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  • Jackson

    I like what he has to say, except for the keeping emotions out of it. There is a video of him under the video forum that clearly shows him celebrating a touchdown. I like his article however.

    October 19, 2009
    No. 39 Continues to Fight
    by Devon Jeffreys . Steven Jackson | Official Website of Steven Jackson
    Steven Jackson broke tackles, carrying half the Jacksonville Jaguars defense down the field during a 38-yard, fourth quarter catch-and-run, fighting to give his St. Louis Rams a win for the first time this season.

    S-Jax and the Rams came up just short Sunday, falling 23-20 in overtime, but the will, heart and desire displayed by SJ39 should give St. Louis fans reason to believe that this too shall pass.

    After the game, Steven stood at his locker and relayed a message to his loyal fans and readers of

    "It's a tough loss but my confidence and my will to win have not left me. I'm going to continue to work hard to try to lead this team out of this slump we're in."

    For the second game this season, Steven led the Rams in rushing and receiving, a rare accomplishment for a runner. He fought hard for every yard and came through when the ball was put in his hands.

    But despite No. 39's success on the field, he and the Rams fell short of their ultimate goal: picking up their first win.

    S-Jax carried 16 times for 50 yards and hauled in six passes for 78 yards as the Rams overcame two second half deficits and took the Jacksonville Jaguars to overtime.

    "It was tooth-and-nail," No. 39 said. "We felt like if we were able to have the ball last, we were going to go down, score and win the game. They had an excellent offensive drive a couple times in the fourth quarter, led by Maurice. They did their job on offense. It really just came down to who was going to have the ball last."

    But Jacksonville won the overtime toss and never let Steven and the St. Louis offense back on the field. As No. 39 watched from the sideline, a 36-yard Jacksonville field goal with eight minutes left in overtime dealt the Rams a defeat.

    "I felt like we were close this week," Steven said after the game. "Every game is different. We're a young team. We just need to learn how to win. Each and every game is not going to be easy and when we're in the tough ones like this, we need to find a way to finish."

    The Rams led for most of the game, but fell behind twice in the fourth quarter. After taking a 17-13 advantage on a stunning defensive touchdown with 4:36 to go, the Rams watched Jacksonville drive right down the field to take back the lead.

    As St. Louis took possession trailing 20-17 with 1:53 on the clock in the fourth quarter, their backs were against the wall. So on the first play, they went to their leader, No. 39

    On first-and-ten from the Rams 22, Rams quarterback Marc Bulger dropped back and quickly found Steven open in the flat. Steven made a move to make the first man miss and then rumbled for 38 yards, dragging tacklers with him to the Jacksonville 40-yard line.

    It was Steven's biggest play of the day and one the Rams desperately needed.

    "I was thinking I had to make a play," S-Jax said. "I knew that we only had one timeout and I was kind of in-between, thinking 'Do I need to get out of bounds?' But the way the first defender was attacking me, it seemed like he just assumed I was going to run out of bounds. So it allowed me to cut up the field and just try to make a huge play from there.

    "After I made the first defender miss, I was just thinking about scoring a touchdown at that point."

    The play brought the Rams within striking distance and fired up Steven's teammates. It was also the last time No. 39 touched the ball in the game. With time waning, Bulger went to his receivers over the next seven plays and the Rams got within nine yards of the end zone.

    But they ran out of time, and had to settle for a field goal to play for overtime.

    "Nothing in the NFL is given to you," S-Jax said. "We knew coming into this game it was going to be a tough fight. They wanted to rebound from their loss last week so we fully expected to have a tooth-and-nail fight and that's exactly what we got."

    The Rams took the field on Sunday motivated to grab their first win and they showed it by driving down the field to score a touchdown to open the game.

    SJ39 was a big factor in the game-opening drive, accounting for 31 yards on two catches and two runs. He quickly developed a rhythm with Bulger, who was starting his first game since suffering a shoulder injury against Green Bay on September 27.

    "It felt really good," Steven said of his connection with Bulger. "Marc has been gone for the last two games and we really have a good feel for one another. He knows that I'm kind of like his safety net. If things down the field don't open up, he can trust that I'm going to be in my check down areas. It really allowed us to move the ball and establish some drives out there with him hitting me in the flats or over the middle."

    Bulger made S-Jax his favorite receiver on Sunday, and stressed after the game how important it is for the Rams to get the ball into No. 39's hands.

    "There were a couple of check downs that it was nice to get to Steven," Bulger said. "That's what we're going to have to do if teams are going to play split safety and play our guys off. We're going to have to start checking the ball down.

    "Steven has great hands. He's not just a great runner. He has great hands, he blocks. He's the full package. The more ways we can get him the ball the better. I think [offensive coordinator Pat] Shurmur did a great job of mixing in ways to get him the ball."

