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Stafford Practices With Lions Tuesday

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  • Stafford Practices With Lions Tuesday

    Stafford practices with Lions Tuesday
    1 hour, 15 minutes ago

    ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP)—Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz wasn’t about to tip his hand about the recovery of quarterback Matt Stafford.

    Stafford wasn’t much more forthcoming himself as the Lions returned to practice Tuesday after their bye week.

    The rookie quarterback has missed the last two games with a knee injury, and with backup Daunte Culpepper (hamstring) also at less than 100 percent, Schwartz is going to make the St. Louis Rams try to prepare for Stafford, Culpepper and third-stringer Drew Stanton.

    “Absolutely nothing,” said Schwartz, when asked what he would reveal about Stafford’s participation in Tuesday’s practice. “I do think the bye came at a good time for getting people healthier, and everyone was able to at least do something, but that’s as far as I will go.”

    Stafford took part in the individual drills that are open to the media, but acknowledged that he wasn’t fully involved in the full-team portion of the session.

    “I was limited,” he said. “I didn’t get all the reps, but I took a few. This is the most I’ve done on it, and it felt pretty good.”

    Stafford, though, knows that he’s been down this road before. The last time he tried to go through most of a practice, the knee swelled and he had to have a second MRI.

    Stafford’s biggest target, Calvin Johnson, is also recovering from a knee injury. He was limited to playing catch on the sidelines with a Lions staffer during the early portion of practice.

    “I did exactly as much as coach said I did,” Johnson said. “I feel a lot better than I did a week ago, so I’m definitely optimistic, but I’m not positive. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.”

    Schwartz was equally close-mouthed about the left guard position, which was being manned by longtime tackle Jon Jansen in early drills Tuesday. Daniel Loper and Manny Ramirez have split time at the position in Detroit’s first six games.

    “I’ve never played anything but tackle in an NFL game, but I’ve practiced all over the line,” said Jansen, an 11-year veteran. “I’m anxious to take any opportunity I can to get on the field.”

    The move puts Jansen next to left tackle Jeff Backus, his college teammate at Michigan.

    “It’s great playing next to Jeff, because I know him so well and we’ve worked together,” Jansen said.

    The pair played together until Jansen finished his college career in 1998.

    “I’m excited to be out there next to Jon,” Backus said. “The last time we played on an offensive line was 10 or 11 years at Michigan. I know what kind of player he was then, and I know he wants to show people that he can still be that type of player now.”

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    Re: Stafford Practices With Lions Tuesday

    Schwartz is going to make the St. Louis Rams try to prepare for Stafford, Culpepper and third-stringer Drew Stanton.
    Please who gives a rat a#% about who they are going to start? Who ever it is we will have to make plays IMO there is nothing to gain from it.


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      Re: Stafford Practices With Lions Tuesday

      Originally posted by eldfan View Post
      Please who gives a rat a#% about who they are going to start? Who ever it is we will have to make plays IMO there is nothing to gain from it.
      Agreed 100%.


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        Re: Stafford Practices With Lions Tuesday

        if Calvin Johnson plays, whoever plays at QB will have the same game plan...Throw to Calvin Johnson.
        Schwartz cant kid anyone by trying to be mysterious over who the starting QB will be.


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          Re: Stafford Practices With Lions Tuesday

          Its information... why the hostility ??


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            Re: Stafford Practices With Lions Tuesday

            at the risk of not being very nice i can say i'd like it if calvin johnson sat this one out. whether or culpepper or stafford isn't as big a deal, both guys have their positives and negatives and can make plays.


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              Re: Stafford Practices With Lions Tuesday

              If Johnson sits out and we still lose......, =X


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                Re: Stafford Practices With Lions Tuesday

                I want to know when Detroit left the discussion of being one of the worst teams in the league. I know they won a game but other teams that have won are still considered among the worst but I hardly ever hear Detroit mentioned for the worst team in the NFL debate. Hopefully the Rams will put them back in that debate this week regardless of who is starting at QB because if they don't win this week an 0-16 season is very likely for the Rams this year.


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                  Re: Stafford Practices With Lions Tuesday

                  This is all about the games before the game that's all.
                  sigpic :ram::helmet:


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                    Re: Stafford Practices With Lions Tuesday

                    Originally posted by eldfan View Post
                    Please who gives a rat a#% about who they are going to start? Who ever it is we will have to make plays IMO there is nothing to gain from it.
                    LOL so true...who do they think they are..brady or manning?


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                      Re: Stafford Practices With Lions Tuesday

                      Neither Stafford nor Culpepper have done anything to be a concern. This game will come down to whether or not the Rams shoot themselves in the foot...... yet again.


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                        Re: Stafford Practices With Lions Tuesday

                        The Lions have scored 19 or more points 4x. The Rams 1x. To win this game, the Rams must at minimum match their best scoring performance of the season!

                        Maybe the Rams should dress in the Gator colors. Stafford seemed to fold like a napkin against Gator defenses.


