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How long for Jackson?

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  • How long for Jackson?

    Last year there was some criticism for leaving Jackson in a game too long when he got hurt? With the generally short careers of running backs and no chance for the playoffs(or maybe even a win) how much do you play Steven Jackson?

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    Re: How long for Jackson?

    I say play him as much as he can take. Wait for him to say "no mas".

    What would we be saving him for?
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      Re: How long for Jackson?

      I feel this is a simple issue. If and when the time comes that the game is out of reach, a team's star should sit. While it is honorable for a player to want to fight to the end and finish a game, it simply isn't smart to have him do so. The player's future (and his future contributions to the team) are more important than a game that isn't winnable.

      Having Jackson play in what amounts to be garbage time is a curious move by the coaches considering they've been loathe to use him at times in prime situations where he's been needed.


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        Re: How long for Jackson?

        yeah. Its just stupid and meaningless to keep your superstar in a game that is well over .


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        • Guam rammer
          Steven Jackson THE PREDATOR!!!
          by Guam rammer
          Normally, players come up with their own names or the team starts it off but there isnt anything that has popped up so maybe the Ram nation can come up with something to label our star RB. Dude needs a name. His play and the way he looks when he runs with his dreds flopping all over the place reminds me of the predator. Thoughts?
          -11-04-2009, 03:13 AM
        • bruce4life
          goes to show that jackson is our team...
          by bruce4life
          when jackson goes, we go... you guys were all saying that jackson needs to go.. well let me tell you brother jackosn needs to be resigned because he is the heart and soul of this team
          -10-28-2007, 02:12 PM
        • psycho9985
          Which Jackson will show up
          by psycho9985
          I'm not on the stephan Jackson band wagon,sure the guy gets yardage,but I'm not seeing it when the chips are down.I dont like the way he hops and skips around trying to find a hole,why cant the guy just run the play called.
          I know our offensive line is in not so great shape right now,but I hope the coaches are talking to him.He needs to play smash mouth football.Jackson is big enough and strong enough to be a fullback and I wish he'd run with power at the line of scrimmage.Marshall faulk has the speed and moves to skip around and blast through a hole in the line,but Jackson doesnt.
          -09-23-2006, 12:44 PM
        • MauiRam
          Steven Jackson Enters Big Year ..
          by MauiRam
          Enters Big Year
          Saturday, May 10, 2008

          By Nick Wagoner
          Senior Writer
          The official site of the St. Louis Rams - Article

          After a 2007 season that was as difficult for him as it was the team, Steven Jackson has turned his full attention to 2008 and beyond. Upon arrival at this weekend’s minicamp in St. Louis, Jackson has officially embarked on an important year for the team but also for his career. Jackson is now in the final season of his contract and the Rams have made retaining him as one of, if not the, key cog in the offense for years to come.

          Let there be no doubt, Jackson made it clear Saturday that he wants that future to be in St. Louis. “I am pretty sure we will get something done,” Jackson said. “This is definitely where I want to be. I’m playing football. I leave that to my agent and the front office. I think I have been a good person on and off the field so I expect to be rewarded.”

          The Rams and Gary Uberstine, Jackson’s agent, have yet to have any substantial discussions toward re-signing Jackson. But that doesn’t mean it’s not on the immediate agenda for the Rams. Coach Scott Linehan said at the NFL Combine in February that retaining Jackson was one of the team’s top priorities. “It’s important for this franchise,” Linehan said. “It is easier said than done. We are working on that and have had open, quality discussions with that but like you said, with the idea that we have a number of needs and areas we need to address with our team, how you make that contract work and fit it in is all part of it. I have no doubt that will get done. We recognize he is a special player and we know to win next year we are going to need him playing at a high level.”Of course, the Rams have some other negotiations to deal with such as getting top pick Chris Long signed in the near future. But the conversations with Jackson will likely commence in the not so distant future. In the meantime, Jackson is doing his best to return to his breakout 2006 form when he led the league in yards from scrimmage and made his first trip to the Pro Bowl.

          Admittedly, Jackson’s 2007 was a bit of a disappointment coming off his finest pro season. Jackson set a goal of 2,500 total yards for the season and fell well short of it with 1,273 yards. Not that reaching his lofty goal – which would have been a NFL record – would have been easy but countless variables conspired against him in his pursuit of greatness.
          At the top of the list was a variety of nagging injuries that cost him to miss four games and most of another. A groin injury cost Jackson four contests after he played the first three games of the season. In his first game back from that injury against Cleveland on Oct. 28, Jackson appeared to be back to full strength. But a big first quarter was all he could muster as back spasms sent him to the sideline again. Even after his return, though, finding room to run was...
          -05-10-2008, 10:28 PM
        • RamWraith
          Memo to Steven Jackson
          by RamWraith
          By Bernie Miklasz

          I believe Rams RB Steven Jackson has a good heart, and that he wants to win. I also respect that he wants the ball in his hands with a game on the line. The great competitors always want to make the difference when it matters most.

          That said, Jackson shouldn’t be showing up his head coach, Scott Linehan, by screaming at the boss on the sideline late in the game, as S.Jax did Sunday with the Rams going down to the *****.

          Though Jackson was diplomatic in his comments the day after the 17-16 loss to San Francisco, he clearly was irate on Sunday afternoon when the Rams blew the chance to win.

          Jackson apparently wants the ball more often in meaningful situations. He doesn’t want to removed from a game when it can still be a win. I can respect that.

          But here’s the deal, delivered with some straight talk:

          Jackson is no victim here. He can play much better than he has, so he shouldn’t be fuming at others.

          Jackson lost two critical fumbles in the opening loss to Carolina. And against the Niners, Jackson did a terrible job on his blitz pickups, and was directly responsible for multiple body blows absorbed by QB Marc Bulger.

          Moreover, Jackson wasn’t sharp with his run reads. He missed a few excellent chances for cutback runs. And he did the Peter Pan too often, fluttering and floating instead of powering into the hole.

          Jackson is a huge talent. I also think he’s a good dude. He is capable of greatness. But that is earned. So is the respect that Jackson craves.

          The NFL isn’t a Nike commercial. In the real game, backs have to make blocks and run hard and take care of business on the field.

          And before hollering at the coach over the job he’s doing, make sure that you’re doing your own job to the best of your ability.
          -09-18-2007, 04:07 AM