teams that popped into my head were the Raiders and the Jaguars.

    Now, if the Jags are the team to move to LA, then obviously realignment will be under consideration. The most logical scenario I can think of would be to put LA in the NFC West with Arizona, San Fran, and Seattle; while moving the Rams to the AFC South with Tennessee, Houston, and Indy. From a geographic standpoint this seems like a perfect solution; however, I wonder what would be your thoughts on changing divisions and conferences?

    Sorry if already discussed,
    Clark W.

    P.S. I can't see them ever breaking up the AFC West for LA, since all four teams have AFL bloodlines.

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    Re: Rams to AFC South?

    Welcome, Clark. It wouldn't be the Christmas season if it wasn't hooter...hotter than it is. Those movies crack me up.

    Anyway, good question about possible relignment. I can't the LA Jags as staying in the AFC-S, and the NFC-W would make the most sense. The simplest move would be the Rams to the AFC-S, and the LA Jags to the NFC-W. Only affects two teams. Hmm, I don't know; but something to think about.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: Rams to AFC South?

      I thnnk that would be healthy for the St. Louis Rams. It would provide regional rivals. It's not that hard to get to either Indy or Nashville from St. Louis. Personally, that would be great for me because I could see them in Houston every year.


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        Re: Rams to AFC South?

        It certainly makes sense from a geographic standpoint. However the rivalries that have been ongoing most notably with the WHINERS would be affected.

        ???? things that make you go hmmmmm
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          Re: Rams to AFC South?

          I wouldn't want to move to another confrence. We have NFC in our blood lol!


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            Re: Rams to AFC South?

            Realignment isn't necessary. If the NFL spent more than a decade with Arizona in the NFC East, and more than 30 years with Atlanta in the NFC West, it can survive with the Jaguars in the AFC South.


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              Re: Rams to AFC South?

              Originally posted by PeoriaRam View Post
              Realignment isn't necessary. If the NFL spent more than a decade with Arizona in the NFC East, and more than 30 years with Atlanta in the NFC West, it can survive with the Jaguars in the AFC South.
              I agree, it could. I think Jax is still a viable market with time. Problem is, you have this behemoth market called L.A. that is about to get a new stadium and desperately wants a team, and the feeling is probably mutual with league offices. Besides that, the Jax metro market isn't nearly as large as that of Atlanta or Phoenix.

              With that said, I do think the Raiders would be L.A.'s and the league's first choice; since they already have such a strong presence in L.A., and since it would make the Northern Cali market much more valuable to the Niners, which could lead them to getting the new stadium that they have been seeking forever.

              But, Wayne Weaver does want out of Jax ownership, he just can't get any takers. Or that's been the rumor for quite some time.


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                Re: Rams to AFC South?

                Originally posted by PeoriaRam View Post
                Realignment isn't necessary. If the NFL spent more than a decade with Arizona in the NFC East, and more than 30 years with Atlanta in the NFC West, it can survive with the Jaguars in the AFC South.
                I agree. If the league adds one more team, there won't be any way to divide up the divisions evenly anyway. Why realign when you can just add L.A. to an already existing division?


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                  Re: Rams to AFC South?

                  its going to work out just fine because the rams will just move to LA.
                  LA RAMMER

                  It's Jim not Chris


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                    Re: Rams to AFC South?

                    We have to stay in the NFC West. It's the only place where we have a shot!


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                      So with this newly acquired perspective, I would like to open for discussion some possible scenarios for our friends in the Los Angeles area, and those who identify themselves as "LA" fans.

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                      If the team continues to play like that, and nothing is done about Linehan, count on the move happening. Some might say it will be Buffalo, I think they'll make a move to Toronto before, coming to L.A. Jacksonville will cave in a build a stadium before they let a team like that leave, the same thing with Minnesota. The only teams that threaten the Rams chances of moving back are the Chargers and the Raiders. The Raiders will eventually move back to L.A. but I think the Rams will beat em to it.
                      -09-08-2008, 09:12 AM