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  • Our best Lineman is.....

    Adam Goldberg, I don't know how this happened, but he has been quietly having a good season. Maybe it is our weird 3 tackle rotation. He had some great blocks in the run game and held up well against the pass.

    With that said this tackle rotation is stupid. Barron is leading the NFC in penalty yardage and besides his game against Jared Allen he really hasn't impressed me. There is no point in putting him out there, I say just bench him this rotation is ridiculous. Smith is going to take his lumps and when it comes to RE's he isn't going to face alot better than Dwight Freeney who only got 1 sack. He is the future, put the kid there and let him get comfortable and stop making him switch sides. He was good in the run game, decent in the pass have faith in the kid he will only get better whereas Barron will just keep racking up the penalties and allowing sacks to names. Barron lets get reall he isn't coming back, IMO Goldberg has been playing well enough to stay at RT and he is actually signed through next year. Start Smith at LT and Goldberg at RT and lets keep working towards the future. While we are at it we might as well also start Grecco at RG. Get some continuity and some experience for people who will actually be here in the future. I honestly think it would be an upgrade in our line with a heck of alot more upside.

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    Re: Our best Lineman is.....

    Despite the few penalties AB is Rams best Lineman. One things for sure AB is always 'In your face!' Whens the last time he's missed a game! Barrons the Best by far, benching him is ridiculous!


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      Re: Our best Lineman is.....

      If you never make contact you never get hurt.
      Look away. I'm hideous. __ Cozmo Kramer


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        Re: Our best Lineman is.....

        Barrons just ok, but the dude wouldn't be starting for most teams in the league.

        Most winning teams.
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          Re: Our best Lineman is.....

          If Barron is the best, it just goes to show the lack of talent on this roster.
          Because I only listen to the game and then watch the highlights its hard for
          me to gauge this question. Ive not heard Jason Brown's name called much,
          Which is a good thing Im assuming. The bottom line is WE NEED TO IMPROVE.


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            Re: Our best Lineman is.....

            Damn DOG, if you just get to see the team in the highlights you don't get to see much.

            The rams wear blue and gold unis and have the horns on the hats. They are usually all face down.
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              Re: Our best Lineman is.....

              Honustly i think the o line has been much better than i expected this year. No digs at bulger intended, he doesnt move well, and often does hold onto the ball longer than people want. And looking at the current o line, i think together they have a very solid nucleous.
              For sakes, Goldberg the backup tackle was just pronouncted our best lineman, i think that is more of a complement then a diss.
              Smith - Obv very young, but was the #2 overall pick and IMO will turn out just fine
              Cogs - when he doesnt commit dumb penalties ( 0 i believe in the last 3-4 games) is a very solid run blocker, the most tenacious in the nfl
              Brown - Was thought of as one of the top nfl centers, and has done nothing to show me he isnt
              Jacob bell - sucked last year. This year i think he has been better, but im sure other people know how he has done this year better than i do
              Barron - Bottom line with all of his penalties, is he flat out starts every game and doesnt get beat. Very seldom does he allow DE's to blow by him.

              To put it bluntly I really like this line, and believe that if you switch the colts and rams o lines that both teams would have the same records they do right now.


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                Re: Our best Lineman is.....

                On Barron:

                Just because the guy leads the league in quarterback help ups dosen't give him extra credit.

                It's time to be harsh. Who's the O line coach. Let's get him first.

                Oh...yeah they WOULD have the same records. Colts 7-0. rams 0-7.
                Last edited by live4ramin; -10-26-2009, 01:15 PM.
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                  Re: Our best Lineman is.....


                  To put it bluntly I really like this line, and believe that if you switch the colts and rams o lines that both teams would have the same records they do right now.[/QUOTE]

                  Now you stop that nonsense right there! If that happened, we would get:

