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Well .. the potatoes were good ..

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  • Well .. the potatoes were good ..

    Steven Jackson reminded me of potatoes yesterday. How? You ask? Well .. he's always good. There isn't any doubt he's our best player. Too bad we don't have a couple more special players to complement him on offense, heck then we might have even scored a touchdown. Those field goals were impressive though .. Oh yeah, the potatoes ..

    There is a small French restaurant a short drive from where I live which only seats a few people, which is probably a good thing as if there were more, they'd proabably be empty. This is not to say the place is without attributes, as the setting provides a reasonable degree of ambiance. The eatery also allows its patrons to bring their own choice of libation with no corkage fee. (Highly recommended) Not sure if this actually makes the food taste any better, or if it merely diminishes one's ability to distinguish flavors..

    A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to dine at the aforementioned restaurant with my wife and two other female friends. It was decided that we'd each order something different to sample the menu as fully as possible. There was one common denominator among the entrees: scalloped potatoes. A short way through the meal, my wife inquired of her friends: "how's your meal?" A brief silence ensued, after which my wife's two friends replied: "Well .. The potatoes are good .."

    My wife and I tried the place a couple more times and .. well .. the potatoes were always good ...

    Maybe if the Rams allowed fans to bring their own libations, there'd be more butts in the seats. I don't know if this would make the on-field product appear more palatable, but .... Oh well, no matter how you slice it, Steven Jackson is always good.

    I find myself wondering if I'm getting used to losing .. I dunno .. I didn't expect we'd beat the Colts yesterday, but I did see some good things .. At least I think I did. JL is looking better each week. Bradley Fletcher appears to be growing into his role. (Don't know how badly he was injured though). The D line had its moments until they finally got gassed (as usual - no offense - no rest for the D). I do have a new favorite player on offense though besides Steven Jackson, and his name is Danny Amendola, the little engine that could.

    I apologize rambling on about potatoes and stuff, but losing 17 games in a row doesn't help - especially if perhaps you're a card or two shy of a full deck to begin with ..

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    Re: Well .. the potatoes were good ..

    I totally agree when no one else is making a play other than SJ, Danny Amendola is starting to emerge..I like what he is bringing to our Special Teams and offense. He has been giving us some good field position this year...too bad our offense can't score...


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      Re: Well .. the potatoes were good ..

      Uuuuummmm, potatoes.
      Look away. I'm hideous. __ Cozmo Kramer