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Coaches Assure Jackson he was not on the trade block

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  • Coaches Assure Jackson he was not on the trade block

    Per rotoworld, so as always, take it as it is:

    The Rams front office spoke to Steven Jackson before the trade deadline to assure him they never considered moving him.
    The rumors that Jackson was on the block were way off base. The Rams just wanted to assure their best player that he'll be the face of the franchise for the rest of this season and beyond.

    Source: St Louis Post-Dispatch

    Good to know he was never being considered as trade bait. We don't need him thinking negative things about the organization.

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    Re: Coaches Assure Jackson he was not on the trade block

    I'm happy about that even though I might be in the minority view.


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      Re: Coaches Assure Jackson he was not on the trade block

      This is good for Jackson's morale. We don't want him going through the rest of the season and future years thinking that we tried to get rid of him.


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        Re: Coaches Assure Jackson he was not on the trade block

        If we would have gotten rid of our best player, and probably the majority fan favorite, I think many a fan would have jumped ship. This team is bad enough right now, and if you get rid of the one glimmer of hope of watching something exciting happening on offense, what kind of message are you sending to the fans?


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        • BEER
          Why,why,why, did we not trade Jackson?
          by BEER
          I said three years ago we needed to trade Jackson for the reason of worth. Now I see I was wrong. The reason, our Gm, Vp, Hc, dont know how to pull in talent. It sucks that jackson could have had a superbowl or superbowl chance with someone else. I hope that when he does go elsewhere he does get the ring he deserves. I was hated on then for posting we need to trade him and let him move on back then, o well, lets see if a new regime can change our bad habits. Rams moving forward, I hate to look back.
          -12-28-2011, 05:48 PM
        • Nick
          PFT: Trade talk persists regarding Steven Jackson
          by Nick
          Trade talk persists regarding Steven Jackson
          Posted by Mike Florio on October 28, 2012, 12:51 PM EDT

          With the trade deadline only two days away, Rams running back Steven Jackson continues to be at the center of speculation regarding a possible deal that would send him out of St. Louis in his ninth season with the team.

          In recent years, there has been speculation that the Rams should ship Jackson to a contending team, given that the Rams were anything but contending. Now that the Rams are truly contending, itís odd that theyíd move him.

          But it has been reported this season that the Rams donít plan on bringing Jackson back next year. If thatís the case, why not get something for him now?

          And so Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Rams have fielded inquiries regarding Jackson. Though heís not being actively shopped, the Rams are willing to listen.

          Suitors include the Packers, who donít have much of a running game since the injury to Cedric Benson. Then again, they didnít have much of a running game with Benson.

          The Rams would have to get a sweet deal in exchange for Jackson. Otherwise, it could be difficult to sell the fans on a decision to send the most popular member of the post-Greatest Show on Turf out of town.
          -10-28-2012, 10:55 AM
        • dave626
          Should we trade SJ for both our sakes?
          by dave626
          If we trade him what kind of picks could we get for him? He is an awsome talant but we need so much as a team. Could we do like a Hershal Walker kinda trade ?
          -12-14-2009, 05:34 PM
        • DPskywalker
          An appeal to trade for Vincent Jackson.
          by DPskywalker
          ...I am very, very sorry to pull this mean prank, but there was a reason for it, and that is this:

          Every single one of you VJ detractors was rock hard when you read that. And you should be....It's EXCITING.

          It would make Sam Bradford, SJax, and Shurmer much better overnight...and over that same night, our division seems to be getting worse, and worse.

          Last thing: We were a play away from winning both of those games. We are 2-0 if he were a Ram (and was on the field) right now.

          2-0 or 0-2. Many of you asked how many games a year he adds to our win total. Well, after two games played. It's two games!
          -09-20-2010, 05:43 PM
        • AvengerRam_old
          Just How Good Is Steven Jackson (Too good to keep?)
          by AvengerRam_old
          Right now, Steven Jackson is 3rd in the NFL in rushing yards and 2nd in yards from scrimmage. Alone, those numbers are impressive. But, when considered in the context of the lack of playmakers around Jackson, they are downright amazing. I think one could safely argue that Jackson is one of the top 5 skill position players in football today.

          He is only 26, so he should have another 3-4 years of "prime" play (absent an injury). He is signed for that period, so the Rams can keep him if they wish.

          It is inevitable, however, that the question will arise this offseason: should the Rams consider trading Jackson?

          The argument in favor of trading him is certainly compelling. Does it make sense to put all the team's eggs in Jackson's basket, or should they try to "cash in" the asset for multiple players/draft choices (See the Hershel Walker trade).

          The argument against trading Jackson is equally compelling. There is no guarantee that draft choices will pan out (See the Eric Dickerson trade), while Jackson is a known commodity that can be the foundation to build around.

          If it were my decision, I'd publicly state that Jackson will not be traded, but leave a phone line open. Everyone has a price, after all.

          My price? It would have to be a combination of an established RB, and either: (a) a top-half of the first round pick + a 3rd round pick, or (b) a bottom-half of the first round pick + a 2nd round pick.

          Ironically, the team most likely to offer such a deal might be the hated Patriots. They have been stockpiling picks for years, and could offer the picks desired along with a guy like Lawrence Maroney. If the Patriots fail to make it back to, at a minimum, the AFC Championship game, I could see them making a bold move to get a guy like Jackson.

          Whatever happens, though, Jackson is a big key to the Rams' future.
          -10-29-2009, 08:44 AM