                  PUSH IN THE RUN GAME
                  NO SACKS IN FOUR GAMES!
                  BLITZ PICKUP


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                  • 39thebeast
                    Enough of Barron!!!!!
                    by 39thebeast
                    He has just been going down hill since shutting down Jared Allen. If he isn't holding he is getting beat. Too many penalties sub par pass blocking, never has been really good run blocking. IMO Jason Smith needs to be our starting LT ASAP!!! Hopefully he is over that concussion because we really need him.
                    -12-06-2009, 01:05 PM
                  • jbell15
                    Inside the numbers on our line
                    by jbell15
                    First off, Alex Barron.
                    Yes, he has problems with penalties, but he has improved every year since coming in.
                    2005- 16 penalties
                    2006- 14 penalties
                    2007- 13 penalties
                    2008- 9 penalties
                    With a more disciplined team around him, i think he can keep improving to near 5 penalties.
                    Also, he gave up 7.5 sacks last year, bad.
                    he gave up 6.5 sacks in 2006, bad.
                    in 2007, playing his natural LT position, he only gave up 3 sacks!
                    pro bowler jason peters gave up 11.5!
                    I think that Barron can be an above average LT, with good coaching.

                    Jason Brown, Very good.
                    3 penalties, 2 sacks, center is locked up.

                    Jacob Bell.
                    3.5 sacks, 5 penalties.
                    Nobody would say his first year was great, but average.
                    He has the talent, but his first year in a new city i just think he needs to settle in. He is also adding weight now to be a bigger guard. He's locked in too.

                    Incognito, big problem.
                    7.5 sacks, 7 penalties.
                    He needs to get his head straight or

                    John Greco
                    9 partial games, 1 penalty, 1 sack.

                    We obviously need to add another tackle in the draft, but i REALLY think that Barron can play LT, and the numbers agree with me.
                    A right tackle is NOT a #2 pick, I say we wait until round two.
                    -04-03-2009, 01:45 PM
                  • ardavandavari
                    Was not aware
                    by ardavandavari
                    but Barron signed the tender?
                    Lets put him at RT... Smith at Lt . Saffold at gaurd. Jacob and Brown... Thats seems like a solid line. Goldberg and greco off the bench.. Our line is strong if we can stay healthy.. Strong run game and if the D can also stay healthy... We are in a weak division , where all the QBs suck.. Do i dare hope?
                    -05-02-2010, 10:42 AM
                  • MauiRam
                    Our Future Stalwart Starter ...
                    by MauiRam
                    That would be none other than Big Bad John Greco .. It will be hard to keep this guy out of the lineup. Alex Barron will be getting his wakeup call when camp starts ,, I truly believe we will become huge fans of Big Bad John ...

                    Check out this video !!
                    YouTube - Draftguys TV: Profile - John Greco - OL
                    -07-13-2008, 12:05 PM
                  • Nick
                    Let's talk about Alex Barron
                    by Nick
                    We've seen just about two years of the Alex Barron Show. Has he done enough in your mind to lock the right tackle position down, and do you think he's the future for this team at that position?

                    Consider first of all that the protection on that side of the line is hardly flawless. You could basically say that about any part of the line, even Pace this season. But Alex is allowing his fair share of defenders to get by.

                    Combine this with the incredible number of penalties he's committed. The Rams lead the league in false start penalties, and that's in no small part due to Barron. In fact, through 23 games not including today, Barron has accumulated 24 penalties, including 17 false starts.

                    Now it sounds as if Marc Bulger is calling him out without mentioning his name:

                    Repeated mistakes sounds an awful lot like Alex (see the penalty numbers), and I don't think Bulger would reference being on scholarship if he wasn't talking about a relatively young player.

                    Also consider that's 2005 Draft profile on Barron said the following: "Needs guidance and structure and lacks that aggressive nature you want in a quality left tackle Just a marginal worker who will do what the coaches ask, but is not the one who will push himself or do the little extras (needs mentoring) For all of his ability, he seems to go through the motions too much, drawing comparisons to Washington's Chris Samuels, a player that can excite and frustrate you from one play to the next "

                    Now that's not to say the right tackle position has been a complete problem. The situation on that side of the line has by far been much better in terms of efficiency than it was under the John St. Clair era, and you also get the sense that Barron's doing a more consistent job than Blaine Saipaia as well. This was a position the Rams needed to address for numerous seasons, and while Barron has made his share of mistakes, I haven't heard anyone questioning him from a long-term standpoint.

                    But maybe it's time someone put this up for discussion. Has Barron shown you enough to make you feel confident that he's the future at right tackle? Does potentially wavering confidence from our starting QB make you waver in your own opinion?

                    Let's hear some thoughts....
                    -12-03-2006, 04:57 PM