    Steven finished with 22 touches on the day, but 17 of those came in the first half. His 38-yard reception was one of only two fourth quarter touches for No. 39. After the game, S-Jax gave credit to the Jaguars for an effective scheme to stall the Rams ground attack.

    "They did an excellent job of game planning," No. 39 said. "You can't give up on the run when the game is 10-7. Neither side of the ball really felt like they needed to just abandon the running game. [Maurice Jones-Drew] got his gains. He had a huge second half and I was able to make plays here and there. We just have to go back and look at the film to see what we need to do to get ready for next week."

    As the game ebbed and flowed through it's natural progression on Sunday, whether the Rams led, the Jaguars led or the game was tied, Steven could be seen on the sideline with the same focus.

    When Jacksonville took a 13-10 lead early in the fourth quarter, No. 39 kept calm, retrieved his helmet and headed for the field. When the Rams took the lead back on Leonard Little's 36-yard interception return, he did not jump up and celebrate.

    SJ knows that he must lead by example and can't get caught up in the emotional tide of the game.

    "A game has its course of ups and downs," S-Jax said. "You just have to try and be levelheaded and even keel. I have to remain calm in all situations because I know the team heavily leans on me. So I can't allow myself to get into an emotional rollercoaster. I just try to handle it that way."

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    Re: Jackson

    SJ is going to have to carry the rock, often and well, for the Rams to even have a show this weekend. But being the stud he is, "if" giving the rock, I am sure he'll do what he has to do and get it done. We'll see.
    Semper Fi!


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      Re: Jackson

      I'm afraid if Jackson takes on the load to beat the Colts...................he will miss the next 5 games!!!


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      • RamWraith
        Season In Review - Part III
        Registered User
        by RamWraith
        Thursday, January 18, 2007
        By Nick Wagoner
        Senior Writer

        Soon after the shutout loss to Carolina, Head Coach Scott Linehan decided that a change needed to be made.

        The Rams’ team, not just the offense, needed Linehan’s full attention and he needed to be there for them. With that, Linehan did something almost unheard of for a head coach.

        In a day and age when many head coaches seek more control, Linehan boldly ceded some of his as he handed over the play calling duties to offensive coordinator Greg Olson.

        At 4-6, the Rams were flailing and sitting squarely on the bubble of the playoff picture. But things changed when San Francisco came to town for a Nov. 26 tilt.

        As so many of their games had to that point, this game came down to the final moments. And this time, it was the offense putting together the drive necessary to come up with the win.

        With Olson handling play calling duties for the first time, the Rams put together a nearly flawless final drive that not only resulted in the winning points, but left San Francisco with little to no chance at re-taking the lead.

        After taking a sack on first down, quarterback Marc Bulger took over. He threw a pair of passes to running back Steven Jackson for 19 yards. On fourth down, Jackson converted the first of two fourth down chances he would make on the drive and Bulger continued to pick the ***** apart with surgical precision.

        “We are always confident,” Bulger said. “We have done it many times, more here than on the road. I realized that we could get down the field getting checkdowns and 8 or 9 yards a pop. It got us all the way down the field and got us in. We knew we could get down there and finish it off.”

        There were no huge plays as Bulger found Stephen Davis for 11 yards here or Isaac Bruce for 20 yards there. Bulger took what was given to him and put the ball on the money on all of his opportunities.

        On first-and-goal at San Francisco’s 5, Olson was looking for San Francisco to be in a short defensive zone.

        In that defensive scheme, the ***** use a zone to double cover both Torry Holt and Bruce, who are options in the back half of the end zone. That leaves slot receiver Kevin Curtis isolated against the opponent’s nickel back. The play call gives Bulger the option for throws based on the look he gets, whether it be a man look for Holt or Bruce or the expected zone look.

        The Rams got the expected zone and Curtis ran a quick out into the flat, just beyond the goal line. Bulger zipped a pass low and to the outside where only Curtis could catch it. Curtis hauled it in as he was falling to the ground and landed safely just beyond the end zone.

        A booth review left Curtis waiting breathlessly, but it was clear that he had possession and was just inside the end zone.

        The referees confirmed...
        -01-19-2007, 06:03 AM
      • Nick
        Jackson boxed in
        Rams Nation MVP
        by Nick
        Jackson Boxed In
        Sunday, November 20, 2005

        By Nick Wagoner
        Senior Writer

        Rarely in the past six years of Rams football has a team had the audacity to load up against the run and dare the team known for the “Greatest Show on Turf” to beat it with the pass.

        But that’s exactly what the Arizona Cardinals did to the Rams on Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome. More shocking, though, than Arizona’s dare of the Rams was the fact that the ploy actually worked.