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                          Per Pauline, Stafford had a “flawless” workout that was a major upgrade over his performance at his Pro Day workout and raised his stock with the Lions considerably.
                          Citing sources in Athens, Pauline wrote that they gained the impression that Stafford’s showing makes it a “done deal” that the Lions will draft the Texas native first overall when they’re on the clock in April.
                          Pauline wrote that Stafford was able to handle the Lions’ intricate workout and was accurate on roughly 37 of 40 passes, “hitting receivers in stride and threw accurately through the entire session.”

                          Now who to pick? One of the OT or the LB..
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                          Lions Hope To Extend Rams' 17-Game Losing Streak
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                          Lions hope to extend Rams’ 17-game losing streak
                          By LARRY LAGE, AP Sports Writer
                          Oct 31, 12:04 am EDT

                          DETROIT (AP)—Somebody’s got to win, right?

                          Detroit, which has one victory since enduring the NFL’s first 0-16 season, is hosting the winless St. Louis Rams, who might have their best shot to avoid joining the Lions in league infamy, in an oddly intriguing game.

                          “Both of us are hungry for a win,” Lions linebacker Julian Peterson(notes) said.

                          Starving, really.

                          The Lions quietly slipped out of the national watch of terrible teams when they finally won a game in Week 3, snapping a 19-game losing streak and ending talk about the possible pursuit of Tampa Bay’s league-record 26-game skid.

                          Detroit hasn’t won since beating Washington, though, and its 2-28 mark since the middle of 2007 matches the worst 30-game record in league history.

                          The Rams are winless through seven games and if they don’t beat the Lions, they might be bad enough to replicate Detroit’s unenviable achievement with an 0-16 year and match the Buccaneers’ mark for futility set during the 1976-77 seasons.

                          Detroit running back Kevin Smith figures the Rams are looking at the matchup as their week to finally win.

                          “If I’m St. Louis, I’m saying, `OK, you’ve got a 1-5 Lions team that went through our situation last year, let’s try to get a jump start on our season with a win versus the Lions,”’ Smith said. “You have to anticipate that’s what they’re thinking.”

                          Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo insisted that’s not the case.

                          “We don’t go there,” Spagnuolo said.

                          The message has sunk in with his players.

                          “Records in the NFL mean very little,” quarterback Marc Bulger said. “Arizona was 9-7 last year and I don’t think anyone gave them a chance of going to the Super Bowl. You treat every week like it’s own Super Bowl and I think that’s what coach is trying to preach to us.”

                          The Lions have a chance to get their top two players back on offense— receiver Calvin Johnson and quarterback Matthew Stafford—after both missed games with injured right knees.

                          “Calvin obviously changes the game,” Detroit coach Jim Schwartz said. “He changes not only our offense, but he changes the way defenses play.

                          “The strides that Matt had made early in the season, he needs to be able to pick that back up again.”

                          Stafford, the No. 1 pick in the draft, said he learned something while he was relegated to standing on the sideline.

                          “It was tough watching, I don’t really like it,” he said. “You feel like you learn more playing than you do just sitting there watching because you’re so much more in tune.”

                          The Rams are out of sorts on both sides of the ball, especially when they have it inside opponents’ 20. They have scored on just half of their...
                          -10-31-2009, 06:11 PM
                        • r8rh8rmike
                          T.J. Lang: Stafford Needed 'A Little Bit More Fire'
                          by r8rh8rmike
                          T.J. Lang: Stafford Needed 'A Little Bit More Fire'

                          Former Detroit Lions offensive lineman T.J. Lang shares his thoughts on playing with Matthew Stafford.

                          JOHN MAAKARON
                          FEB 2, 2021

                          On more than one occasion, former teammates of Matthew Stafford wished he had been more of a vocal leader -- including offensive lineman Jon Jansen, wide receiver Nate Burleson and most recently, offensive lineman T.J. Lang.

                          "He wasn’t necessarily the rah-rah guy and getting on guys’ ass when he needed to during the week in practice or in games. Once the games come around, I think it was one of his weaknesses, where he just needed a little bit more fire at times," Lang said on the Stoney & Jansen Show Monday. “Not from him personally, but for the rest of the team, making the rest of the team better and pulling those guys up.”

                          Not many will question Stafford's toughness or commitment to the game of football.

                          Unfortunately, many will wonder what were the contributing factors that led to the Lions' lack of success during Stafford's tenure.

                          No question, one factor that led him to demanding a trade was former head coach Matt Patricia and his less-than-favorable treatment of players.

                          "His last couple years in Detroit, I think he was just so mentally and physically drained, and I don’t hold that against him, because the last regime was really tough,” Lang said.

                          With Stafford being traded to the Rams, the split was a mutual parting of the ways. The remaining veterans on the team will now be tasked with teaching the infusion of young talent how to properly execute on and off the football field.

                          "I think it was best for them to move on from him and for him to move on from this team. Because it’s a new era, almost where, ‘Hey, we need the younger guys to step up now. Frank Ragnow, Taylor Decker, you guys are the older guys. We need you to show the young guys how we want to rebuild things.’ I don’t think Matthew Stafford, going into year 13, really wanted to bear the brunt of that responsibility," Lang added....
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