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Who would NOT have taken this bet?

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  • Who would NOT have taken this bet?

    If someone had come here in, say... February of this year, and posted "I'll bet you that by October 22, 2009, Pisa Tinoisamoa, Chris Draft and Will Witherspoon will all be gone."

    Who would NOT have taken that bet?

    I guess the moral of the story is... nobody really knows what will happen in the next several months.

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    Re: Who would NOT have taken this bet?

    I would have. Incidentally, Pisa's out for the year now - I think he played in two games. Not sure Draft's starting, and we'll see how WW does in Philly.

    Question for anyone. Why is Lenon not starting at Sam? Is the Wil usually better in coverage? IIRC Lenon is taller, lighter and faster than Grant, (and more experienced), so why is he not covering Dallas Clark Sunday?


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      Re: Who would NOT have taken this bet?

      Sure I would have jumped on it too.

      I was wondering, since we went from one of the oldest teams in the league at the end of last year, then with the off / prea-season changes down to the 4th youngest (IIRC), by losing Witherspoon, did we move down (younger) the youth bracket?

      Oh, I have a $20 bet with a Titans fan on whose team will win their first game. I thought we had a good chance last week, but we all know how that worked out.
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