        “With an eight man front and they bring 24 (safety Adrian Wilson) down in the paint, we started off early in the game trying to get the ball down the field to get them more in the Cover 2 shell,” coach Joe Vitt said. "We tried to run the football, but we couldn’t run the football. Give them credit, they stopped us.”

        Stop might be the polite term for what Arizona was able to do to the Rams’ ground game Sunday. Running back Steven Jackson accounted for all of the team’s carries and, obviously, all of its yards.

        That might not be a bad thing on a day where he was breaking off runs all over the place, but his longest gain of the day was 6 yards. Coincidentally, that was also his total yardage for the day.

        Jackson finished with 6 yards on 12 carries, an average of half a yard per attempt. Jackson had a 6-yard gain in the second quarter which was his longest of the day. Of his 12 carries, five went for negative yards.

        Jackson made matters worse with a fumble near the end of the first half. All in all, it was a long day for Jackson and it didn’t help that the Rams were unable to get the Cardinals to come out of their loaded package through the air.

        “That was something that is frustrating as well,” receiver Torry Holt said. “In order for us to win games we have to run the ball as well as pass the ball. Once they make you one dimensional the ball is in their court now. They know what to expect from us and they can set defenses accordingly. For us to take a big step back in the running game today is disheartening.”

        That step back started in motion last week against Seattle. With quarterback Marc Bulger, Holt and Isaac Bruce out for the two games before the bye, Jackson got his engine going by posting consecutive big games, including a career day against the Jaguars when he ran for 179 yards on 25 carries.

        But the regression of the running game evolved beginning last week when he had 70 yards on 17 carries and it hit its crescendo this week with Arizona loaded up to stop it.

        Much of that blame, according to center Andy McCollum falls squarely on the shoulders of the offensive line.

        “We weren’t getting the job done,” McCollum said. “We weren’t getting much yardage on the run. We were negative yardage on the first few runs. They had some good defenses dialed up and we didn’t get the answers. They just...
        -11-21-2005, 05:37 PM
      • RamWraith
        St. Louis Rams Inside Slant
        Registered User
        by RamWraith
        It was an offensive meltdown of gigantic proportions. Not only were the Rams shut out Sunday for the first time since the 1998 season, but their 111 yards of total offense were the lowest since gaining just 105 against San Francisco in 1996.

        What made this outing so baffling was the fact that it happened with players like Marc Bulger, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce and Steven Jackson on the field.

        The Rams entered the game with Adam Goldberg at left tackle, replacing the injured and out-for-the-season Orlando Pace. Yet, against the Panthers' pass rush, there were few three-step drops and a total abandonment of the running game.

        The Rams had four possessions in the first and second quarter when the game was scoreless, yet, in those possessions they ran just four times and called 15 pass plays. Jackson had seven attempts in the game, despite averaging 19.7 carries in the first nine games and never having fewer than 18 in a game.

        And, it wasn't as if the pass was working. Bulger was 8-for-18 for 68 yards and sacked five times for 49 yards lost in the first half, yet the score was just 10-0 Carolina. The Rams had four possessions with the score 10-0 and another three when it was 13-0, yet they ran three times in the second half and had 18 pass plays.

        For the game, Bulger went back to pass 41 times and handed it off on running plays eight times.

        Said coach Scott Linehan, "We had runs early that we were playing for the run, and we checked a couple of the runs and we threw a couple of those look throws on some runs that were called. Their box had something to do with it. Some of those I didn't call enough. I think that's the only way we are going to have some success on offense is to stay balanced.

        "We've got to stick with it regardless. The commitment was there to do it; we just never really got going. One of the problems, you can't get running with the football if you can't stay on the field. When we go three and out, the whole first and third quarters, it hard to not only call a run or a pass, and by that time we're down and we're throwing. It's a little bit of everything."

        The Rams had six three-and-outs in the game, and one possession each of four and five plays. Two of their best possessions totaled 69 yards on 14 plays. The other 10 possessions included 35 plays for 42 yards.

        Said Bulger, "We've got to stick together first. We know that we're going to get some of the wrath on us. Coach is going to feel it. We're behind him. Guys that have been around here, know that we've been through some tough situations. We've dug our own hole here. We have to climb out of it. It's no one's fault but our own.

        "As long as everyone realizes that, we've got to stick together and get out of this. There's no easy way out of it in the NFL. People aren't looking for excuses for us. As long as...
        -11-22-2006, 06:13 AM
      • Rambos
        Rams Fall to Panthers
        Registered User
        by Rambos
        Rams Fall to Panthers
        Sunday, September 9, 2007

        By Nick Wagoner
        Senior Writer

        For one half and one special teams play, it appeared the Rams were well on their way to exorcising any remaining demons from the last time they played Carolina.

