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    I don't usually listen to the guys on but they have a clip with Warren Sapp and somebody else talking about the Rams. Rather than the usual laughter they make two good points. The first is the Rams have a power running back but have draft long lean tackles (Barron and Smith) and while I know Smith is supposed to be good in the run game, they make a point that right now the OL is not set up to be a power running team. Secondly, they note that Chris Long would be better on the left side than the right due to the top LT being the dominant blockers and he does have the athletic fluidity or length to get by those guys.


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    Re: on the Rams

    Wow. What they say is true though.

    But we have so much damn money flowing into that line, we have to figure something out.

    As for Long, I think they are right. But on this line, you play in all four spots. However, since Little is an even smaller DE, we have to put Long on the other side.


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      Re: on the Rams

      Maybe if the staff get's away from the line rotation game we could start to be a bit more consistent. Any news who's starting for Ritchie ??? Should be Barron, Bell, Brown, Goldberg, Smith

      Maineram -


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        Re: on the Rams

        Originally posted by maineram View Post
        Maybe if the staff get's away from the line rotation game we could start to be a bit more consistent. Any news who's starting for Ritchie ??? Should be Barron, Bell, Brown, Goldberg, Smith
        I agree with you on the rotation experiment Rick, a set combination needs to be implemented for some consistency. Sounds like you're right about the starters on the line:

        As expected, Adam Goldberg was at RG with the first-team offense in the absence of Richie Incognito, who is out with a foot injury. Alex Barron was at LT and rookie Jason Smith at RT.

        Mark Setterstrom got a few first-team reps at LG.


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          Re: on the Rams

          I agree with the point on Long. He's good against the run and more likely to beat right tackles when pass rushing. It would make sense to put him on the left side of the defense.

          I only halfway agree with the offensive tackles point. Jason Smith might be lean, but that doesn't mean he isn't an effective run blocker. Barron does seem to be more of a finesse player (less suited for power running).

          Also, just to add to the discussion, Football Outsiders has stats on which direction teams run, and 52% of ours are listed as "mid/guard" with 14% going left (left tackle or left end) and 34% going right (right tackle or right end). With Barron and Bell on the left side, I guess that's not too surprising.


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          • 39thebeast
            Our best Lineman is.....
            by 39thebeast
            Adam Goldberg, I don't know how this happened, but he has been quietly having a good season. Maybe it is our weird 3 tackle rotation. He had some great blocks in the run game and held up well against the pass.

            With that said this tackle rotation is stupid. Barron is leading the NFC in penalty yardage and besides his game against Jared Allen he really hasn't impressed me. There is no point in putting him out there, I say just bench him this rotation is ridiculous. Smith is going to take his lumps and when it comes to RE's he isn't going to face alot better than Dwight Freeney who only got 1 sack. He is the future, put the kid there and let him get comfortable and stop making him switch sides. He was good in the run game, decent in the pass have faith in the kid he will only get better whereas Barron will just keep racking up the penalties and allowing sacks to names. Barron lets get reall he isn't coming back, IMO Goldberg has been playing well enough to stay at RT and he is actually signed through next year. Start Smith at LT and Goldberg at RT and lets keep working towards the future. While we are at it we might as well also start Grecco at RG. Get some continuity and some experience for people who will actually be here in the future. I honestly think it would be an upgrade in our line with a heck of alot more upside.
            -10-25-2009, 09:47 PM
          • general counsel
            The next perpetual debate that i AM looking forward to..
            by general counsel
            Should the Rams sign Barron to a long term deal? I think most would agree its premature at this point. However, my prediction is that barron has an excellent season at left tackle, his natural position. He has been playing out of position since we drafted him. He is not and never has been (and never will be) a road grading run blocker, but i think he has been and will continue to be a very good pass blocker.

            Can the rams pay 30 million to jason smith and keep him at right tackle in the long run? I dont know the answer to that. However, it should be very interesting to see what happens if Barron actually performs well this year. During the season, we should have a spirited debate about whether to try and lock up barron long term. Some of that will of course depend on the play of Smith, but i have a sneaking suspicion that Barron is going to surprise a lot of people this year and be a well above average left tackle who is a lot harder to replace than people will give him credit for.

            ramming speed to all

            general counsel
            -05-06-2009, 10:29 AM
          • RockinRam
            Something I noticed...
            by RockinRam
            Although just coming off a near victory from an undefeated team, I must post a concern. In yesterday's game, I saw every single player on our team hustling on every single play, even after the play. They were playing harder than their hardest to win this game. But...there was one player I continually noticed that was not doing this.

            It was Alex Barron.

            It pains me to say this, to see this, as I've been proud of his performance this season. But, I consistently noticed that while Jason Brown, Jason Smith, Goldberg, even Jacob Bell hustling downfield to help continue making blocks, picking guys up, Alex Barron is 5-10 yards back, walking and staring.

            While this is a minor concern, it kind of irritates me. He is known to be a mild, reserved guy who is not loud and aggressive. But if Jason Smith, a rookie, is showing you up, picking his fellow teammates up, do the same! Don't walk, don't casually take your time! Hustle!