        But any momentum gained from a first half in which the offense looked solid, the defense held up and the special teams did its job, was lost in a third quarter that changed the outcome of the game.

        Carolina took advantage of costly turnovers; a key injury and a shaky second-half defense on its way to a 27-13 win against the Rams at the Edward Jones Dome on Sunday. The loss drops the Rams to 0-1 to open the season and the Panthers move to 1-0 with the victory.

        Coach Scott Linehan said the most disappointing part was that his team had a legitimate opportunity to put the Panthers away and was unable to come up with the plays needed to get the job done.

        “For two and a half quarters we were in a fairly good position,” Linehan said. “We played fairly good defense with good field position and then we had two critical turnovers which ultimately became the number one critical variable to not winning the game. It ended up being a big difference.”

        Indeed, running back Steven Jackson did something he said he couldn’t remember ever doing in a football game. On two consecutive carries in the third quarter, Jackson coughed up fumbles that gave the Panthers two scoring opportunities.

        Nursing a 13-7 lead, the Rams appeared poised to take a two-score advantage after Corey Chavous forced a fumble that was recovered by linebacker Will Witherspoon. The first takeaways of the season gave the Rams the ball at Carolina’s 49 and a 14-yard completion had the Rams on the verge of pushing the lead further.

        But Jackson searched for extra yards after a 6-yard pickup and safety Chris Harris jarred the ball loose. Defensive end Julius Peppers recovered and it set up the biggest play of the game.

        Two plays into the ensuing possession quarterback Jake Delhomme hit star receiver Steve Smith, who had blown past cornerback Tye Hill, for a 68-yard touchdown and a 14-13 lead the Panthers would never relinquish.

        “He’s a play maker,” defensive end Leonard Little said. “He always plays with a chip on his shoulder. He’s one of the best receivers in the league.”

        Even with that quick shift in momentum, the Rams had plenty of opportunities to get back in the game. But two plays into their next possession, Jackson ran into the back of receiver Torry Holt and lost the ball again. This time, cornerback Chris Gamble recovered at the Rams’ 26.

        The defense was able to bail the Rams out of the situation with another fumble recovery of their own, but it wasn’t enough to spark the offense.

        After a quick start, Jackson found himself struggling....
        -09-09-2007, 05:59 PM
      • RamWraith
        Rams Ride 'Train' to Victory
        Registered User
        by RamWraith
        Sunday, October 30, 2005

        By Nick Wagoner
        Senior Writer

        The Rams could have sent Jacksonville an invitation to Sunday’s game and etched in stone. It would have read something like “Please join us at the Edward Jones Dome on Sunday for Steven Jackson’s rushing party.”

        The Jaguars, along with the rest of the world seemed to know that the Rams were going to run the ball early and often in Sunday’s game. But just because Jacksonville knew it was coming didn’t mean it could stop it.

        St. Louis hopped on the “Train,” the nickname that adorns Jackson’s locker at Rams Park, and rode him to a surprising 24-21 win Sunday. The victory sends the Rams into the bye week on a two-game winning streak after they broke their three-game losing streak last week against New Orleans. Jacksonville falls to 4-3 with the loss.

        Without the help of offensive talent such as quarterback Marc Bulger and receivers Torry Holt and Leonard Little, it has become obvious in the past two weeks that the running game was going to be put to the test.

        “I know it’s a long season and I knew my time would come,” Jackson said. “We always talk about opportunities. Everyone in the locker room has an opportunity to make something happen and once it has presented itself, you just have to make plays.”

        New Orleans knew that Jackson was the one being asked to make those plays last week and he ran for 97 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Jacksonville also was well aware of the possibility of an increased workload for Jackson. That did the Jaguars little good against “Train” on Sunday, though.

        By the time the day was over Jackson had 179 yards on 25 carries with a pair of catches for 21 yards. His 19-yard catch and run for a touchdown in the fourth quarter provided the Rams with the winning points and a surprising victory in a game many thought wouldn’t be close without the likes of Bruce, Holt and Bulger.

        But no matter how much Jacksonville prepared for Jackson throughout the week – Jackson said earlier in the week that he thought his face was plastered all over the walls of the Jaguars’ locker room – it couldn’t stop Jackson or the offensive line.

        Entering the game, it appeared that things would be made even more difficult for the Rams to establish the run without the help of rookie masher Claude Terrell, the starting left guard. Old reliable Tom Nütten filled in for Terrell, though, and the offensive line didn’t miss a beat.

        Right guard Adam Timmerman was also a question heading into the game because of a back injury, but there was no way he would let some stiffness stop him from the challenge of facing mammoth defensive tackles John Henderson and Marcus Stroud.

        Instead of worrying about injuries or reserves, the Rams took the fight to the Jaguars, something they have been salivating over since Jackson was named the...
        -10-30-2005, 06:00 PM