            His performance in blocking for Bulger is good. But other than that, he needs to start showing like he wants to win, and help this team.
            -11-16-2009, 12:13 PM
          • r8rh8rmike
            Asking NFL Rookies To Change Positions Is Risky Proposition (Jason Smith Analysis)
            by r8rh8rmike
            Asking NFL rookies to change positions is risky proposition
            By Ross Tucker

            Being a rookie in the NFL is hard. They have very little time between when their college seasons end and training to become a pro begins. After the combine, pro days and the draft itself, itís off to a new city for mini-camps, workouts and organized team activities. Add that they have to learn a new scheme while competing against skilled professionals who have been honing their craft for years and it is no wonder why so many rookies struggle.

            Some NFL franchises complicate matters by adding another obstacle in the path to first-year success: the position switch. The Rams, Bengals, and Redskins are among those taking their high-priced youngsters out of their comfort zones. Some moves, like St. Louis moving the No. 2 overall selection, Jason Smith, to right tackle appear to be temporary. Others, like the Bengals having No. 6 pick Andre Smith make the same transition, appear to be permanent. The Redskins, on the other hand, are making the bold move of putting the 13th pick, defensive end Brian Orakpo, off the ball as an outside linebacker. Time will tell how long that change lasts.

            Letís start with the big boys up front, Jason and Andre Smith. Switching an offensive lineman from one side of the line to the other is much more difficult than it sounds. I have seen solid players look like a fish out of water when forced to play the other side. But playing tackle is playing tackle and either way you are doing the same thing, right? Yes and no. The task at hand is essentially the same. The differences include the stance, weight transfer, hand placement and techniques necessary to get the job done.

            Take Jason Smith. He spent the past three seasons gradually improving his game as a left tackle after making the move from tight end while at Baylor, and now the Rams want to mess with his progression by moving him to the other side?

            Instead of pushing off with his right leg as he kicks and extends with his left in pass protection, Smith now must do the exact opposite. He used to have his left hand down and left leg back in his three-point stance and now it is the right-side limbs that have that duty. All the critical muscle memory that he built up and acquired during his time in college is pretty much lost as he attempts to get his body ready to do the same things in the opposite directions. For example, Smith is right-handed and used to have his more dominant arm inside when punching the defender and preventing him from beating him inside, the closest route to the quarterback. Now, his left arm has to handle that role.

            The Rams say the main reason for the switch is so they can see former first-rounder Alex Barron, an underachiever thus far in his career, on the left side. My instincts tell me that is only part of it and they wouldnít risk their sizable investment (over $30...
            -07-08-2009, 12:26 PM
          • MauiRam
            Rams have to keep Alex Barron ..
            by MauiRam
            By Jeff Gordon

            It is hard to type these words, but . . .

            The Rams would be silly to trade offensive tackle Alex Barron. If he is willing to play the 2010 season under the offer the team tendered him -Ė and his agent told the Post-Dispatch he would -Ė then this team needs to take him back.

            Injuries have prevented the Rams from assembling and maintaining a strong offensive line in recent seasons. Barron has been the teamís most durable blocker. So he has that going for him.

            So why would the Rams subtract depth now, when proven offensive tackles are in such short supply around the National Football League?

            True, Barron is prone to false starts. He could play until heís 50 and he would still lurch out of his stance from time to time, for reasons nobody will ever understand.

            Itís just what he does. Itís who he is.

            True, Barron isnít the hardest-working player in Rams history. He has been absent from Rams Park during this offseason. His coaches probably chuckled at the ďpersonal boot campĒ comment agent Roosevelt Barnes used to describe Alexís off-site work.

            True, Barron is an enduring symbol of the previous regime, which was a miserable failure. Jay Zygmunt's staff didnít draft well and Scott Linehanís staff didnít coach well.

            But here is what Billy Devaney and Steve Spagnuolo should have learned last season: Unloading established players is a bad idea unless you have viable replacements on hand.

            They offloaded many fading or failed players last season . . . only to lose 15 games in the process, owing to injuries and their glaring lack of depth.

            Everybody applauded when the team dumped undisciplined guard Richie Incognito, but the Rams kept losing in his absence.

            Perhaps the Rams improved their work ethic and team spirit by making changes, but they also suffered loss after loss after loss with assorted street free agents and practice squad types playing big roles.

            Unloading Barron would be a popular decision among Rams fans, but would it be the most pragmatic route to go?

            Spagnuolo seems ready to move Jason Smith to left tackle. The 2009 first-round pick showed some signs of mastering right tackle last season, thanks to his run-blocking ability. He is smart, physically imposing and hard-working.

            But can he protect Sam Bradfordís blind side? Smith started five games as a rookie last season. He played in eight. He was hardly airtight during preseason play. His overall work sample was too small to judge.

            The coming preseason would do little to prepare him for the left tackle role, since opposing defenses wonít throw the most aggressive pass rush schemes at him.

            A nasty concussion cut short Smithís í09 season. He butts heads for a living. The Rams are...
            -04-28-2010, 08:52 AM